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We definitely know that there are a lot of students with great suggestions how to improve the world of fashion and beauty. We decided to start our own scholarship to promote those individuals.

Our main aim is to support young talented people passionate about hairstyling, who plan to build their career in fashion or beauty industries and to stimulate new and innovative approaches. Share your thoughts with us, get scholarship for college, university or any other educational purposes, and bring your big ideas to life!

Scholarship Description

Value of the Award
1 Award $1000. It is not a one-time scholarship, a new winner will be chosen every year. So, be sure to track our updates.


The grant is not tied to a particular school, college, specialty, etc. You may spend this money for any educational needs.

Who Can Apply

This scholarship is a grant for high school seniors and juniors, college/university 1-3 year students – all who are interested in pursuing careers in fashion or beauty industries, who are going to work in these fields and have what to say.

In order to apply for this grant for high school students and undergraduates, the applicant must meet some requirements. He or she must be a U.S. citizen and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Being passionate about hairstyling and aware of latest hair trends is a must too!

How and Where to Apply for Scholarship

The application process includes 2 easy steps:

  1. Fill the online application form below.
  2. Submit an essay.

What to include in your application:

  • Provide your school/college/university name, graduation date, GPA.
  • Any honors, awards or scholarships? Tell us briefly about them.
  • Feel free to add samples of your work (photos, tutorials, links to published articles) or projects (this is optional).
  • Add information about your work experience, if any. Part-time jobs, internships, volunteer positions – this will help us see your character, skills and strong sides.
  • All applicants have to send us a 2,000-2,500 word essay.

What to include in the essay:

  • who are you and what difference this prize will make to your studies or future career;
  • why did you decide to choose the career in fashion/beauty industry;
  • fresh ideas how to improve the industry;
  • your future plans, educational and career goals, project ideas;
  • what you personally are going to make for the hairstyling industry;
  • why you should be awarded this scholarship.
  • which field of fashion/beauty industry is the most interesting for you;
  • your view on the today`s hairstyling industry and its development;
  • your favorite hairstyling trend;

The essay has to be personal and passionate. Less spelling and grammar mistakes, awkward sentences and cliche phrases. More creativeness, non-banal ideas, and initiative. Show us that you really care about the subject and deserve this pleasant bonus.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The application deadline is 1 December 2019.
All applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks after the program is closed.

Winner Notification

The scholarship winner will be chosen, notified by email and awarded the prize not later than 30 days after the deadline date. The winner`s name will be also published on this page.

If you haven’t got a notification letter in 30 days after the program deadline, then please assume your application has not been successful. We are waiting for you next year!

Payment Method

The recipient will receive the whole sum at once, via Paypal or directly into the bank account.

How We Review the Applications
The prize of our fashion/beauty scholarship program for college, university and American high school students will be awarded based on carefully reviewing each application. The committee will take into account your grades, your essay, your ambitions, creativeness and confidence, your educational and career goals. The scholarship will be awarded to those who can best demonstrate a passion for fashion and beauty industries and desire to turn them upside down.


We do respect your privacy and handle your data properly. By submitting the application you agree that we have a right to contact all institutions you mention for verification.
If you have any questions regarding this scholarship for students, please email us at