23 Superb Long Shag Haircuts to Make the Jaws Drop

Looking for the Long Shag Haircuts?

For this year springs and summers, all the ladies wanting volume and their long strands, loose and flawlessly ready to flaunt, you all must choose from a tempting list of Long Shag Haircuts to rock and roll!

Well, who does not love long hair? It is a dream and an addiction.

Once you have it, it gets quite a strength to compromise the length. So, most of the women out there are seeking something trendy, something classy, that might manage to give a modern and changed look.

Would that be difficult to attain? Definitely not!

A tempting list of Long Shag Hairstyles is right here to shut the fears of ‘same old, boring and long’ in your head.

So, here we go!

23 Tempting Long Shag Hairstyles to Flaunt Right Now

From J. Lopez to Vanessa Hudgens, these ladies have rocked the stage with long hair. Let’s not forget that the hair of Miley Cyrus in her famous Hannah Montannah took the breaths away of all the girls out there.

To blend these famous celebrity looks, a scrumptious compilation of Long Shaggy Hairstyles is down below. Startle your friends with the ‘change’ without compromising your hair length.

1.    Bangs in the Long Shag Haircuts:

Bangs in the Long Shag Haircuts

Create an edgy appearance by adding super gorgeous bangs to your Long Shag Hairstyle. Although there aren’t any specifications for hair color, but if it is something of a darker tone, then consider it a major PLUS.

2.    Go Blond!

Go Blond

Well, undoubtedly blond hair look is absolutely gorgeous! This hairstyle is a special treat for girls eyeing for the most stylish Long Shag Hairstyles for Thick Hair.

In this hairstyle, the hair is cut into layers to give a cascading look with highlights and lowlights, glistening on each tier. Use the magic wand — aka curler – to have the loose curls.

3.    Long Shag Hairstyles in Platinum Blond Hair:

Long Shag Hairstyles in Platinum Blond Hair

Create a tousled look by using a texturizing hairspray. For the platinum Long Shag Haircuts to look completely breath taking, add a purple tint just to maintain the edge in the look.

In addition, make sure to use the blond haircare protection products to keep the hair lively, icy and on fleek!

4.    Choppy Layers:

Choppy Layers

‘’Hair is a huge part of who I am and what I obsess over – I’ve had long hair my entire life.’’ (Rachel Zoe)

This is perfect for women trying to find a round face and big forehead solution. Plus, this is one of the sexiest of all the Long Shag Haircuts. The choppy layers fall on your face, taking care of the big forehead and chubby look, while giving a very trendy and sexy impression.

Moreover, the pointy layers look super cool with highlights and low lights. Make this Long Shag Hairstyle look completely yummy with chocolate highlights and caramel lowlights.

5.    A Brunette Balayage Shag:

A Brunette Balayage Shag

Although this French hair dying technique has proven to be extraordinary, especially in the short shag haircuts, but it is creating tempting looks in the Long Shag Haircuts as well.

The natural hair would blend in perfectly with the dye, even if you miss your hair appointment for trimming, you’d still be looking classy and flawless with this haircut.

6.    Messy Brunette Shag:

 Messy Brunette Shag

Well, this is the brunette look. These Long Shag Hairstyles bring out the messy look. The shag with the messy layers in brown hair is bound to make the heads turn in your direction.

Although the shag does bring out the volume, if required, use the volumizing products to enhance the messy look.

7.    Messy Look with Long Bangs:

Messy Look with Long Bangs

In order to avoid the choppy layer and still have a messy look in the Long Shag Haircuts, the target is attainable with long bangs at the rescue! The haircut would frame the face and shag would provide the messy hair no care look.

Although loose waves, dropping off the shoulders would be perfect, feel free to straighten up the hair with a hair straightener for an edgy touch.

8.    Blunt Layers in Long Hair:

Blunt Layers in Long Hair

Another sizzling idea, out of the Long Shag Haircuts, this look is going to retain the messy, I woke up like this look. The blunt layers give a very warm look with a beautiful shade of brown for hair dye.

“I used to experiment all the time with my hair colour.” (Olivia Wilde)

In fact, the hand painted hue on the ends of the blunt layers, would serve to give you the Rockstar feel. In the Long Shag Hairstyles with blunt layers, there is a leverage to go blond. It would look as anodyne as with the darker hair color.

Use a texturizing spray of sea salts, to enhance this look. Create Beachy waves using a hair curler.

9.    Flipped and Tousled:

Flipped and Tousled

“Long hair, for me, is actually less maintenance…” (Mallory Jansen)

For a haircut that is easy to maintain and breath-taking, this Long Shag Haircut is perfect for casual and formal events. As it gives an ‘instagram ready’ look. The sizzling layers cascading down the length of your back would look completely enchanting.

Additionally, wear a hot backless dress with this, one of the sexiest of Long Shag Haircuts, to get embossed on hearts.

10. Chestnut Head:

Chestnut Head

“I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It’s filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz – and it was taking too much time in the morning.” (Ginnifer Goodwin)

Even though, it is a general perception that the long hair is cumbersome to maintain and style, the fashion industry has answered this trouble with hairstyles, that are mind blowing. There exists uniqueness and versatility in all the Long Shag Haircuts.

The use of red chestnut hair dye enhances the thick upper bangs and the pointy subtle lower ends, creating a very chic look.

11. Feather in Long Hair:

Feather in Long Hair

Although a simple change in hair dye could alter your looks manifolds, this haircut brings a remarkable change. A complete shift from ‘boring long’ to ‘stylish long’ is attainable in these Long Shag Haircuts.

While shag would create the volume in the hair, feathered layers provide the flow in the thin hair.

12. Obsessed with the Brown Shag:

Obsessed with the Brown Shag

The light brown hair color in the Long Shag Haircuts would just make you a heartthrob instantly! The well contrasted light brown hair dye, with the flawlessly cut layers, retains the messy shag look.

The con here would be preserving the lighter tone. So for this, use a good shampoo and hair conditioner along with the dye preserving products to enjoy this look for long. Thus, the conditioner would add the shine.

Even though, the hair care products might sound extra, but such an investment is worthwhile for this hot haircut.

13. Black Beauty:

Black Beauty

If blonde is not the color of choice for this summer, choose a dark hair color as a bold statement.

“It’s so different when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience. It’s fun – I love changing up my hair.” (Kate Bosworth)

Simply, flip the ends of the layers up and blow dry the heap of hair is the easiest trick for feathered hairstyles to give a gorgeous look. The Long Shag Haircuts do not lose their versatility with a monotone because of the pointy layers.

Even though one would deem the all black hair to be ‘boring’, the shag and the layers cut through the monotone effect of black and the haircut stands out!

14. Long Disconnected Shag:

Long Disconnected Shag

Ombre is still killing it in the Long Shag Haircuts. The Balayage hair with ombre is a real treat for the eyes. It won’t be a trouble to maintain as a simple roots appointment would get you off the hook, from the task of long hair maintenance.

15. Sleek Hair:

Sleek Hair

The haircut that is on the flair! With a fine hair, long haircuts and looks would get tough to pull off. By flipping the layers, create the density and shorten the length of the hair to make it look thicker than your natural look.

Thus, this is one of the Long Shag Haircuts that gives a boost to the volume of the hair. This is a Long Shag Hairstyle for Thin Hair. Moreover, blend some highlights into the haircut to increase the appeal.

16. Wispy Straight Brunette Layers:

Wispy Straight Brunette Layers

Have thin layers throughout the hair to get wispiness. Hence, it would give a denser mane for the thin locks of the hair. For the escalated hair growth in the missing areas, make sure to use an oil hair mask at least twice a week.

17. Wavy Layers:

Wavy Layers

The wavy look is easily attainable, and the layers would hold the bouncy curls well. This won’t be a disappointing experience, so feel free to use the curling wand!

Thus, tying up the hair in a messy bun or an Elsa braid with the Long Shag Haircuts would look too cute.

18. Curly Shaggy Waterfall:

Curly Shaggy Waterfall

This is definitely a bossbabe look, which is very neat, exquisite and versatile. The Long Shag Haircuts are not always messy! A straighter, neat hair at the top with a set of bouncy, shiny curls at the end would give a very subtle look.

Although, curlers are the best and quickest method to get the bend, go retro this time and use rollers to cherish the 80’s.

19. Fine Hair Layered Shag:

Fine Hair Layered Shag

In order to avoid the effect of a full shag in the Long Shag Haircuts with longer layers in your hair. If the hair is like really long then a partial shag won’t be a bad choice to make, for stylish and chic look.

So, the long layers would revive the hair, from lifeless to flaunt and voluminous. In addition, tie a high pony tail to emphasize the layers throughout the length or simply set the hair untied to flaunt.

20. Caramel Layers:

Caramel Layers

“If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair colour and high heels. “ (Charlize Theron)

Jaw dropping shaggy caramel layers look shiny and sparkling. Make the layers asymmetric for the luscious look with some heavy bangs, swept at the sides.

For extra volume, ask to have more layers around the crown. Use sea salt texturing spray for texture and condition your hair for softness and shine.

21. Haute Couture Layers:

Haute Couture Layers

Even though there are a variety of fashion magazines, some have elevated demands just because of the sizzling cover. Well, this hairstyle is straight out of the cover photo of a fashion magazine giving the absolute diva look!

As, the subtle layers are still shaggy and varying in length keeping the shorter layers shaggier than the longer ones. So definitely, bangs would add preciseness!

22. Curly Bangs:

Curly Bangs

To address the woes of thin hair, here is another fashionable haircut for the summer. The bangs in a combination with short layers elevate the volume while the slightly tight curls deal with the thin hair problem.

23. Ombre Highlights in Natural Layers:

Ombre Highlights in Natural Layers

Even though the transition between one shaggy haircut to another might get quite difficult to deal with, but it won’t be a boring thing any long. This is a haircut that is just perfect for such a situation.

Moreover, add the layers of varying length, however, keeping most of them of medium length. Spice up the haircut with ombre hair dye and voila! Hence the jaw dropping look for this summer and spring is just ready to rock!


Long Shag Haircuts

“Long hair is considered bohemian, which may be why I grew it, but I keep it long because I love the way it feels, part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket.” Marge Piercy

Shatter the stereotypes by having Long Shag Haircuts. Long hair is love, long hair is hard to give up. Therefore, the Long Shag Hairstyles gives the benefit of having a changed, modern, babe look without compromising the hair length.

From platinum and blond to deep brown and black, play with the hair color to create the customized look. Let the layers sway in the wind and let the hair color glisten in sunlight, while knowing that the world is your ramp and you look absolutely stunning.