24 Trendiest Straight Hairstyles – Grab a Snazzy Look Right Now

Straight Hairstyles are so fashionable these days that we all want them.

Indeed, there is a great variety of Straight Hairstyles. So, if you are looking for a hairstyle that perfectly matches your straight hair, then you’re absolutely at the right place!

These hairstyles for different lengths as well as different textures are available in today’s modern era. Whether it is messy waves or sleek ponytails, I have the perfect hairstyles for you!

Not only would they make you “slay the day” but also the humungous varieties of Straight Hairstyles would perfectly match your mood.

Hair is an important form of attraction as well as glamour. So, keep your hair groomed and maintain the sexy look from these hairstyles.

Beauty draws us with a single hair.” –Alexander Pope.

23 Most Voguish Straight Haircuts That Would Make You Look in the Mainstream!

These 30 trendiest Straight Haircuts would give you an extravagant look. Bangs and layers are the most common and favorite ways of styling straight hair.

Furthermore, messy buns and hairdos are also greatly adored nowadays. So, get ready for this ride, as I have many hot and trendy Straight Haircuts ahead for you!

1.      Waved Ponytail:

Waved Ponytail

The waved ponytail is one of the simplest yet elegant Straight Hairdos. The most beautiful way is to set your straight hair in curls or waves.

Furthermore, for spicing it up, add a wrapped knot with the wavy ponytail and you are all ready and set to go.

2.      Twisted Ponytail:

Twisted Ponytail

This hairstyle is great for medium hair. Pull your hair in a side-parted look and twist the small side. Moreover, a French twist would definitely look great. Then pull your hair in a ponytail along with the French twist.

Moreover, cover the elastic with a hair strand in the ponytail to give it a classy look. This is one of the loveliest Straight Hairdos of all time.

3.      Disheveled Updo:

Disheveled Updo

Looking for something romantic and fresh for a perfect date night? Then this messy hairstyle should be your major priority.

This is one of the best Straight Hairstyles for Wedding. Simply hold your straight hair in the form of a bun. Let the whirls swing around giving your bun a messy look. Furthermore, an addition of flowers, bobby pins or headbands add to its beauty.

4.      Long Straight Hairstyles:

Long Straight Hairstyles

Long Straight Hairstyle are the most adorable of all. Plus, if your hair is healthy as well as long, then it further adds up to your beauty. They could be designed in a lot of different ways, whether it be blonde long cascading locks or sleek Ombre hue like the gorgeous Serayah Mcneill’s.

Moreover, long hair can be transformed into a messy side flip or neatly cropped layers. These Straight Haircuts are easy to maintain and could be given heavy curls when you have enough time.

5.      Faux Braid with Blond Hair:

Faux Braid with Blond Hair

The easiest way to style your hair in a braid is the faux braid.

It goes by pulling small sections of hair in ponytails and twisting it inwards. End it at the nape of the neck and let the remaining hair flow in a ponytail. Adding waves to the ponytail is optional. This hairstyle works best on long straight hair.

Furthermore, these tucked ponytails give a much better look with blond highlights. This is one of the most elegant Straight Hairstyles with Braids.

6.      Waterfall Braid:

Waterfall Braid

This is one of the trendiest Straight Hairdos in today’s day. The majority of women love the waterfall braided hairstyle for straight hair.

Not only could it be made into a formal look, but also perfectly works for an informal occasion too. It can be shaped in a crowned style over the top of the head or a side waterfall could also be made.

Waterfall braid needs a little practice for perfection. But it is “easy to learn and great to slay”!

7.      Short Straight Hairstyles:

Short Straight Hairstyles

Short cropped hair is not only easy-to-handle, but also is loved by a lot of women for this reason. Short Straight Hairstyles look best when cropped in lobs. Some Short Straight Hairstyle here would charm your looks by a thousand times!

  • Asymmetric Bob: This bob looks best on long faces as it neatly frames the face. Straighten the hair in a sleek and classy look.
  • Shaggy Layered Cut: Layered cutting looks extremely sexy, especially on the short hair. Crop your hair in layers till shoulder-length and use a hair dryer to blow up a messy look!
  • Deep Bangs: This look gives you a “funky chic” vibes. Crop the bangs in a side-sweeping way. Furthermore, some babylights would surely enhance the look.

8.      Ponytail Wrapped in Fishbraid:

Ponytail Wrapped in Fishbraid

This hairstyle goes with a fish braid starting from the hair in front till the end. Secure with an elastic band. Then, leaving the braided hair, tie all the remaining hair in a ponytail. Now wrap the fish braid to cover the elastic of the ponytail.

Straight Hairdos like these are proved to be simple plus classy. Moreover, this hairstyle is best for thick textured hair.

9.      Layered and Blond Haircut:

Layered and Blond Haircut

Looking for a haircut for thin hair? This awesome haircut is for medium length hair. A Bronde color would look best on this open straight hairstyle.

Similar to the beautiful Cara Delevigne’s hair, this hairstyle is also held in straight tresses.

10. A-Line Bob for Short Straight Hair:

A-Line Bob for Short Straight Hair

Bobs for Straight Hairstyles are opted by many celebrities. This could easily save you from the constant pain of curling your long locks.

So, no need to search for hairstyles anymore! Try some cool Straight Haircuts like this A-line bob. Simply, side part your bob or back-comb it and set with a spray or any other hair product. Try it and you’ll surely follow the beauty of Evan Rachel.

11. Twisted Ponytail Knots:

Twisted Ponytail Knots

This is an easy and classy look. If you are looking for an ideal hairstyle for a formal occasion, then this is it! It is neat as well as simple.

Start by twisting either side of your hair and bring it back till it crosses each other. Even though an elastic band might help too, you can also use a ponytail to tie the remaining hair up.

Straight Hairstyles like these are a bit technical, but easy when you try. So make sure to go for it!

12. Medium Straight Hairstyles:

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Medium Straight Hairstyle are beneficial to give you a whole lot of options. Furthermore, medium length keeps you neutral. So, have a look at some great medium Straight Hairstyles to ravish your looks.

  • Flipped-out Hairstyle: Blow-dry your medium length hair when wet. Use a roller brush to flip them out. Gently fluff it with your fingers.
  • Side Parted Asymmetric Hairstyle: This medium length hairstyle gives a retro look. Its curled bangs are swept to the side. This look is similar to the most talented and beautiful Taylor Swift.

13. Elongated Bangs with Layered Haircut:

Elongated Bangs with Layered Haircut

Elongated bangs are one of the best Straight Hairstyles with Bangs. In this hairstyle, the bangs are cropped in an elongated manner, just like Katie Holmes. The mid-parted hair with choppy ends also gives a fresh and young look.

14. Classic Half Braids:

Classic Half Braids

Some great Straight Hairstyles include this hairstyle which is extremely classic. Furthermore, this is an old traditional hairstyle that has been quite universal for a long time.

So, simply bring two braids from the front and tie them at the back. Leave the remaining hair to cascade down your back. Furthermore, for a much better and softer look curl the ends of hair.

15. Mohawk Styled Hairdo:

Mohawk Styled Hairdo

Looking forward to wearing something formal for your hair?

This Mohawk updo would be great if you have straight thin hair. Straight Haircuts are not always the option. Some great Straight Hairstyles like these are best to wear for a formal occasion.

Simply, tie a french braid and twist it inside-out. Let some hair strands remain out to keep things look feminine as well as a bit messy.

16. Crowned High Ponytail:

Crowned High Ponytail

Some Straight Hairstyles are inspired by popular celebrities. This hairstyle is the signature high ponytail of the cutie queen Ariana Grande.

Simply, tie a high ponytail and twist a crown around it to make it look lovelier.

17. Short Edgy Bob:

Short Edgy Bob

If you want to go super short then go for this bob. It not only gives a funky look but also is extremely easy to maintain.

This hairstyle goes by giving an edgy bob cut till ear-length to your hair. It has been witnessed to suit black thick hair like that of Sessilee Lopez.  Moreover, the angled cut at the end of the edges further adds up to a great finish.

18. Braided Headband and Parting:

Braided Headband and Parting

This beautiful hairstyle not only parts your hair from the middle but also gives a beautiful look from the front. Just like a beautiful hair accessory.

Furthermore, are you sick of falling hair on the face all the time? Not anymore!

This gorgeous triple braid also aids to keep your hair in place all the time. So, this simple hairstyle is one of the best Straight Hairstyles of all time.

19. Side Fish Braid:

Side Fish Braid

Braids are the most essential and old way to beautify hair; especially, long hair. This beautiful side braid is a bit technical, but practice makes you perfect!

Pull all your hair on one side at the nape of the neck. Then tie a fish braid with humungous loops. That would not only help to provide texture to your hair but also give it a messy whisper!

Last but not the least, tie with an elastic band and cover it with a hair strand. Having done all that, you are ready to slay!

20. Long Locks with Caramel Highlights:

Long Locks with Caramel Highlights

Nothing is more attractive than long beautiful locks cascading down the back. Especially for Straight Hairstyles, it is much easier.

Add a beautiful combo of caramel and Balayage hue to your long locks and leave them cascading down your back to catch hearts! Just like the over-the-shoulder hair of the pretty Jessica Alba.

21. Cornrows and Twist for Long Straight Hair:

Cornrows and Twist for Long Straight Hair

This hairstyle is on the top of the list of “ the most creativeStraight Hairstyles nowadays. It goes with tying up strands of cornrows that ends in a clumsy bun.

The messy twisted bun at the nape of the neck is the most attractive part of this hairstyle. Furthermore, give a light strawberry color for a softer look.

22. Romantic Updo:

Romantic Updo

This hairstyle could easily resolve many of your problems related to hair styling. Need a romantic updo for a prom night? Or a fancy look for a formal party?

Your solution is right here:

This universal hairstyle has not only been used in many popular movies by celebrities, but also is extremely heart touching. It is just to pin up some curled hair strands. The loose tresses of hair from the front bangs give a sophisticated nice look.

23. The Fiery Look:

The Fiery Look

This hairstyle is astonishingly hot and sexy. Crop your hair in a short asymmetric jaw-length bob. The playful part here is to color it with a mixture of auburn and burgundy.

Furthermore, it looks astonishingly amazing if you opt for using a curling rod of a large barrel.

24. Half-Up Braided Style: (Bonus)

Half-Up Braided Style


This hairstyle for long hair is especially cool to be worn in summers. For a cool look the half-braid could be decorated with a fresh flower. This hairstyle best suits on white or honey blonde hair.

So go ahead and try this great summer look for your long elegant locks!


Straight Hairstyles

So, here is the end of this great journey! I hope you are leaving with some great and new ideas of Straight Hairstyles.

Long, beautiful, gleaming, steaming, flexin, waxen…I adore hair!”James Rado and Gerome Ragni, Hair.

So, hair is a great blessing of God. Style it, change it, color it, play with it. Have all the fun! The fun that makes YOU happy!  Make sure to try these Straight Hairstyles and make a change in your hair and most importantly..…for YOURSELF!