19 Classic and Super Easy Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

If you are in search of suitable hairstyles which suit both, you and the weather, below is a list of Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs.

I have heard people say, “Be moderate in order to enjoy the life in abundance”. Well, I agree and apparently so does fashion trend these days. Almost everyone nowadays is going for medium lengths, not too long, not too short.

We all know that changing your hairstyle is more than just a trip to a salon. According to the fashion icon Coco Channel, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.”

One can just imagine how delicate a decision it is to choose the right hairstyle. In order to make an informed decision, you may go through the list below of Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs.

19 Superb Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs for Stylish Women

The right hairstyle adds a lot of life to your style and makes you stand out in a crowd of people. It’s like the crown you always have to wear.

To make sure you look nothing less than a princess, select the style that enhances your best features and compliments your face shape. Luckily the right Medium Length Hairstyles with bangs help you achieve both these goals.

Luckily, you don’t have to get into the hassle of going through all the latest magazines or surfing loads of websites to select a good haircut. For your ease, below is a compilation of the best Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs.

Here we go!

1.      Medium Hair with Side Bangs:

Medium Hair with Side Bangs

If you have big almond shaped eyes, Medium Hair with Side Bangs is always a good choice. With bangs that hang just above your eyelashes, you can enhance your glamorous eyes. It’s a plus point if you also choose to cut a few layers to give this cut more volume.

The best hairstyles are those which have been carefully cut and dyed. This cut looks best if it is dyed considering your skin tone. For example, a deep ombre or burgundy would look really nice for someone who has rosy cheeks.

2.      Wispy Bangs with Shaggy Layers:

Wispy Bangs with Shaggy Layers

Wispy bangs with shaggy layers are the go-to Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs for someone whose style switches from elegant businesswoman during the day to sexy socialite at night and has no tolerance for complicated haircuts.

It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it can be paired up with beautiful accessories to achieve an easy, but breathtaking look for any event.

3. Blunt and Blonde:

Blunt and Blonde

If you are the kind of person who likes simpler hairstyles that show your personality, blunt and blonde may just be the answer to all your prayers.
Nothing is simpler than a beautiful blonde lob that can be worn in so many different ways ranging from all pulled back to beach waves when needed be. The blunt sharp bangs that cover your forehead give a lot of life and shine to the otherwise simple lob.

4. Slanted Layers with Blunt Bangs:

Slanted Layers with Blunt Bangs

A wonderful spin to a simple lob is a slanted layered lob. It may sound complicated and/or risky, but it’s actually really beautiful and simple. Instead of just getting layers, chop your lob into layers with jagged ends with one side slightly longer than the other one.

This paired up with blunt bangs is exactly the right mixture of sassy and graceful looks.

5. Caramel Low Lights with Angled Bangs:

Caramel Low Lights with Angled Bangs

If you have curls and have been forever told that bangs are not suitable for curly and wavy hair, you’ll be glad to read that it’s all a myth.

Straight, angled bangs are the most suitable Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs to give your hair the right texture and look to make your hair look more voluminous and healthier; ready to be shown off in front of your friends and colleagues.

6. Waves of Fire:

Waves of Fire

Lives are so busy these days that the people rarely have time to use products and style their hair every single day.

Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs help you style up for events without any hassle at all.One such style is the waves of fire.

The bold ombre shade on casual loose curls and soft bangs allow you to achieve the simple, carefree look that people are adopting these days.

  1. From Darkness to Light:

From Darkness to Light:

The best way to get cool and trendy hair is experimenting! However, since it’s your hair and not a science Lab, don’t get too crazy.

Starting from darker strands at the top, get at least 2 shades lighter when you reach the tips. To outdo yourself, cut your bangs blunt, but long enough to cover your forehead.

8. Textured Curtain Bangs:

Textured Curtain Bangs

If you want to change your look while not really risking it; curtain bangs for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs should be your top choice. They give you a bold and beautiful look while letting you keep your long locks.

To bring it up a notch, you can secure your hair in a messy bow at the side to let the bangs hang freely and give a very angelic look.

If you still haven’t found what works for you, don’t worry. There are more choices that may interest you.

9.      Glamorous Lob for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs:

Glamorous Lob for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Either you get side swept shorter bangs to go for a bold look, or keep longer bangs to stay low key; this glamorous lob is a very suitable choice for Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs. The best part about this haircut is that it cuts down your styling time and expense.

With a little hair product, you can style up your hair in a bun or dazzle it cutely with sparkly hair-clips in a few minutes.

The lob is perfect for every hair type and suits just about everyone. Whether its pulled back in a pony tail or properly pinned up in a hot bun, the lob always looks sassy and glamorous.

10.  Shoulder Bone Length Bob with Blunt Fringes.

Shoulder Bone Length Bob with Blunt Fringes

A U-Shaped shoulder-length bob with blunt fringes is the perfect mixture of edgy and graceful look. This style, however, works best if you flatten your hair using a straightening iron.

You can adjust the fringes to match your face shape and features. Longer fringes are the best for long shaped faces while short baby fangs will be great for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces.

11.  Layered Lob with Soft Shaggy Bangs:

Layered Lob with Soft Shaggy Bangs

The trendiest Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs is the layered lob with soft shaggy bangs because it suits everyone and can be styled in various ways.

To get the best out of this look, get flattering lowlights and give your hair messy beach waves or soft curls using a straightening or curling iron.

Make sure to ask your stylist to shape your bangs in a way that they flatter your face. For example; if you want to put more emphasis on your eyes, get your bangs cut below the eyebrows.

But if you choose to enhance your cheeks, get bangs that hang at your cheek level.

12.  Hot Blowout for Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs:

Hot Blowout for Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

If you are someone who likes Shoulder Length Hair with Layers and Bangs, you must go for a full layered haircut and blow dry it. It’s not just glamorous; but also it gives your hair a very healthy and glowing look.

This hairstyle works just fine for all days of the week, ranging from important office meetings to a date with your boyfriend. Just add some hair product and give yourself a blow dry and you are ready to rock.

13.  Curly bangs:

Curly bangs

This Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs is a Jackpot for women with naturally curly hair. The only thing hotter and sexier than bangs, is curly bangs. Imagine really curly hair and now get them chopped into bangs and a layered bob. So satisfying and on point!

This haircut works best for oval, triangle, oblong and heart-shaped faces.

14.  Tousled Waves and Blended Bangs:

Tousled Waves and Blended Bangs

To add life in a healthy tousled lob, get side-swept cheek length bangs that blend into your hair effortlessly. Your Medium Hair with Side Bangs will outshine if you use a texturizing spray to give a flirtatious spin to your hairstyle.

15.  Angled Bangs and Layers:

Angled Bangs and Layers

Whoever said less is more, didn’t see how magnificent this asymmetrically layered bob looks. Layers, angled bangs, asymmetrical cut, highlights and anything else you could possibly think of is present in this hot Medium Length Haircut with Bangs.

You can choose to straighten your hair or get curls, let them get down or secure them up and still look fantabulous. If you have got this style, you have got yourself a ticket to stand out in every event you attend.

In addition to these hot haircuts, you could also create new styles depending on what suits you. Below are a few examples.

16.  Pixie Crop and Baby Fringes:

Pixie Crop and Baby Fringes

The only thing more vintage than Audrey Hepburn, is her hairstyles. Ranging from pixie crops to high buns, she wore everything with her baby fringes and looked legendary doing that.

Her Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs were sexy and sharp just as she was. If you want something tried and tested, get that.

17.  All Layers Everything:

All Layers Everything

If you are someone who loves trendy and sexy Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs that are not pretentious, then these layers are just for you.

Chop your lob into lots of layers and long bangs so that all of your hair is casually blended together. Next, put in some beach waves and you are ready to rock and roll.

18.  Charming Chin Length:

Charming Chin Length

Want Medium Hairstyles without having chopped too much hair? Lucky for you, there is a new haircut that is getting extremely popular these days.

Long from the back, chin-length layers in the front, this is the most loved Medium Length Haircut with Bangs of the year.

Like the cherry on top of the cake, the cute bangs; whether long or short, make this look even sexier. You could add some bright colors to this haircut to make it stand out.

19.  Flirty and Cute for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs:

Flirty and Cute for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Beachy waves may be a safety net when it comes to styling for casual events, but an asymmetrical cut and flirty fringes always add more life and charm to those simple waves. The upside to this hot Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs is that it gets very easier to style it up.

20.  Artistic Vision for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs:(Bonus)

Artistic Vision for Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

If experimenting is your game and artist is your name, you will love this carefully designed hairstyle. Even though it’s a simple angled lob with baby bangs, the contrast of colors ranging from dark blue to hot pink as your haircut progresses, is what separates it from other simple haircuts.

The Medium Length Hairstyles with bangs itself is so bright and dazzling that you need not to do anything. Maybe brush it up and use very little product to give it a professionally styled look and you are good to go.


Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs are a very safe yet fun area to explore. You get a variety of hairstyles to choose from depending on your face and style preferences. You, however, need to remember that ‘the best makeover is always your confidence and positivity.’

Get an informed opinion and select a style that is most suitable for you. After that, you are ready to rock any of the Medium Length Hairstyles with bangs that you wish.