25 Sassy And Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

The Medium Length Hair have been making everyone astonished since they were invented.

In this modern world of hair-styling, there is a great lot of variety for Medium Length Hair. Whether it be bob cuts or layers, bangs or shaggy haircuts, it can be greatly styled in no time.

Many of you might face problems to handle long hair. If you have not tried some great Medium Length Hairstyles, it’s probably because you are unaware of the great influence behind it.

As much as it gives an eye-opening look to your external beauty, it has a much greater effect in grooming your inner persona. The confidence and charm you’ll feel inside you will absolutely astonish you.

Medium hair could be boring sometimes, but all it takes is some appropriate styling tricks and a generous dose of hair dye. For further encouragement have a look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s shaggy cut or Georgia May Jagger’s textured layers haircut.

25 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair To Lighten Up Your Personality!

If you’re looking forward to giving your Medium Length Hair a new marvelous style, you’re at the right place!

“Don’t try to dress like me or wear your hair like mine. Find your own style.”-Salma Hayek.

I promise to provide you with the best possible styling looks, so buckle up and get ready to find YOUR OWN STYLE!

1-     Blonde Ambition:

Blonde Ambition

If you are a conservative woman but want to stay all trendy, this is the perfect haircut for you! This is the perfect description of “ simple and stylish”.

This  Medium Length Hairstyle best suits on women praising simplicity. For bringing a greater purity a light blonde color always works the best on this hairstyle. So add a modern whirl in this simple, lovely haircut.

 A blonde shade like Saoirse Ronan’s would go just perfectly with this style.

2-Wrapped In Ruby:

Wrapped In Ruby

When choosing a style in bright colors “wrapped in ruby”, should be at the top of your list. This haircut is basically a shoulder-length haircut with bangs. The long bangs in the front are till your jaw-line.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to a bright colored style, nothing could be better than this. This works best on the bright complexion. For further enhancing, try to match your lip-color with your hair tone and you’ll surely rock the day!

3-Bubbly Layered Bob:

Bubbly Layered Bob

When talking about the most wanted trend in Medium Length Hair, there is no doubt that Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs is greatly desired.

In addition to this, this hairstyle is much easier to style than most of the short layered hairstyles. Giving it a nice choppy end would scream cuteness and would give a better glow to your bubbly nature.

Furthermore, choppy bangs work best on round faces. So if you’re looking forward to this hairstyle, make sure to have a word from your stylist!

4-Waves With Fire:

Waves With Fire

Need something which needs low maintenance and is messy? Then this is the best hairstyle for you! This is one of the top trending hottest hairstyles. The orange, fiery blond dye gives you the hottest look and to further spice up your look shoulder-length bangs would look great!

No other messy hairstyle could give you such a rough look. Moreover, messy rough hair is not only just a toss-and-go but also trendy.

“I’ve always had really messy hair.”– Ed Sheeran

So if you want all trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle, this is the perfect one for you!

5-Feather Brunette Lob Cut:

Feather Brunette Lob Cut

Feather brunette lob cut is a great choice for Medium Length Hairstyles With Long Layers. This is quite demanding nowadays; in addition to that, layers are a pretty good choice for Medium Length Hair.

If you have thin hair, then these long layered hairstyles are the best option for you. They add extra volume and texture to your hair. With a bit of blonde streaking, this could look good to the level of perfection!

6- Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers:

Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers

One of the best ways to get a jazzy simple look is to go for the side layers crop. It is not necessary to have layers crop, instead, a side-layer with mid-length would give your face a great exalting look.

Furthermore, if you have a long neck and an oval face, then this haircut for Medium Layered Haircut is “just made for you”

7-Medium Length Bangs:

Medium Length Bangs

If you have fine hair, then you might occasionally face the problem of losing temper while dealing with curls or waves for your fine hair.

With the shoulder-length bangs, you can still get a sophisticated and gorgeous look of a conservative “chic”

8-Short Blond Style:

Short Blond Style

You can wear this classy hair to any formal or informal function. As it can carry every look with a new look every time! In fact, if you need a bit of enhancing, use an iron rod or some spray or other hair-setting product to give these Medium Length Hair some light curls.

9-Braided Beauty:

Braided Beauty

Bothered by your fine hair falling on your face all the time? Not anymore!

The perfect remedy for setting your very fine hair is to braid them from the front. This not only avoids the inconvenience, but also gives you a sheepish and lovely look.

10-Shoulder Lenth Ringlets:

Shoulder Lenth Ringlets

As much as thin hair is hard to maintain, it looks as adorable when curled. Tiny ringlets could be so much fun for a party or a special occasion.

Moreover, for a blend of a funky look pink hue would do great with these shoulder-length ringlets. So go for this and get a little inspiration from Julianne Hough.

11-Easy waves:

Easy waves

Looking for something too simple? Or want to have some lazy stuff to wear? Do try the beach-inspired easy waves hairstyle. This is just a “flip-and-toss” hairstyles.

These easy waves for Medium Length Hair could go very soothing for the eyes if you go for an ombre. Try having a look at Elizabeth Olsen’s caramel ombre hair.

12-Flowy And Voluminous Curls:

Flowy And Voluminous Curls

Small curls could easily fall apart, especially in the thin hair. That is why it is important to have large bouncy curls, in addition to that, it provides great extra volume to your hair.

Either blond or a lighter shade of dye would make your voluminous huge curls more prominent and an eye-catching look!

13-Smooth A-Line Bob:

Smooth A-Line Bob

As much as we ignore it, this is a fact that shoulder-length hair is great when they are simple. And to be honest, who don’t like to show-off their hair cut?

This simple A-line bob haircut gives you an extravagant beautiful look. This looks best on straight hair, especially when the layers are wisely handled by the stylist to give it a smooth, attenuated look.

14-Cool Punky Side Braids:

Cool Punky Side Braids

If you don’t have extremely-long or extremely-short hair, then this hairdo would totally rock with you!

This is a funky side braided hairdo which not only fascinates your looks but also keeps in mind to give your hair cut a prominent look. So do make sure to try this Medium Length Hairstyle on a special occasion!

15-Adorable Poofy Pony:

Adorable Poofy Pony

No wonder simple ponytails can get really boring sometimes. Why not trick something new? For thin,  medium-layered hair, back-combing to create an extra volume is the best solution.

Puffy hairstyles are always gorgeous to wear. A cute ponytail at the back, and a poofy puff at the top and you’re ready in your new charming look!

16-Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs:

Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs

The feathering approach is the most effortless way to beautify your hairstyle. Full-head bangs on the forehead add an extra sprinkle of charm.

The funky look is given because instead of shears, razors are used for cutting. This also greatly enhances the texture of your hair. So if you are looking for something delightful and trendy at the same time, you definitely need to try this!

17- U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends:

U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends

If you are looking for a good sexy and classy look, the U-shaped haircut is your best option. This classic look was inspired by the 70’s old waves.

Furthermore, this hairstyle is great for thin hair, as the fine curls at the bottom add extra volume. The bouncy look at the end adds a unique intriguing look to your personality.

18-Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding:

Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding

A bouffant greatly suits Medium Length Hair. If you have thin and fine hair, then you should go for the bouffant as it would add extra volume to your hair.

Go for some highlighted streaks, braided from one side. Add an intermediate ponytail which should not be a way too high or way too low.

19-Disconnected Messy Bun:

Disconnected Messy Bun

This is the best example of “rise and go” haircut for Medium Length Hair. This bob haircut is best for thin fine hair and gives a sleeking messy look.

This would go best for a round, squared face. This effortless hairstyle gives you the right messy and trendy style you’re looking for!

20-Super Sharp Medium Style:

Super Sharp Medium Style

Surely, you all might be greatly impressed with Ashley Olsen’s simple but gorgeous look. She keeps it edgy at the end, a side parting or center-parting highlighted blonde hair.

This long from the top, short from the bottom look give your hair a great classy look. So get this marvelous look without a second thought!

21-Medium Length Curls:

Medium Length Curls

Medium Length Curly Hair not only gives you an astonishing look out but also is on the top of the list of “the most trendy”. These large big curls give your thin, fine hair extra volume. Simple Rollers or a hot iron rod could do just the right thing for your Medium Length Hair. After all, curling is the master option for thin hair.

22-Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off:

Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off

In the past shoulder length, blow-off was a great trend. But now it’s time for the revival of this classic look! This classy look would go best with bright platinum ombre.

The flowy look of the great gold layers would rather add a charming look to you. So get your new stunning look!

23-Sleek And Straight Thin Hair:

Sleek And Straight Thin Hair

Your thin hair can effortlessly be given an outstanding look with this haircut. This is a perfect classy look with long chin-length hair in front and a short crop at the back.

24-Curly Up-do:

Curly Up-do

Looking for an up-do for Medium Length Hair? This curly up-do would go perfect for you then! This can be easily transformed into a messy bun and many more varieties of styles.

Short medium hair is usually difficult to manage in an up-do. Give your hair some strong curls with the help of a hot iron curler. Arrange the curls with a fine spray or another product to set them in the style of an up-do.

Make sure to try this on a prom night or a very special occasion. This will make you look like a beauty queen. Go and easily glam around!

25-Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle:

Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle

The lesser the hair length, the greater attraction it has! Make it a simple tousled bob hairstyle for Medium Length Haircuts, with an ashier hair color.


Medium Length Hair

So here are some perfect guidelines for Medium Length Hair. Just pick a style and slay the day! Long hair gets hard to manage at some stage of your life. It keeps growing until you’re tired of handling them.

“My hair grows and grows; you cannot stop it-that fellow grows, it grows wild”- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Transforming your hair is a big change, not only in your beauty but also in grooming your personality. A single hairstyle and the same usual look get boring, so go for a big change and prove yourself!

“Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.”- Carolyn Aronson