25 Elegant Short Shag Haircuts to Enhance Your Looks

Jumping into the bandwagon of Short Shag Haircuts, numerous trendy looks are available to rock the day! Gone are the days when curlers could only be used for long hair.

Short and Shaggy has become the latest, most in demand trend, giving an edge to your personality. The bold look speaks for itself and draws instant attention.

The shag provides volume to your hair and you can look drop dead gorgeous with less time consuming on styling and even less accessories.

Who else is more inspiring than gorgeous Emma Watson? She has rocked the pixie hair and it was her most sassy look!

25 Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles to Try Instantly

The following short shag hairstyles are sure to promise the eye-catching look for one’s personality.

‘’ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’’

Remember these words of Coco Channel and go be bold, bombastic and fabulous!!!

1.      Sassy Short Hair:

Sassy Short Hair

‘’Old is gold!’’

This is an old trend that has been seen a comeback in the 21st century. Women with thin hair opt for this shag haircut. It provides an illusion of a thick mane, volumizing the hair.

It could be carried with your natural hair color or any dye ranging from black to burgundy. The hairstyle is sure to bring out the sassy chick look in you!

2.      Have Some Waves:

Short Shag wave

The Short Shag Haircuts is perfect for women who have a bit curl in their natural hair. Add some highlights to enhance the waves. The dual tone in your hair gives this look an exquisite touch.

The natural bend in hair gives this look perfection, adding bounce in the hair and giving a subtle look to your overall personality.

3.      Shaggy Bob:

Shaggy Bob

Women in all eras have loved Bob! It is the most time tested and in-demand, short haircut of all! It is known to be more easily managed haircut and one that clicks the most with a shag.

This Short Shag Haircuts blends well with natural, fine hair. For the natural hair that is thin, a Bob adds density to the hair. The round Bob is a perfect recommendation for women looking for a short shaggy haircut.

4.      Layered Wavy Bob:

Layered Wavy Bob

Speaking of Short Shag Haircuts, in particular, Bob could be a classic round Bob haircut or a layered wavy Bob! Silver is the most recommended dye, having been recognized and appreciated by the fashion world, this Short Shaggy Bob is a must have this summer!

5.      Blonde Shaggy Bob:

Blonde Shaggy Bob

If you are obsessed with Short Shaggy Bob, like us, then here is a treat for you. An angled, straight, simple, classy, textured blonde Bob haircut just for the ‘’boss babe’’ in you!

6.      Longer Waves

Longer Waves

Use the shag of the nineties with slight modification. Keeping your hair, a bit pointed and long on each side of the face, use a cascading look of waves to mesmerize.

Add texture to your hair by various serums available in the market to look drop dead gorgeous!

Cute clips, accessories, or a headband would make you look delicate and an emblem of beauty.

7.      Tinsel Twinkle:

Tinsel Twinkle

The beauty of Short Shag Haircuts is the way you could not only play with styling the hair, but also all the numerous ways of coloration.

‘’My hair color is super important to my look because I feel like it helps kind of define who I am. It’s like a characteristic of mine that makes me feel comfortable and different from the rest.’’ Justine Skye.

For the glittery, sparkle loving little girl in you, here is a tip to deal with your love for shag and sparkle!

If you want to make your shag different, use a mix of silver and black dye in your hair to get the desired tinsel. Sparkle your shag!

8.      Blunt Short Shag:

Blunt Short Shag

This is the pixie haircut. The dense nape and angled sides make this look too much unique. Ask your hairstylist to estimate accurate length for the shag, then angle the sideburns. Do not forget to look into the mirror and scream OLALA!!! Once you finally get this haircut.

9.      Rockstar Shag:

Rockstar Shag

If you ever had a dream of being a Rockstar but you are working in an office and that dream look still lingers somewhere in your subconscious, you can definitely manage a Rockstar look in your day to day life with this haircut.

The Rockstar Short Shag Haircuts is a cut in bangs with slightly longer layers. So easy to maintain and so fabulous to carry. Mix this cut with a burgundy hair dye and there you have your dream fulfilled!

10.  Angled Cut:

Angled Cut

Yes, we are jumping from trends to trends and each trend leads us back to a Bob haircut! It has variety, it has been demanded, and we couldn’t resist making suggestions!

Get a Bob cut with layers which are angled. It is well suited for women with the broad face looking for a face thinning haircut. The layers would create bounce and volume, the angled Bob would reaffirm your strength and beauty, to you and to others!

11.  Short Shaggy Bold Bob:

Short Shaggy Bold Bob

Burgundy hair color attracts the eyes. It never grows out of fashion. Even though the fashion industry would jump from shades to shades, but good old burgundy is never out of style!

For ladies who are bold to the core, we suggest them to get a haircut with shag having cropped and a trimmed back and sides, but longer front and put glistening burgundy dye in your hair to flaunt this vibrant short shaggy haircut!

12.  Girly Shag with Pink:

Girly Shag with Pink

Who doesn’t love pink? Especially for girls, it is the signature color for females. From being a little girl with pink literally ‘everything’ you can now have pink hair! The fashion industry has gone astray over pink Short Shag Hairstyle!

’I used to experiment all the time with my hair colour.’’ Olivia Wilde

This suggestion is for the ladies who can go on bleaching their hair, causing minimal damage. Make sure to keep healthy hair your priority and take care of your hair using dye protection shampoos and products.

13.  Beauty of Bangs:

Beauty of Bangs

Who needs long hair to have bangs? You can carry this look with the shag. Yes! You can.

The Short Hairstyles with Bangs would demand your attention to keep the messy look on point, however, this look gives the sassy, not to mess with kind of look you need!

Get the bangs, keeping the length on point to have the shaggy volume and just use pins to adorn the messy classy look!

14.  Go Bleached, Go Blonde!

Go Bleached, Go Blonde

This is for the cutie pies who love to rock blonde. Get the Bob haircut with shaggy sides ends. Easy to shampoo and easy to maintain.

When in the morning you may be running late, you won’t regret having the Shaggy Bob because this Bob for thick hair saves your time all the while giving you the classy look you need to get through the day!

Feel good, feel fresh, feel classy with this Bold Bob ambition!

15.  Layered Shaggy Haircut:

Layered Shaggy Haircut

For women having an eye for Short Shag Haircuts for Thick Hair, we have something in store. Your thick hair problems end here with this suggestion. Get thick hair layered. Add highlights to your hair.

A Bob haircut, with layers, is perfect for women with thick hair. The shag in the hair adds bounce in your hair with the already present volume. Avoid the frizz with this haircut.

16.  Smooth Bob:

Smooth Bob

For B and B lovers, if Bob and Blonde is the rule of your day then go for this haircut. For women with thin straight hair, this look is easy to carry and fashionable too.

Avoid bangs and get front trimmed into layer while keeping the back smooth, that is, the last layer should be kept in one length giving the smooth neat look this haircut demands.

This way there’d be a flow in your hair.

17.  Shaved Sides:

Shaved Sides

Are you a Rihanna fan? Well, you can follow your icon. Another bomb haircut for women looking for a trendy look and tired of the bulk!

Get the bulk removed from the sides, keeping the shag on top. Delineate the boundary by having the undercut to separate the shag from the shaved sides.

This look would free you from the heavy feeling of possessing thick and dense hair, giving you the pixie, sexy look.

18.  Pixie Cut:

Pixie Cut

If you do not want to be much edgy, but have a pixie cut, use the razoring methodology, keep the long shag smooth. Keeping the James Dean slicked back look alive into your hair, you can rock this look in blonde!

19.  Side Sweeps:

Side Sweeps

This look is very feminine. Get rid of the long hair trouble. Darker roots peek from the inside makes it trendy. If you have thinner ends, this Short Shaggy Haircut is for you.

Keep the roots darker and silver or white dye is perfect for this smooth sweep look.

20.  Wave and Free, Free and Wave:

Wave and Free, Free and Wave

The shaggy hair with waves, is another recommendation for women looking for Short Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair.

The medium length enables you to tie the hair into a cute girlish ponytail. Put some highlight into the volume of your mane and enjoy this light feel, low maintenance trendy look.

21.  Punk Haircut:

Punk Haircut

The razor game is going to be strong in this look. Undercut in the nape brings out the bold you! Do not worry about losing some hair to the razor cuts, it will come back when you have already fallen in love with the look.

22.  Short Bob with Cropped Bangs:

Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

This look is so feminine and so sexy. The Bob gives you the Short Shag Hairstyle you need, and the front bangs add to your delicacy. The uneven bangs make you look subtle and in this look, you can play with the hair color too. A baby pink for the girly look or any shade of your liking!

23.  Out-of-the-Box Dye:

Out-of-the-Box Dye

Get funky with your Short Shag Haircut and enhance the hair while keeping the texture on point and length up to the mark. Why not a bold gray for this season?

24.  Messy Waves:

Messy Waves

Forget about short hairstyles, no care and go with messy hair, no care. This look is for the Beyoncé fans. Yes, you woke up like this and you can rock like this too!

This Short Shag Hairstyle is so bold, so for you! Play with cat-eye glasses or matching scarves to feel ‘’the world is my ramp’’ when you step outside with this look!

25.  Purple Short Shag Haircuts:

Purple Short Shag Haircuts

There are limitless opportunities to play with short hair. Gone are the days when it was considered that the Short Shag Haircuts would get too boring to keep.

With the multitudes of ways to style, dying your hair instantly changes your look. If you are not shy to go above the edge, here is a suggestion only for you.

The galaxy lovers and purple lovers are bound not to resist and totally fall for this look. For thicker hair with dense mane, get this short shag and have purple highlights. Make sure to rock this dark, reaffirming look of hair with a lot of hair care products by your side.


Short Shag Haircuts

Experimenting with your hair is always fun, but take hours to decide what you want and how you want to look and feel like. A dye could do the trick and a cut could provide the change and freshness to your personality!

There are numerous Short Shag Haircuts. These suggestions are some of the trendiest ones, however, there is more. The beauty of short and shag is exactly this.

So, this summer is all good, all beautiful and all bold for you ladies out there looking to have a makeover. From Bob to pixie, bangs and fringes, Short Shag Haircut, there is a lot you can do to your hair and look classic.