29 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces to Get an Astonishing Look

Hairstyles for Round Faces have been in fashion in one form or another for decades

If you think that Hairstyles for Round Faces do not give a vast variety of options, then maybe you are wrong. Because, the sleek bangs and face-framing strands make your round face look slimmer and cuter.

Intelligent women wear their hair as an accessory. Whether it be long, short or medium-length hair, Hairstyles for Round Faces can be used in a graceful way.

So are you having trouble finding Hairstyles for Round Faces? Don’t be worried anymore! I have some great ideas for hairstyles as well as haircuts for you that would make your round face look much sharper and cuter.

Furthermore, hair has its own beauty, grace, and unique way to style it. All you got to do, is a search for that right hairstyle!

“There are times when I flick through magazines and think I’m in danger of becoming a prisoner of my own hair.”– Brian May.

29 Haircuts for Round Faces that Would Give You an On-Trend Look Just Like a Fashionista!

Not every girl is a fond of long hair. Maybe some of you prefer short looks or maybe pixie cuts. Especially if you have a round face, then pixie cuts would absolutely suit you the best.

Moreover, if you have a round face, you should definitely opt for short haircuts. So, here I have some great trendy ideas for some awesome Haircuts for Round Faces.

1-Pixie Inspired Look:

Pixie Inspired Look

This look is the name of a “tinker-bell cut.” which is greatly inspired by the fairy tales. The feathery side strands on either side of the face frame it in a magical manner. This is a great Hairstyle for Round Faces as it lowers the bubbly look of your face.

2-Blunt Sleek Brunette Bob:

Blunt Sleek Brunette Bob

This Haircut for Round Faces is the best way to escape from a chubby looking face. It goes with short hair straightened neatly to give a sleek new look.

Moreover, this simple yet flattering look is also taken many times by the beautiful young singer, Selena Gomez.

3-Short Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Short Hairstyles for Round Face are not only easy to handle, but also give a flattering look, whether it is a professional or casual occasion. Furthermore, short hairstyles play wonders on round faces!

In addition to this, most celebrities with round faces usually opt for short hairstyles like Emma Stone, Gennifer Goodwin, Chrissy Teigen etc.

4-Razored Ends with Angled Bobs:

Razored Ends with Angled Bobs

This Haircut for Round Faces is cropped in an asymmetric bob. It covers and gives a full-length look to your round face.

Furthermore, you will surely gain more attention with a Balayage Blonde Hue.

5-Pixie with Tapered Sideburns:

Pixie with Tapered Sideburns

Looking for a flattering look for Hairstyles for Round Faces? Then imitate this awesome cool look similar to Valorie Curry.

Get dark roots for this pixie hairstyle. In addition to that, the sideburns play wonders in framing your face and getting it a slimmer look.

6-Long Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long Hairstyles for Round Face usually get well with beautiful curls like that which Kelly Clarkson recently did.

Additionally, some colorful highlights are also helpful for prominently making your long locks visible.

Furthermore, long locks for round faces may go with layers or side bangs. It can be transformed into a lot of majestic ways. So just wave your wand and get ready to fly!

7-Cute Shoulder-Length Haircut:

Cute Shoulder-Length Haircut

It is a great look for Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with Double Chin. It goes with shoulder-length layers and side sweeping bangs. This makes your chubby face look much smarter.

8-Mermaid Chic:

Mermaid Chic

Looking for some nice Hairstyles for Round Faces for a perfect beach party? Then you’re in the right place!

Rather than going for something boring, be a bit more colorful. An orange color at the base of your long locks would be just the right thing for you. Furthermore, for a heavy sexy finishing, put on a maroon lip color and a cat liner.

9-Urban Chic Cut for Round Face:

Urban Chic Cut for Round Face

This Haircut for Round Faces gives you an “urban look” vibes. This pixie cut is as modern as you can possibly imagine. Moreover, the silver color also adds up to the beauty of this haircut.

Most importantly, this haircut never questions with the shape of your face. So if you have a round face, go for this really funky look without hesitation.

10-Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Many of you love the look of “not too long nor too short.” Medium Hairstyles for Round Face is cropped massively into bobs. It is the most liked ones in medium haircuts.

Wavy medium locks can be truly amazing, especially with the addition of some light strawberry color.

11-Round Face Fix:

Round Face Fix

This face-framing Hairstyle for Round Faces is an amazing and classy one. In today’s world, it is one of the most on-trend pixie cut. Furthermore, it perfectly cups your round face for a better face shape.

So, if you are looking for a pixie cut for your round face, nothing could be better than this. For further inspiration, have a look at Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous look.

12- Medium Cut and Feathered Face-Framing Layers:

Medium Cut and Feathered Face-Framing Layers

This Haircut for Round Faces is cut in feathered layers. This helps in giving an extra funky look. So, if you are looking forward to giving your extra bubbly face a sharp look, just go for some feathery layers with side curtain bangs.

13-Wispy Layered Cut for Fine Hair:

Wispy Layered Cut for Fine Hair

Is your hair extra-slippery and you’re looking for a way to handle your thin fine hair? Then go with this beautiful and effortless look.

This Hairstyle for Round Faces with Bangs goes with a simple cutover of your hair in layers. Then ask your stylist to give your eyebrow-grazing bangs a puffy look.

14-Asymmetrical Grunge Bob:

Asymmetrical Grunge Bob

This Hairstyle for Round Faces is an extra spicy hairstyle. If people think that your bubbly round face could come in your way of being sexy, then it’s time for you to prove them wrong!

Not only this hairstyle gives you a sexy look, but also the edgy layers surrounding your face make it look super slim. Furthermore, it also functions in giving your neck an elongated look.

Moreover, adding a platinum color and dark roots with a purple or a maroon shade of a lip color would definitely ablaze the haters!

15-Messy Waves:

Messy Waves

You have some great options of styling, if you are blessed with naturally wavy hair. Thinking about Hairstyles for Round Faces? Then chin-length cut would be suitable.

In addition to that, everyone wishes to look like the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. The way she wears her wavy hair every time in a new way is literally amazing!

16-A-line Bob and Arched Bangs:

A-line Bob and Arched Bangs

This is a perfect Hairstyle for Round Chubby Face. The edges make your jaw-line look slimmer. This, at times, could give a sweet sheepish look and a funky messed up look at other times. All depends on the hand of your stylist!

17-V-Cut Pixie Hairstyle:

V-Cut Pixie Hairstyle

If you have thin hair, then this Hairstyle for Round Faces will be a great choice. The crop of the edges not only works for giving you a cute look , but also maintains the feminism in your look.

This boy cut gives the much-needed volume to your hair. Furthermore, it gives the required height at the crown of your head.

18-Delicate Feathers:

Delicate Feathers

This Hairstyle for Round Faces is not only sure to give you a messy look, but also makes you feel relaxed about your plump cheeks.

This feathery layered hairstyle gives flicks that effortlessly keep your beautiful hair in place through the whole day.

19-Short Flip Haircut for Round Faces:

Short Flip Haircut for Round Faces

This is a lovely side flip hairstyle. This Hairstyle for Round Faces goes with ear-length feather cropping. Furthermore, the cranberry colored hue gives a softer look to this hairstyle.

20-Romantic Blond Bob:

Romantic Blond Bob

Some Hairstyles for Round Faces are proved to be extremely romantic. So if you are looking for a perfect date night yet something short, then this is exactly what you’re looking for!

Subtle waves could be given to this blond hairstyle. It not only goes perfectly with naturally blonde hair, but also with a double-toned shade of blond. So, here is your perfect hairstyle for a jaw-dropping look!

21-Short Messy Layered Hair:

Short Messy Layered Hair

Many Hairstyles for Round Faces which are on super-short hair is easy-to-handle. It is a similar hairstyle which is just the work of a simple “flip-and-toss.”

In addition to this, your hairstyle would be largely enhanced with a nice honey blond hue and dark roots.

22-Boyish Pixie Cut:

Boyish Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are the most comfortable haircut anyone could wear. These Haircuts for Round Faces have their own beauty. This boyish pixie cut is inspired by the pretty Michelle Williams.

Furthermore, this pretty lady is maybe on an expedition of trying all sorts of short hair! She went from a short cute bob hairstyles to this lovely pixie cut!

23-Subtle Lavender Bangs:

Subtle Lavender Bangs

In many Hairstyles for Round Faces, I witness some greatly-handled bangs hairstyles. Similarly, in this hairstyle, the front and side bangs are softly beautified with a lavender hue.

This soft hue helps in highlighting your beautiful eyes and a shiny smile too.

24-Purple Asymmetric Bob:

Purple Asymmetric Bob

This bob is cropped in an asymmetric manner. It gives a marvelous edgy look if properly cropped. Furthermore, this hairstyle works wonder on jet black hair.

Additionally, add a magenta hue at the base of your black hair for an astonishing look. It is one of the best Hairstyles for Round Faces that every woman should at least go through once in her lifetime.

25-Medium Cut with Rusty Copper Highlights:

Medium Cut with Rusty Copper Highlights

This bubbly hair lob is suitable for Hairstyles for Round Faces. Give your layered bobs some rusty copper colored babylights and you are ready to rock!

26-Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs:

Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

The bangs are parted from the middle into curtain bangs on either side in this hairstyle. For a more satisfying look, lightly curl your hair. Furthermore, add a brunette color for an excellent finishing look.

27-Curly Locks:

Curly Locks

This simple yet gorgeous look is for curly hair. If you have a round face and want to have a beautiful bun then this is it. Wondering how your curly hair would obey this? Don’t worry!

In fact, this is much easier. Just gather your curls up and slightly pin them up without any effort. Let it be a bit messy. So go for this easy look, as I know that curly hair could be agonizing to brush all over and tie them up.

“Anybody who has curly hair knows you don’t want it to be brushed out because it becomes a never-ending tangle.” – Judy Davis.

28-Heavy Curls for Round Faces:

Heavy Curls for Round Faces

Begin by transforming your long locks into heavy curls with the help of a hot iron rod. When done, spray them for keeping them in place. In addition to this, opt to make a puff with it.

Moreover, this hairstyle looks great on bright hair colors. For example, red natural hair would be just the perfect look for this hairstyle.

Red hair is great. It’s rare, and therefore superior.”Augusten Burroughs.

29-Two-Lengths in One Cut:

Two-Lengths in One Cut

This hairstyle goes with giving your hair a side parted look. Then tell your stylist to crop one side till the ear-length and the other till the jaw-line.

This sounds crazy! But this funky yet gorgeous hairstyle gives you such an amazing look that you won’t regret it for sure.

30-Brushed Back Hair: (Bonus)

Brushed Back Hair

This simple as well as classy lob is one of the best Hairstyles for Round Faces. All you need is just a simple brushing back and teasing of roots. And let your natural hair be it. Nature’s own way to beautify you, will surely amaze you!


Hairstyles for Round Faces

So this is it! End of the beautiful adventure! I’m sure that I’m leaving you with some great ideas and new plans for your hair. So make sure to get a change in your life.

Your hair is the ball gown you never take off.” –Jo Robertson.