27 Chic and Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you ever told by someone that you have a baby round face and a short haircut will not suit you? Have you always been trying to keep long hair so that your face may appear slim and less round? Then it’s time to break the rule and get one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

The most alluring Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are the ones that go well with your hair texture and in the meanwhile gives you an appearance of having an oval faced shape. Whether it’s a bob or a pixie, any short length can fulfill the purpose.

The key is to find those elements in your style that elongate and slim your face while keeping the required maintenance at the lower level.

There are a number of Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, all will allow you to get a slimmer face appearance. Scroll down to get an idea of the most trendy and alluring hairstyles/haircuts that are suitable for round faces to grab this season.

27 Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces to Try This Season

Looking stylish and trendy is no more difficult now if you own a round face; because the below mentioned 27 chic hairstyles/haircuts will definitely upgrade your looks instantly. These hairstyle options would give you a unique way of looking catchy and elegant for every kind of occasion.

So, do not miss the chance to look catchy and pick a few of the below mentioned hairstyle ideas to rock the parties and other get togethers. Here we go!

1.      Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces:

Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces

As per the beauty rule-books, ultra short curls will not work well for the round faces. However, it’s time to break the rule because this style looks absolutely amazing on a round face with a little modification.

In this haircut, the face sides are cropped and forehead is bare. So, the curls on the top add volume to the face because of which it looks elegant and long. A long neck also helps out to pronounce the style. No doubt, sleek, ultra short curls haircut is really an elegant rule breaker.

2.      Short Bob with Some Highlights:

Short Bob with Some Highlights

This haircut goes well to distract the attention from the roundness of your face. Further, it adds a beautiful distraction of a glowing color throughout the volume of hair. Blue or pink gives a soothing sensation and is beautiful in any season round the clock.

So, think about trying this one of the coolest Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

3.      Asymmetrical Grunge Short Bob:

Asymmetrical Grunge Short Bob

Curly bobs always come off as girly and sweet. But have you considered giving a curly bob an inverted asymmetrical cut? To further enhance the stylish look add some platinum dye with slightly darker roots. Without sacrificing the softness, edgy look of this style is instantly enhanced.

4.      Cropped Haircut for Round Faces:

Cropped Haircut for Round Faces

Haircuts that are cropped and short can look fabulous for women with round faces. In fact, such cute, short and cropped haircuts are top picks for the stylists who are given the task of elongating the customer’s face.

5.      Dented Curls Bob:

Dented Curls Bob

A great blend of modern and chic look, this is how I would like to describe this haircut! A woman with a round face can get an oh-so-elegant look in this short bob styled haircut with dented curls touching her round face.

Add subtle brown color highlights at the bottom to get some enhanced dimension and movement.

6.      Simple Wavy Short Bob:

Simple Wavy Short Bob

This haircut is all set to bring old world charm back to the modern era. This simple, short bob cut is a reminiscent of 50’s woman’s style with sweeping deeply on the right side. Blow drying is necessary to create a perfect look.

Additionally, a jet black coloring will further add mysterious vibes to the image.

7.      Parisian Style Short Bob:

Parisian Style Short Bob

This Parisian inspired short bob gives an absolute angel-like look to a woman with a round face. To further flatter the face roundness, pin up one side and add slightly feathered edges to the style. This is one of the lowest maintenance requiring Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

So, if you are looking for Short Hair for Chubby Face styles, then have a keen look at this cut.

8.      Swished Out Short Bob for Round Faces:

Swished Out Short Bob for Round Faces

If you have a funky and fun sense of style, then this haircut goes perfectly with your choice and round face. This is a totally offbeat short and straight bob along with the swished out ends that create a full on funky look.

Further, caramel highlights and super sleek bangs make a woman stand out more.

9.      A-Line, Short Bob with Bangs:

 A-Line, Short Bob with Bangs

If you are looking for something to slim your round face, then short hair is a smart choice. The way the A-Line short bob frames your cheekbones and skims your jawline will surely accentuate your facial bone structure.

With this elegant and chic short bob, your plump and fleshy cheeks are no more to be ashamed of.

10. Delicate Feathered Cut for Round Faces:

Delicate Feathered Cut for Round Faces

If you have a combination of a round face and thin hair, then delicate feathered cut must be a smart and chic choice. The feathered layer cut is able to create flicks which will last a whole day. This hairstyle softens facial features and creates a feminine look.

Hence, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with a great feminine look.

11. Steeply Razored and Angled Asymmetrical Bob:

Steeply Razored and Angled Asymmetrical Bob

Be edgy and be bold with this steeply razored and angled asymmetrical bob. Add jet black dye to create an alluring look. Black color not only makes a style statement but also it adds a slimming effect to face. If you are looking for a dramatic and a flattering look for your round face, then this hairstyle is a must try.

12. V-shaped Outgrown Short Pixie:

V-shaped Outgrown Short Pixie

It’s a fun to go extremely short with your hair length. The classic and traditional boycut is made cute and sweet with sprinkled wispy layers. Addition of bangs brings the balance to the haircut and also keeps the style ladylike.

Be sure to tousle and tease the hair to build more volume. Hence, to have a voluminous look, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair.

13. Chopped Bob with Sleek Bangs:

Chopped Bob with Sleek Bangs

Such Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are responsible to give an edgy and sharp look to the personality. The sleek and straight fringes across the face create alluring angles to produce a contrast effect with the face roundness.

And choppiness further adds necessary movement and shape.

14. Mermaid Chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Mermaid Chic Short Hairstyle for Round Faces

Girls with the curly hair can show off this haircut really well. Whereas, girls with straight and sleek hair can also have a fun and funky look with the ocean inspired color dye.

This style creates a perfect party look that never goes unnoticed.

15. Choppy Pixie for Thin Hair:

Choppy Pixie for Thin Hair

This haircut has quite a short length to be easily maintained, but long enough to impart a trendy and feminine look to your personality. This is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and thinner hair as the bang frames the face giving a slimmer look.

16. Messy Spiky, Short Pixie with Some Asymmetrical Bangs:

Messy Spiky, Short Pixie with Some Asymmetrical Bangs

By styling in the right way, certain Short Hairstyles for Round Faces really elongate the facial features. For example messy spiky, pixie haircut is best at this. A diagonal line created by side swept fringe makes your face appear a little longer.

Some slight teasing at the crown will further incorporate height to the look.

17. Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs:

Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs

The trend of having a bob cut never goes out of fashion. Addition of layers incorporates a fine texture to the timeless short bob. The feathered layers combed backwards let your face shine through beautifully.

Blonde highlights further enhance the look and give a perfect retro feel to carry on this season. With the black dye, this is one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

18. Jaw Length Choppy Short Bob:

Jaw Length Choppy Short Bob

This short bob is super cute with slightly bend ends. This jaw length choppy short bob frames a round face quite well, emphasizing the cuteness of the round face. Faint highlights and wispy bangs accentuate the allure of the haircut.

To get a feminine look, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to try this season.

19. Long Pixie Style with Sharp Layer:

Long Pixie Style with Sharp Layer

To channel inner tomboy, a long pixie is a cute way. Wispy highlights and layers bring an adorable touch to the style. The addition of short length layers gives an edgy texture to the look. If you have sleek and straight hair, then this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to turn to.

Only minimal maintenance is required to keep the style intact.

20. Long and Voluminous Pixie for Short Hair:

Long and Voluminous Pixie for Short Hair

This pixie is longer than the conventional pixies. However, it still has a fairy look to impart. It communicates a very delicate look and sophisticated energy. Its spirit is very timeless and youthful at every age.

21. Asymmetrical Side Swept Haircut:

Asymmetrical Side Swept Haircut

One can fall in love with this cute haircut for many reasons. It is quite edgy style that imparts a soft look to the personality at the same time. The side swept bangs lengthen and highlight the face with extreme delicacy.

Dye a beautiful sun-kissed color to enhance the look.

22. Sleek and Blunt Brunette Short Bob:

Sleek and Blunt Brunette Short Bob

If you choose a sleek and blunt brunette short bob then your chubby plump cheeks become more flattering. This hairstyle trims the cheeks giving a slimmer look. A jet black shade emphasizes the personality further more.

Hence, to get an elegant look with low maintenance, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to choose.

23. Short Flipped Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Short Flipped Hairstyle for Round Faces

This short flipped haircut for round faces is full of fun and life. This style is free with its feminine and lively nature. It gives a refreshing and youthful overall style to the model. The flipped ends lie on the cheekbones, giving an elongated effect.

The addition of some cute cranberry hues imparts an adorable look.

24. Side Parted, Simple Jaw-Length Short Bob:

Side Parted, Simple Jaw-Length Short Bob

Are you looking for something simple? Then this is one of the simplest yet elegant Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to rock on this season. Despite your chubby cheeks, this style makes your face look slimmer and longer.

The inverted bob follows your bone structure angle to give an adorable look.

25. Razored Shaggy, Short Bob with Bang Highlights:

Razored Shaggy, Short Bob with Bang Highlights

This haircut is a perfect blend of old retro look and modern style which recreates a 70’s image. Your short, shaggy bob is all set to steal the show with full texture. The short length of the bob gives you enough room to experiment and play with your style.

To achieve an elongated look, this razored shaggy, short bob with bangs highlights is an adorable option to consider.

26. Short Pixie with Sideburns:

Short Pixie with Sideburns

Sideburns frame your round face in an absolutely stunning way. To create an elongated look, keep your hair roots a little darker. This short pixie with sideburns hairstyle gives an elegant and stylish model like look which creates a perfect style statement.

27. Short and Elongated Locks for Round Faces:

Short and Elongated Locks for Round Faces

One of a simpler kind of Short Hairstyles for Round Faces is short and elongated locks. Not every girl dares to keep a short haircut because not everyone knows how to keep it stylish. By styling a textured pixie upwards, you can get great volume and amazing texture.

It is hard to get another short haircut option more inspiring than this one.


Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Chubby faces are nothing to be ashamed of anymore. A number of classy, elegant, and sassy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are mentioned above. By consulting with your friends and stylists you can choose a styling option for yourself.

Do not despair rather rejoice that you have a round face as you can convert yourself into a perfect combination of hotness and cuteness that a slim face woman can’t pull off easily.

To take attention of the audience away from the roundness of your face, you just need some extra caution while selecting haircut. So to grab one of the sassiest Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, book your salon appointment right now!