15 Long Hairstyles with Bangs – A Glimpse of Innovative Ideas

You can look for Long Hairstyles with Bangs which will definitely make your long hair manageable.

Long hair challenges us all because it is colossal and requires special courtesy. So ladies, good news for you!

At this moment everyone desires long hair with bangs because it shows modesty, style, and grace altogether. The best part of getting bangs is we can favorably experiment a lot of textures, colors, and techniques with them.

And do you know? Long Hairstyles with Bangs are ruling fashion for years. Similarly, many actresses like Britt Ekland and Jane Seymour used to carry bangs as their style statement.

Like them, you can also revolutionize your long hair with ban`gs by using these innovative ideas given just down below.

15 Ways to Flair Long Haircuts with Bangs – Start Looking Stylish Now

The fact is,

Long Haircuts with Bangs used to cover the face in a beautiful manner that they conceal most of your facial flaws: Whether its double chin or chubby cheeks, bangs are perfect to hide most of the imperfections.

In this way, I can luckily admit that you would look much younger with bangs haircuts.

In reality, the Internet is full of bangs hairstyle ideas, but you can only opt for the one that suits your face shape, hair type, and most importantly your comfort.

I’ve gathered an interesting list of wavy and sassy, layered and feathery, dyed and Ombre Long Haircuts with Bangs.

Let’s have a look!

1.    Dazzling Long Straight Bangs:

Dazzling Long Straight Bangs

In reality, elegant long straight hair is a treasure for a girl and people totally love it!

But, the point is that it demands a lot of styling techniques and tricks to become fascinating.

To avoid this confusion, I suggest that straight Long Hairstyles with Bangs go absolutely gorgeous on you. Forehead fringes with straight and stunned bangs look stunning altogether.

Long straight Bangs do not need a lot of care; they go well without much attention. Either carry them the way they are or center part some fringes, you will go stunning whole evening.

2.    Face Framing Bangs with Honey Shades:

Face Framing Bangs with Honey Shades

Face-framing cascades can be very helpful if you have a round face. Perfectly chopped bangs have an ability to contour face circumflex while making your jaw line appear sexier. Long hairstyles accompanied by fringes and falling cascades show highly chic aura all around.

Despite the fact that, we are not afraid to dye them in honey shades. Soft honey shade will be extremely charming and it will brighten up your whole face.

For styling, face-framing bangs you would require:

  • Heat protecting mousse
  • Round brush
  • Good Straightener
  • Hair Setting Spray
  • Styling Comb

The technique of styling these bangs is very simple:

  • As a precautionary step, use a heat protecting mousse before using any heat appliance.
  • Comb your tresses and detangle them gently (combing will also help serum to reach each and every hair strand).
  • Use hair straightener from layers to layers and go smoothly straight along with layers (towards your face).
  • Now sprinkle setting spray from 12 inches distance. And your face frame bangs are ready.

3.    Adorable Texture Cut Thin Bangs:

Adorable Texture Cut Thin Bangs

Thin hair can be very troubling, as it lessens the whole detail and goes flat with every style.

But we can consider thin Long Hairstyles with Bangs confidently. You know why? Because straight, thin texture cut gives a firm look. And the bangs tend to increase thin hair volume by giving deception of bulkiness.

Consequently, you can style them with the help of curling rod, curl few strands then tousle those curls. As a result, this hairstyle would be flawless with little accessory and some Bobby pins on any formal event.

4.    Curly Long Hair with Long Bangs

Curly Long Hair with Long Bangs

Curls that are blended into Long Hairstyles with Bangs stir up a pretty style. Similarly, you can dress up with floral prints and peachy matte makeup along with soft curly bangs.

Maybe, you can try hair bands to show a vintage style or make a half ponytail with little back-combing.

For hair band vintage style, you just have to section apart fringes and left out hair then wear a hair band. In that case, hair band would help you to clear your forehead from fringes for a while.

While half ponytail is also very easy, just apart your half hair, put it up from your head. And then lock these tresses with a pony band. Whereas you can back-comb some tresses before making ponytail to avoid a flat look.

5.    Crystal Ombre Long Bangs:

Crystal Ombre Long Bangs

Seems like we can never get over with any mysterious Ombre shades of Long Hairstyles with Bangs. The reason is, they go subtle with bangs by heavenly enhancing their texture.

Furthermore, Ombre forms a dusky feel along with bangs that start fading from bottom to top or vice versa. Mostly experiments of unique Ombre shades create an ideal look since bangs have great room for every shade.

But, with Ombre long bangs you need to trim your tresses religiously. As trimming after two to three weeks can revitalize this gorgeous look.

6.    Shattered Bangs for Thick Hair:

Shattered Bangs for Thick Hair

Need to cope up with thick hair problems?

Sincerely, if you don’t use a right cut for thick hair, it would show a motionless image. To overcome this problem you can try Shattered Long Hairstyles with Bangs anytime.

Scattered bangs will decrease the bulk of your hair texture, whereas front hair can be cut down into fringes. Therefore, your most of the thick hair volume would get busy in bangs.

Happily saying, many of us love bangs on thick hair because they portray an elegant dense impression. Furthermore, you can add spice to them by fusing lighter shade dyes that are in trend.

7.    Bumpy Long Hairstyles with Bangs:

Bumpy Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Our next selection of Long Hairstyles with Bangs is blow-dried puffy hair. This is the best way to enhance bangs texture and shape.

On a serious note, blow-dried bangs can either become a breathtaking or a total disaster if you don’t use proper technique. You would need to become peculiar about blow-drying your bangs or try to use right tricks to the embrace beautiful flurry hair.

8.    Rocking Fringes with Flamboyage:

Rocking Fringes with Flamboyage

Don’t want to dye hair in any regular color?

Flamboyage is here for you! Basically, Flamboyage is a new coloring technique which is a mixture of Balayage and Ombre. Balayage shows more natural tresses whereas Ombre portrays fading shades.

This innovative technique is getting popular in ladies because it is different and demands less maintenance.


The addition of Flamboyage into Long Hairstyles with Bangs display a seductive aura that can turn many hearts to you.

9.    Long Auburn Hair with Long Bangs:

Long Auburn Hair with Long Bangs

If truth to be told,

Auburn red color knows how to grab the attention!

As you can see that the list for Long Hairstyles with Bangs contains graceful auburn long hair as well.  Just because the red calm Long hair with side bangs has an ability to brighten up the facial features. It can praise your whole look while adding a lot of hotness to your persona.

Ideally, Balayage or Ombre technique can be infused with auburn red bangs. Because with them auburn is likely to become more desirable.

Therefore, you can get this style in minutes by choosing right shades of the auburn dye according to your complexion and personality.

10. Silky Layers for Long Haircuts with Bangs:

Silky Layers for Long Haircuts with Bangs

Haircuts with bangs and layers are another right choice just to pursue Long Hairstyles with Bangs. Long Layers can put life in bangs, as they incline bangs into a straight manner. Therefore, this essential property of a haircut attracts many.

As we can say that layered bangs are free to flare and require little styling only. They are likely to be smooth and glossy with a touch of elegance.

Moreover, you can seek a professional help rather than DIY. Because getting layers with bangs is very tricky and difficult.

11. Sassy Bangs and Cute Headbands:

Sassy Bangs and Cute Headbands

For sure, headbands on Long Hairstyles with Bangs present a clean sweep look. They go easy on the eyes, and deck out with fun.

Either you can select plain wide bands or printed embroidered ones. Basically, the purpose of wearing bands on bangs is to create a conventional mood, so that the bangs can drift away from the forehead.

Although it’s an old-school idea, but also a good one for bangs hairstyles. You can pair up the headband and bangs with the big earrings and can look astonishing.

12. Lengthy Bangs with Light Streaks:

Lengthy Bangs with Light Streaks

In reality, lighter streaks make up an image of perfection when get infused with Long Hairstyles with Bangs. This hint of sparkling streaks gives the solely chic feel and texture beside bangs.

Whereas, you can meet a sensual expression by attaining streaks in your bang haircut. As we already know that long hair is like an empty painting that needs colors, so streaks will surely glow like stars in this matter.

As a result making you, happily ever after!

13. Dark Fringes with Lowlight Bangs:

Dark Fringes with Lowlight Bangs

For this time, we are already convinced with lowlights using Long Hairstyles with Bangs. These light colors not only compliment bangs, but also divert the feeling of long length.

Since, you can opt for 3-4 inch of lowlights either brown or mocha, gold or honey, chestnut or diamond shade. Consequently, the camera would fall in love with you as Long Haircuts with Bangs are open for any shade lowlights.

14. Long Spikey Rose Gold Bangs:

Long Spikey Rose Gold Bangs,Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Charming, sun-kissed rose gold bangs look super spicy for girls who want to achieve a warm look. Rose gold is a gorgeous hair shade that accompanies Long Haircuts with Bangs happily.

With rose gold bangs you can be the belle of the ball, because when you hair sparkles so do you. Highlights of rose gold with long bangs have a tendency to give your personality an apple polish making you downright appealing.

15. Queen French Braids with Bangs:

Queen French Braids with Bangs,Long Hairstyles with Bangs

When summers are in and you want to tie knots to your long tresses, a French braid is just the right way. They are trendy, elegant and eye-catching. The French braid alongside Long Hairstyles with Bangs are tied to create an exotic look.

For this reason, wash your hair and deep condition it, then dry it with the help of a hair dryer or naturally.

Further, for making French braid you would start from above the forehead hair (do a little backcombing as well).

Ultimately, section three parts and start making a braid from the forehead, then take further tresses side by side try to make the braid from where you started till your end length.

Tip: In Long Hairstyles with Bangs braids can be bothered by layers falling out, you can use additional Bobby pins and hair gels to fix them.

16. Messy Half Knot Bangs:(Bonus)

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

A messy half knot bun can be spontaneous and casual for Long Hairstyles with Bangs. Just an idea, you can slay this style with matte maroon lipstick and winged eyeliner.

Initially, for turning your bangs in half messy bun you would need to pull a half ponytail with your upper layers of bangs then roll it into a bun. And tada you are ready for the selfie.


Long haircuts with Bangs

Long haircuts with Bangs have different vibes and only a few will be best for you.

Rough, long bangs are the best option for round faces as they hide chubby cheeks and enhance the facial features. Same as curly bangs are immensely cute for symmetrical faces because they can energize square facial geometry.

Moreover, Oval faces can go well with any hairstyle but only layered bangs can do justice to them.

So, finally, here is the list of Long Hairstyles with Bangs, you can also add some nice accessory like sparkling clips or headbands.

Have a good day!