17 Alluring Haircuts for Long Straight Hair to Look Fluently Gorgeous

Hence, it is difficult to discover the best Haircuts for Long Straight Hair that compliment a lady. But selecting the right one not only enhances one’s personality, but also promotes self-confidence.

Gorgeous straight long hair is a dream of many, but some women are blessed naturally with them.

So, why not to perk them up with a good chop?

The plus point of having straight long hair is, you can experiment a variety of cuts and style them the way you want. Layers and high-end cuts provide volume and prettiness to straight long hair.

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In this article, some finest ideas of Haircuts for Long Straight Hair are presented, which will definitely amaze you!

17 Catchy Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair to Brighten Up Your Looks

Beautiful long hair can be the most amazing nature’s gift for a woman despite the fact that ‘with great blessing comes a great responsibility’.

It is somewhat puzzling to select any one hairstyle according to your face, age and the whole look. So many women rush to professionals for seeking advice and end up losing their precious money.

As these days women are empowered and independent, they want to carry a proper look which should be perfect from head to toe.

To achieve that perfect elegant look hairstyle plays a vital role for them. During busy schedule usually, it is difficult to search the best Haircuts for Long Straight Hair.

So, below-given suggestions would be helping you out to get Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair in the best possible manner. Because

The hair is the richest ornament a woman has”.

1.    Long Straight Layered Haircuts:

Long Straight Layered Haircuts

 Now, no need to buy hair straighteners!!

And no more heat damage now with Long Straight Layered Haircuts. They look flawless and give you a gorgeous look without any effort.

You can conveniently get the layered haircut under the guidance of someone professional or you can go to a reliable salon nearby.

Perfectly aligned layers tend to brighten up your personality. And people will always remember you with your statement haircut.

Wash them regularly (to avoid that greasy look) along with deep conditioning them thrice a week and you are ready to shine.

2.    Feather Haircuts for Long Straight Hair:

Feather Haircuts for Long Straight Hai

Remember those style statement 80’s actresses with long feathery hair? They used to be very classy!

Feathers are still not outdated and a good option to upgrade your look. Feathery hair look gives a bold statement and a completely different appearance. You can also try to turn your long layered tresses into the feather cut with professional help.

Style them with a good blow dry and they will dazzle your look.

According to your eye color, skin tone (and obviously the preference) color them with a striking hair color to increase their attractiveness. Feather Haircuts for Long Straight Hair are a great option for you if you want something stylish yet elegant.

3.    Waterfall Braids:

Waterfall Braids

Anonymous says; Confident girls always wear their invisible crown.

Why not make a real crown with your straight long hair? All you need to do is, just detangle your tresses and make a waterfall braid around your head and the rest of the hair will be falling down like a waterfall.

This hairstyle will not take your precious time, but it will surely make you presentable.

You can carry this hairstyle with either casual or formal clothes, it will instantly make you slaying.


You can follow videos and step by step picture tutorials for Different types of Haircuts for Long Hair and make a pretty waterfall braid as well.

4.    Half Mid Layers:

Half Mid Layers

Angelina Jolie usually slays with half mid layers look.

Half mid layers increase the volume of hair, making them look denser. Half of the Layers till shoulder and the rest of the length going downward with proper U or V shape makes the entire look gorgeous and feminine.

You can carry hairstyles like tying half bun or knots with Bobbi pins; you can also put clips with pearl on them. Long French braids with half mid layered hair look absolutely sophisticated.


If one is looking for Haircuts for Long Straight Thin Hair, half mid layers would be the best option for them.

5.    Tousled Waves with Bangs:

Tousled Waves with Bangs

These days we are coming across some new haircuts and hairstyles which are entirely unique. Combinations of two different styles have been a unique yet impressive way of Haircuts for Long Straight Hair.

Recently, I have seen many Hollywood actresses like Dakota Jhonson with awe-inspiring Tousled waves with bangs accompanying with ombre hair colors.

This is one of the latest Haircut for Long Straight Hair and Round Face that looks cute and chic with any kind of wear. Tousled waves cover the forehead and face circumflex while the bangs around give that wavy style to long tresses.

6.    Face Frame Haircuts:

Face Frame Haircuts

Life is not perfect, but your hair can be!

Face frame Haircut brings out that neat and clean look, especially for girls who want fashionable Haircuts for Long Straight hair. The long, cute layers that are following each other and your jawline create that exotic appearance for which anyone can die for.

This sexy yet cute haircut is perfect along with your natural hair color. All you need to do is give them a good blow dry after shampoo and conditioning. You can also try side braids with them.

7.    V-shaped Long Layers with Side Braids:

V-shaped Long Layers with Side Braids

Deck out your appearance with long V-shaped strands!

Tumbling down towards your waist they will well define your body shape. You can also cheer this V-shaped haircut with light bangs on the front side. Such a pretty idea that is a tremendous option if you are discovering Haircuts for Long Straight Hair.

Bangs on the anterior side will enhance your face and contour it in a fascinating way. With this haircut, you can rock any style you want.

8.    Cute Wavy Ponytails:

Cute Wavy Ponytails

Your natural tresses can turn into any beautiful hairstyle you want!

But if you are super busy and summers are over your head, only high ponytail with flattering waves would go your way.

Simply curl your lower length with a hair curling iron rod and make a head puff (with little backcombing) and turn these long curly hair into a firm ponytail.

It includes in the best Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair or if you are not in the mood for waving your hair.

9.    Forehead Front Swept:

Forehead Front Swept

Haircuts for Long Straight Hair has a choice of slightly front swept hair that can alter your appearance promptly. Suppose one has become tired of simple long layers; in order to solve this problem front swept will surely add that sassy and flirty look.

Long hair, holding those side swept on a wide forehead, induces an exotic outlandish look, which can make you diva of the party.

10. Hot Shaggy Long Hair:

Hot Shaggy Long Hair

Having a bad hair time? And searching for right Haircuts for Long Straight Hair?

No worries! Now you can transform your simple long hair in more shaggy and sassy look. They are the most natural looking hairstyle one can get.

The long messy hairstyle is easy to carry and takes less time to maintain. Shags naturally add volume with a messy and sexy look.

11. Appealing Long Cascade Layers with Head Puff:

Appealing Long Cascade Layers with Head Puff

Truly said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever’. A girl can adore her long straight hair much with an impeccable blend of nice haircuts.

Long cascades hair will always cherish a girl’s look. Lengthy cascades are the boss of all Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair.

Since they never become old-fashioned and slay one’s whole look. You can style them without a glitch. Moreover, you can carry them with a head puff or side twists.

12. Simple U-Shaped Back with Front Short Waves:

Simple U-Shaped Back with Front Short Waves

Simple yet classy U-shaped hair used to look very adorable with front short waves. They complement a nice and subtle personality in a slightly stylish manner.

Working towards more elegance, the dark chocolate brown hair color would surely heighten this entire haircut.

Because sometimes, Simplicity is beautiful.

13. Long and Subtle Hair with Lowlights:

Long and Subtle Hair with Lowlights

X-tenso treatments are quite in trend these days, girls with frizzy or wavy hair are turning their hair into Long and Subtle Straight. Most prominently, girls opt for these Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair to make their daily routine easy and stress-free.

Long Subtle Hair along with the perfect blend of lowlights create a polished and a well-defined aura. With this hairstyle, you can walk around confidently showing your real gorgeousness to the world.

14. Ombre Color with Fishtail Braid Style:

Ombre Color with Fishtail Braid Style

Tired of one shaded hair?

Ombre is a new trend now, although many ladies have switched it since it demands a lot of care. But getting the right ombre shade would significantly change your life.

With beautiful colored tresses, you can make many hairstyles but a fishtail braid will rock the floor.

What are you waiting for?

Explore the tutorials for fishtail braid and enjoy your new hairstyle.

15. Yellow Streak Vivid Hair:

Yellow Streak Vivid Hair

Like using the correct colors can change the whole picture on canvas, you can change your complete attire by switching to a nice hair color.

Yellow Streaks on brown hair lighten up their appearance, whereas long vivid style will empower them. This is something you can carry for a dynamic look on your events and party.

Hairstyles with Long Straight Hair includes many fascinating cuts and style, but only one would go your way. All you need to do is select them according to your taste.

16. Cute Edgy Fringes:

Cute Edgy Fringes

Want that choppy blunt look?

You can go with a lot of Haircuts for Long Straight Hair, side fringes will make you look edgy and bold. I accept the fact that long straight hair has the capability to look lovely themselves. Side brushed fringes are very captivating and make one smart and attractive.

In a glimpse, you can make someone fall for you with a few strands of front fringes on over your brows.

17. Honey Brunette Balayage with Layers:

Honey Brunette Balayage with Layers

Balayage is new brown!

Ever wonder brown hair is adorable, but they are too common now?

Just add colors of Balayage in them and you will love your hair. Honey Brunette Balayage is the hottest trends these days.

You can style them with long, loose curls or just blow dry them after deep conditioning. Balayage is the latest technique to beautify the Haircuts for Long Straight Hair.

These breathtaking shades are too classy to carry, that they will definitely make you the show-stopper of the ramp.

18. Classy Messy Buns:(Bonus)

Classy Messy Buns

Summers are here and long hair needs to tie up to avoid temperature. Messy buns are the top best option for tying up your hair. You need to make a high ponytail and roll it into an updo. Short Straight Hairstyles are also considered a style statement these days

Messy bun hairstyles are stress-free to make and very elegant to carry. For casual attire, messy buns would go best with trendy sunglasses.

While for a formal touch you can add any jewel or flowers on one side. Some classy Haircuts for Long Straight Hair are best to make up-do as they add bulk and volume to the bun.


Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

                     ‘Healthy Long Straight Hair can be the loveliest thing ever happen to a girl’

So, treat these gold strings justly by taking proper care of your diet and nutrition.

Haircuts for Long Straight Hair can be of many kinds as given above. You can pick just one according to your style and make them cheerful with sparkling fashionable accessories or hair products.Hence, if you are looking for some eye catching and funky Long Hairstyles for your long beautiful hair, then you have jumped to the right place

Always remember!

Healthy Long hair defines a woman and all latest Haircuts for Long Straight Hair magnify one’s personality. In older days long hair showed how feminine and fertile a girl is. Besides all these myths and mysteries about long hair, I agree to the fact that:you can watch more Straight hairstyles here.click here for more

The long tresses make a woman instantly attractive