13 Dazzling Long Hairstyles for Round Faces to Look Slimmer

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces are considered as the best choices to age gracefully!

Do people call you chubby because of your round face? You always want to look hot, but end up with being like a teddy bear.

Don’t Worry!

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces have been always a good idea for this reason, to solve chubby face problems. They tend to give extra warmness to your personality by camouflaging those chubby cheeks.

If some length is added to Hairstyles for Round Chubby Face then it can disguise the plump shape. Actually, the main key is to provide proper sharp cuts that can elongate the face and chin.

Like the concealer hides all the dark spots of the face, you can select the right hairstyle for round face to look slimmer.

So, must go through these dazzling hairstyle ideas to reinvent your style in a lovely way.

13 Easy To Get Long Haircuts for Round Faces – Look Trendy and Stylish

If you are considering Long Haircuts for Round Faces then you need to know some important factors. In fact, the round faces get mass near jawline which tends to make the cheeks chubbier and face rounder.

That’s why the hairstyle should be layered and the ends of the tresses should touch the jawline. Whereas curls can also be added to these Long Hairstyles for Round Faces as they are best in diverting that flat round look.

Same as long length can be very beneficial if you acquire a round face. Because long tresses will cover the chin and neck area so that you facial beauty enhances.

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To get the most fascinating ideas about Long Hairstyles for Round Faces and chubby cheeks, just take a look below:

1.    Gorgeous Brunette Layers:

Gorgeous Brunette Layers

For being stylish and amazing you can try dark brunette layers that should be lengthy. Long layers always show diva look, that embraces beauty in all sense. Since layers are called true haircut, they also help people with round faces.

In fact, layers touch the jaw-line and elongate the chubby face. Whereas, the dark brunette shade brings out the most sensual feel in layers. As if dark brown shades are only made for Long Hairstyles for Round Faces.

Hence, you can style this elegant cut with some proper blow drying technique to get the most fruitful result. After all,

You are your own standard of beauty!

  1. Wispy Long Waves:

Wispy Long Waves

The best way to spice up the long tresses is making them wavy and frizzy. The waves in long tresses tend to turn away that uniform image which is the most prominent con of round faces.

You can get waves in Long Hairstyles for Round Faces by using simple hair curling technique and after just a good shuffle to the curls and style freezing spray from 12 inches away. In this way, you can acquire waves in long tresses in no time.

So, deck out this beautiful hairstyle with some more confidence as this style will surely assist to resist any blunder.

3.    Stylish Ash Brown Fine Layers:

Stylish Ash Brown Fine Layers

The fine layers can be in the queue of Long Hairstyles for Round Faces if you need to make your face look bit longer. The longer layers will confidently assure you by providing right shape according to the style you do with them.

Dyeing these fine layers into ash brown shade will absolutely spice up the deeper look. While this unique color shade will make you famous around the crowd.

4.    Side Parted Loose Ponytail:

Side Parted Loose Ponytail

The long and loose ponytails with side-parted hair are the most uncomplicated Long Hairstyles for Round Faces. For sure this style takes even less time than you can imagine because it is so stress-free to style.

For this reason, the loose ponytails can be on the go style for many girls who need to look lavish daily. Though the messy ponytail has an ability to build an oomph look while disguising the flabby look.

Furthermore, loose ponytails have now become an upscale twirl to styling purpose. As we can see models and actresses wear this style on the red carpet and many formal events.

However, with loose ponytails and some side-parted hair, one can effortlessly become ready in the last minutes with full grace.

5.    Flamboyage in Bangs:

Flamboyage in Bangs

Sometimes the fashion become so much interesting that it shows some magnetizing powers!

Okay, go with the trend and rock your style every other day. For this, you can try a Flamboyage technique in long bangs for the right share of Long Hairstyles for Round Faces. As Flamboyage is the most sensual trend these days, it used to show style and beauty anyway.

Though this hairstyle leaves you stress-free because it needs little upkeep for a long time. Flamboyage is a blend of Ombre and Balayage with subtle highlights following the hair lengths.

While with Flamboyage the bangs will show an assertive look that can boost your confidence. For this reason, style bangs with a blow dryer and round brush, use heat protectant as well.

6.    Layered Long Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Layered Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

I’ve never seen elegance going out of style!

Freely flattering layers can so be gorgeous to show a divine aura around you. This kind of heavenly Long Hairstyles for Round faces can be part of style assertion for years. Additionally, the main key is long layers help a lot with round faces.

However, you can brighten up long layers by dying and using trendy coloring techniques like Ombre somber or Balayage. Either properly curl these layers or try some beach waves; this style can knock out all doubts about your beauty.

Moreover, the real technique for making round face hotter is to draw the attention towards something else. And in this matter, the layers play a fabulous role for you.

7.    Sharp Angled Cut:

Sharp Angled Cut

The long and sharp angle cut has a tendency to draw everyone’s attention to you instantly. With the presence of sharp-ended cut, your face would elongate while making it look leaner. However, this is one of the Long Haircuts for Round faces which makes you look perfectly ready for any day.

For styling the sharp angle cut you can use the round brush trick for styling ends inward or outward. However, the inward style would go best with round face while outward waves will highlight it.

In order to make this style longer, spray freezing spray from the distance of 15 inches away. With this style, you would become entirely tempting.

8.    Vintage Side Swept:

Vintage Side Swept

Simplicity is an ultimate form of sophistication!

Another blissful idea meant for Long Hairstyle for Round Faces is a vintage side swept hair. Either use beach waves or curls, you would go ultra-glamorous in the show.

For all these reasons the vintage side swept hairstyle has been favorite for many red carpet events. Vintage style tends to create a glossy aura with little waves while perfect side swept hair tends to give that oomph look.

Even more, if you acquire this style with little accessory and matte makeup, you will surely awake that wow influence for many. This style would be very striking and dramatic that will steal all chubby look from your round face.

9.    Messy Braids:

Messy Braids

Seems like the hairstyling world would never forget Messy braids. Probably it has been the easiest style while portraying a spectacular image. Messy braids are complimentary with Long Hairstyles for Round Faces because of its detailed look.

To be honest, make side messy braids with leaving a few strands out of it, this will be adorable while enhancing your facial image. And in this manner, your style will speak itself.

Hence, this style needs little things that are few Bobby pins, a flat comb and pony band. Just make a braid with the help of flat comb and Bobby pins, then tie it with pony band. After that just loosen it with your hands and your messy braid is ready.

10. Shiny Curls in Long Shags:

Shiny Curls in Long Shags

Beauty isn’t flawless, it shines even through your flaws!

Many Long Hairstyles for Round Faces tend to give a diva look, but shags would always do justice for round faces. Highlight this cut with adding curls and you will end up being prettier than a rose.

Similarly, use volumizing shampoo or dry shampoo to enhance the texture and feel of shags. With these products, you can additionally have some conditioner to induce a shiny picture.

11. Tousled Long Haircuts for Round Faces:

Tousled Long Haircuts for Round Faces

Rock the dance floor with conveniently shuffled and tousled hair. By acquiring this powerful style, commit with most beautiful style in a graceful manner.

Tousle your long hair by using a simple technique; make a tight braid and leave it all night. Then just open the braid and tousle your hair with free hands. After that, use style locking spray to bring that shine.

For more surprise, it is true that if your hair is shampooed one day prior to styling, then it will be great for the tousled hairstyle.

12. Naughty Fringes with Light Bangs:

Naughty Fringes with Light Bangs

Meanwhile, you are working with dimply face for making it look slimmer. For this reason, you can try the bangs that are going to make it look oval instantly. The best part of having long bangs with fringes is that it will extend the face shape accordingly.

Now, this is important that bangs should be in proper cut and shape. In order to this, the bangs can help a round face like no other hairstyle can do.

And the best point bangs have, people admire them than any other hairstyle in the list of Long Hairstyles for Round Faces. You can let the fringes be jumpy and sharp independently and never starve for hotness with this exquisite haircut.

13. Balayage with Long Wavy Hair:

Balayage with Long Wavy Hair

Balayage is French freehand coloring that allows the natural look to be prominent. More importantly, the refined shifts of colors create a more pleasing look. As it represents a sensual feel in Long Hairstyles for Round Faces.

Afterward, the long tumbling waves with Balayage highlight are an eternal pair that enhances a heartfelt appearance. You can slay in any event with this long sophisticated Balayage hair by styling it a bit.

Meanwhile, it is the hottest style around the globe that one can even imagine. Additionally, if you need more of a beautiful melt, then you must need to consider coffee brown shade for balayage.

Or go for honey caramel tones that will readily glow this cut. Whereas waves in Balayage tend to induce a stunning dimension in Long Hairstyles for Round Faces that one can never hate.

14.  Unique Twosome Fusion:(Bonus)

Unique Twosome Fusion

The style is the simple way of saying complicated things!

These days everybody needs something different and unique while endorsing grace. In order to do so, one can try a fusion of two different styles. For this cause, the Long Hairstyle for Round Faces will have a new innovation in them.

Just create a halo by taking some hair from the hairline and twisting them while taking them backside and lock with a Bobby pin, then take another side hair and tuck it, in the same manner, making a halo.

Then you can either create loose ponytail or create free ends into curls or waves. In this way have a unique twosome fusion that will accentuate a diva expression.you can find Best Round Faced Celebrity Hairstyles


Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

The most beautiful face in the world?

It’s yours!!

Surely saying the round face is cute and pretty.

But more beauty can be added to this by using right hairstyle. Because the right haircut tends to induce a drastic change in your lifetime image.

By opting the right amount of layers you can create a haul for round face by concealing extra width of the face. Either select layers, bangs or long cascades; all these hairstyles would surely give you the illusion of slimmer look.

However, styling these long haircuts can be a lot more fun for you as well as for everyone. Therefore, these above written Long Hairstyles for Round Faces would be very helpful for you. Keep using these ideas in your daily styling and show your real beauty to the world.you can also find medium hairstyles for round face n short haircuts for rounds face here