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27 Medium Length Hairstyles You Need for Your Next Makeover

Medium Length Hairstyles are women’s perfect choice as they come at the optimum spot between too long and too short hair lengths. These are the most versatile ones and one can get multiple looks by cutting one’s hair at this length.

Either you have curly or straight, wavy or kinky hair, one of the below mentioned Medium Length Hairstyles is going to inspire your next hair cut in this season!

By looking at the collection of the most elegant, simple, trendy, and classy Medium Length Hairstyles we have collected for you, you are going to get your next salon appointment right away in no time.

27 Chic Medium Length Haircuts to Try This Season

So, get ready to try the trendiest hairstyles this season to look chic and classy. The following hairstyle ideas would definitely upgrade your looks as these are the best ones chosen according to the medium length hair. Here we go!

1.      Medium Layered Haircut:

Medium Layered Haircut

Medium layered haircut is an ideal choice if you especially have thick hair as this haircut not only provides texture but also gives a high volume look. Subtle balayage highlights can be further added to pronounce the texture.

No doubt, medium layers haircut showcases your top section with a lovely fullness along with a classy look, just perfect for any event. Plus, if you are looking for Medium Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair, then this style is also one of the best ones to choose.

2. Angled Lob Medium Length Haircut:

Angled Lob Medium Length Haircut

Lob hairstyle is a look that is flattering for all kinds of hair types. And it becomes more chic with an angled feature, which throws a stacked layer sensation from front to back in a gradual manner.

Angled lob medium length haircut gives a more elegant look than softer bob or lob haircut. Relatively longer length at the front and gradually reducing the length at back further lightens up your personality.

3. Side Swept Medium Length Haircut:

Side Swept Medium Length Haircut

This is another classy cut that gives you a perfect look with almost no efforts. In this style, on the midpoint bang touches the eyebrows and then hair is brushed to both sides.

Side swept medium length haircut is a simple yet convenient attire for those who want an interesting cut without much struggle. Hence, this is one of the classiest Medium Length Hairstyle with Bangs

4. Shag Medium Length Haircut:

Shag Medium Length Haircut

The versatility that shag provides for all kinds of hair types is unmatched. Sleek shag, wavy shag, and curly shag, all provide a modern look with less mess. In order to maintain a further shiny look, use oil or smoothing serum.

So whatever hair type you have, get shagged medium length haircut to achieve the ever trendy look this season.

5. Face Framing Shoulder Haircut:

Face Framing Shoulder Haircut

Another one of the Medium Length Hair that matches this current season is face farming shoulder haircut. This haircut comes right below the shoulder and keeps face framing layers at the minimal point. It gives a super thick and healthy look to the hair.

So if you are coping with the thin hair issue, then this hairstyle is the best choice to give your hair healthy attire this season.

6. Vintage Side Part Medium Length Haircut:

Vintage Side Part Medium Length Haircut

This vintage styled old Hollywood inspired haircut has so much glamour and stylish look to give you this season. And it is well suited for medium length hair. A vintage side part along with layers gives a chic look that we all want to have.

So, for all the party freaks this vintage side part medium length haircut is a must try.

7. Clear Cut Medium Length Haircut:

Clear Cut Medium Length Haircut

If you are looking for some clean and low maintenance Medium Length Hairstyles, then clear cut haircut will be your perfect choice. It’s a layer free cut that makes medium length hair look lengthier than actually what it is.

It gives you a simple and clean look with no mess.

8. Wispy Layered Medium Length Haircut:

Wispy Layered Medium Length Haircut

If you are a layers lover, then wispy layered medium length haircut provides you with an elegant diversity. The cut frames the face and it’s a perfect match with Medium Straight Hairstyles. By blow drying your slightly wet hair, you can add wispiness in your hair quite easily.

It also gives a funky look which is what our teenagers are looking for.

9. Laidback Waves Haircut:

 Laidback Waves Haircut

If you are looking for a low maintenance Medium Length Hairstyles, then laid back waves haircut is what you are searching for. In this style, just have a cut till the shoulder and loose waves will do the rest of the magic.

Use some mousse or wet spray and then by using different parts of your hair dryer, finish off the right style for your hair.

10. Chic and Smooth Sleek Haircut:

Chic and Smooth Sleek Haircut

Sleek medium length hair with no mess provides you with an unparalleled chic look. Either you are heading towards your office or going out with your girls, this perfect look will always keep you moving with ultimate confidence.

11. Tousled Medium Length Haircut:

Tousled Medium Length Haircut

If you have colored hair, this hairstyle is one of the trendiest Medium Length Hairstyles for you this season. The subtle color along with a slightly off centered tousled layers gives a revolutionary look to your personality. Hence, tousled layers are another must-try option to grab a catchy look.

12. Beach Waves Medium Length Haircut:

Beach Waves Medium Length Haircut

Born by the sea, these beach waves medium length haircut is ready to give you an elegant and modern look in this season. It is relatively easy to style and requires less maintenance and care. What makes this style a win, is that it looks even better at dirty hair than clean hair.

So if you are planning to have a party season then this is the best look to get inspired by.

13. Beach Babe Medium Length Haircut:

Beach Babe Medium Length Haircut

This is another chic look that can be achieved with medium length hair. Layers are provided in an asymmetrical manner that pronounce the fun and flirty look. Instead of changing the hair’s natural texture, this haircut embraces the inherited waves possessed by your hair.

Furthermore, to add texture and finishing, beach babe sea salt serums and sprays can be used.

14. Disco Diva Medium Length Haircut:

Disco Diva Medium Length Haircut

If you are looking for tons of movement and texture, then disco diva medium length haircut is your perfect choice in this regard. The scrunched up and messy waves along with dramatic bend on one side give you a super fun look.

Fun layers in the hair can be further added to give a light and shiny feel.

15. Slicked Back Medium Length Haircut:

Slicked Back Medium Length Haircut

In order to avoid a mess, this simple slicked back medium length haircut is one of the best options to consider. Just get your hair super straight and brushed them back behind the ears. This, an old haircut, is again getting trendy in red carpet looks.

It gives an edgy look that is perfect for a night out with your loved ones.

16. Shoulder Length Bob Haircut:

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

This one of the oldest Medium Length Hairstyles is still trendy and easy to maintain. It fits almost all types of hair and face shapes. A little bit extra layered texture at the end of the hair will add elegance to this style.

Either you are going to the office or a family function, this haircut gives your personality a perfect look.

17. Medium Length Layers with Flipped Ends :

Medium Length Layers with Flipped Ends

If you want to wear your hair straight then this haircut provides you with softened cuts. It also adds a movement in style while maintaining the required sleekness. This one is considered as a traditional look in the hairstyle industry.

In order to get a polished look, blow dry your hair with a round toe brush in sections.

This is one of the best hairdos which comes to mind while speaking of Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces.

18. Feathered Layered Medium Length Hairstyles:

Feathered Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

If you are blessed with thick hair, then feathered layered medium length haircut is one of the best options for you. With a retro feel, this feathered and sleeked style is an edgy option this season.

This cut has heavy layers embedded in thick hair without fearing the lack of volume issue. Just go and grab this one of the chic Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair.

19. Bouncy Layered Medium Length Haircut:

Bouncy Layered Medium Length Haircut

If you are obsessed with layers and a straight, sleek hairstyle, then the bouncy layered medium length haircut is what you need to get. This is best suited if you don’t want your hair to look flat.

In the end, the layers are curled softly with a straightener to sprinkle some dimension and movement in the looks.

20. Side Parted Lob Medium Length Haircut:

Side Parted Lob Medium Length Haircut

This is another one of the chic Medium Length Hairstyles. Textured ends of the hair not only add a classy look but also provide a dimension and movement to flat hair to give dynamics. This haircut is a bold yet elegant addition to the hair styling world.

Further addition of color can boost up your summer look!

21. Curly Haircut with Side Bangs:

Curly Haircut with Side Bangs

If you are looking for curly Medium Length Hairstyles, then this one is a must to look at. For a younger look, the side bangs are a perfect choice to grab. This style is short enough to be called manageable and long enough to keep the feminine look.

Hence, either you are a party freak or office going woman, this style is adorable in each case.

22. Rounded Collarbone Bob Medium Length Hairstyles:

Rounded Collarbone Bob Medium Length Hairstyles

If you have cool blonde hair, then this rounded collarbone bob haircut is the best thing to try to get a classy yet funky look. This simple yet glamorous style is never out of fashion.

A rounded job with a blonde highlight in your medium length hair is enough to boost up your personality look. Hence, this is one of the elegant Medium Length Hairstyles.

get some inspiration by viewing latest Medium Length Hairstyle for Women over 50

23. Feathered Bob Medium Length Hairstyles:

Feathered Bob Medium Length Hairstyles

Bob is a hairstyle that you can immensely play with. It gives you versatility along with never ending stylish look. For most of the face types, a medium length bob haircut along with heavy layers looks adorable.

Furthermore, faint highlights can be added to pronounce the bob’s versatile dimension feature. This mysterious aesthetic look makes this cut one of the adorable Medium Length Hairstyles.

24. Cinnamon Layered Medium Length Hairstyles:

Cinnamon Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

Are you a cinnamon lover in the winter season? Now, you can get a feeling of cinnamon even in summers too. The cinnamon highlights in medium length layered hair are ready to give you the most glamorous look in the friends and company.

An extra pinch of red shade on the top of cinnamon base will get you to have a lighter feeling in thick hair, making it one of the best Medium Length Hairstyles.

25. Textured Plum Medium Length Hairstyles:

Textured Plum Medium Length Hairstyles

To the women having naturally curly hair, this haircut is the best option to opt. Strands will be enabled to spiral easily by providing texture to the layers at the end. Another main highlight of this haircut is fun and funky color.

For just an extra sass, this color and texture addition is a great solution for all forms of hair types.

The plus point of this Medium Haircut for Black Women is that it works for Black women of all face shapes.

26. Razored Layered with Inverted Lob Medium Length Hairstyles:

Razored Layered with Inverted Lob Medium Length Hairstyles

If you are looking for something catchy this season, then razored layered with inverted lob medium length haircut is a stylish option to choose. Razored layers are already in fashion for a long time. An additional inverted lob further adds up to the look.

Big curls can also be added with a straightener or curling iron to get a perfect movement.

27. Elongated Layered Medium Length Hairstyles:

Elongated Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

If you are looking for some super stylish look to rock the party this season, then elongated layered medium length haircut is there to get you. To get the desired look, elongated layers are embellished with fine tailoring at the end.

28. Mid Length Layered U shaped Hairstyles:(Bonus)

Mid Length Layered U shaped Hairstyles

There are so many Medium Length Hairstyles that can be opted and modified. Layered hair style along with the U shaped texture on the back is enough to give a soft yet chic look.

Plus, texture serums or oils and sea salt sprays can be further used to pronounce the elegant look.


Medium Length Hairstyles

Hence, if you are not able to choose whether you want long or short hairstyles, then Medium Length Hairstyles are the best choice. Not just because it comes in between them, but also because of the versatility this length provides.

From layers to bob, and shag to sleek, all hair styles have a great room for modifications and transitions. One can choose the Medium Length Hairstyle from a number of options mentioned above.You can watch more Medium Hairstyle click here

27 Super Easy Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair with tousling is a nice pick in such circumstances.

If you have thick hair, it’s a big luck then!

However, it’s important to know which Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair suits your face shape and hair texture. The monolithic character of thick locks is a major drawback that has to be tackled.

Because, a wrong selection of haircut can make your super thick hair look motionless and artificial.

So, it’s time to search for the right kind of haircut which adds body, movement, and texture to your strands.

Getting difficulty in searching for the suitable haircuts or hairstyles for your thick hair?

Here is a good news for you:

Just get ready to style your medium length thick hair in a new way! There are lots of catchy options given below that will make your hair looking more chic and beautiful.

27 Mind Blowing Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

To make thick and medium length hair look dynamic, try to avoid single length haircuts. Progressive and graded haircuts with the length around the head crown are extremely alluring and flattering. Traditional shag, pixies, and bobs are great options for such hair type.

So, below mentioned Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair showcase geometric lines, glamorous shapes, a ray of color dyes, and amazing textures. You can choose the one that you like the most.

1.      Layered Medium Length Haircut:

Layered Medium Length Haircut

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair consisted of layers offer an adorable fullness. The look other women try to get with teasing can be easily achieved by the thick nature of your hair along with the right cut.

Additionally, pair the mid length layers with Balayage color highlights to pronounce the texture even more.

2.      Choppy V-Cut Layers:

Choppy V-Cut Layers

A sleek long lob is a nice pick for thick tresses as it really pulls off the lock density very well. In fact, the Lob with layers will avoid the risk of ending up with a motionless and blocky look. Furthermore, choppy layers impart a shaggy and feminine flair.

Thus, this one of the classiest Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair is suitable to many hair textures and a wide range of face types.

3.      Layered Brown Lob:

Layered Brown Lob

A layered brown Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair having a lob is a nice style that complements the hair density. Ultimately, it makes your heavy locks look lighter. The layers keep hair color fresh without looking dull or flat and also add enough movement and interest.

Moreover, to really showcase the uneven layer lengths, finish the look with few messy waves.

4.      Lob and Swooping Layers – Medium Length haircut for Thick Hair:

Lob and Swooping Layers - Medium Length haircut for Thick Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair are quite easy to style and flattering. A lob with swoopy face framing layers is an effortless example of such hairstyles. Sophisticated and chic, this haircut will always make others to yell oh-so-elegant every time they see you!

5.      Caramel Balayage Highlights with Brown Lob:

Caramel Balayage Highlights with Brown Lob

A smart color combination with thicker hair will go a long way. Moreover, to add texture to Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair, incorporate caramel highlights with two lighter shades than the base tone. Such Balayage technique seems ideal to get a natural finish.

6.      Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

In recent years, shag based Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair have become quite popular. The messy waves with layers add tons of movement and go great with all kinds of hair textures. Hence, ladies with thick hair can opt to have long layers even without having a fear of volume loss.

7.      Medium Length Lob with Front Layers:

Medium Length Lob with Front Layers

This lob with some front layer features angled and sharp side sections along with sleek cut at the back side. Here, it is vital to get textured ends in order to make thick locks appear edgy. Thus, it will help in hair styling and to achieve a finished and gorgeous look in no time.

8.      Textured Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair:

Textured Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

The easiest way of adding texture in your Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair is to opt colorful highlights. Varying and blending different shades will add fun and dimension to your lifeless layers. Moreover, take an expert’s opinion of stylist to decide which color highlights will show off the best.

9.      Medium Layers and Flipped Ends:

Medium Layers and Flipped Ends

By flipping ends, you can add some extra edge and body to your thick locks. If you love to wear straight and sleek hair, then this Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair will help you to convey a soft image of yours.

Ultimately, to get a fully polished look, always blow dry your hair with a round brush in sections.

10. Feathered Straight Layers:

The benefit of having thicker locks is that you can choose a heavily layered hairstyle without being worried about losing the volume. Straight and feathered, this Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair is quite edgy while showing a retro feel.

11. Bouncy Layers Haircut:

Bouncy Layers Haircut

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair are considered as too “in-transition” and flat sometimes. However, with this bouncy layers haircut, one can break the rule in an elegant way. Here, the ends are flicked smoothly to add dimension and body with an iron rod or a straightener.

12. A-Cut for Thick Hair:

A-Cut for Thick Hair

If thick locks feel overweight to you, then opt a lighter Medium Length Haircut for Thick Hair to reduce the fullness. Ask your stylist to add cropped and choppy layers with some highlights to brighten your skin complexion.

Thus, A-shaped cut will further allow your hair to transform from flat to oh-so-stylish.

13. Brunette Shag Medium Length Hairstyle:

Brunette Shag Medium Length Hairstyle

This is one of the most loved Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair by the girls with funky personality. It’s a super easy look that you can wear on moments when you don’t want to spend too much time on styling. Add side bangs to soften the whole image of shag.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that shag falls nicely on the shoulders.

14. Angled Medium Length Hairdo:

Angled Medium Length Hairdo

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair accommodating angled teasing make the most edgy style statements. Instead of making hair severe and short, flow freely this season by selecting an angled bob haircut which will accentuate the natural waves of your hair.

Moreover, boost the style with some trendy hue such as brown dye is a good pick for both winter and summer wear. So, Bobs for Thick Hair are really the style stunner this season!

15. Multicolored Side-swept Haircut:

Multicolored Side-swept Haircut

Celebrate this summer with this one of the lightened and breezy Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair. Tresses are combed to one side as well as chopped to make strands look less heavy. Furthermore, the blonde hue brightens and frames the face.

16. Medium Length Tousled Thick Hair:

Medium Length Tousled Thick Hair

If strands are not properly styled, then chopping it to the medium length can make it appear “puffy”. However, it becomes hard to get enough styling time sometimes. This Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair with tousling is a nice pick in such circumstances.

All this hairdo needs is a towel dry and then pouring of some gel to tousle the hair. Eventually, the end result is both long lasting and adorable.

17. Rounded Collarbone Sleek Bob:

Rounded Collarbone Sleek Bob

Women drawn to adorable toned Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair, there is a good news for you!

These ashy hues will not make your thick, luscious hair appears flat anymore. Try out this rounded lob having warm blonde color and dark black roots to get an elegant and glamorous ‘do.

Hence, such classy hairdo is all set to upgrade your style statement instantly, if you love Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair.

18. Curly Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

Curly Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you have curly medium length hair, then the main concern is that ringlets may appear too frizzy or poofy sometimes. Luckily, well cut layers are able to solve this issue. No worries, you are not going to have a bad hair day again!

Add at least three different lengths of layers to let the curls fall gently over the shoulders. No doubt, this is one of the most elegant Haircuts for Thick Frizzy Hair.

19. Seamless Layers Medium Length Hairdo:

Seamless Layers Medium Length Hairdo

If you have medium length and thick locks, then it’s better to opt long layers which can easily be blended to transform into a pretty cohesive hairstyle. The seamlessness of this Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair is just perfect for someone looking for a nice hairdo.

20. Adorable Wavy Mid-Length Hairstyle:

Adorable Wavy Mid-Length Hairstyle

For ladies, particularly with round face or square face, this adorable wavy Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair is a cool pick.

Keep the waves to one side from the front. Then, add some gentle refreshing color dye to create a pretty appearance in your otherwise frizzy hair.

The result is no doubt a sophisticated and elegant look. Therefore, if you are looking for some Haircuts for Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair, then this is a great option to get an OLALA look straight away!

21. Medium Length Hair with Some Blunt Bangs:

Medium Length Hair with Some Blunt Bangs

Without any undesired frizz, loose waves can build some extra volume in thick locks. By adding medium layers, one can control the thickness of tresses whereas, blunt bangs help to frame the face. To make them appear light-weight and visually interesting, a color fade technique also works well.

If you want to hit the style scene by a storm, get your hands on this Medium Length Haircut for Thick Hair with bangs instantly.

22. Mid-Length V-Cut with Flowy Layered Haircut:

Mid-Length V-Cut with Flowy Layered Haircut

Most of the Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair look adorable for any lady with naturally curly or wavy hair. To set waves to fall freely on each other, impart V-shaped layers. Consequently, it will create a dimensional, continuous flow.

23. Jagged Shag Haircut for Thick Hair:

Jagged Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair work quite well with curly, shaggy layers. With this style, one can get a beach worthy hairdo for every day. Such shagginess of this style makes thicker locks appear lighter.

Moreover, add subtle refreshing highlights that convey the relaxed vibes.

24. Neat Medium Length Haircut

Jagged Shag Haircut for Thick Hair

The sleek waves are able to style Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair in truly an adorable way. The hair experts recommend loose waves as they show off the hair color well and don’t cause too much of the undesired volume in the hair.

Also, such haircuts are one of the easiest to be managed in the mornings.

25. Thick, Luscious, and Long Waves:

Thick, Luscious, and Long Waves

Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair are considered as full of adventure, drama, and luxury. A blend of dark caramel and honey blonde highlights for the waves makes the haircut look unbelievably head turner and an absolute excitement!

26. Breezy and Easy:

Breezy and Easy

The styling of haircuts for long and thick hair requires too much time sometimes. It’s time to keep the things simple this season by opting medium length. This easy and breezy haircut is an example of classic mid-length bob.

Thus, such kind of Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair are easy to style and fun to wear.

27. V-shaped Graded Hairstyle:

V-shaped Graded Hairstyle

What is more adorable than beautifully trimmed thick hair? The secret of this hairstyle is long and distinct layers which shape a V line at the hair ends. The natural curve of the hair adds a textured effect. Furthermore, the addition of honey highlights makes you go “wow”.

28. Graduated Red Lob for Mid-Length Thick Hair:(Bonus)

Graduated Red Lob for Mid-Length Thick Hair

There are a number of variations that can be tried with super thick hair. One can play with texture, shape, color, and layers. The treasure of this Medium Length Haircut for Thick Hair is the bright and fiery red color dye.

So, do not forget to convey a glamorous look this season with this fiery haircut!


Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair of a woman can attract any other woman who is coping with fine and thin hair problem. However, just having thick hair is not enough to get an unnoticed style statement. A right selection of Medium Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair is too necessary to have a good hair day.

If not styled properly, thick hair may look frizzy and overall flat. A big thanks goes to cutting and styling techniques which put life and refreshing charm in otherwise lifeless and full of volume hair. A perfect match hairdo can make all kinds of hair types such as wavy, sleek, and curly look adorable.

A number of Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair are mentioned above covering all types of hair textures. You can decide your personal favorite for the next makeover from here.for more you can click here

25 Sassy And Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

The Medium Length Hair have been making everyone astonished since they were invented.

In this modern world of hair-styling, there is a great lot of variety for Medium Length Hair. Whether it be bob cuts or layers, bangs or shaggy haircuts, it can be greatly styled in no time.

Many of you might face problems to handle long hair. If you have not tried some great Medium Length Hairstyles, it’s probably because you are unaware of the great influence behind it.

As much as it gives an eye-opening look to your external beauty, it has a much greater effect in grooming your inner persona. The confidence and charm you’ll feel inside you will absolutely astonish you.

Medium hair could be boring sometimes, but all it takes is some appropriate styling tricks and a generous dose of hair dye. For further encouragement have a look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s shaggy cut or Georgia May Jagger’s textured layers haircut.

25 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair To Lighten Up Your Personality!

If you’re looking forward to giving your Medium Length Hair a new marvelous style, you’re at the right place!

“Don’t try to dress like me or wear your hair like mine. Find your own style.”-Salma Hayek.

I promise to provide you with the best possible styling looks, so buckle up and get ready to find YOUR OWN STYLE!

1-     Blonde Ambition:

Blonde Ambition

If you are a conservative woman but want to stay all trendy, this is the perfect haircut for you! This is the perfect description of “ simple and stylish”.

This  Medium Length Hairstyle best suits on women praising simplicity. For bringing a greater purity a light blonde color always works the best on this hairstyle. So add a modern whirl in this simple, lovely haircut.

 A blonde shade like Saoirse Ronan’s would go just perfectly with this style.

2-Wrapped In Ruby:

Wrapped In Ruby

When choosing a style in bright colors “wrapped in ruby”, should be at the top of your list. This haircut is basically a shoulder-length haircut with bangs. The long bangs in the front are till your jaw-line.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to a bright colored style, nothing could be better than this. This works best on the bright complexion. For further enhancing, try to match your lip-color with your hair tone and you’ll surely rock the day!

3-Bubbly Layered Bob:

Bubbly Layered Bob

When talking about the most wanted trend in Medium Length Hair, there is no doubt that Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs is greatly desired.

In addition to this, this hairstyle is much easier to style than most of the short layered hairstyles. Giving it a nice choppy end would scream cuteness and would give a better glow to your bubbly nature.

Furthermore, choppy bangs work best on round faces. So if you’re looking forward to this hairstyle, make sure to have a word from your stylist!

4-Waves With Fire:

Waves With Fire

Need something which needs low maintenance and is messy? Then this is the best hairstyle for you! This is one of the top trending hottest hairstyles. The orange, fiery blond dye gives you the hottest look and to further spice up your look shoulder-length bangs would look great!

No other messy hairstyle could give you such a rough look. Moreover, messy rough hair is not only just a toss-and-go but also trendy.

“I’ve always had really messy hair.”– Ed Sheeran

So if you want all trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle, this is the perfect one for you!

5-Feather Brunette Lob Cut:

Feather Brunette Lob Cut

Feather brunette lob cut is a great choice for Medium Length Hairstyles With Long Layers. This is quite demanding nowadays; in addition to that, layers are a pretty good choice for Medium Length Hair.

If you have thin hair, then these long layered hairstyles are the best option for you. They add extra volume and texture to your hair. With a bit of blonde streaking, this could look good to the level of perfection!

6- Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers:

Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers

One of the best ways to get a jazzy simple look is to go for the side layers crop. It is not necessary to have layers crop, instead, a side-layer with mid-length would give your face a great exalting look.

Furthermore, if you have a long neck and an oval face, then this haircut for Medium Layered Haircut is “just made for you”

7-Medium Length Bangs:

Medium Length Bangs

If you have fine hair, then you might occasionally face the problem of losing temper while dealing with curls or waves for your fine hair.

With the shoulder-length bangs, you can still get a sophisticated and gorgeous look of a conservative “chic”

8-Short Blond Style:

Short Blond Style

You can wear this classy hair to any formal or informal function. As it can carry every look with a new look every time! In fact, if you need a bit of enhancing, use an iron rod or some spray or other hair-setting product to give these Medium Length Hair some light curls.

9-Braided Beauty:

Braided Beauty

Bothered by your fine hair falling on your face all the time? Not anymore!

The perfect remedy for setting your very fine hair is to braid them from the front. This not only avoids the inconvenience, but also gives you a sheepish and lovely look.

10-Shoulder Lenth Ringlets:

Shoulder Lenth Ringlets

As much as thin hair is hard to maintain, it looks as adorable when curled. Tiny ringlets could be so much fun for a party or a special occasion.

Moreover, for a blend of a funky look pink hue would do great with these shoulder-length ringlets. So go for this and get a little inspiration from Julianne Hough.

11-Easy waves:

Easy waves

Looking for something too simple? Or want to have some lazy stuff to wear? Do try the beach-inspired easy waves hairstyle. This is just a “flip-and-toss” hairstyles.

These easy waves for Medium Length Hair could go very soothing for the eyes if you go for an ombre. Try having a look at Elizabeth Olsen’s caramel ombre hair.

12-Flowy And Voluminous Curls:

Flowy And Voluminous Curls

Small curls could easily fall apart, especially in the thin hair. That is why it is important to have large bouncy curls, in addition to that, it provides great extra volume to your hair.

Either blond or a lighter shade of dye would make your voluminous huge curls more prominent and an eye-catching look!

13-Smooth A-Line Bob:

Smooth A-Line Bob

As much as we ignore it, this is a fact that shoulder-length hair is great when they are simple. And to be honest, who don’t like to show-off their hair cut?

This simple A-line bob haircut gives you an extravagant beautiful look. This looks best on straight hair, especially when the layers are wisely handled by the stylist to give it a smooth, attenuated look.

14-Cool Punky Side Braids:

Cool Punky Side Braids

If you don’t have extremely-long or extremely-short hair, then this hairdo would totally rock with you!

This is a funky side braided hairdo which not only fascinates your looks but also keeps in mind to give your hair cut a prominent look. So do make sure to try this Medium Length Hairstyle on a special occasion!

15-Adorable Poofy Pony:

Adorable Poofy Pony

No wonder simple ponytails can get really boring sometimes. Why not trick something new? For thin,  medium-layered hair, back-combing to create an extra volume is the best solution.

Puffy hairstyles are always gorgeous to wear. A cute ponytail at the back, and a poofy puff at the top and you’re ready in your new charming look!

16-Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs:

Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs

The feathering approach is the most effortless way to beautify your hairstyle. Full-head bangs on the forehead add an extra sprinkle of charm.

The funky look is given because instead of shears, razors are used for cutting. This also greatly enhances the texture of your hair. So if you are looking for something delightful and trendy at the same time, you definitely need to try this!

17- U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends:

U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends

If you are looking for a good sexy and classy look, the U-shaped haircut is your best option. This classic look was inspired by the 70’s old waves.

Furthermore, this hairstyle is great for thin hair, as the fine curls at the bottom add extra volume. The bouncy look at the end adds a unique intriguing look to your personality.

18-Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding:

Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding

A bouffant greatly suits Medium Length Hair. If you have thin and fine hair, then you should go for the bouffant as it would add extra volume to your hair.

Go for some highlighted streaks, braided from one side. Add an intermediate ponytail which should not be a way too high or way too low.

19-Disconnected Messy Bun:

Disconnected Messy Bun

This is the best example of “rise and go” haircut for Medium Length Hair. This bob haircut is best for thin fine hair and gives a sleeking messy look.

This would go best for a round, squared face. This effortless hairstyle gives you the right messy and trendy style you’re looking for!

20-Super Sharp Medium Style:

Super Sharp Medium Style

Surely, you all might be greatly impressed with Ashley Olsen’s simple but gorgeous look. She keeps it edgy at the end, a side parting or center-parting highlighted blonde hair.

This long from the top, short from the bottom look give your hair a great classy look. So get this marvelous look without a second thought!

21-Medium Length Curls:

Medium Length Curls

Medium Length Curly Hair not only gives you an astonishing look out but also is on the top of the list of “the most trendy”. These large big curls give your thin, fine hair extra volume. Simple Rollers or a hot iron rod could do just the right thing for your Medium Length Hair. After all, curling is the master option for thin hair.

22-Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off:

Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off

In the past shoulder length, blow-off was a great trend. But now it’s time for the revival of this classic look! This classy look would go best with bright platinum ombre.

The flowy look of the great gold layers would rather add a charming look to you. So get your new stunning look!

23-Sleek And Straight Thin Hair:

Sleek And Straight Thin Hair

Your thin hair can effortlessly be given an outstanding look with this haircut. This is a perfect classy look with long chin-length hair in front and a short crop at the back.

24-Curly Up-do:

Curly Up-do

Looking for an up-do for Medium Length Hair? This curly up-do would go perfect for you then! This can be easily transformed into a messy bun and many more varieties of styles.

Short medium hair is usually difficult to manage in an up-do. Give your hair some strong curls with the help of a hot iron curler. Arrange the curls with a fine spray or another product to set them in the style of an up-do.

Make sure to try this on a prom night or a very special occasion. This will make you look like a beauty queen. Go and easily glam around!

25-Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle:

Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle

The lesser the hair length, the greater attraction it has! Make it a simple tousled bob hairstyle for Medium Length Haircuts, with an ashier hair color.


Medium Length Hair

So here are some perfect guidelines for Medium Length Hair. Just pick a style and slay the day! Long hair gets hard to manage at some stage of your life. It keeps growing until you’re tired of handling them.

“My hair grows and grows; you cannot stop it-that fellow grows, it grows wild”- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Transforming your hair is a big change, not only in your beauty but also in grooming your personality. A single hairstyle and the same usual look get boring, so go for a big change and prove yourself!

“Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.”- Carolyn Aronson

19 Best Long to Medium Hairstyles – Get a Unique Appearance Now

Long to Medium Hairstyles are the latest trending ideas these days!

Want to keep your long tresses, but tired of their longer styling time? This is what women who have long hair sometimes feel.

“Long hair is an unpardonable offence which should be punishable by death.” — Morrissey.

Long hair is no doubt a symbol of feminism since ages. However, this beauty comes with more responsibility. As long locks need more attention in terms of maintenance and of course more amount of hair care products.

No worries, because the length in between long and medium is the best solution in this regard. This length has a feel of long locks while provides styling versatility of medium strands. Moreover, every morning you will have to spend less time in front of the mirror.

No matter what your hair texture is, these ideas will make your stye look more alluring and captivating! Moreover, all hair types including curly, wavy, sleek can be transformed into an elegant and flattering manner.

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

Hence, have a look at below mentioned 19 amazing Long to Medium Hairstyles and choose the one you love the most!

19 Enchanting Long to Medium Hairstyles – Show Off Your Style with More Confidence


“Her hair was longer than it used to be, and it veiled her shoulders like a shawl. She used it for protection.” — Sarah Addison Allen.

So, the long hair is a classic way to wear the style in every era. Moreover, you can opt for the long to medium hairstyles for more comfort and ease. Because, the medium length hair is not too long nor too short and that medium way of expressing your beauty wins the hearts, indeed!

1.      Feathered V-shaped Layered Hairdo:

Feathered V-shaped Layered Hairdo

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is adorable as it provides a manageable length. Moreover, it gives you enough room to play with hair ends. It reminds of horse’s tresses flying freely in the cool breeze!

The hair dresser will chop the tresses at two different lengths shorter from the front and longer from the back. Front layers frame the face, whereas longer layers draw attention towards the bottom. A good blow dry job is necessary to recreate this look in its true sense.

This one is a nice option if you love to keep your hair open all the time.

2.      Hairstyle with Flicked Strand Ends:

Hairstyle with Flicked Strand Ends

If you are looking for some simple Long to Medium Hairstyles. Then this hairdo is a must try.

Thick layers, especially hold this hairdo the best. A curling rod is used to flip the ends with a rough blow dry styling. Light layers at the bottom add movement and interest to the overall look. Hence, this spicy addition of choppy and flicked ends is simple yet super stylish.

3.      Layered Lob for Wavy Hair:

Layered Lob for Wavy Hair

The long lob with blonde highlights is flattering, isn’t it?

Lob based Long to Medium Hairstyles are hitting the style charts as they look gorgeous on everyone. Furthermore, they are modern as well as versatile. This hairdo particularly looks good on women with naturally wavy hair.

All it requires is a single go of a large barrel curling iron to pronounce the wavy texture. And you are all set to jazz up the events!

4.      Layered and Bottom Flicked Haircut:

Layered and Bottom Flicked Haircut

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who want to remove weight from their heavy locks. One can add layers at different lengths which reduces the weight but, still make the strands look heavy.

The first layers are incorporated at the middle point and then move downwards in steps. A curling rod and a rounded brush are used to flip the ends. The end result is an adorable and bouncy look with full of movement and volume.

Don’t forget to add caramel highlights to make it more flattering.

5.      Long to Medium Hairstyles with Curled Ends:

Long to Medium Hairstyles with Curled Ends

“Life is too short to have boring hair”

Straight hair may sometimes appear dull and flat. A little spice of curl can add a lot of movement and dimension. Such Long to Medium Hairstyles feature curled layered ends, which give life to otherwise lifeless roots.

For a more textured appearance use a curling rod to define the curls and flick the bottoms.

6.      Haircut with Bangs:

Haircut with Bangs

“I like my hair long, and I love my bangs. I love them because I can pin them back or keep the fringe with attitude” —Cassie Steele

Long hair and bangs make a great combination to upgrade the style statement. The colored highlights which complement the skin tone make the bangs more flattering. Keep the front layers shorter to get a face framing effect.

Plus, use polished brown shades with undone waves to get an effortless and chic look which will never disappoint you!

7.      Middle Parted Sleek Hairdo:

Middle Parted Sleek Hairdo

From the red carpet to club parties, the super sleek hairstyle is so much in trend!

Such Long to Medium Hairstyles go well with girls with naturally straight hair. In this way, there will be less use of straightener or flat iron. To add a little twist in overall straight hairdo, ends are razored to make it fall in a more stunning way.

Therefore, say goodbye to bad hair days with this gorgeous hairdo requiring less styling time!

8.      Long to Medium Shag:

Long to Medium Shag

These days trending haircuts are those which require less effort.

This is the reason layered Long to Medium Hairstyles are hitting the style world by the storm as they look pretty even if messy.

A blend of layered cut with a shag is appealing for girls who want to keep their hair open. The front locks are chopped till eyebrows to give a youthful vibe. To add a fun element keep the strand a bit messy. The end result is a somewhat retro look which is too adorable to handle.

9.      Blonde Bombshell Layered Haircut:

Blonde Bombshell Layered Haircut

There are so many chic layered Long to Medium Hairstyles. However, this one will definitely come under the top 3!

This cut features smooth and relatively long layers with feathered ends going towards the back. A right color selection can make it more flattering. As you can choose a blend of golden brown and red which creates a head turning look in no time!

From wedding functions to party events all gatherings can be rocked with this attire.

10. 70’s Layered Haircut:

70’s Layered Haircut

To style fine hair is a bit tricky. However, a right haircut can make fine locks look gorgeous than ever before.

This stylish Long to Medium Hairstyle contains face framing front layers and feathered bangs all over the crown. From the roots, locks are kept sleek to make it more appealing. The end result is a flashback 70’s look of disco clubs.

So, grab the bell bottom pants to get a unique style statement!

11. Wavy Layered Hairdo with Chopped Ends:

Wavy Layered Hairdo with Chopped Ends

“Layered cuts are a great fit for any hair type, even for locks lacking body”

The cutting technique is important in this regard. Here in this Long to Medium Hairstyle, heavy layers are imparted in wavy locks. A brown or platinum color dye really complements this cut. Finish the style with a good quality volumizing salt spray to prevent hair from falling flat.

Hence, this cut is one of the great options if you are looking for long to Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair.

12. Caramel Highlights with Subtle Layers:

Caramel Highlights with Subtle Layers

A right color dye is necessary to add more dimension in a regular haircut.

Two tier layers and gently placed highlights are enough to drastically transform your personality. Layers at different length impart a great dimension and movement. Whereas, the caramel highlights prevent the plain or boring look.

So indeed, a sleek hairdo is instantly softened by flicking the ends inwards.

13. Chocolate Dyed Long to Medium Hairstyles:

Chocolate Dyed Long to Medium Hairstyles

The soft look along with the chocolate dye of this Long to Medium Hairstyle is exceptionally mesmerizing. Don’t go for very heavy layers if you have fine hair. Keep the layers longer, softer, and less. Gently tie you fine strands up to make them look fabulous without much effort.

14. Layered Haircut with Bangs:

Layered Haircut with Bangs

The recent eyebrow grazed look of Taylor Swift is too eye catching, isn’t it?

Layered hairdo is perfect for fine hair. As it imparts style and texture to otherwise flat hair. Bangs with layers further enhance the movement factor in this one of the trendiest Long to Medium Hairstyles. Front layers chopped till the eyebrows soften the whole look gorgeously.

Finally, the blonde highlights and colored lenses completes your look for any friends gathering!

15. Brown Ginger Shaggy Layered Cut:

Brown Ginger Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy layers along with heavy bangs are essential components of this adorable Long to Medium Hairstyle.

The side bangs create a flirty and flattering look. Whereas, the layers add dimension to the entire look. For ladies with fair complexion and blue eyes, the brown ginger color dye is quite stunning. From school going teenagers to party loving girls, all can rock this simple style within no maintenance time.

A good quality hair serum is necessary to pose minimal damage to the hair while straightening.

16. Wispy hairdo for Women:

Wispy hairdo for Women

One of the major purposes of Long to Medium Hairstyles is to have a manageable length with as much movement as possible.

This wispy hairdo serves this purpose beautifully. The eye catching part of this cut is its high crown which is further pronounced by using heavy bangs. Furthermore, teasing on the top gives height which complements the blonde highlights.

If you are looking for long to Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs for round faces then, this cut is a must try this season.

17. Mermaid Eyebrow Gazed Haircut:

Mermaid Eyebrow Gazed Haircut

For ladies who are not willing to spend plenty of time and money on their tresses can try this mermaid Long to Medium Hairstyle.

Ombre hair dye is the one complementing this simple yet chic hairdo. One will have to trim the front bangs on a monthly basis. Whereas you can allow your rest of hair to grow as long as you want. However, keep the length as long as it appears trendy.

To add a twist, keep the root color a jet black to make it appear classier than ever before.

18. Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair:

Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair

Hollywood celebrity such as Zooey Deschanel is giving us some major styling goals!

A blend of point razored fringe with a long shag is voluminous as well as sassy. Long side bangs is a modern way of getting the face framing effect in a traditional shaggy Long to Medium Hairstyle.

Front short layers further soften the entire image in an absolutely stunning way. This haircut goes well for the girls with round face because of the face elongating effect of side bangs.

Plus, a color dye such as dark brown or light black further enhances the flattering factor while keeping the look simple.

19. Adorable Hairdo with Layers and Peekaboo Bangs:

Adorable Hairdo with Layers and Peekaboo Bangs

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is creating an OLALA look instantly!

For women with thick hair, the peekaboo bangs are made for you! Keep the locks side parted to get an extra pound of flattering appeal. Ask your stylist to keep the bangs length a bit longer to imitate this style exactly.

Bobby pins will help you to keep the strands in the right position. Hence, this one is a nice pick for ladies looking for long to Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair.

20. Ginger Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair: (Bonus)

Ginger Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair does not have to be boring anymore.

The addition of fringe and a soft color dye adds a lot of movement and dimension. A ginger brown or strawberry blonde shade works well in this regard. Add light layers along with the soft curls at the bottom to make it more appealing.

The end result is a messy Long to Medium Hairstyle which even can work well for finer hair. However, in that case, don’t go for heavy layers. And blow dry hair roots to add an extra lift.


Long to Medium Hairstyles

“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”

The ladies blessed with long hair and looking for the styling diversity… let’s manipulate the hair length. The length in between very long and medium falls right in this regard. It gives the pleasure of long hair while imparts diversity of medium length tresses.

There are so many enviable styling options featuring modern cutting tools. These haircuts accommodate all face types such as oval, diamond, and square gorgeously. Such hairdos are less maintenance requiring as compared to Long Haircuts.

Hence, it’s time to get inspiration from the above mentioned ever trending and adorable Long to Medium Hairstyles. Check it out and choose the one as per choice, skin tone and personality!

21 Super Easy Medium to Short Hairstyles to Save Time

Medium to Short Hairstyles are a new sensation of the era!

Low maintenance, yet eye catching haircut options are what women of all ages and schools are looking for. The modern lifestyle of twenty first century makes it tougher to spend quality time on styling every morning.

Furthermore, going for short hair is also a tough decision as long hair is still considered as a symbol of feminism. In this regard, a length in between short and the medium is a perfect solution.

Such tresses are manageable yet long enough to manipulate as per choice and trend.

Irrespective of the hair texture, there are so many variables to play with to create a dynamic and different look every time. Bob, lob, shag, layered, wavy, curly almost all styles can be opted in very less styling time.

Remember, a haircut is one of the vital factors that shape your personality.

Hence, spend some time to get an inspiration from this rabbit hole of the trendiest Medium to Short Hairstyles presented below!

21 Best Medium to Short Hairstyles – Look More Stylish and Elegant Now

1.      Straight and Messy Hairdo:

Straight and Messy Hairdo

If one has thin and naturally sleek hair and looking for very low maintenance Short to Medium Hairstyles for Fine Hair then, have a keen look at this one.

Hair is chopped at a length in between very short and medium. The ends are perfectly trimmed to communicate fine and polished vibes. Specifically for ladies with thin hair, this messy style imparts extra ounces of volume.  

Further, a blow-dry with a round brush makes it easy to imitate this extremely sassy look.

2.      Medium Bob for Thick Hair:

Medium Bob for Thick Hair

For ladies with thick and naturally sleek hair, this bob looks gorgeous. Instead of going for bangs, ask salon attendant to add layers which are brushed towards the back. It will give a lot of movement and flow to the style.

To make this Medium to Short Hairstyle sophisticated and classy, keep the bottom hair all at one length. Without much effort, this hairdo will help you to maintain a trendy as well as a chic look.

3.      Bob along with Razored Layers:

Bob along with Razored Layers

It’s time to make tresses look more luscious by opting a razored cut!

Curly Medium to Short Hairstyles offer extra visual intrigue and movement if babylights and layers are incorporated at a right ratio. Either you have naturally curly hair or heat assisted ones, this haircut will look good on both.

To add a fun element, keep the face framing layers a bit looser and longer.

4.      Short to Medium Layered Cut:

Short to Medium Layered Cut

Such kind of Medium to Short Hairstyles are timeless and appear good on ladies of all ages. Furthermore, this sassy hairdo is adaptable to almost all kinds of hair textures. Overall, a unique and stylish look is put together within no styling time.

A simple dress with minimal makeup and accessories will look super chic with this hairdo.

5.      Wavy Bob:

Wavy Bob

It is hard to get an effortless and light look with very less styling time. However, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a perfect solution if one needs to attain a sassy appearance with her super thick manes. It features few wispy layers to create an adorable bob style.

Furthermore, a very soft wavy texture is added to pronounce the look even more. You can add an extra movement by asking your stylist to keep the layers a bit shorter in the back with the choppy ends. The end result is no doubt worth keeping.

6.      Textured and Angled Medium Bob:

Textured and Angled Medium Bob

Younger girls and even women, can manipulate a traditional bob in a more appealing way by adding artificial textures. In such Short to Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair, the tresses are kept at different lengths with jagged ends.

The techniques used here include point cutting, pointing, and slicing.

Because of the advanced cutting techniques, its usage is not recommended for very thin hair. However, the girls with super thick locks can do wonders with this hairdo. Furthermore, the use of a good quality spray is necessary to keep the hair damage as minimal as possible.

7.      Shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles:

Shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles

A shaggy cut with the length in between very short and medium along with a warm chestnut hair dye creates an unparalleled adorable look!

A light brown shade will help to add movement in this Medium to Short Hairstyle and prevent it from being too dull or boring. Whereas the layers all over the bottom will offer unpredictable styling versatility and movement.

Such soft look will never disappoint you in any event round the clock!

8.      Layered and Loose Locks:

Layered and Loose Locks

Looking for ways to lighten up those thick and full locks of yours?

Feathered haircut like this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a nice way to go for this season. The layers will help to reduce the weight from all sides of the crown. On the other hand, it provides the necessary movement and shape.

So say goodbye to your overweight, bad hair days with this super gorgeous hairdo!

9.      Collarbone Blonde Hairdo:

Collarbone Blonde Hairdo

Tired of carrying these lifeless blonde locks?

Then upgrade your style statement by opting this cool, collarbone shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyle. This blonde shag imparts a retro look and also a nice way of mixing things up. Try to go for haphazard, messy styling to create a more impactful image of yours.

The less maintenance time makes the running out of the door in busy mornings a bit easier!

10. Lob with Jagged Layers:

Lob with Jagged Layers

Such kind of Medium to Short Hairstyles having jagged layers create an edgy look in otherwise lifeless and boring tresses. Also, use of a statement hair color enhances the overall image created with this cut. The end result is an absolutely edgy and iconic appearance.

Additionally, this lob hairdo will not consume much of your time in the morning. Just apply your favorite texturizing product and you are ready to rock!

11. Ash Blonde Feathered Hairdo:

Ash Blonde Feathered Hairdo

The key element in a feathered haircut is the addition of tons of angled layers. Such shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles don’t need to have those traditional choppy ends. One can go for feathered wisps bending towards the face to walk against the waves.

While styling, use a round brush to softly tease tresses at the roots to add an extra fun lift. From parties to official events, this look will help you to create a unique style statement every time!

12. Gray Razored Bob along with Bangs:

Gray Razored Bob along with Bangs

Just crossed 50 and looking for some sophisticated yet stylish Medium Short Hairstyles with Bangs?

Try out this combination of bob and bangs. Gray is no more a fear in the hair styling industry. In fact, this color both natural and dyed is so much in trend these days than ever before. This hairdo complements almost every hair texture and skin tone.

To add visual interest and to soften the angular face shape, add some bangs around the crown. The end result is a sophisticated yet edgy look for women over 50.

13. Funky Blonde Haircut:

Funky Blonde Haircut

For all the college girls looking for an easy to maintain funky hairstyle, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a great choice.

Razored layers incorporated throughout the collarbone length tresses produce a noticeable amount of movement and flow. Blonde highlights add a pinch of softness which creates a pretty element in the overall look. It looks good on almost all face shapes including oblong, oval, diamond, and square faces.

14. Longer Hairdo with Blunt Bangs and Wispy Layers:

Longer Hairdo with Blunt Bangs and Wispy Layers

Bangs, no doubt, provide a nice way to accentuate the best facial features of oval and heart shaped faces. Blunt and thin bangs can surely take away the impact of a few years from the face in an elegant way. It not only covers the frown lines, but also exudes some youthful vibes.

Furthermore, add wispy layers to balance the blunt bangs lines scattered throughout the crown. For women who have just crossed the middle age, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a gorgeous way to age gracefully.

15. Two Tone Layered Medium to Short Hairstyle:

Two Tone Layered Medium to Short Hairstyle

“In the world of beauty, messy doesn’t mean a bad thing”

A messy look has been so popular in the past few years. It works so well for the ladies with thin hair as it creates a voluminous visual effect. These Short Medium Layered Haircuts consist of two-tone color dying, which make it unique and flawless.

For a unique and truly deconstructed effect, keep the hair product-free.

16. Collarbone Choppy Bob:

Collarbone Choppy Bob

To add some edgy vibes to the beach tresses, try out a choppy and shaggy layered haircut like this. Keep the front layers a bit longer and add shorter layers in the back to create an extremely cool look. Loose waves make it a nice summer Medium to Short Hairstyle.

Use a curling iron to add an extra lift while styling. A good quality serum is a must to pose less heat damage to the hair.

17. Choppy Wavy Pink Bob:

Choppy Wavy Pink Bob

To add some extra oomph to your Medium to Short Hairstyle, introduce choppy and wavy layers. Moreover, a cool color dye is vital to create a fun filled look.

The strawberry blonde and pastel pink is a beautiful and warm dye combination which makes this haircut more flattering and modern. Instead of going for a solid version of these colors, choose a combo of your choice.

Hence, it helps to impart dimension and movement in the tresses which will fall flat otherwise.

18. A shaped Haircut with Waves:

A shaped Haircut with Waves

These days haircuts, having different lengths are hitting the style charts. Really drastic A-shaped Medium to Short Hairstyle looks so dramatic and fun filled. One can pronounce the style statement by opting for a unique dye color which is full of drama.

Keep the long manes in the front for an edgy effect. For ladies working in a fashion industry, this look complements the competitive environment.

19. Dark Collarbone Haircut with Highlights:

Dark Collarbone Haircut with Highlights

The best part of the shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles is that they don’t need too much of precious time. If hair naturally has movement and body, one just needs an air dry and haphazardly added waves with a curling iron to look flawless.

For sleek and flat hair, instead of air dry go for a blow dry to replicate this look. Like other haircuts, use of hair products including texturizing spray and mousses is necessary to maintain the right style. Moreover, a bright color highlight such as of violet dye is another main factor of this sassy hairdo.

In summers, choose a bright color, whereas in winter go for a nice, soft and warm shade.

20. Adorable Medium Short Shag:

Adorable Medium Short Shag

This Medium to Short Hairstyle makes tresses look so good, isn’t it?

This combination of brown, blonde, and caramel highlights inspired by tiger’s eye is enviable, no doubt. To style it properly, wrap small sections around a clipless curling iron. Then spray any texturizing product. And finally, run the fingers throughout the loose wavy manes.

To keep the strands in position, use of Bobby pins will do the right trick.

21. Black Curls:

Black Curls

Mixing blonde streaks and dark hair is for sure bold. For ladies with cool toned skin, this super chic look is perfect. Blend this bold and unique hair color dye with a curly Medium to Short Hairstyle. The end result is a glamorous and effortless style which will turn the heads in any event you attend.

Loose beach waves are the main highlight of this hairdo which has the power to transform you into a style diva.


 Medium to Short Hairstyles

“I am very easy going and low maintenance when it comes to my hair”

These days this is the case for many women and young girls. Because of the busy modern life, every female wants a hairstyle that is flattering as well as less time taking when it comes to styling. Short haircuts are often considered as a solution in this regard.

However, many of us don’t want to go for a big chop. Hence, Medium to Short Hairstyles featuring an enviable yet easily manageable length are a great solution to keep the look feminine as well.

So, grab a look at these mesmerizing medium to short haircut options we have exclusively collected for you. Get an inspiration and grab your salon appointment right now! for more medium to short haircut

27 Elegant Medium Straight Hairstyles – Look Phenomenal Now

Medium Straight Hairstyles are both practical and stylish. If you have quite a long hair and are not ready yet to chop it off, then medium length is a great option to start with.

Medium length hair is always in fashion because of the comfort and style altogether. But sometimes, it gets boring to have the same hairstyles like the ponytails or other ones over and over again. So, you just need the change and versatility now, isn’t?

Get ready to rock around!

Because, there are 27 stylish hairstyles/haircuts that would alter your appearance readily with no more effort! A number of haircut options are mentioned below which provide body, dimension, movement, and depth to your medium tresses.

Just read on below and get the perfect ideas applied on your medium length hair to enjoy the looks around!

Here we go!

27 of the Best Medium Straight Haircuts to Look Absolutely Attractive

Medium length hair along with sleek or straight kind of texture is super easy to maintain and style. You can find a lot of options to rock your shoulder length hair. It gives enough room to experiment with the most trendy Downdos and Updos.

Have a look at the below mentioned Medium Straight Haircuts and pick what you love the most!!

1.      Choppy Straight Locks for Medium Hair:

Choppy Straight Locks for Medium Hair

Revive lifeless and limp hair by adding a bunch of long and short layers. Because, chopping the strands is an amazing way of adding movement and dimension to medium length hair.

Moreover, use some mousse or hair spray to fix the locks and you are all set to go with this one of the trendiest Haircuts for Straight Hair.

2.      Sassy Sleek and Straight Hairstyle for Medium Hair:

Sassy Sleek and Straight Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Straight, sleek, and brown strands don’t have to be considered as bored hair anymore. Just throw in lots of layers, some honey brown highlights, and get a good blow dry to achieve a fabulous look that will make every head turn.

So, this sassy, sleek and straight haircut is one of the best Medium Straight Hairstyles undoubtedly.

3.      Ashy Blonde Medium Straight Hairstyle:

Ashy Blonde Medium Straight Hairstyle

Nothing looks super amazing than a right choice of color for your mid-length hair. Plus, the platinum color dye has taken the hairstyle to an entirely next level. Instead of going for buttery and bright highlights, choose an ashy finish for hair.

Thus, it will add some chic look and edge to your style statement.

4.      Ombre Medium Straight Haircut:

Ombre Medium Straight Haircut

Getting confused what to do with medium length straight black hair? Ask your stylist to give an ombre makeover this season and see your personality getting a cute transformation. For some more edge, use a blow dryer or iron to flip out the ends.

No doubt, this is one of the easily maintained Medium Straight Hairstyles.


5.      Flipped Out Sleek Hairstyle for Mid Length Hair:

Flipped Out Sleek Hairstyle for Mid Length Hair

Are you having bad hair days constantly? Impart some bouncy effect to your sleek locks by flipping the ends in a balanced way.

Plus, use root lifting spray on the roots of your hair while it’s wet. Also, blow dry hair outward to achieve the perfect look.

Lastly, fluff it slightly and gently with fingers and get some stunning style with this one of the most adorable Medium Straight Haircuts.

6.      Banging Bang for Straight Hair:

Banging Bang for Straight Hair

Fine and thin hair can be complete fun with a fringe. So, put some more wispy bangs to the style and your medium length hairdo will look stunning.

Moreover, to make your banging bang style more interesting, frame your face with bangs. So, grab this one of the super easy Medium Straight Hairstyles right now and rock around!

7.      Angular Mid Length Bob:

Angular Mid Length Bob

By getting a long bob, you can update your sleek shoulder length hairstyle in an elegant way. Because, it keeps your style statement trendy and stylish.

Simply, you can impart angular layers which are longer in the front side and relatively shorter in the back.

Hence, you will be surprised by seeing the instant and sassy results of this one of the coolest Medium Straight Hairstyles.

8.      Non Layered Hairstyle for Straight Mid Length Hair:

Non Layered Hairstyle for Straight Mid Length Hair

You can make your straight hair look great by cutting it till the shoulder length and lightening up with the blonde and bright highlights.

As, the ombre highlights are very trendy these days and are responsible to give your style statement an elegant factor.

Don’t forget to keep roots a little darker to enhance the visual effect of this Medium Straight Haircut.

9.      End Curls of Super Sleek Hair:

End Curls of Super Sleek Hair

Straight and thick hair can appear lifeless and heavy sometimes if left without any cute modification. By applying some curls at the end with a curling iron, you can create lots of dimensions. Just lightly spritz the curls with a flexible and lightweight hair spray.

Hence, the end result is instant shape, body, and movement with this one of the coolest Medium Straight Hairstyles.

10. Straight Medium Length Hairstyles:

Straight Medium Length Hairstyles

The layers look amazing if you have thick and full hair. But sometimes they look against with thinner hair.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle down for blunt, flat style for yourself having thin strands. By razoring the ends and using a proper technique, you can add some shape to your thin hair.

So, this Medium Straight Haircut will add texture to your style without consuming too much hair weight.

11. Mid Length Bob with Undercut:

Mid Length Bob with Undercut

It’s time to transform your bob style by adding some fun and chunky strips of blonde color through the lower half of your hair. This stylish and edgy look is super great for those women with chocolate brown or black hair.

So undoubtedly, this mid-length bob lightens up the strands and is one of the extremely low maintenance Medium Straight Hairstyles.

12. Lovely Long Straight Layers:

Lovely Long Straight Layers

The easiest way of shaping your shoulder length straight hair is to add long layers. Because, these layers will impart much needed texture and pizzazz to your hair and look best on the round face women.

Just try flipping out the hair ends using a round brush and blowing the locks.

Then finish the polished look with a hair serum. And you have got bright, bouncy hair for all the informal events coming ahead with this Haircut for Straight Hair Round Face.

13. Full Frontal Layers for Straight Hair:

Full Frontal Layers for Straight Hair

By adding some feathered layers on the front side, you can give the desired life and body to your thin strands.

Additionally, a long and razored fringe can easily frame your face and will result in an edgy style statement that will never go unnoticed.

Hence, you can rock this summer with this one of the most elegant Medium Straight Hairstyles.

14. Medium Straight Haircut with Caramel Color Highlights:

Medium Straight Haircut with Caramel Color Highlights

Brown and shoulder length hair can be made to look more interesting with the caramel color highlights and razored layers. These thin strands will help you to step up hair game by bringing a fun prism like effect.

Hence, this Medium Straight Haircut is a nice pick to choose this summer.

15. Retro Bob Medium Straight Hairstyle:

Retro Bob Medium Straight Hairstyle

Have you managed to keep your hair thick? Then try this old-fashioned, retro look that is still alive and hitting the style charts.

Simply, take your hair a few decades back and give a try to this blunt, mid-length bob. And the end result is an elegant and sassy vintage haircut, which curls out slightly at the ends.

Amazingly, the retro image never looked so adorable before. So, don’t wait to get this one of the most chic Medium Straight Hairstyles.

16. Fabulous Fringe for Mid Length Hair:

Fabulous Fringe for Mid Length Hair:

No other steps up the haircut for sleek hair like arched bangs! These days, perfectly trimmed blunt fringes which bang across the forehead are super trendy and stylish. They look amazing with Medium Straight Hairstyles.

And the best part is they are easy to style and require low maintenance. So, by choosing this haircut, get the best of Shoulder Length Straight Hair with Bangs.

17. Asymmetrical Medium Straight Hairstyle:

Asymmetrical Medium Straight Hairstyle

Taylor Swift rocks this classic and vintage haircut because it flatters her appearance greatly. In fact, this is a splendid idea for thin and fine hair.

The imparted light waves give the necessary volume to strands. Furthermore, the pinned forehead bangs add a mysterious flair to the look.

Hence, to get a feminine and adorable style statement this is one of the best Medium Straight Hairstyles.

18.Lob for Medium Straight Hairstyles:

Mid Length Lob

This trademark haircut of Nicole Kidman is quite achievable and plain, even if you have no styling skills. To get some flattering volume, back comb your hair at the roots, pull out strands with iron, and make a middle part.

For ladies with triangular and oval faces, this one of the most chic Medium Straight Hairstyles is a nice pick. Because a middle part haircut flatters the facial features and regular shape.

19. Super Hairdo with Long Front Layers:

Super Hairdo with Long Front Layers

If you have straight hair, then remember this style when you visit your hairdresser next time. As this layered haircut along with relatively long side swept bangs is quite adorable and very easy to maintain.

Moreover, the addition of blonde highlights along with darker roots creates a dimensional strands appearance.

20. A-Line Silhouette Medium Straight Hairstyle:

A-Line Silhouette Medium Straight Hairstyle

Graduated Bobs are at the peak of their popularity and taking the style scenes by storm these days. A-line silhouette is a simple A-line style for this classy and trendy haircut.

In fact, the main secret of this style is very light waves in sleek hair, which are responsible for even distribution of the volume.

Hence, this is one of the top picks Medium Straight Hairstyles for casual routine.

21. Messy Updo along with Wispy Textured Straight Hair:

Messy Updo along with Wispy Textured Straight Hair

A proper choice of hairstyle and volume enhancing color selection is the solution to hide the thin nature of your hair. A stylish and elegant updo can be done with medium length hair for evening functions.

Just do back-combing and use boosting hair products to gain better results for thin hair. Moreover, introduce a messy look matching your free spirit nature.

22. Middle Parted Medium Length Lob:

Middle Parted Medium Length Lob

Dakota Fanning’s mid-length lob for sleek hair is all set to accentuate the woman’s angelic charm. This middle parted lob flatters oblong, triangular, and oval faces immensely.

Especially women with square and round faces look best with Medium Straight Hairstyles which are a side part.

Hence, this Haircut for Straight Hair Oval Face creates an alluring style statement for you.

23. A-Lined Medium Straight Haircuts with Elongated Bang:

A-Lined Medium Straight Haircuts with Elongated Bang

Women with round faces who are looking for Medium Straight Hairstyles which elongate their face roundness, this haircut is a good pick.

Because, it involves elongating bangs and textured ends. With this kind of hairstyle, you will always look fresh and young, irrespective of your true age.

Lastly, use a shine enhancer and get ready to bang!

24. Black Layered Sleek Lob:

Black Layered Sleek Lob

This haircut is quite special with the longer layers starting from the chin. As a result, the volume and texture of strands are revealed immensely from mid shaft to ends. With this adorable haircut, you can rock many evenings and daytime events.

But don’t forget to apply good quality hair care products to keep the style charm. Hence, if you are looking for some all-rounder Medium Straight Hairstyles, then have a keen look at this simple hairdo.

25. Symmetric Bob with Slight Layers for Medium Length Sleek Hair:

Symmetric Bob with Slight Layers for Medium Length Sleek Hair

This symmetric bob with slight layers of medium length sleek hair is super cool as well as quite simple to style.

Moreover, the addition of very light layers across the crown reveals the thickness of black locks. Whereas, the caramel ombre highlights further refine the style.

This one of the most chic Medium Straight Hairstyles is a cool base for the other trendy haircuts.

26. One Level Medium Straight Haircut:

One Level Medium Straight Haircut

To accentuate the hair’s healthy shine and to preserve the thickness of locks, this one is a simpler kind of haircut. With this hairstyle, you can style your strands in any possible way.

With bright blonde highlights, the haircut gets a new charm which is appealing to the whole audience.

27. Optimal Layered Hairdo for Thin Straight Hair:

Optimal Layered Hairdo for Thin Straight Hair

The problem with mid-length thin hair is the appearance of thin hair ends. So for this, you can add the feathery finish with a nice texture to your long layers. Plus, use a diffuser to blow dry your hair and put a shine boosting hair serum to appear flawless.


Medium Straight Hairstyles

Having looked through the above mentioned Medium Straight Hairstyles, you have for sure made your mind that medium length haircuts are no more monotonous or boring.

These haircuts cover most of the face types and hair looks. Furthermore, sleek and straight hair provides an easily styling option. All you need is a good curling iron and a shine boosting spray or any other hair care product to achieve the best of your good hair day.

To refresh your appearance on the daily basis, choose the best of the Medium Straight Haircuts discussed and get ready to dazzle!

17 Gorgeous Short to Medium Hairstyles You Must Try Immediately

Short to Medium Hairstyles are way classier and appealing as you can style them in the very little amount of time.

Though, it is true that beauty is not anyone’s possession all the time. But every woman adores being beautiful and charming. For this reason, Short to Medium Hairstyles would do wonders for you.

While in these hectic days when you don’t even have time to have breakfast in the morning, managing long hair can be very bothering.

Meagan Good says: The beauty of having short hair is that I can actually wash and style it at home!

Why choose the Short to Medium Hairstyles?

While you decide to chop your tresses into short or medium cut you are already breaking stereotypes cliché.  But to be honest, this decision will be best for you because:

  • Short to Medium Hairstyles hardly need any styling technique, already in style the way they are.
  • You can save all expensive hair products because of less usage on these small tresses.
  • Hair dyeing would not be an issue for Short to Medium Hairstyles.
  • They are simple and on the go for many events.
  • Short hair is bold and entirely unique as compared to others.

So, enjoy reading some flawless ideas about Hairstyles for Short Hair and Medium Haircuts for Girls given just down below.

17 Perfect Short to Medium Hairstyles – Look More Fabulous Now

1.    Short Bob Haircuts:

Short Bob Haircuts

Bob Haircuts are king of the all short hairstyles. Small Bob Haircut tends to show a playful image while enhancing the elegance.

Though bob haircuts are short, yet they highlight the facial beauty very well. The edges of its ends glorify the jawline naturally like a silky cloth.

However, there is some dyeing solution for bob haircuts to go sophisticated. Brown- Brunette shades and blond colors tend to look overwhelming for sure.

Whereas, Balayage or Ombre can also be an option for those who desire something new and innovative with their hair.

2.    Youthful Layers in Honey-Caramel:

Youthful Layers in Honey-Caramel

Looking good gives you confidence!

Beautifully cut short layers induce the real charm of the hair, whereas honey-caramel shades awake that sensual appeal. The best way to carry these layers is to keep them simple as they are with the help of combing.

By keeping these layers short and youthful, you can create a comfy style. While mixing the lighter shades like honey-caramel would be a great option in this matter.

Simply, shuffle some mousse to give a better texture. While adding best dry shampoo would bring out the original shine of this finest style.

3.    Perfect Angled Short Cut:

Perfect Angled Short Cut

Basically, the Short to Medium Hairstyles demand a comfort zone for the beholders. While adding more ideas into this pool, angled shortcuts are going favorite these days.

Essentially the angled shape of the medium hair is best for thin hair. As this haircut conquers that flat look and forwards the hair volume into glam. You can try some volumizing hair serums to get rid of the skinny picture of your hair.

Whereas, angled cut offers a sharp, edgy feel which shows a confident persona around the party. Surely this cut would go awesome with black-brunette Ombre though, makes styling easy for you.

4.    Wavy V-shaped Chin Length Hair:

Wavy V-shaped Chin Length Hair

The V-shaped chin length hair is one of the supreme ideas from the list of Short to Medium Hairstyles. Because this cut can go well with almost every facial figure and texture of tresses.

Whereas portraying an exotic look the ideal benefit of V-shaped medium hair is that it shows the full density of hair. Yet slightly wavy hair shows a womanly image that is an appeal by everyone.

For this cause simply use the blow drying technique with round brush. Prior to that smear heat protectant, then apply the hairspray that will secure your hairstyle for your event. After that, flair with confidence everywhere and become show-stopper of the night.

5.    Face Framing Cut in Medium Length:

Face Framing Cut in Medium Length

Truly said that: Elegance is the beauty that never fades!

The face framing Short to medium Hairstyles are a sheer beauty with elegance. Their appealing aura embraces the grace and shows the real texture of your hair.

Literally, the layers following one other are so cute that you would fall in love with yourself again and again. These perfectly aligned round layers are an example of the style and uttermost beauty.

Interestingly, you can style this medium face framings in no time, just dry your shampooed hair and comb, then use the serum and shuffle them.

6.    Medium Bob with Ginger Highlights:

Medium Bob with Ginger Highlights

This is an entirely unique idea of Short to Medium Hairstyles for young girls who want to rock the bash. Medium bobs are adorable in a way that shows interesting style with great exclusivity.

Whereas dyeing them into ginger highlights would be more slaying. With the great benefit of short to medium hairstyle, this cut is quite handy and way handier as it requires no styling at times.

Yet you can wear this cut with minimal makeup and big earrings, while for formal events use tiara or pearl headbands to show more loveliness.

7.    Shoulder Length Tussled Hair:

Shoulder Length Tussled Hair

The tousled hair shows a nonchalant but trendy image. Brilliantly shuffled hair is in these days for formal and semi-formal events. The best part; this style enhances one’s prettiness with any kind of outfit.

Whereas this is one of the short hairstyles for fine hair too because it’s volume enhancing nature. Despite the fact that it adds volume without bothering hair texture as such. Besides all medium shoulder length haircuts, this style incorporates well.

Essentially all you need to do is little styling for adding that Apple polish looks to your personality.

8.    Short to Medium Hairstyles with Blonde Bangs:

Short to Medium Hairstyles with Blonde Bangs

The blond bangs are lighter in shade, but heavenly illuminating. This never going old color always makes us believe in sheer beauty.

Either platinum blazed, fawn or chestnut color; choose according to your mood and personality. Because the Short to Medium Hairstyles with Blonde Bangs would always be gorgeous.

Factually the blond hair looks messy and shaggy because of cutting down of natural hair color. So chopping it into medium length bangs is far better than leaving it long.

The amazing selection can also be titanium highlights for this cut because it will enhance the uniqueness and classical flaxen beauty.

9.    Dynamic Curly Medium Length:

Dynamic Curly Medium Length

Curls have been very popular among girls just because of their lively look. Hence Medium length is ideal for dynamic sassy curls as the shoulder length occupies waves more readily.

So, for this reason, you would require to curl tresses by curling iron, then layer by layer curl them. After that, use mousse and now you can say,

Curly Hair-Don’t Care!

10. Joyful Short Bowl Cut:

Joyful Short Bowl Cut

The other word for comfort is bowl haircut. For this reason, rush to the best salon nearby or search for a good hairstylist around your location to get this cut.

Would you believe?

That the bowl cut embraces the face in the most adorable manner. And if you acquire darker shades then it will definitely revolutionize the whole look.


The hollow shaped Short Medium Hairstyles gather extra attention by way of their exclusivity. So instantly try this cut out whenever it is convenient for you.

11. Brunette Bed Headed Layers:

Brunette Bed Headed Layers

The perfect brown shades in bold and sexy bed-headed layers are just the right combination. Either you prefer the brunette color to be in medium or short length it will look gorgeous both ways.

The most shattering brown color promotes the real style with that enthusiasm because brown colors display more natural persona.

Though the bed-headed style creates an illusion of volume near your head’s crown area. Hence displays a bolder badass icon. And you can,

Show it with style!

12. Feather Cut with Flickers:

Feather Cut with Flickers

The freely flying and flattering feather cut is always on the list of the most sensual ones. It has been the best haircut for ages while recently it has gained great popularity among young girls.

Though everyone adores the medium length feather with flicker ends because it is manageable and requires low maintenance. Additionally, the feather cut helps a thin, elongated face to look a bit rounder. For this reason the feathered Short to Medium Hairstyles castes the face shape in the sexiest way.

Just give deep conditioning, then dry perfectly with the help of blow dryer and using a round brush towards the actual length. Then spray the hairstyle freezing spray and you can live happily ever after.

13. Amber Color in Wavy Lob:

Amber Color in Wavy Lob

Amber shade brings that excitement to the hair and defines the hair texture as well. It is somewhat confusing for opting amber shades for renewing the look. Because amber shades have an illuminating spark that grabs everyone’s attention all of a sudden.

But the fact is,

Amber shades are the sexiest dyes for Short to Medium Hairstyles, and the fashion world absolutely loves it these days.

Meanwhile, the wavy lob haircut is the topmost wonderful idea for Hairstyles for Short Hair. As per it disguises the actual hair length of short hair by giving a look like a long feminine haircut.

14. Ombre with Medium Bangs:

Ombre with Medium Bangs

It is right that; Ombre makes the life more beautiful!

Day by day the Ombre inspires everyone cheerfully. All women are opting for these transitional dyes because they want to glow and become prominent.

The Ombre technique tends to show the most exotic yet trendy look and has versatile shade options. The point to be noted that Ombre technique works best for the damage ends and aids the rough ends.

The fact is;

Ombre coloring is a solution for rough ends because perfectly done Ombre tends to make the tips glowing and denser.

While preferring Ombre for Short to Medium Hairstyles is way classier than any other haircut. So, groom your natural tresses into medium or short Ombre hair and become a beauty icon.

15. Ginger Sombre in Layers:

Ginger Sombre in Layers

Ginger Sombre color presents the drastic change in your personality, while in medium layers they are a correct pair. Though layered Short to Medium Hairstyles needs special care and courtesy as they are petite. So, by coloring those into ginger Sombre brightens up their image.

Ginger color with light undertone is perfectly good for Sombre technique. While professional says, “if you’re uninterested in Ombre, use Sombre because it is dimmer and more natural looking.”

Meanwhile, you can rock around using short-medium layers with this exciting mahogany shade.

16. Soft Layers in Outward Style:

Soft Layers in Outward Style

Soft layers in outward style are too classy and known to be heroin style. With having outward layers in Short to Medium Hairstyles the main key is the look of the hair texture.

For this cause, you need to use hair mousse with blow dry and comb. Slightly comb with blow drying your tresses, then just follow this step for all layers.

Tip: For further making this hairstyle last long, spray the styling locking spray onto your hair.

17. Attractive Gold Highlights:

Attractive Gold Highlights

Color is the power which directly influences the soul!

Perfectly believed that the color casts a dynamic aura in any picture. Like that hair also needs fantastic coloring techniques to promote its looks and model.

Gold highlights are entirely gorgeous for ladies with thick medium tresses. Hence, rose gold highlights would be an attractive possession of Short to Medium Hairstyles.


Short to Medium Hairstyles

You’ve got a beauty that is all yours! 

Finally, all these mentioned Short to Medium Hairstyles would be helping you to the greatest extent. Choose either side swept, feather, wavy or layers according to your preference for style.

All these hairstyles are perfectly chosen for you with pictures to benefit you in the best possible way during your fashion emergency.

However, chopping hair into short or medium length can be life-changing for anyone. But sometimes it is also necessary to add some excitement to the old hairstyle.

Therefore, go ahead with all your fashion choices and desires by Short to Medium Hairstyles and glow elegantly in the party. you can watch more short to medium hairstyle

23 Alluring Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces to Opt Today

You are not the only one who is looking for some perfect Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which cast an elongating effect!

As the many girls struggle with hiding the width of their round face shape as it makes them appear flat and less edgy. No doubt, it is a real-time problem for the girls!

But here is a good news for you:

Fortunately, by choosing a right kind of haircut you can add necessary visual structure and dimension to your personality.

Though a round face has wider cheekbones, on the other hand, it also owns a better symmetry than other face types. So it’s time to learn embrace the face shape you are blessed with and try to make the most of it!

23 Medium Haircuts for Round Faces to Create an Elongation Effect

Medium Haircuts for Round Faces are those which skillfully mask and elongate the width of a rounded face, transforming it into a pretty oval. A famous hair artist Charlotte Mensah has once mentioned:

“Stay away from a bob or cut that is all one length if you have a round face”

Hence, instead of opting a short or very long hairdo you can opt a layering style which lies just above the shoulders and below the jawline.

A number of celebrities have mastered the art of slimming their round face, including Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and many others.

Explore the below mentioned best Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which have the power to elongate and accent your face and features respectively.

1.      Angled Bangs for a Round Face:

Angled Bangs for a Round Face

This is one of the best hairdos which comes to mind while speaking of Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces.

Nicole Richie is the celebrity inspiration for this stunning cut. It consists of a shaggy shoulder-length hair having some heavy fringes which cover the forehead and extend beyond the eyebrows.

Whereas, the angled bangs at both sides of the eyes make any woman appear really fashionable and flattering.

2.      Side Swept Shoulder Length Bangs:

Side Swept Shoulder Length Bangs

This Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces creates an amazing elongating effect. Moreover, it adds glamour to the personality and looks in a very effortless manner. For many years it remained in fashion and still enjoying the enduring popularity.

The Hollywood celebrity, Kirsten Dunst, has shown us how to rock this style with a round face. In fact, side-swept bangs covering the eyes make the face appear narrower and define cheekbones very well. Even without fancy jewels, a red lipstick is enough to do the job very well!

3.      Voluminous Mid-Length Lob:

Voluminous Mid-Length Lob

A lady with a round face can make herself look absolutely stylish with this collarbone grazing haircut. Because it delicately balances the unwanted face roundness and imparts a gorgeous retro look.

A rounded face usually has the fullest part near the cheeks that is the reason the hair experts recommend adding the weight to the tips. Hence, it results in improving the angle along the jaw-line.

Though it may seem a one-length hairdo, but in fact it’s not. However, singer Adele has modified this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces in an elegant way by incorporating subtle curls and soft layers to add volume at the bottom.

4.      Angled Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Angled Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you seen the Selena Gomez’s recent angled shoulder length haircut?

It has created a super cute look, isn’t it?

Actually, the angled strands help to pop the face features and increase the sweetness of a chubby round face. Furthermore, the off-centered styling successfully deflects the attention from the facial width.

So, this is a simple yet alluring Hairstyle for Round Chubby Face to grab instantly.

5.      Mid-Length Wavy Hairdo

Mid-Length Wavy Hairdo

Which Haircut Suits for Round Face Female?

This question has popped up in the minds of many ladies around who are facing difficulty in choosing a right kind of hairstyle.

This one is a simple wavy Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces which has the power to bring interest by reducing volume from the sides of the face. It brings the whole volume to the head crown instead. Further, the bangs covering the forehead are enough to break the rounded face curve.

It lends the angles and dimensions to the personality which weren’t there before. Hence, it’s a flattering hairdo which enhances the natural beauty.

6.      Boho Waves to Slim the Face

Boho Waves to Slim the Face

This relaxed hairdo with a side-swept and bouncy waves generates vibrant Boho vibes. The best part of this one of the sassiest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces is the longer side layers which help to elongate the roundness.

It has more hair volume along the neckline to reduce the face roundness. Plus, use a sea salt hairspray to get a fine finished look.

7.      A-Line Medium Haircuts for Round Faces:

A-Line Medium Haircuts for Round Faces

If you want to introduce an ultimate movement and edge in your personality, then this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces is fulfilling the purpose in the most glamorous way. It consists of a long bob having A-line pointed edges at least on one side.

In fact, the equal and sharp hair provides symmetry to the face and makes it appear longer.

8.      A High Bun:

A High Bun

Kendall Jenner has always remained on the top of the hair styling game. Her choppy mid-length bang conceals the cheeks and frames the face from all sides. The top bun draws audience’s attention upwards.

Thus, this hairdo, no doubt comes in the few top slots of Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces list.

9.      The Half Up-Do for Face Framing:

The Half Up-Do for Face Framing

Are you planning to attend a wedding or a formal dinner party?

For every formal occasion, this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces works perfectly. The puff on the top of the head shifts the whole volume on the head crown. Thus, it allows your face to appear slimmer and narrower in contrast. Quite clever, isn’t it?

10. Tight Curls and Fringes:

Tight Curls and Fringes

There is something very adorable about this Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces.

The fringes and tight curls manage to grab attention in a way that the person looking at you would not be able to notice your face roundness. It works so well for the ladies with the prominent forehead and high cheekbones.

In addition, don’t forget to use a high-quality curling iron to cause less damage to your strands.

11. The Broken-up Curls:

The Broken-up Curls

Looking for a hairdo which requires very less styling time?

Okay, then this one fulfills your demand in the most glorious way. The curly Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces is as simple as it looks. The curls not only give an alluring look but also create an elongated and thinner face effect.

Even a hair styling novice can generate this perfect look on the first try.

12. Medium Pink Bob Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Medium Pink Bob Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces

The pastel pink color is not the only standout feature of this hairdo, the style itself is extremely adorable.

The bob is cut at a steep angle to impart movement in the personality. Whereas, the side swept graduated layers with jagged ends create an edgy look, which can never go unnoticed.

Sleek hair has never appeared more beautiful than this.

13. Two-Toned Wavy Bob for a Round Face:

Two-Toned Wavy Bob for a Round Face

A haircut has the capability to do wonders as per your face shape and facial features. However, never underestimate the power of a vibrant and smart hair color dye.

The color selection in this one of the chicest Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces helps to shape the face by elongating it.

With such an amazing dye job, there is no need for contouring makeup anymore!

14. Medium Curly Haircut with Some Layered Bangs:

Medium Curly Haircut with Some Layered Bangs

If you have a round face with raised cheeks, then this hairdo blends amazingly with your facial features and roundness. It spreads the hair just up to the shoulders while wiggling outward, thus creating a crazy yet sophisticated appearance.

It perfectly suits your pronounced and wide jawline which makes you appear more attractive like never before!

15. Blonde Wavy Haircut with Choppy Tips:

Blonde Wavy Haircut with Choppy Tips

Having a spread out and broad face may feel a bit manly sometimes, but ladies, no need to worry anymore!

This wavy Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces extending all the way to the shoulders transforms your look from chubby to edgy.

Even for the ladies with a bit darker complexion, the outward wavy nature along with choppy ends of this hairdo will suit in an elegant way.

In the final analysis, a blonde highlight adds a never-ending glamorous touch.

16. Medium Blonde Layers:

Medium Blonde Layers

This hairdo looks sassy on women with a pointed chin and a rounded face. The cut is heavily layered showing the underlying parts of the hair. It allows the hair to wiggle in a steady manner, making you appear elegant and cute at the same time.

This one of the most manageable Medium Haircuts for Round Faces is all set to make you create a remarkable style statement.

17. Side Parted Lob and Blunt Ends:

Side Parted Lob and Blunt Ends

If there is a haircut, which requires minimalist styling, then this side parted lob will surely come in the top 10.

It is about expanding the hair outwards while keeping a linear flow. The ends are blunt making a classy and powerful statement. This Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces gives “you go girl” look in an effortless and calm manner.

18. Side Bangs and Layered Bob:

Side Bangs and Layered Bob

This haircut creates a retro 80’s look, which is too adorable. The hair flips towards the back side and looks visually thicker.

It exposes the layers in an elegant and professional manner like onion peels. One of the prettiest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces flows smoothly and imparts a feminine touch.

19. Medium Length Shaggy Hairdo:

Medium Length Shaggy Hairdo

In this hairdo, hair is super sleek and layered. Ladies with naturally sleek hair will take the most out of this style. If you have a round face with broad cheeks, then this style is a nice match. Use a flat iron to further enhance the elegant look of this cut.

Notably, this is a nice option to consider if you want a Hairstyle for Round Face to Look Slim.

20. Gray Mid-Length Bob:

Gray Mid-Length Bob

An angled Medium Haircut for Round Faces such as Bob is universally alluring as it flatters any hair texture and color. If you have naturally curly hair and looking for a “wash-and-go style”, this is the right cut to remember in this regard.

Also, the gray color adds tons of dimension and movement in the appearance.

21. Sleek Silver Bob:

Sleek Silver Bob

Some hair experts say that Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces without layers will not go well. However, this is not the case every time. A lob hairdo can be called as brilliant style looking gorgeous at fuller faces.

Ask your salon attendant to give a deep-parted and face-framing tresses which swoop over the whole face.

22. Layered Hairdo for Brunettes:

Layered Hairdo for Brunettes

One of the most adapted Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces is the one having soft layers starting below the jawline. The actress Catherine Zeta being in her early 40’s has set a great example of this youngish hairdo.

While blow drying your hair, add slight curls using a rounded brush to pronounce the appearance. Additionally, use a shine serum to add an extra dose of glam.

23. Razored Shag Hairstyle with Bangs:

Razored Shag Hairstyle with Bangs

Hair experts advise ladies with round faces not to opt straight bangs.

However, Kara Tointon walked against the waves and looks completely alluring in her shaggy style with straight bangs. This Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces offers an easy and light feel.

The end finish and texture of your hair play an important role in your final looks. So, make a smart choice and choose a professional hairdresser.


Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

When it comes to clothing, hair, and the makeup, the face shape plays a vital role. It is crucial to find a right kind of hairstyle which portrays your personality in the best possible way.

The most adapted Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces play with the texture and hair color to produce movement and body. The sole purpose is to divert hair volume from the sides so that chubby cheeks do not pronounce more.

In order to help you to glam with your natural face shape, we have collected some richest Medium Haircuts for Round Faces which are trendy and will elongate your can also check Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have a look at these flattering options and decide which suits you the best!

23 Darn Cool Medium Bob Hairstyles to Try This Season

Looking for the Medium Bob Hairstyles? Here your search ends up! Because there are lots of options to rock right now! The roots of this iconic style go back to Cleopatra.

In the era when ladies don’t want to chop the hair because the long hair has become the symbol of feminism, medium cuts provide a midway to enjoy longer length which is still manageable. Furthermore, the addition of bob makes shoulder length elegant yet very less maintenance-requiring styling option.

Bob may seem as kind of a straightforward hairdo at first, however, it’s certainly not. It provides a great room to play with the layers’ length, the hair textures, and the hair colors.

Thus, such haircuts provide an easy and classy solution to women of every age and class. From teenage girls to working ladies, bobbed cut makes all ready to steal the show with an alluring appearance.

23 Easy-to-Style Medium Bob Haircuts for Women of Every Age

It is very important to choose a right bob that suits your face shape and personality. An anonymous fashion magazine has once published:

“When someone tells you that long hair is what makes a woman feminine and beautiful…REMEMBER that pop culture’s most beautiful and iconic women had short hair”

From 90’s beauties to today’s fashion symbols, i.e., Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Claire Danes, Jessica Chastain, and many more embraced the industry with their heartthrob bobbed haircuts.

If you are planning to have a makeover, then have a quick look at the below mentioned Medium Length Haircuts which will transform your looks in an eye catching way.

1.      Blunt Medium Length Bob:

Blunt Medium Length Bob

This simple yet chic hairdo draws audience’ attention to the cheekbones and eyes. As the famous celebrity stylist Charles Dujic claims “A blunt bob with bangs on a heart shaped face looks great”.

So, by styling it straight and smooth, one can emphasize the bob’s bluntness. To achieve a perfect sleek look, must use a paddle like brush.

2.      A-shaped Bob Cut with Highlights:

A-shaped Bob Cut with Highlights

For the girls craving for an overall dimension, this one of the most chic Medium Bob Hairstyles is a must try. Because, it creates a fresh look which is not too extreme or too rigid. A-shaped structure softens and frames the face features, creating a perky finish and youthful look.

By using highlights of natural color, you can create a perfect summer and spring rocking style.

3.      Loosely Curled Medium Bob Hairstyles:

Loosely Curled Medium Bob Hairstyles

The first look of this Medium Bob Hairstyles is too adorable to handle. The casual and loose curls with lovely brown highlights accent the personality magnificently. If you want a hairdo which is elegant and coy all at once, then have a keen look at this haircut.

Henceforth, all you need is a curling iron and a good hair spray to get an adorable OLALA look!

4.      Asymmetrical Blonde Bob with Texture:

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob with Texture

Undoubtedly, asymmetrical blonde bob is not an easy hairdo to carry. It can go wrong if it is left completely sleek with a botched or unfinished appearance. So, to make it look fabulous and edgy, don’t forget to add wavy hair texture and a rocking color dye.

Plus, the further addition of a leather jacket with this blonde Medium Bob Hairstyles is enough to uplift your personality for all upcoming club parties!

5.      Platinum Bob with Beach Waves:

Platinum Bob with Beach Waves

Summer is ahead and are you looking for a hairdo which goes well with this hot weather and your planned beach parties?

Then you have landed at a right place. Because sunlight is all set to put life in these glamorous beach waves. Furthermore, mesmerizing platinum blonde dye acts as a cherry on the top.

Hence, do not forget to pair this Medium Bob Haircut with short jeans to get an adorable, summery appearance, which will never go unnoticed.

6.      Blonde Graduated Medium Bob:

Blonde Graduated Medium Bob

A graduated bob is one of the easiest to carry Medium Bob Hairstyles. It’s bouncy, trendy, and funky. So, there is absolutely no reason not ot opt it. Even in the simplest form, this hairdo with a stacked back and long front can allow any woman to make an alluring style statement.

7.      Extreme A-shaped Cut with Light Waves:

Extreme A-shaped Cut with Light Waves

This beautiful hairdo is all ready to give you a perfect Friday night party appearance. It’s no doubt one of the most decent and sophisticated Medium Bob Hairstyles. By luxurious and loose waves, this extreme A-shaped cut looks perfect.

And of course, this is exactly the look you are looking for the upcoming prom night!

8.      Blunt Bob with Graduated Streaks:

Blunt Bob with Graduated Streaks

In early 2000’s, bolder streaks hit the style charts with a messy storm. However, this look still can be rocking today.

Such bouncy and a lovely Medium Bob Haircut features a graduated blunt bob with stacking to add a voluminous appearance. In fact, it frames the face and imparts an absolutely glamorous look, just perfect for teenage college students!

9.      Platinum Blonde Bob with Teased Ends:

Platinum Blonde Bob with Teased Ends

Whenever you tease your hair, you are likely to spend another few minutes to make it appear natural and neat. However, sometimes it’s fine to just leave the teased hair open and exposed. This is what is done in this hairdo.

Hence, this teased Medium Bob Hairstyle is trendy, funky, and will do no doubt wonders at any party.

10. Sleek Black & White A-shaped Middle Parted Hairdo:

Sleek Black & White A-shaped Middle Parted Hairdo

Clearly defined and polished, this particular Medium Bob Haircut is suitable for ladies who want a rigid and a modern look. For a sleek and modernized finish, strands are kept black and white. On the other hand, middle parted style goes well for heart shaped and round faces.

11. A-Line Medium Bob Haircuts with Purple Hint:

A-Line Medium Bob Haircuts with Purple Hint

Purple is one of the hottest hair dyes, hitting the style charts these days. But if you are not confident enough to take a bold step of coloring your tresses with a vibrant purple color, then consider this trendy idea of sprinkling the purple dye to the platinum blonde roots.

And the end result is a very alluring A-line Medium Bob Hairstyle which will turn the heads towards you.

12. Bob with Red Dye and Curls:

Bob with Red Dye and Curls

This look is simply romantic and stunning. The cut starts from darker roots, leading towards the hints of deep red tresses and lovely curls, adding tons of elegance. This one of the most elegant Medium Bob Hairstyles allows you to rock the shoulder length with a bang!

Henceforth, pair it with one of your finest dress to turn the heads in a wedding function or a friend’s party.

13. Medium Bob Hairstyles with a Flip:

Medium Bob Hairstyles with a Flip

In the list of super trendy Medium Bob Haircuts, this hairdo will definitely come in top 10. You can transform your dull, lifeless locks into cute and bouncy ones which look FAB!

The addition of a trendy flip to this graduated bob will impart a bouncy boost up which works great for mature ladies.

14. Medium Bob Hairstyles with Funky and Fun Layers:

Medium Bob Hairstyle with Funky and Fun Layers

You cannot go wrong with this funky layered Medium Bob Haircut, especially if you own a funky and cute personality to make a match!

The quirky layers add tons of youthful bounce and texture to the face, which is extremely eye catching. So, this hairdo is a great option if you are looking for Medium Layered Hairstyles for your next makeover.

15. Medium Bob Haircuts with Light Curls:

Medium Bob Haircuts with Light Curls

So soothing and ladylike, this simple yet classic and adorable Medium Bob Hairstyle will make you fall in love. Instead of keeping the basic bob straight and sleek, very delicate curls are added by a curling iron, which are doing wonders.

The end result is a flawless polished look that can be opted for any formal or informal event. Don’t forget to use the minimal makeup to allow the natural beauty to do the talking.

16. Bob with Super Short Layers on the Top:

Bob with Super Short Layers on the Top

The first glimpse of this hairdo makes you fall in love with the beautiful gray color. This chic and super polished look allows you to make a style statement that will be stunning for days. The basic graduated bob is updated with some very short layers on the top half, which add volume and height.

Plus, you just further need a dose of confidence pill to rock your every appearance.

17. Medium Asymmetrical Hairdo with Waves:

Medium Asymmetrical Hairdo with Waves

For school function, for a family trip, for prom, for a date night or for ANYWHERE! Your every appearance can bring life in your looks with this one of the most elegant Medium Bob Haircuts. As loose waves and a medium asymmetrical bob make an adorable and sassy combination.

Moreover, an addition of a color dye which suits your personality makes it more alluring and eye catching.

18. Voluminous Bob with Ombre Red Highlights:

Voluminous Bob with Ombre Red Highlights

Ombre is such a hot trend these days, and a further blend of intense red dye takes the hotness to another level!

A thrilling vibrant red color cascades down towards the jet black hair tips, creating an amazing finish. To further emphasize on the boldness that this one of the boldest Medium Bob Hairstyles possesses, a lot of teasing is applied.

Hence, the end result is a voluminous “look-at-me” image!

19. Stacked Bob with Short Layers:

Stacked Bob with Short Layers

You can take your Medium Bob Haircut to the next style level by adding tons of crazy super short layers, stacking on the back side. This hairdo gives a unique, edgy finish with wild texture. In addition, Blonde highlights may further be added to enhance the dimension of the cut.

20. Messy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs:

Messy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Fun and casual, this messy Medium Bob Hairstyle is such a nice pick for everyday looks. Must wear it on poolside as well as in the schoolyard. The messy style gives a girly touch to the personality, whereas the side swept bang keeps the things innocent and soft.

No doubt, this is one of the best Shoulder Length Bob with Bangs, creating a cute feminine look.

21. Textured Medium Bob Haircut with Fringes:

Textured Medium Bob Haircut with Fringes

If you are looking for some Mid Length Bob Hairstyles with Fringe, then this hairdo can be a nice inspiration for your next makeover.

This cut lies just above your shoulders to create a bouncy effect, whereas the straight fringes impart an alluring lift to the style. Furthermore, for a stylish look a bit of texture is added through teasing, which makes it a perfect “everyday” style!

22. Sultry Wavy Mid Length Bob:

Sultry Wavy Mid Length Bob

Are you craving to get this model-like look?

A super gorgeous Medium Bob Hairstyles having sultry waves and Balayage color dye adds an alluring touch to your personality. For sure, it can be easily handled and allows you to get everyone’s attention in an effortless manner.

Hence, it makes you rock the upcoming beach party along with some pretty sandals and Capris or one can wear it at a formal event with jewels and an elegant dress.

23. Inverted Choppy Bronde Mid-Length Bob:

Inverted Choppy Bronde Mid-Length Bob

Unable to choose between brunette and blonde highlights? No worries, get your hands on this Bronde Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles with Layers.

Messy layers blended with a stacked volume on the back side will take this “out-of-the-ordinary” color to a next level. It imparts some class and sass in the basic Medium Hairstyles.


Medium Bob Hairstyles

“The bob is the most flexible and feminine of styles… it can suit just about everyone”

No worries, if you have an oval or a round face, thin or thick hair, curly or straight texture, these Medium Bob Hairstyles have managed to uplift every face and hair type. From elegant to funky, and decent to quirky, there are a number of options to try with your mid length bob hairdo.

Additionally, these simple, smooth, stylish haircuts can be worn by women of every age group. A teenager can rock her college prom night, an adult can make her date special, and an elder woman can age gracefully by choosing a right kind of Medium Bob Haircuts.

So, just pick the most appealing cut and grab it when you plan to make a next salon appointment!

21 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Black Women to Look Classy

If you are stuck with a natural hair situation and trying to figure out the most modern Medium Hairstyles for Black women, then search no more!

Well, Beyoncé has rocked long hair, and there is no doubt that the long hair is hard to give up.

Surely agreed that some of us do look at the LILY’s (aka iiSuperwomen) long silky hair with awe, but sometimes women desire to have a haircut that is both sassy and easy to maintain.

The long hair might just be too much for the busy life that you have. Or may be that it is a time for a change. After all, the most noticeable change always begins with the haircut.

With the heap of long hair, women intend to shift to something intermediary to flaunt. That is, have a haircut ,which is a fashion statement, easy to style, less time consuming and a hairstyle which keeps you on fleek in your casual and formal whereabouts.

If neither too short nor too long, just something in between the both, would do for you, then something out of the playful list of Medium Haircuts for Black Women is your summer statement for the year!

21 Super Easy Medium Haircuts for Black Women – Be Up to Date in No Time

Opera’s speech and her overall look of 7th Jan 2018 Academy Awards was daunting, a perfect bold and straight forward statement to the world.

If she is your inspiration for Medium Haircuts for Black Women, or, if the leading former First Lady Michelle Obama has struck you as the ultimate style icon, then below are some of the trendiest suggestions for you to choose from!

1-   Curly  Medium Hairstyles for Black Women:

Curly  Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

For the shoulder length hair this hairstyle is the best. As the most black women have natural curl in their hair. Thank the Lord for it, it’s a blessing! This versatile Medium Length Haircut for Black Women is an evergreen hairstyle.

So, sweep it all from the front, pinning it at the back, gives an entirely different look. Thus, the bundled bouncy curls at the back look absolutely eye catching, while the front look is neat and subtle.

2-   Layered Hair – Look Classy:

Layered Hair – Look Classy

Layers add volume to the hair. It can be styled in numerous ways. It gives the advantage of style without compromising the hair length. This Medium Haircut for Black Women is so summer!

Henceforth, if you have thin, dark hair, go for layers in medium length. Simmer it up with highlights to create a dual tone.

3-   Playful Middle Part:

Playful Middle Part

Well, if you require an easy, light top with the entire volume of your curls on either side then this hairstyle is just for you!

Undoubtedly, this is super easy to style up and carry through the whole day long. Moreover, it provides an instant style to your personality. So, do not forget to try this look this year!

4-   Foxy Lioness – The Messy Curls:

Foxy Lioness - The Messy Curls

For the naturally super curly hair, it is often difficult to pick a hairstyle. Especially, if you are a Black woman afflicted with a heap of tight curls and braiding is your last resort, then picking such a haircut from a list of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women could be a tremendous task.

In order to keep the natural bouncy curls unaltered, this haircut is too perfect and too stylish. The plus point of this Medium Haircut for Black Women is that it works for Black women of all face shapes.

Additionally, use texturing products to keep the curls soft and well-conditioned.

5-   Copper Medium Haircuts for Black Women:

Copper Medium Haircuts for Black Women

One can make a simple Medium Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair more eye catching, by playing with the hair color. Although copper curls go perfect with the tanned skin tone, you can use hair color of your choice. Use Volumizer to spice up this tremendous look.

Henceforth, it is the easiest of the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women. For the party nights use a head scarf to tie your curls, and rock it with a bright pout.

6-   Feathered V Layered Hairstyles:

Feathered V Layered Hairstyles

For the women looking for a straight silky hair look for a light as a butterfly feeling, this hairstyle might just be the right one. It resembles a horse’s mane that flies, unrestrictedly in the fresh breeze.

This is the dream Medium Haircuts for Black Women as it is easily manageable. The variations in layers create a different look at the front and the back.

While the short layers create a sexy look in the front, complementing your personality and features, the long layers at the back makes the eyes get glued to you!

Create a dual tone, or just play with the various hues of hair dye to customize your haircut, as per your taste.

7-   Wavy Lob with Layers:

Wavy Lob with Layers

Bobs have been the favorite hairstyle of the fashion industry. Their variation is available for all the lengths and face type to adequately address the cravings of women for Bob.

This is a Bob with some length, pushing it out of the category of Short Length Hairstyles. It’s a LOB for you!

Long Bobs are indeed flattering and very modern. For the particular Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, highlights or low lights create a more intense look.

Create loose waves using a curler to emphasize the duo-tone of your hair.

8-   Messy Lob:

Messy Lob

For the ‘I woke up like this’ look, this Long Bob is trendier because it allows you to have a feminine length while having a Medium Length Haircut. The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women fully and perfectly achieve the messy hair, no care look.

9-   Wispy Layers -A Wavy Haircut:

Wispy Layers -A Wavy Haircut

A major plus point, if your hair has a natural wave, then give wispy layers a try. This hairstyle is just right for the medium length hair.

Just about the right length to do away with the guilt of cutting your hair too short and to undo the hefty task of maintenance of long hair. This is a must have, among all the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

10-A Layered Bottom with Medium Length Hair:

A Layered Bottom with Medium Length Hair

If you have straight hair, then there is a lot you can do with it. From feather haircut to the bottom centric hair, there is so much you can do with your hair.

Notably, the best part about Medium Hairstyles for Black Women is that these hairstyles have numerous ways of styling befitting your demands and taste, while enhancing the beauty of dark skin tone.

For a customized personality statement, cut your hair in layers at the bottom. The straightened top with layers at the end deals with the thick hair management problem you have been sick and tired of!

11-Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair:

Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair

Another solution for the naturally thick hair is that have a medium length feathered haircut. With the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, the hair won’t be as dense, and you’d be able to shed the weight of the thick hair you feel on your skull.

In fact, the layers provide the freshness in your look while allowing your hair to flow freely.

12-Two Tiers Bob for Medium Hair:

Two Tiers Bob for Medium Hair

Although there is a huge variety in Bob, this is one of those Medium Hairstyles for Black Women that provides added dimension to your thin hair.

If you are seeking refuge from the choppy layered haircut, this is a perfect hairstyle to go with! It gives you a very elegant and polished appearance.

13-Bob with Caramel Balayage:

Bob with Caramel Balayage

The French hair dying technique of Balayage is the most in demand trending hair dying technique. A Bob haircut with a caramel Balayage softens up your former blunt and boring hairstyle.

Caramel Balayage is the light colored style that is so voguish and so fresh. For his reason, go for it girl!

14-Weave Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair:

Weave Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Women love the weave hairstyle. Especially the women with dark skin tones and a natural hair curl, simply adore it. It is not necessary to have long hair to try the weaves.

Making this hairstyle with curly hair is possible. So, choose any from a set of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

15-The Wavy Red Hair

The Wavy Red Hair

Play with your hair. A haircut with a combination of a precisely selected hair dye does a lot to your look and impression. Since we all know the first impression counts the most, if you are looking for a bold, bright, confident impression, dye your hair in the tone of RED.

The red hair dye is perfect for the naturally dark hair colors. The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women are complemented with hair dyes ranging from burgundies to reds and maroons.

16-Red Ends:

Red Ends

If you have straight hair then just leave the top of your hair in natural color, and only dye the lower tips of your hair to have a blazing, Firefox look.

17-Curls with Layered Bangs:

Curls with Layered Bangs

The tousled curls with layered bangs give a very neat and professional look. A signature working lady look is attained by styling the hair into parts. Use a serum to glisten the hair texture.

Curls in the Medium Haircuts for Black Women provides the perfect look. To be sure, heels and medium length curls with cat eyes, is your evening look of the day.

18-Flipped and Layered – Ready to Flaunt:

Flipped and Layered – Ready to Flaunt

This is an ideal look for medium length that looks dense and voluminous. If you have had long hair and looking for a leap of faith required to have it cut to short, opt for this medium length hairstyle.

The layers start at the mid length and are stacked in bundles at the back, giving a cascading look, distinguishing it from all the other layered haircut suggestions in the category of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

The cascading layers give bounce, with the necessary volume to your hair. This is a very dynamic and flowy hairstyle. Blow drying, this haircut would create the dreamy feisty look for your events and celebrations.

19-Tousled Side Sweeps:

Tousled Side Sweeps

The tousled curled swept on to the side is a classic look that stays alive to this date. One of the most daring haircut of the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women to choose indeed.

20-Symmetric Swooped Layers in a Bob:

Symmetric Swooped Layers in a Bob

The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women have one of the most fashionable Bob haircut suggestions for the Bob lovers out there.

If you are looking for something less dramatic and more elegant and polished, then this Bob is all about it. The symmetric layers provide the neat and polished impact while the medium length keeps the hair flowy and dynamic.

21-A Medium Shag:

A Medium Shag

These days the trendiest chic look is the one that requires minimum effort to style, yet they provide the ultimate modern look. The shag can be given to the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, to achieve the dynamic, volumized, modern hair.

The bouncy hair would flow with the shag. Layers would provide the fashionable, babe, look while the shag would create the illusion of all the volume that you need.

Always the best to mess with hair dyes.

22-Vibrant Orchid Hair:(Bonus)

Vibrant Orchid Hair

Well, for the funky girl looks, go a little darker and off the bandwagon to pick a wild hair color. It would look completely breath taking with the medium length.

If you got a chocolate, brown or hazel pupil, pick a contrast with the eyeball and create the masterpiece custom hairstyle in medium length.

Purple, or even burgundies would do. Match the eye makeup for the evening functions to create an intense impression.


Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

There are a number of hairstyles, which are trending. The fashion industry has not failed to address the demands of mod look required by the women and they have set the most fashionable Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of tanned tones.

To choose one hairstyle out of the huge variety of Medium Haircut for Black Women is indeed a difficult task, with each haircut having its own appeal and sizzling look.

List out the impression you want to lay on others this summer and make the jaws drop. Medium Length Hair lets you step outside the boring hair do issues and be playful, classy and utterly beautiful you!