29 Sassy Medium Layered Haircuts to Look Elegantly Outstanding

There are a number of Medium Layered Haircuts Every girl wants to appear well groomed and feminine. However, the busy and hectic lifestyle of today’s modern world has made it difficult to extract time for hair styling.

In this perspective, Medium Layered Haircuts provide low maintenance styling options for all women out there.

These haircuts possess very versatile styling and coloristic options that can be applied to every face type.

To look sassy and chic every day, one can opt a layered hairdo with mid-length hair. Not only this, but there are many more styling options given below that are amazingly superb for a night-out party or a casual meeting!

So, do not miss out the perfect info and keep on reading below:

29 Gorgeous Medium Layered Hairstyles for Any Kind of Occasion

As compared to single length hairstyles, layered haircuts seem more interesting as they offer more beautiful shapes. By playing with finishes of hair ends and style of layers, one can toggle up with a number of unbelievably gorgeous looks.

By going through our rich ideas gallery for Medium Layered Hairstyles, you will be all set to make a bang at all formal as well as informal events around!

1.      The Chic Bedhead:

The Chic Bedhead

Medium Layered Haircuts are considered as great options for shoulder length hair as they are capable of adding too much depth, volume, and movement. They give you versatile options to manipulate without sacrificing the hair length.

Furthermore, subtle highlights such as brown tones add a refreshing touch for layered cuts!

2.      Feathered V-shaped Layers:

Feathered V-shaped Layers

This V-shaped Layered hairstyle reminds us of free flowing spirits. The Medium Layered Hairstyles are the amazing options in terms of a manageable hair length which is long enough to play with many styling options. Short feathery layer frames the face, whereas the back side longer layers draw the attention.

3.      Medium Length Haircut and Flicked Ends:

Medium Length Haircut and Flicked Ends

You can add a spicy touch in your mid-length hair by flipping and chopping the ends. Layers add movement and body to all types of hair textures. If you love the rough blow dry styling, then flicked hair ends work quite well.

Also, the thick locks hold the flicked layers best. So, consider this one of the most adorable Layered , when you visit your favorite salon next time!

4.      Swoopy Layered Mid-Length Hairdo:

Swoopy Layered Mid-Length Hairdo

You can add lots of movement to your mid-length hair by choosing swoopy layers. Such hairdo looks absolutely amazing on all types of face shapes. However, if you have an oval or a long face shape, then this is one of the best Medium Layered Haircuts to try this season.

5.      Layered Wavy Shoulder Length Lob:

Layered Wavy Shoulder Length Lob

Lobs have always remained in fashion because they are versatile, modern, and look alluring on everyone. This shoulder length lob has layered hair to add volume and depth without weighing down the overall hairdo.

So, for thick hair, this is a nice Medium Layered Haircut to get an adorable look. Get a finished appearance by adding a good quality gel.

6.      Messy Lob with Long Layers:

Messy Lob with Long Layers

Many ladies and young girls gravitate to messy lob with long layers hairdo. As they allow you to wear hair “short”, and also keep the length which feels feminine. Instead of any blunt cut, try a messy lob with long layers. Hence, it will appear polished yet playful rather than severe.

7.      Choppy Layered Waves:

 Choppy Layered Waves

Consider this hairdo, if you are looking for some unique Medium Layered Haircuts. The side bangs impart a little more height when swept sideways. So, the movement of the longer layers seems very eye catching.

Moreover, use a light blonde dye to create an appearance which is bouncy and bright!

8.      Side Swept Medium Layered Hairstyle:

Side Swept Medium Layered Hairstyle

To add dimension, layers don’t need to be incorporated all over the head. A beautiful side swept Medium Layered Haircut can frame the face in such a complimenting manner, especially if you have an oval face or a long neck.

9.      Feathered Layered Hairdo for Thick Hair:

Feathered Layered Hairdo for Thick Hair

Feathery layered haircuts are considered as one of the boldest Medium Layered Hairstyles. If you have thin and fine hair, then feathers may seem flat and dull. On the other hand, for ladies blessed with textured and thick hair, it works extremely well.

So, ask your salon attendant to use a razor to create right textured layers.

10. Wavy Hairdo with Wispy Layers:

Wavy Hairdo with Wispy Layers

If you have naturally wavy hair, then give a try to these wispy layers. Without overpowering your predominant hair style, this wavy hairdo offers the right texture and movement. Also, add dimensional highlights to pronounce the effect of this sassy Medium Layered Haircut.

11. Shoulder Length Haircut with Layered Ends:

Shoulder Length Haircut with Layered Ends

Sleek hair concentrated at the ends of the length takes benefit of heavy layers mostly. If you have blessed to have thick hair, then ask your stylist to cut the ends by imparting heavy layers. It will make your super thick hair appear impactful, but not too heavy.

12. Two-Tier Layered Lob:

Two-Tier Layered Lob

If thin hair needs dimension, then thick locks need some room to experiment with. This two-tier lob showcases a polished and fine appearance by avoiding extra choppy layers. So, if you love to wear sleek and straight hair, then consider this Medium Layered Haircut to try out for your next makeover.

13. Point-Cut Bob and Caramel Balayage:

Point-Cut Bob and Caramel Balayage

If you have plain, sleek hair and tired of any blunt style you are wearing, then it’s time to soften the image with this point cut layered bob. When you let your hair be cut at some angle, an instant textured look appears. Additionally, this hairdo looks amazing with a variety of hair color dyes.

However, the Balayage highlights immensely make it bright and light.

14. V-Cut Layered Hairdo:

V-Cut Layered Hairdo

A gorgeous choice in Medium Layered Hairstyles is V-shaped layers. On the back side, layers are kept longer to create a voluminous appearance. To allow V-Cut layered hairdo shine properly, use it for sleek and straight shoulder length hair.

Moreover, back-combing is necessary to create a perfect look.

15. Swoopy Short to Medium Layers for Dynamic Hair:

Swoopy Short to Medium Layers for Dynamic Hair

The longer the hair, the better the swoopy layers will appear. Such kind of layers look best for the hair with texture and lots of volume. They are smooth yet dimensional. Hence, hair looks straight, but full of body and movement.

A blend of light and dark hair dye will further enhance the effect. So, grab this swoopy Medium Layered Haircut if you want to rock your party entrance every time!

16. Sleek, Straight, and Layered:

Sleek, Straight, and Layered

This one of the simplest yet sweetest Medium Layered Haircuts has an easy-breezy styling and upkeep. By choosing a right kind of hair product along with a sharp blow drying, one can create sassy, tousled, and distinct layers.

Try it if you want an effortlessly hairdo and don’t forget to apply your favorite blonde hue!

17. Lob with Caramel Highlights and Delicate Layers:

Lob with Caramel Highlights and Delicate Layers

Not every Medium Layered Haircuts have to go wild and crazy. One can achieve a soft look with delicate layered lobs and bobs. If you are not too obsessed with styling thing, then this hairdo is what you are looking for.

Plus, play with highlights, add only where they introduce dimension and interest.

18. Shaggy Layered Lob:

Shaggy Layered Lob

If you want a Medium Layered Haircut which doesn’t need much styling, then this shaggy hairdo with Beachy waves is a nice pick. Such layers are organic in nature and do not need to be curled or blown out to extract the laid-back effect.

Because of less external efforts, this hairdo becomes less damaging to hair and one of the best Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair.

19. Fringe Layers with Dimensional Highlights:

Fringe Layers with Dimensional Highlights

If you have more than a single color tone in hair, then you probably need multi layers to match the color variety. Not every face type can handle such fringe layers, however, multi tone hair is brought to life this way.

If you know how to handle the super edgy look, then fringe Medium Layered Hairstyle should be your next stop!

20. Long Bob with Symmetrical and Swoopy Layers:

Long Bob with Symmetrical and Swoopy Layers

The modern Medium Layered Haircuts, not only play with length, but also with symmetry. Consider such even and swoopy layers if you want a sophisticated and polished mid-length hairdo. For ladies over 50, this cut seems a perfect choice if they have managed to have thick locks.

21. Medium Layered Haircut with Curls:

Medium Layered Haircut with Curls

Try dressing your medium length hairstyle with some volume and curls. Sleek upper hair and curled layers at the bottom instantly enhance your style statement with a boom. If you are planning to attend lots of parties ahead, then hurry up to get this glamorous hairdo.

Provide enough lift to the hair roots by blow drying with a round brush. And to define the curly ends, use a good quality curling iron.

22. Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Jagged Hair Ends:

Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Jagged Hair Ends

Many Medium Layered Haircuts with blunt ends make hair feel flat. Ask your salon attendant to use a razor to generate jagged ends, which add emphasis to previous plain looking hair. Don’t use a hair dryer instead, allow hair to dry naturally.

Remember, to pop the layers for conveying a relaxed vibe, blow out is a must.

23. Loose & Layered Haircut:

Loose & Layered Haircut

This hairdo is elegant, easy to style, and simple. The layers are kept longer and they are enough to impart the needed lift, move, and bounce. Furthermore, light blonde highlights take your style statement to a next level.

24. Side Parted Platinum Layered Hairdo:

Side Parted Platinum Layered Hairdo

Medium Layered Haircuts are hitting the style charts as they can be easily manipulated to suit every woman’s personal preference. For everyday wear, a platinum side parted layered hairdo is no doubt a classy option.

Whether you have a date to attend, a party to rock, or a formal event to go, in all gatherings this hairdo will turn the heads!

25. Medium Layered Hairstyle with a Side Bang:

Medium Layered Hairstyle with a Side Bang

These Layered Haircuts with Bangs create a feminine and soft look which is too adorable and alluring. It plays with style and color to extract the most out of your chic personality. Undone waves look so well with face framing layers and with some polished brown shades.

The end result with this Medium Layered Haircut is absolutely effortless and chic.

26. Contrasting Medium Length Hairdo:

Contrasting Medium Length Hairdo

Which one is your favorite, cool or warm tones? No worries, with this sassy hairdo you will never have to decide. It works so well for ladies having warm complexions. A bright color hue, such as orange and dark brown will make your style go super edgy and crazy.

Whether you are planning to attend a college farewell or a family function, this sassy Medium Layered Haircut will never let you down!

27. Bombshell Layered Haircut:

Bombshell Layered Haircut

There are a number of Medium Layered Haircuts, but this one for sure comes under perfect 10! The layers are smooth while creating backward flowing lines. Also, an all over golden color dye with spiky red undertones creates an absolutely head turning look!

28. Heat-Free Medium Length Hairstyle:

Heat-Free Medium Length Hairstyle

If you want no more a haircut, which requires the use of hot tools, then this heat free Medium Layered Hairstyle is the right option to pick. It doesn’t require too much styling stress and poses less damage to hair.

A great texturizing hair spray is what it needs to deliver a chic and sassy look.

29. 70’s Medium Layered Haircuts:

70’s Medium Layered Haircut

The styling of fine hair is a bit tricky, as they have less space to work with. However, this cut pulls off the fine hair very well. The tapered bang frames the face, whereas feathery layers fall on the shoulder creating a 70’s retro look.

Don’t forget to wear bell bottoms to splash this disco look even more!


Medium Layered Haircuts

Just because you have a busy schedule, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your mid-length hair. Medium Layered Haircuts provide you a ton of sassy options to play with you shoulder length tresses.

To the girls with thick locks, they provide lightness and to the girls with thin and fine strands, they provide the required volume. And the ladies with curly hair type can get structure and movement. The big plus point is, you can style your locks easily at home.

So, we have collected some of the gorgeous Medium Layered Hairstyles to embrace this season. Have a look and decide the one you want to choose to rock! for more hairstyles click here