23 Alluring Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces to Opt Today

You are not the only one who is looking for some perfect Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which cast an elongating effect!

As the many girls struggle with hiding the width of their round face shape as it makes them appear flat and less edgy. No doubt, it is a real-time problem for the girls!

But here is a good news for you:

Fortunately, by choosing a right kind of haircut you can add necessary visual structure and dimension to your personality.

Though a round face has wider cheekbones, on the other hand, it also owns a better symmetry than other face types. So it’s time to learn embrace the face shape you are blessed with and try to make the most of it!

23 Medium Haircuts for Round Faces to Create an Elongation Effect

Medium Haircuts for Round Faces are those which skillfully mask and elongate the width of a rounded face, transforming it into a pretty oval. A famous hair artist Charlotte Mensah has once mentioned:

“Stay away from a bob or cut that is all one length if you have a round face”

Hence, instead of opting a short or very long hairdo you can opt a layering style which lies just above the shoulders and below the jawline.

A number of celebrities have mastered the art of slimming their round face, including Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and many others.

Explore the below mentioned best Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which have the power to elongate and accent your face and features respectively.

1.      Angled Bangs for a Round Face:

Angled Bangs for a Round Face

This is one of the best hairdos which comes to mind while speaking of Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces.

Nicole Richie is the celebrity inspiration for this stunning cut. It consists of a shaggy shoulder-length hair having some heavy fringes which cover the forehead and extend beyond the eyebrows.

Whereas, the angled bangs at both sides of the eyes make any woman appear really fashionable and flattering.

2.      Side Swept Shoulder Length Bangs:

Side Swept Shoulder Length Bangs

This Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces creates an amazing elongating effect. Moreover, it adds glamour to the personality and looks in a very effortless manner. For many years it remained in fashion and still enjoying the enduring popularity.

The Hollywood celebrity, Kirsten Dunst, has shown us how to rock this style with a round face. In fact, side-swept bangs covering the eyes make the face appear narrower and define cheekbones very well. Even without fancy jewels, a red lipstick is enough to do the job very well!

3.      Voluminous Mid-Length Lob:

Voluminous Mid-Length Lob

A lady with a round face can make herself look absolutely stylish with this collarbone grazing haircut. Because it delicately balances the unwanted face roundness and imparts a gorgeous retro look.

A rounded face usually has the fullest part near the cheeks that is the reason the hair experts recommend adding the weight to the tips. Hence, it results in improving the angle along the jaw-line.

Though it may seem a one-length hairdo, but in fact it’s not. However, singer Adele has modified this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces in an elegant way by incorporating subtle curls and soft layers to add volume at the bottom.

4.      Angled Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Angled Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you seen the Selena Gomez’s recent angled shoulder length haircut?

It has created a super cute look, isn’t it?

Actually, the angled strands help to pop the face features and increase the sweetness of a chubby round face. Furthermore, the off-centered styling successfully deflects the attention from the facial width.

So, this is a simple yet alluring Hairstyle for Round Chubby Face to grab instantly.

5.      Mid-Length Wavy Hairdo

Mid-Length Wavy Hairdo

Which Haircut Suits for Round Face Female?

This question has popped up in the minds of many ladies around who are facing difficulty in choosing a right kind of hairstyle.

This one is a simple wavy Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which has the power to bring interest by reducing volume from the sides of the face. It brings the whole volume to the head crown instead. Further, the bangs covering the forehead are enough to break the rounded face curve.

It lends the angles and dimensions to the personality which weren’t there before. Hence, it’s a flattering hairdo which enhances the natural beauty.

6.      Boho Waves to Slim the Face

Boho Waves to Slim the Face

This relaxed hairdo with a side-swept and bouncy waves generates vibrant Boho vibes. The best part of this one of the sassiest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces is the longer side layers which help to elongate the roundness.

It has more hair volume along the neckline to reduce the face roundness. Plus, use a sea salt hairspray to get a fine finished look.

7.      A-Line Medium Haircuts for Round Faces:

A-Line Medium Haircuts for Round Faces

If you want to introduce an ultimate movement and edge in your personality, then this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces is fulfilling the purpose in the most glamorous way. It consists of a long bob having A-line pointed edges at least on one side.

In fact, the equal and sharp hair provides symmetry to the face and makes it appear longer.

8.      A High Bun:

A High Bun

Kendall Jenner has always remained on the top of the hair styling game. Her choppy mid-length bang conceals the cheeks and frames the face from all sides. The top bun draws audience’s attention upwards.

Thus, this hairdo, no doubt comes in the few top slots of Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces list.

9.      The Half Up-Do for Face Framing:

The Half Up-Do for Face Framing

Are you planning to attend a wedding or a formal dinner party?

For every formal occasion, this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces works perfectly. The puff on the top of the head shifts the whole volume on the head crown. Thus, it allows your face to appear slimmer and narrower in contrast. Quite clever, isn’t it?

10. Tight Curls and Fringes:

Tight Curls and Fringes

There is something very adorable about this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces.

The fringes and tight curls manage to grab attention in a way that the person looking at you would not be able to notice your face roundness. It works so well for the ladies with the prominent forehead and high cheekbones.

In addition, don’t forget to use a high-quality curling iron to cause less damage to your strands.

11. The Broken-up Curls:

The Broken-up Curls

Looking for a hairdo which requires very less styling time?

Okay, then this one fulfills your demand in the most glorious way. The curly Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces is as simple as it looks. The curls not only give an alluring look but also create an elongated and thinner face effect.

Even a hair styling novice can generate this perfect look on the first try.

12. Medium Pink Bob Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Medium Pink Bob Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces

The pastel pink color is not the only standout feature of this hairdo, the style itself is extremely adorable.

The bob is cut at a steep angle to impart movement in the personality. Whereas, the side swept graduated layers with jagged ends create an edgy look, which can never go unnoticed.

Sleek hair has never appeared more beautiful than this.

13. Two-Toned Wavy Bob for a Round Face:

Two-Toned Wavy Bob for a Round Face

A haircut has the capability to do wonders as per your face shape and facial features. However, never underestimate the power of a vibrant and smart hair color dye.

The color selection in this one of the chicest Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces helps to shape the face by elongating it.

With such an amazing dye job, there is no need for contouring makeup anymore!

14. Medium Curly Haircut with Some Layered Bangs:

Medium Curly Haircut with Some Layered Bangs

If you have a round face with raised cheeks, then this hairdo blends amazingly with your facial features and roundness. It spreads the hair just up to the shoulders while wiggling outward, thus creating a crazy yet sophisticated appearance.

It perfectly suits your pronounced and wide jawline which makes you appear more attractive like never before!

15. Blonde Wavy Haircut with Choppy Tips:

Blonde Wavy Haircut with Choppy Tips

Having a spread out and broad face may feel a bit manly sometimes, but ladies, no need to worry anymore!

This wavy Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces extending all the way to the shoulders transforms your look from chubby to edgy.

Even for the ladies with a bit darker complexion, the outward wavy nature along with choppy ends of this hairdo will suit in an elegant way.

In the final analysis, a blonde highlight adds a never-ending glamorous touch.

16. Medium Blonde Layers:

Medium Blonde Layers

This hairdo looks sassy on women with a pointed chin and a rounded face. The cut is heavily layered showing the underlying parts of the hair. It allows the hair to wiggle in a steady manner, making you appear elegant and cute at the same time.

This one of the most manageable Medium Haircuts for Round Faces is all set to make you create a remarkable style statement.

17. Side Parted Lob and Blunt Ends:

Side Parted Lob and Blunt Ends

If there is a haircut, which requires minimalist styling, then this side parted lob will surely come in the top 10.

It is about expanding the hair outwards while keeping a linear flow. The ends are blunt making a classy and powerful statement. This Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces gives “you go girl” look in an effortless and calm manner.

18. Side Bangs and Layered Bob:

Side Bangs and Layered Bob

This haircut creates a retro 80’s look, which is too adorable. The hair flips towards the back side and looks visually thicker.

It exposes the layers in an elegant and professional manner like onion peels. One of the prettiest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces flows smoothly and imparts a feminine touch.

19. Medium Length Shaggy Hairdo:

Medium Length Shaggy Hairdo

In this hairdo, hair is super sleek and layered. Ladies with naturally sleek hair will take the most out of this style. If you have a round face with broad cheeks, then this style is a nice match. Use a flat iron to further enhance the elegant look of this cut.

Notably, this is a nice option to consider if you want a Hairstyle for Round Face to Look Slim.

20. Gray Mid-Length Bob:

Gray Mid-Length Bob

An angled Medium Haircut for Round Faces such as Bob is universally alluring as it flatters any hair texture and color. If you have naturally curly hair and looking for a “wash-and-go style”, this is the right cut to remember in this regard.

Also, the gray color adds tons of dimension and movement in the appearance.

21. Sleek Silver Bob:

Sleek Silver Bob

Some hair experts say that Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces without layers will not go well. However, this is not the case every time. A lob hairdo can be called as brilliant style looking gorgeous at fuller faces.

Ask your salon attendant to give a deep-parted and face-framing tresses which swoop over the whole face.

22. Layered Hairdo for Brunettes:

Layered Hairdo for Brunettes

One of the most adapted Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces is the one having soft layers starting below the jawline. The actress Catherine Zeta being in her early 40’s has set a great example of this youngish hairdo.

While blow drying your hair, add slight curls using a rounded brush to pronounce the appearance. Additionally, use a shine serum to add an extra dose of glam.

23. Razored Shag Hairstyle with Bangs:

Razored Shag Hairstyle with Bangs

Hair experts advise ladies with round faces not to opt straight bangs.

However, Kara Tointon walked against the waves and looks completely alluring in her shaggy style with straight bangs. This Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces offers an easy and light feel.

The end finish and texture of your hair play an important role in your final looks. So, make a smart choice and choose a professional hairdresser.


Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

When it comes to clothing, hair, and the makeup, the face shape plays a vital role. It is crucial to find a right kind of hairstyle which portrays your personality in the best possible way.

The most adapted Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces play with the texture and hair color to produce movement and body. The sole purpose is to divert hair volume from the sides so that chubby cheeks do not pronounce more.

In order to help you to glam with your natural face shape, we have collected some richest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces which are trendy and will elongate your face.you can also check Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have a look at these flattering options and decide which suits you the best!