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17 Best Layered Hairstyles for To Give You Excellent Look

Layered Hairstyles have remained at the top of the styling charts for so many years. The main reason is they provide dimension and movement to the manes with very less styling effort.

All hair lengths can be limp or flat when not handled properly. By incorporating layers, one can add an instant spice of movement. Moreover, they are very versatile.

One can choose to wear her hair down, tie in a ponytail or go for a bun, layers will make each style elegant than ever before.

As of a simple rule: The layered cuts are more interesting and alluring than the single length styles. Hence, incorporating layers is an instant dose of adding the dimension to otherwise flat, dull, and boring locks.

17 Chic Layered Hairstyles – Enjoy the New Looks with Less Effort

From incorporating delicate to heavy layers, one can get a great transformation in no time. There is enough room to manipulate the ends, either flipped or flicked, they add a beautiful spice to the overall image.

A lob, a bob, medium length locks, long length manes, layers can add flattering movement and bounce to all hair types.

There are so many color dying options that complement these styles. The modern coloring techniques have further made it easier to manipulate the conventional hair hues.

Hence, get your hands on these traditional as well as modern Layered Hairstyles, when you plan your next salon visit!

1.      Feathered V-Shaped Layers:

Feathered V-Shaped Layers

No doubt,  provide a great solution to impart movement and dimension in otherwise limp and flat hair.

This hairdo features a medium length, which is considered as the most manageable in the hairstyling industry. Besides being manageable, this length provides enough room to play with the different forms of textured ends.

As in this case, the stylist will incorporate heavy layers at the bottom. The relatively longer front side manes create a face framing effect. Furthermore, keep the locks free flowing to get a mesmerizing feeling in a cool meadow breeze!

2.      Multi Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Multi Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

This Layered Haircut is a dream of most of the women blessed to have long locks.

The vital and glamorous secret of this long hairdo is the blend of short, medium, and long layers. A straightening rod will help to keep the hair straight and sleek. And if you have naturally straight hair then, this is a plus point as the heating rod is not required in that case.

The front layers are kept short and then from the back side, layer length keeps on increasing gradually. The perfect jet black color goes well with this hairstyle.

However, one can choose a color of one’s own choice to rock this simple yet elegant cut.

3.      Collarbone Hairstyle with Flicked Hair Ends:

Collarbone Hairstyle with Flicked Hair Ends

This one of the trendiest Layered Hairstyles is a must try for the ladies having super thick manes.

Layers impart an instant dimension and body to locks. However, the blend of top layers and flicked ends is another glamorous solution to remove the heaviness from thicker manes. A nice blow dry job is necessary to replicate this look in its true sense.

Moreover, use a double tone dye to get a more dynamic look.

4.      Messy Lob with Layers:

Messy Lob with Layers

Lobs are hitting the style charts for so many years. These Layered Hairstyles let women wear a relatively short length in a way which is feminine as well. This is why a number of women get attracted to this stylish hairdo.

Messy lob with layers features heavy layers at the bottom. One can go for a dye of light color such as light blonde or brown to impart some cool vibes. Keep the hair a bit messy to create a playful and soft appearance.

Hence, a blend of messy layers and soft color dye makes this cut a top choice of girls.

5.      Layers with Heavy Bangs:

Layers with Heavy Bangs

This style is a great blend of a traditional Layered Haircut and heavy bangs, which looks so adorable and gentle!

Especially for women with fine and thin hair, this hairdo is a great pick to create the illusion of thickness. On the front side, long bangs are incorporated and swept to one side. It creates an extra lift in the front flick, which is eye catching.

Try out a light color dye such as blonde to let your personality appear more beautiful than ever before, making this hairdo one of the best Layered Haircut for Fine Hair.

6.      Layered Bob with Caramel Highlights:

Layered Bob with Caramel Highlights

This Layered Hairstyles is a great way of transforming the naturally sleek hair. It imparts an instant dimension which is too classy.

Hairstylist cuts the manes at an inclined angle to make them look textured. A number of color dyes will go well with this cut. However, caramel Balayage is the one that has the power to rock this style in the best way possible.

As the caramel hue is considered as one of the lightest yet brightest dye these days, making this one of the trendiest Medium Layered Hairstyle.

7.      Flipped and Layered:

Flipped and Layered

This Layered Hairstyle creates an adorable and bouncy appearance with full of volume and movement instantly!

The layers are introduced at different lengths in this medium length hairdo to get a sassy look. The layers are gradually reduced in stacked pieces.

Flip the ends with a heating rod and a rounded brush. A blow-dry is necessary to create an uplift for a voluminous illusion.

Pair it with long earrings and high heels to let heads turn in all the upcoming parties!

8.      Sleek Layered Hairstyles:

Sleek Layered Haircuts

The layers are responsible for adding so much dimension and versatility in sleek hair texture.

Long Layered Hairstyle are relatively easy to style in less time. One can keep the locks open or pinup or wear it in a bun when running short on time.

This particular cut goes well for both thin and thick locks. The V-shaped bottom will add movement without much mess.

Don’t use so much hairspray in order to avoid the crunchy hair look. Go for a good conditioner after hair wash to get a shine, which is necessary if you choose to wear the locks free. Therefore, the manes will look silky and smooth without much effort.

9.      Textured Layered Hairdo for Long Hair:

Textured Layered Hairdo for Long Hair

This one is a nice option if you are looking for some light, easy breezy Layered Hairstyle for Long Hair.

Keep the upper part of the hair straight. From below the jawline, start adding textured layers. Incorporate soft, loose beachy waves below this point.

A combination of loose waves and textured layers will give an elegant lift which is the highlight of this haircut.

Don’t go for bangs instead, add shorter layers on the front side for a face framing effect. Choose a light color dye which complements the sunny summer season. Moreover, the loose waves make you attend all your beach parties in a cool and bright way!

10. Medium Length Stratified Strands:

Medium Length Stratified Strands

This, a dramatic and sophisticated Medium Layered Hairstyles, is a full jam pack for all the ladies looking for a unique hairdo.

It showcases manes in a glamorous way, either you choose to wear them in a ponytail or keep it down. To further add the brightness, go for a bit darker color dye. Chocolate brown or caramel is a great option in this regard.

This cut is a heart winning option in almost all the gatherings!

11. Choppy Hairstyle with Layers:

Choppy Hairstyle with Layers

For ladies who are not comfortable for heavy layers as it takes years to get the hair back at a single length, can try out this simple Layered Hairstyle.

Ask your stylist to add very light layers spread equally throughout the crown. It will give the same amount of dimension and movement. However, the styling time will be exponentially reduced, which is a plus point.

Furthermore, a blend of light and dark blonde highlights makes the cut more appealing and flattering.

12. Bedhead Adorable Layers:

Bedhead Adorable Layers

Looking for some unique Layered Hairstyles? How about trying a bedhead style with a sparkly red hue for mid length hair?

The look created with this style is absolutely cool and adorable. A dry shampoo makes the hair perfect to carry out this cut in the most elegant way.

With less styling headache, a sophisticated office going look can be generated. Red hue makes it more appealing than making it too edgy.

No doubt, an effortlessly stylish and unique look is just a few minutes away with this hairdo.

13. Choppy Layers for Long Hair:

Choppy Layers for Long Hair

This Layered Hairstyles features an eye catching back view, where lots of layers cut in different lengths mixed together. A right kind of color dye makes it more charming. Go for a dye which is close to your natural hair color to keep the look simple.

Blow drying with head down creates an uplift to get a voluminous appearance. Touch up the bottoms with a heating rod so that they look polished and well maintained.

14. Layered Hairstyle for very Long Locks:

Layered Hairstyle for very Long Locks

If you have super long hair and looking for some movement-adding Layered Hairstyles, which maintain the hair length should try this cut.

The layers are added at different lengths as per the manes texture and the face shape. It makes manes appear healthy and dynamic.

To make it spunkier, curl the ends with a heating rod. The end result is an absolutely adorable look which will never go unnoticed.

Furthermore, to pronounce the style keep a single tone hair dye to get a voluminous illusion. Pair it with the minimal accessories and makeup for an instant glam appearance.

15. Classic, Wavy Layered Haircut:

Classic, Wavy Layered Haircut

This classic and wavy Layered Hairstyles will allow your manes to sway as you move!

It comes up as a great free flowing style because the layers blend beautifully with the long locks. Instead of very tight curls, go for some loose ringlets all over the crown to get a soft touch.

Finally, a middle parted style will frame the face and will get an eye catching look for yours.

Moreover, choose a darker color hue as it complements the style well, such as chocolate brown and caramel.

16. Long Layers and Flipped Ends:

Long Layers and Flipped Ends

This look reminds of some fairy tale princess, isn’t it?

The body and bounce, this Layered Hairstyles imparts an unparalleled look. Layers are imparted at the bottom in tiers to form a full of glam shape. It takes away the heaviness and bulk from very thick locks. Flip all the ends with a curling rod in the outward position.

A light blonde dye further softens the overall image. The end result is absolutely alluring and chic look, which is worth keeping. A good quality serum is a must to keep the manes in the right position for a bit longer period of time.

17. Layered Lob with Soft Caramel Highlights:

Layered Lob with Soft Caramel Highlights

Not each and every Short Layered Haircut has to go super edgy and crazy. A rather simple and soft look can also be created this way.

The delicate layers with soft color dyes work well if you are not looking for any high glam styling option. Instead of going for heavy layers, ask your stylist to impart layers only at the points where the dimension is lacking.

In an effortless manner, you are all ready to steal the show!


Layered Hairstyles

Every girl wants to look well styled and well groomed. How you wear your hair plays an important part in reflecting your personality.

The movement and dimension are two important factors which play an important role in showcasing your manes. No matter what is the hair length, short, medium, or Long, Layered Hairstyles can impart unmatched body to all of the hair types.

Layers can reduce the heaviness from the thick locks whereas, add volume to thin manes. Hence, such hairdos accommodate all types of hair textures in an elegant way. Accept the importance of a right kind of hairdo and select your favorite style from the above mentioned Layered Hairstyles for your next makeover!

31 Modish Layered Haircuts – Grab a Gorgeous Appearance Instantly

Layered Haircuts is an amazing way of wearing the tresses in the most stylish and classy manner

Tired of your old look and want to adorn? Here is the kicker! Transform your look completely with these Layered Hairstyles. These trendy Layered Haircuts will totally change your personality and make you a Fashionista instantly.

Indeed, there are various types of hair like thick, thin, straight, curly or wavy. And not all types look best with layers. So, it is a big problem of many girls.

But here is a good news:

Now you can try Layered Hairstyles on each and every type of hair regardless of the texture and appearance. How?

There are a few cutting techniques that make your hair look amazingly better. For instance, thin hair requires the specific layers that may let it look thicker.

So, do not miss the word, and find the perfect layers of your hair right now! The information given below is totally based on the experts’ opinion and hairstylists’ experience.

Just try different Layered Haircuts and go rocking!

31 Trendiest Layered Haircuts that would Let You Look Astonishing

Are you reluctant to haircuts because you think they might not suit you? Do you afraid of losing your long hair and end up looking even dumber?

Well, then say goodbye to your fears and try these amazing Layered Haircuts. They will ultimately bring new looks for sure and furthermore make you look younger, high-spirited and liberal.

Hair can be the magnificent booster to beautify. Finding your perfect hairstyle can be a hard task. If you are oblivious of the perfect haircut for you, well, then now is the time to find one for yourself.

These classy Layered Haircuts will resolve your problems all at once. The diverse Layered Haircuts will provide you with a wide variety of options to choose from and you are definitely going to find one for you today. Bold promise??  Yes, why not.

So, here is the deal!!!

1-Long Layered Haircuts with Highlighted Films:

Long Layered Hairstyle with Highlighted Films

“I think dress, hairstyle, and makeup are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive person and give one the chance to enhance one’s best physical features.” Vivienne Westwood.

Long Layered Haircut only suit the straight hair, is just a myth. This flawless hairstyle is an excellent epitome to break the stereotypes, however, if you have naturally curly hair then this is an ideal choice for you.

The highlighted films will add so much glamour to your look and make your hair remarkably stunning.

2-Choppy Layers Hairstyles:

Choppy Layers

Are you also a victim of hair fall? If so, then get this haircut without a second thought. This Layered Hairstyles totally resolves the thin hair problem. In fact, it adds volume to your hair and makes you forget about your thin hair problems.

3-Duolength Layered Haircuts:

Duolength Layers

This Layered Hairstyles usually suits women with a sharp jawline as well as the squared faces. The sharp ends of the two different layers stun so beautifully that you will love your day.

4-Blowout Long Layered Haircuts:

Blowout Long Layers

If you have gorgeous wavy hair, then this is the perfect way of presenting them. As a matter of fact, the best part about it is its versatility. All you have to do is an appointment with your hairdresser and then you are ready to slay the world with your blunt layers.

5-Long V-Cut with Blondes:

Long V-Cut with Blondes

Layered Haircuts are one of the most easy-breezy ways to look fabulous swiftly and this haircut is one of the tactics to look effortlessly great. Also, it will enhance your entire look in a very remarkable way.

6-Messy Hair with Subtle Layers

Messy Hair with Subtle Layers

Want to add style to your look while having a maximum length of your hair? Stop searching further.

Here is the quest for your long lasting thirst!!

You have found the absolute haircut for your demands. This glamorous Layered Hairstyle will give you a charismatic look in minutes.

7-Banged Waves:

Banged Waves

This Layered Shoulder Length Haircut is one of the trendiest and catchy coiffures of the time. If you want your hair to lie midway between short and long and look elegant at the same time, go for it today.

Let the world wonder about your hair experiments!

8-Magnificent Layered Pixie:

Magnificent Layered Pixie

When it comes to fashion, this Short Layered Haircut always lies at the top. Moreover, it’s a messy layered haircut textured with a voluminous covering that will make you the hottest damsel promptly.

9-Short Asymmetrical Cut:

Short Asymmetrical Cut

Are you a short height lady and looking for a perfect hairstyle for you? This is what exactly you were finding! This Layered Hairstyle will glamour your look instantly and turn you into a magnificent Fashionista within minutes. Of course, the remarkable look will make you fall in love with your hair in no time.

10-Soft Layered Bob:

Soft Layered Bob

This Layered Bob Haircut is pretty iconic. It should be the most prioritized if you are having the problem of a long and wide forehead. It will cover the major part of your forehead and make you look an amazing lady in a matter of seconds, likewise.

11-Layered Haircut with Bangs:

Layered Haircut with Bangs

Bid a goodbye to contouring with this beautiful Short Layered Hairstyle. Besides giving independence of contouring, this Layered Haircut will give you a showy look. Comparatively, it looks surprisingly great on every texture and face shape.

12-Chopped Pixie with Layers:

Chopped Pixie with Layers

This is one of the most unique hairstyles, that will let you get rid of tangled and messy hair. Despite its short length, it still looks pretty girlie and elegant.

13-Short Razored Bob:

Short Razored Bob

When it comes to hair, no one really likes to take risks. Well, it’s natural! If you are also reluctant to Layered Haircuts, don’t make them too short. You will definitely love this Short Layered Hairstyle as it will add extra volume and beauty to your hair.

14-Pixie with Voluminous Crown:

Pixie with Voluminous Crown

When you need a catchy and trendy look all at the same time, Layered Haircuts meet your needs efficiently. For example, consider this one. In the light of fact, this is a perfect haircut for chubby faced ladies as it gets the major part of the face covered with flawless hair.

15-Angled Bob with Coffee Colored Layers:

Angled Bob with Coffee Colored Layers

Are you also obsessed with your morning coffee color? If yes, go for this color and style. This Layered Haircut will suit you so well and will engross the whole day in love with your hair.

16-Flaring Layers with Boundless Bangs:

Flaring Layers with Boundless Bangs

If you are blessed with long flawless hair, then this is the best option for you. The long flaring layers with sharp brown bangs will really make you a cool lady, and you will definitely crave your hair to remain as it is for the rest of your life.

17-Dimensional Layers with Stacked Pixie:

Dimensional Layers with Stacked Pixie

If you are looking for a style that is trendy, girlish and timeless, this is the one. The perfect mixture of blonde dimensional sheets and messy stacked layers is the most demanding hairstyle that will seize everyone’s attention towards you.

18-Jagged Bob with Blonde Layers:

Jagged Bob with Blonde Layers

Gone is the trend of all hair in one length. Now is the time for Layered Haircuts. This hairstyle is pretty simple yet an epitome of its own kind.

Just cut your hair in different lengths, color it with a beguiling shade and you are all ready for an exquisite summer.

19-Blonde Shining Inverted Bob:

Blonde Shining Inverted Bob

Layered Haircuts can never be a bad decision. They always add more beauty and glamour to your look. For a modern, classy and charming look, this Layered Haircut is the best pick. This inverted bob fastened with blonde shining hair is all you need to fall in love with your hair every day.

20-Stunning White Pearl Bob:

Stunning White Pearl Bob

This Layered Hairstyle is for the one tired of managing her thick hair. The divergent layers will not only make it all easy to handle, but also unique white color is an ideal formula to transform you into an irresistible charmer.

22-Shining Ash Layered Bob with Dark Roots:

Shining Ash Layered Bob with Dark Roots

Finding the most suitable haircut for you is always a difficult choice. Facing the same problem? Here’s the solution:

Get this shining ash layered bob because its best part is that it suits literally every lady out there. No need to worry about your face shape or color, just keep calm and go to your salon. You will finally achieve your hair goals.

23-Duotoned Pixie-Bob:

Duotoned Pixie-Bob

Ever wonder how Emma Watson slays not only men but also women with her fascinating looks. Here is the secret:

Layered Hairstyles are the perfect boosters to change your look. Consider this Layered Haircut. The appealing dual colored hair with a pixie bob is an all-new way of becoming a bombshell.

24-Medium Sized Shaggy Layers:

Medium Sized Shaggy Layers

Being a style queen and not losing your hair length is pretty intriguing. Isn’t it? Well, here is the deal for you: This Medium Layered Hairstyle is all that you were foraging.

25-Blow-Out Medium Length Layers:

Blow-Out Medium Length Layers

Long hair can be a mess sometimes, especially when tangled. But if you are a woman who doesn’t want to get rid of the jumbled hair at the cost of hair length, here is the resolution for you. The magnificent blow out is one of the sexiest Layered Haircuts of today.

26-Prolonged Tousled Layers:

Prolonged Tousled Layers

This one is my personal favorite as it solves my thin hair problem so sweepingly. No wonder, it adds a remarkable volume to your hair and is the copybook to style your hair with Layered Haircuts.

27-Voluminous Layers for Straight Hair:

Voluminous Layers for Straight Hair

If you are blessed with naturally straight hair, now is the time to take the maximum privilege from it. It’s remarkably epic in giving instant volume to your hair and is highly versatile.

If your sturdy hair is a mess instead of beauty, here is the savior of your day. Get an extremely hot and seductive look within minutes with this ravishing Layered Haircut. It will give you a fabulous experience and will go all perfect with your sexy looking collar bones.

28-Straight Hairstyle for Dyed Hair:

Straight Hairstyle for Dyed Hair

Have you dyed your hair?? If yes, then here is something really fascinating for you!!

Let’s go with the straight hair to flaunt your new unique hair color as straight hair will highlight your dyed portion. You can also add fringes at the end to make your haircut look flawless.

29- Short Length Bob Haircut:

Short Length Bob Haircut

The most loving feature about this versatile haircut is that it requires less maintenance and hence consumes less effort and time from your hard schedule.

If your hair is curly, then simply grab a straightener and straight your hair and you will be all set for the rest of the day.

30- Top Glamorous Messy Bun:

Top Glamorous Messy Bun

This topknot is quite effortless and considered as the messy bun. You can opt this hairstyle at your workplace, in your home doing home chores and at any other place where you may find it convenient according to your taste.

No worries, if your hair is short or long. You can always go with this hairstyle. J

All you have to do is to strategically place hairpins for this hairstyle. The best part of this hairstyle is that it will take you 2-3 minutes.

31-Messy Different Layered Feathered Haircut:

Messy Different Layered Feathered Haircut

Are you suffering from hair fall and have fewer hair left on your head? Then you can go with this haircut.

This Layered Haircut will give volume to your hair and change your attire by all means. No matter what your face shape is, it will perfectly suit you.

32-Straight Layers with Inward Fringes: (Bonus)

Straight Layers with Inward Fringes

Now, if you are looking for a haircut that portrays you as a sweet innocent damsel, then stop looking for anything else.

Here is the best deal for you:

This hairstyle contains light layers and comparatively soft fringes. Those having a square or oval shaped faces can easily opt these haircuts and it will perfectly match with their face structure giving them a tremendous look.


Layered Haircuts

To look snazzy bold and slick is a need of time. Layered Haircuts can give you this leverage.

‘One of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut.’ —Evelyn Lauder

There is never too late to have a haircut. Don’t mind your age!!

Don’t be resistant to haircuts. Let’s be the game changer and allow the people to boggle on our styling. Let the crew of people opt your haircuts by your unique appearances.

What’s the bottom line? Your haircut might not suit you. Well, your hair will not seize augmenting, it grows anyways.

Besides Layered Haircut can never be a bad choice at all. This article is a complete guide to choosing the perfect Layered Hairstyle for your hair length ranging from short to long. Now is the time to pick the one out of the lot and rock your day with it.

Life is too short to have boring hair after all.

19 Classical Long Layered Hairstyles You Must Try

We all know the feeling of fresh and beautiful Long Layered Hairstyles.

Styling long hair seems beautiful, but only the beholder knows the struggle. You daily go to bed like Rapunzel and wake up as Mother Gothel! And end up being upset.

Nevertheless, for overcoming this issue you need to try Long Layered Hairstyles because they tend to make you stress-free. And their elite look will definitely brighten up your day.

While the finest part of getting Long Layered Haircuts is that their simplicity is even prettier. Therefore, it would take fewer trips to the salon, reliable hair products, handy hair styling appliances and lots of tricks.

So, if you are fortunate enough with long hair, just take a tour of this amazing article with 19 high-end Long Layered Hairstyles collection.

19 Superb Long Layered Haircuts to Look Readily Beautiful

Sometimes, styling long hair takes a lot of time and struggle. As they require special attention with lots of energy to be in shape. But you can opt for some nice Long Layered Haircuts to become always ready to hit the floor.

Either wear long layers with bangs, Ombre, Balayage or cascades, they will never disappoint your persona. Because they beautifully cover up the whole hair length.

As they feel like a precious luxury that can never be stolen by anyone. With the fact that long layered tresses used to provide extra volume and prettiness.

So, if it makes you beautiful just do it!

1.    Soothing Multiple Layers:

Soothing Multiple Layers

Side by side falling layers mingling one another at a point show a lot of springiness to your long hair. All the same, Long Layered Hairstyles with multiple levels have a capacity to show stability.

Though multiple layers have an exhaustive detail in them, with the right amount of texture. Whereas you can style them by center or side parting them with Bobby pins.

In this manner, this style used to make the beholder as beautiful as a picture.

2.    Desirous Long Cascades:

Desirous Long Cascades

With dreams in her eyes and magic locked in her hair, she can conquer this world!

Rightly said that good hair can make you confident and contended. Although if they are long cascades than the real story begins. Since cascade, Long Layered Hairstyles have created a presentable look while adding more volume to long tresses.

Whereas they can prominent the cheekbones and chin with their focal pointed ends. Additionally shows a weightless picture of your extended locks.

3.    Smooth and Subtle Layers:

Smooth and Subtle Layers

Straight layers always long-stand in the race of Long Layered Hairstyles. Like Jenifer Lawrence allures red carpet events with subtle, long layers confidently, you can also opt for them.

Since smooth and sleek layers are blunt and stylish at the same time. So, they can create a sensational persona for you when you are in need of graceful attitude.

Additionally, just wear a tiara made up of flowers like a crown, it will look very cute whereas pair up some trendy floral earrings with these subtle layers and you will shine like a star.

4.    Long Layers with Balayage Highlights:

Long Layers with Balayage Highlights

God has made you beautiful, so shine!

Long layers beside Balayage are new to the fashion world of Long Layered Hairstyles. As we can see in Marie Claire magazine models are rocking in long layered Balayage with grace and beauty.

After its popularity among celebrity, Balayage has been desired among people also. Basically, it is the most natural color technique that is not similar to normal highlights. But it gives strokes on overall or half of the length with a lighter or medium shade.

Long layers become eye-catching when combining with Balayage whereas you can create a number of hairstyles with them.

5.    Cheerful Shaggy Layers:

Cheerful Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are one of the Long Layered Hairstyles that need little maintenance and care. Actually, with this haircut, all you need to consider is some dry shampoo and curling mousse that will bring out the style you want.

Gigi Hadid cheerfully uses layers in her style to add some elegance to her red carpet look. Hence, this style proves to be most in demand because it requires less styling and it would require only hair setting spray to freeze the locks.

6.    Stylish Layers using V-shaped Ends:

Stylish Layers using V-shaped Ends

Long layers while using V-shaped look adds the right amount of warmness in your personality. In fact, victory shaped ends are made only for Long Layered Hairstyles because this cut blends well into the layers.

While presenting a classy look V-shaped length used to possess an appealing prospect that can bring out most of the layers. For styling purpose, consume the right amount of anti-frizz mousse, then straighten the length with either using comb or round brush.

7.    Long Layered Hair with Bangs:

Long Layered Hair with Bangs

You can complement the definition of your face by means of Long Layered Hairstyles with Bangs. Mainly, Bangs tend to increase the hair texture and feel. Since they also contour the face shape, especially the round faces.

Long layers along with bangs have been a great choice for ladies because it demonstrates an oomph aura. Additionally, when you acquire bangs, you will definitely see a vast difference between a boring cut and heavenly bangs.

So, why not hurry to the salon?

Go get an appointment to a salon nearby and just get this classy haircut.

8.    Windy Layers with Brown Hair:

Windy Layers with Brown Hair

Although the layers used to give life to your tresses, they still need lots of tricks to be classier. For this reason, we opt for the brown shades in whispering layers with Long Layered Hairstyles.

So, tuck them up or make a bun, you would only require a heat protectant and hair locking spray. While trying to use a good blow dry technique to enhance the windy texture in brown layered tresses.

9.    Texture Layers with Ombre:

Texture Layers with Ombre

The Stars sprinkled in her hair!

Ombre is a new idea trending these days in Long Layered Hairstyles with tasteful colors. For this style we look up to a celebrity motivation for Jessica Beil, she is surely slaying this Long Hairstyle with perfect beauty.

Moreover, this style is made for those who want a glamorous attitude. Accurately this style has become very famous in following years since this cut is empowering women to enjoy their feminity.

10. Tousled Long Layered Haircuts:

Tousled Long Layered Haircuts

One of the advantages of Tousled Long Layered Haircuts is that you would always look sexy. You can allure any event with these shuffled layers, but just by styling them a little bit.

Long tousled layers put more texture to the hair and have many unique dimensions. First of all, they have leveled in correct order, secondly tousled layers engage long length into prettiness.

11. Front Fringes with Layers:

Front Fringes with Layers

Conveniently style them on the forehead or tuck up by headbands, front fringes always seem cute. All the same the Long Layered Hairstyles besides front fringes shows vivacity and class.

However, the Façade fringes lie gorgeously on your forehead. While happily falling layers downright towards your waist used to figure out some nice aura.

12. Blond Curly Layers:

Blond Curly Layers

Currently, everyone is falling in love with light-toned curly layers. As the truth is curls are added to layers just to make them more sparkling.

These loose or tight curls tend to omit the coldness from Long Layered Hairstyles and used to induce hotness. Consequently, curls enhance the overall length plus sprightly show a lot of charm.

13. Side Swept Long Layered Hairstyles:

Side Swept Long Layered Hairstyles

Life is short made each hair flip fabulous!

Side swept hair has been the most famous style of Long Layered Hairstyles for many formal events. For this reason, you just need to slide apart those long layers with the help of a flat comb.

As well as lock it with either Bobby pin or leave it as it is. While letting the long layers sink down with pleasure and harmony.

14. Dense Face Frames in Mocha:

Dense Face Frames in Mocha

William Hazlitt says; Grace in women has more effect than beauty!

Surely saying that the graceful face frames used to outline the face shape with perfection. They work well when perfectly chopped by someone professional, later multiple layers followed by one another can make anyone crazy for you.

Moreover, these face-framing Long Layered Hairstyles bring out an apple polish to your entire makeover. Simply straight these face frames with an iron straightener, dress up with a long plain dress with some antique jewelry.

15. Flamboyage Straight Layers:

Flamboyage Straight Layers

The right blend of Ombre and Balayage used to offer a Flamboyage style. It will help the long lengthy layers to be part of each other prettily.

Since this new coloring technique spread in the fashion world like mushroom and everyone totally loved it. So, grab this style as soon as possible and be part of the glamorous world. Because:

Hair doesn’t make the woman, but good hair definitely helps!

16. Unique Thick Headed Layers:

Unique Thick Headed Layers

Thick headed layers are one of the Long Layered Hairstyles that is blunt and confident. This haircut portrays volume on the head side while long layers go their way down.

As we can see that this cut already rocked a lot in fashion domain. While having its unique attire this haircut would suit you in every dress readily.

17. Bouncy Highlighted Waves:

Bouncy Highlighted Waves

Surely saying, those sexy highlights in bouncy waves can bring extreme excitement in your style. In order to do this, the hairstylist would use foils to give the climax to every strand.

You just have to rush to the salon nearby and get the highlights done by someone professional. As with highlights, people will say for your beauty:

The Sunshine plays with her hair!

18. Center Parted Chaotic Buns:

Center Parted Chaotic Buns

In reality, buns are way more easy and compatible with every dress or makeover. Whereas if we try hair updos with center-parted hair they will surely give that oomph. And ideally centered parted buns are even easier with Long Layered Hairstyles.

Though center-parted buns had been the style for every royal and formal event, it also promotes an amazing style. For creating this elegant hairstyle it would require some:

  • Bobby pins
  • A Pony band
  • A Hair straightener
  • Setting spray
  • A flat Comb

For this beautiful style just center apart your layers with a flat comb, then using a straightener is truly optional, yet use straightener if needed. At this time turn your falling long layers into a long ponytail and lock it up with a band.

Formerly turn this ponytail into a bun. In this way, you can style up with a gorgeous center-parted bun in the most pleasant fashion.

19. Long layered Ponytails with Stylish Head Puff:

Long layered Ponytails with Stylish Head Puff

Sometimes long layers really need rest and proper technique for tying. For keeping them stylish and comfortable at the same time, long ponytails with head puff have been selected in the list of Long Layered Hairstyle.

Standard long layered ponytails are the hairstyle with most coziness and relief. You can acquire it in no time. For this sake, simply make the head crown puff with little backcombing and secure it with Bobby pins. Then just convert the long layers into a high ponytail.

Furthermore, you can also pair up this style with antique round earrings or simple stone pendant.


Long Layered Hairstyle

Now, just start your journey together with these high-end Long Layered Hairstyle in full zeal. The best part of them all is that they are in fashion, whereas their unique impression tends to utilize the full long length in an impressive manner.

Make these styles work more by adding nice coloring techniques mentioned above.

Whereas, either blow dry or curl them, you can conveniently mould their texture into your desired style. The most appealing part of these Long Layered Haircuts is that they are malleable and comfortable enough to carry in every special event or casual life.

Similarly, this list includes all different types of haircuts for long hair with layers, waves and many more. You can just use them as your style statement and enhance your complete personality. Because Ville Valo says Women are always beautiful!

29 Sassy Medium Layered Haircuts to Look Elegantly Outstanding

There are a number of Medium Layered Haircuts Every girl wants to appear well groomed and feminine. However, the busy and hectic lifestyle of today’s modern world has made it difficult to extract time for hair styling.

In this perspective, Medium Layered Haircuts provide low maintenance styling options for all women out there.

These haircuts possess very versatile styling and coloristic options that can be applied to every face type.

To look sassy and chic every day, one can opt a layered hairdo with mid-length hair. Not only this, but there are many more styling options given below that are amazingly superb for a night-out party or a casual meeting!

So, do not miss out the perfect info and keep on reading below:

29 Gorgeous Medium Layered Hairstyles for Any Kind of Occasion

As compared to single length hairstyles, layered haircuts seem more interesting as they offer more beautiful shapes. By playing with finishes of hair ends and style of layers, one can toggle up with a number of unbelievably gorgeous looks.

By going through our rich ideas gallery for Medium Layered Hairstyles, you will be all set to make a bang at all formal as well as informal events around!

1.      The Chic Bedhead:

The Chic Bedhead

Medium Layered Haircuts are considered as great options for shoulder length hair as they are capable of adding too much depth, volume, and movement. They give you versatile options to manipulate without sacrificing the hair length.

Furthermore, subtle highlights such as brown tones add a refreshing touch for layered cuts!

2.      Feathered V-shaped Layers:

Feathered V-shaped Layers

This V-shaped Layered hairstyle reminds us of free flowing spirits. The Medium Layered Hairstyles are the amazing options in terms of a manageable hair length which is long enough to play with many styling options. Short feathery layer frames the face, whereas the back side longer layers draw the attention.

3.      Medium Length Haircut and Flicked Ends:

Medium Length Haircut and Flicked Ends

You can add a spicy touch in your mid-length hair by flipping and chopping the ends. Layers add movement and body to all types of hair textures. If you love the rough blow dry styling, then flicked hair ends work quite well.

Also, the thick locks hold the flicked layers best. So, consider this one of the most adorable Layered , when you visit your favorite salon next time!

4.      Swoopy Layered Mid-Length Hairdo:

Swoopy Layered Mid-Length Hairdo

You can add lots of movement to your mid-length hair by choosing swoopy layers. Such hairdo looks absolutely amazing on all types of face shapes. However, if you have an oval or a long face shape, then this is one of the best Medium Layered Haircuts to try this season.

5.      Layered Wavy Shoulder Length Lob:

Layered Wavy Shoulder Length Lob

Lobs have always remained in fashion because they are versatile, modern, and look alluring on everyone. This shoulder length lob has layered hair to add volume and depth without weighing down the overall hairdo.

So, for thick hair, this is a nice Medium Layered Haircut to get an adorable look. Get a finished appearance by adding a good quality gel.

6.      Messy Lob with Long Layers:

Messy Lob with Long Layers

Many ladies and young girls gravitate to messy lob with long layers hairdo. As they allow you to wear hair “short”, and also keep the length which feels feminine. Instead of any blunt cut, try a messy lob with long layers. Hence, it will appear polished yet playful rather than severe.

7.      Choppy Layered Waves:

 Choppy Layered Waves

Consider this hairdo, if you are looking for some unique Medium Layered Haircuts. The side bangs impart a little more height when swept sideways. So, the movement of the longer layers seems very eye catching.

Moreover, use a light blonde dye to create an appearance which is bouncy and bright!

8.      Side Swept Medium Layered Hairstyle:

Side Swept Medium Layered Hairstyle

To add dimension, layers don’t need to be incorporated all over the head. A beautiful side swept Medium Layered Haircut can frame the face in such a complimenting manner, especially if you have an oval face or a long neck.

9.      Feathered Layered Hairdo for Thick Hair:

Feathered Layered Hairdo for Thick Hair

Feathery layered haircuts are considered as one of the boldest Medium Layered Hairstyles. If you have thin and fine hair, then feathers may seem flat and dull. On the other hand, for ladies blessed with textured and thick hair, it works extremely well.

So, ask your salon attendant to use a razor to create right textured layers.

10. Wavy Hairdo with Wispy Layers:

Wavy Hairdo with Wispy Layers

If you have naturally wavy hair, then give a try to these wispy layers. Without overpowering your predominant hair style, this wavy hairdo offers the right texture and movement. Also, add dimensional highlights to pronounce the effect of this sassy Medium Layered Haircut.

11. Shoulder Length Haircut with Layered Ends:

Shoulder Length Haircut with Layered Ends

Sleek hair concentrated at the ends of the length takes benefit of heavy layers mostly. If you have blessed to have thick hair, then ask your stylist to cut the ends by imparting heavy layers. It will make your super thick hair appear impactful, but not too heavy.

12. Two-Tier Layered Lob:

Two-Tier Layered Lob

If thin hair needs dimension, then thick locks need some room to experiment with. This two-tier lob showcases a polished and fine appearance by avoiding extra choppy layers. So, if you love to wear sleek and straight hair, then consider this Medium Layered Haircut to try out for your next makeover.

13. Point-Cut Bob and Caramel Balayage:

Point-Cut Bob and Caramel Balayage

If you have plain, sleek hair and tired of any blunt style you are wearing, then it’s time to soften the image with this point cut layered bob. When you let your hair be cut at some angle, an instant textured look appears. Additionally, this hairdo looks amazing with a variety of hair color dyes.

However, the Balayage highlights immensely make it bright and light.

14. V-Cut Layered Hairdo:

V-Cut Layered Hairdo

A gorgeous choice in Medium Layered Hairstyles is V-shaped layers. On the back side, layers are kept longer to create a voluminous appearance. To allow V-Cut layered hairdo shine properly, use it for sleek and straight shoulder length hair.

Moreover, back-combing is necessary to create a perfect look.

15. Swoopy Short to Medium Layers for Dynamic Hair:

Swoopy Short to Medium Layers for Dynamic Hair

The longer the hair, the better the swoopy layers will appear. Such kind of layers look best for the hair with texture and lots of volume. They are smooth yet dimensional. Hence, hair looks straight, but full of body and movement.

A blend of light and dark hair dye will further enhance the effect. So, grab this swoopy Medium Layered Haircut if you want to rock your party entrance every time!

16. Sleek, Straight, and Layered:

Sleek, Straight, and Layered

This one of the simplest yet sweetest Medium Layered Haircuts has an easy-breezy styling and upkeep. By choosing a right kind of hair product along with a sharp blow drying, one can create sassy, tousled, and distinct layers.

Try it if you want an effortlessly hairdo and don’t forget to apply your favorite blonde hue!

17. Lob with Caramel Highlights and Delicate Layers:

Lob with Caramel Highlights and Delicate Layers

Not every Medium Layered Haircuts have to go wild and crazy. One can achieve a soft look with delicate layered lobs and bobs. If you are not too obsessed with styling thing, then this hairdo is what you are looking for.

Plus, play with highlights, add only where they introduce dimension and interest.

18. Shaggy Layered Lob:

Shaggy Layered Lob

If you want a Medium Layered Haircut which doesn’t need much styling, then this shaggy hairdo with Beachy waves is a nice pick. Such layers are organic in nature and do not need to be curled or blown out to extract the laid-back effect.

Because of less external efforts, this hairdo becomes less damaging to hair and one of the best Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair.

19. Fringe Layers with Dimensional Highlights:

Fringe Layers with Dimensional Highlights

If you have more than a single color tone in hair, then you probably need multi layers to match the color variety. Not every face type can handle such fringe layers, however, multi tone hair is brought to life this way.

If you know how to handle the super edgy look, then fringe Medium Layered Hairstyle should be your next stop!

20. Long Bob with Symmetrical and Swoopy Layers:

Long Bob with Symmetrical and Swoopy Layers

The modern Medium Layered Haircuts, not only play with length, but also with symmetry. Consider such even and swoopy layers if you want a sophisticated and polished mid-length hairdo. For ladies over 50, this cut seems a perfect choice if they have managed to have thick locks.

21. Medium Layered Haircut with Curls:

Medium Layered Haircut with Curls

Try dressing your medium length hairstyle with some volume and curls. Sleek upper hair and curled layers at the bottom instantly enhance your style statement with a boom. If you are planning to attend lots of parties ahead, then hurry up to get this glamorous hairdo.

Provide enough lift to the hair roots by blow drying with a round brush. And to define the curly ends, use a good quality curling iron.

22. Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Jagged Hair Ends:

Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Jagged Hair Ends

Many Medium Layered Haircuts with blunt ends make hair feel flat. Ask your salon attendant to use a razor to generate jagged ends, which add emphasis to previous plain looking hair. Don’t use a hair dryer instead, allow hair to dry naturally.

Remember, to pop the layers for conveying a relaxed vibe, blow out is a must.

23. Loose & Layered Haircut:

Loose & Layered Haircut

This hairdo is elegant, easy to style, and simple. The layers are kept longer and they are enough to impart the needed lift, move, and bounce. Furthermore, light blonde highlights take your style statement to a next level.

24. Side Parted Platinum Layered Hairdo:

Side Parted Platinum Layered Hairdo

Medium Layered Haircuts are hitting the style charts as they can be easily manipulated to suit every woman’s personal preference. For everyday wear, a platinum side parted layered hairdo is no doubt a classy option.

Whether you have a date to attend, a party to rock, or a formal event to go, in all gatherings this hairdo will turn the heads!

25. Medium Layered Hairstyle with a Side Bang:

Medium Layered Hairstyle with a Side Bang

These Layered Haircuts with Bangs create a feminine and soft look which is too adorable and alluring. It plays with style and color to extract the most out of your chic personality. Undone waves look so well with face framing layers and with some polished brown shades.

The end result with this Medium Layered Haircut is absolutely effortless and chic.

26. Contrasting Medium Length Hairdo:

Contrasting Medium Length Hairdo

Which one is your favorite, cool or warm tones? No worries, with this sassy hairdo you will never have to decide. It works so well for ladies having warm complexions. A bright color hue, such as orange and dark brown will make your style go super edgy and crazy.

Whether you are planning to attend a college farewell or a family function, this sassy Medium Layered Haircut will never let you down!

27. Bombshell Layered Haircut:

Bombshell Layered Haircut

There are a number of Medium Layered Haircuts, but this one for sure comes under perfect 10! The layers are smooth while creating backward flowing lines. Also, an all over golden color dye with spiky red undertones creates an absolutely head turning look!

28. Heat-Free Medium Length Hairstyle:

Heat-Free Medium Length Hairstyle

If you want no more a haircut, which requires the use of hot tools, then this heat free Medium Layered Hairstyle is the right option to pick. It doesn’t require too much styling stress and poses less damage to hair.

A great texturizing hair spray is what it needs to deliver a chic and sassy look.

29. 70’s Medium Layered Haircuts:

70’s Medium Layered Haircut

The styling of fine hair is a bit tricky, as they have less space to work with. However, this cut pulls off the fine hair very well. The tapered bang frames the face, whereas feathery layers fall on the shoulder creating a 70’s retro look.

Don’t forget to wear bell bottoms to splash this disco look even more!


Medium Layered Haircuts

Just because you have a busy schedule, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your mid-length hair. Medium Layered Haircuts provide you a ton of sassy options to play with you shoulder length tresses.

To the girls with thick locks, they provide lightness and to the girls with thin and fine strands, they provide the required volume. And the ladies with curly hair type can get structure and movement. The big plus point is, you can style your locks easily at home.

So, we have collected some of the gorgeous Medium Layered Hairstyles to embrace this season. Have a look and decide the one you want to choose to rock! for more hairstyles click here

28 Classic and Lovely Short Layered Hairstyles You Should Try Instantly

We all know the feeling of fresh and beautiful Short Layered Hairstyles. The hot look in summers is perfect to beat the heat and stay stylish. Of course, giving up the long hair look and jumping into the bandwagon of ‘short hair styling’ is something bold.

‘One of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut.’

Evelyn Lauder

We all have been inspired by Lisa Rina’s layered haircut and how many times have we promised to get one ourselves? This is the time to step ahead of your fears and get the Short Layered Haircut for the perfect dreamy look!

The pointy layers would help to give the necessary shag and volume to your hair, while you can play with the dye, create highlights or low-lights, depending on your taste and the trend. We are here to help you accomplish all of this!

28 Stunning Short Layered Haircuts that Scream Hotness!

In the era of women empowerment, nothing is more beautiful than being outspoken, bold and more charismatic by adopting styles and fashions that make the world your own ramp!

So, here we have some trendiest suggestions for you ladies who are seeking something unique and classy for a short layered haircut!

1.    Short Layered Bob:

Short Layered Bob

Well, do you remember the lyric of Taylor Swift’s song STYLE ‘we never go out of style’. For fashion industry Bob haircut never go out of style. We have numerous modifications and numerous trends, all of them in the Bob haircut.

A layered Bob haircut is especially for women with straight silky hair. It is a perfect Bob hairstyle for day to day use, easy to maintain and very stylish to rock!

2.    Layered Pixie – Short Layered Hairstyles:

Layered Pixie – Short Layered Hairstyles

For the young, playful and energetic look layered pixie is the best of Short Layered Hairstyles suggestion. The sleek hairstyle is going to provide you the messy look you intend to have. It is time effective and does not take a lot to maintain.

For the messy hair, no care look, we suggest the usage of any Texturing product and for formal festivities just slick it all back, and have fun. Check out Alexa Chung’s layered Bob to get inspired.

3.    Feathered Bob Short Layered Hairstyles:

Feathered Bob

Use Balayage in this look for the subtle hue and get it more customized based on the hair colors you want to play with!

This look brings out the features of your face and enhances the delicate face contours, while standing out of its own. The feather cut, is one of the best Short Layered Hairstyles for Fine Hair.

So, this hair style is a must have if you are transitioning from long hairstyles to the short hairstyles. Be confident that it will give you the swag!

4.    Pixie Haircut with Dimensional Highlights:

Pixie Haircut with Dimensional Highlights

For a boost in volume, you got to try a layered pixie. The shag in the center is going to provide the density to your hair. Use highlights of various shades of blonde to enhance the layers. And this will prove one of the best Short Layered Hairstyles for your personality!

5.    A Messy Blunt Bob:


A Messy Blunt Bob

Speaking of ‘I woke up like this’, the look befitting this statement is the messy Bob. The layers are tousled to provide volume and the ends are blunt. Again, we would suggest a Balayage for this look as it enhances the overall haircut.

Feel free to play with the shades of blonde. This Short Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair is easy to maintain. Add cute clips or pins or let the strands to be free.

6.    Chopped Undercut Pixie – Short Layered Haircut:

Chopped Undercut Pixie – Short Layered Haircut

The ball is again in the court of pixie haircut. Here, we are suggesting the women with thick hair, tired of the bulk of their head to try this light and fresh, trendy look.

It is very short, however, very girlish. Wear shimmery pearls or shiny studs, in your ears with this delicate haircut, and enjoy this stunning Short Layered Hairstyle on the go!

7.    Messy Razored Pixie Bob:

Messy Razored Pixie Bob

A combination of two of our favorite haircuts, in the list of Short Layered Haircuts for Fine Hair.

‘I’ve always had really messy hair.’ (Ed Sheeran)

This messy hairstyle is just the right one for the dishevelled look. Try it and do not forget to sing ‘I’m in love with the shape of you!’ when you look into the mirror.

8.    Tapered Pixie with Messy Crown:

Tapered Pixie with Messy Crown

The benefit of having Short Layered Hairstyles is that they look super-duper cute, less demanding in terms of maintenance and are very trendy and flattering. The fringes swept to the side in this look are very chic. The shaggy, tall crown is going to make up for the length which got lost.

9.    Angled Blonde Balayage Bob:

Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

Something for the women with natural curls! The fashion industry has played with the Bob haircut to our pleasure. If you are unafraid, to let go of the length, then cut your Bob with uneven length. The irregularity is the style in this hairstyle.

The front is longer than the back. If you have straight hair and you are opting for this hairstyle then use a curler to curl the layers the way Victoria Secret’s models do.

You can have a duo-tone in this haircut. It is always fun to play with the dyes after all!

10.                Curled Under Bob:

Curled Under Bob

If you are not up for the messy look and intend to have a tidy look with layered Bob, then try this suggestion. Cut your hair into a layered Bob with curling the ends inwards while styling the hair.

This is going to give the neat and organized look. Keep the hair in the tone of darker shades. This is the perfect, girlish, neat Bob look.

11.                Tapered Pixie with a Messy Crown:

Tapered Pixie with a Messy Crown

The fringes swept to the side give a very chic look in this haircut. The plus point of Short Layered Haircut is that they are easy to maintain and do not create much burden of styling in day to day life, rather give a modern look in one go.

Playing with the hair length in Short Layered Hairstyles for Thin Hair is all about fun and provides the bold statement you are seeking for your personality. And don’t forget:

“The shorter the hair, the harder they stare.”

12.                Blonde Balayage Bob:

 Blonde Balayage Bob

The Bob haircut is evergreen. In Short Layered Hairstyles, Bob is all about layered hair, cut in varying length. The French dying technique gives this look a dual tone.

While going out, you can use curlers to add loose waves. Just for the extra touch up, otherwise you are good to go with this fabulous Bob!

13.                Pixie with Side Bangs:

Pixie with Side Bangs

The cute chopped hair in the front allows your hair to fall over your face. Go dark while choosing the hair tone: chocolate or deep blue. Make sure to use anti-damage hair products to keep the hair on fleek.

14.                Inverted Bob for Short Layered Hairstyles:

Inverted Bob

Perfect Short Layered Haircut for blonde lovers. Gives you a very sassy look! You can try this style while planning for a night-out party or any other occasion and you will rock the moment!

15.                Platinum Bob with Purple Tint:

Platinum Bob with Purple Tint

There are various ways to have fun with Short Layered Hairstyles. From the chopped off layers to the huge list of hair dye, literally so much to do and so much to choose from!

The purple tint, with platinum Balayage gives the signature look to your Bob haircut. The style pops out with the tinted roots. Try it, love it!

16.                Twisted Balayage Layers:

 Twisted Balayage Layers

The Short Layered Haircuts provide opportunity to get bolder with the hair color choice. This hair style, is perfect for opting highlights.

It gives those beach waves, you have always admired, hoping to get one. Go an extra mile in your walk towards Bold and Beautiful and create disorderly waves to add the messy look of this haircut.

17.                Bob with Bangs:

Bob with Bangs

The look that is all in one is the tousled Bob with bangs. For parties, for casual or formal use, for wild or tamed moods of yours, this Cute Short Layered Hairstyle is the perfect selection.

The hairstyles for bangs make this haircut more unique and classy.

18.                Tapered Pixie for Short Layered Hairstyles:

 Tapered Pixie

For an extra touch of edginess, play with the hair dye and angles of your pixie haircut. The lines of the coif are prominent in this haircut, giving it a very neat look. The contrast of the hair tone adds mystery.

19.                Pear White Pixie Bob:

Pear White Pixie Bob

Not silver, not gray, not platinum either, but the ice, frosty white is your next signature look! Elsa white -yes, but in a shorter, more edgy look. Add layers to make the dimensions of this short layered hairstyle more prominent.

20.                Wavy Bob Short Layered Hairstyles:

Wavy Bob

The waves always have a look of sophistication to them. The loose waves in this Bob haircut are perfect for women with slightly dry or thick hair. Add duo-tone to your haircut to enhance the lose wave for the beach look.

21.                Wavy Bob with Peek a Boo Bangs:

Wavy Bob with Peek a Boo Bangs

Well, Bangs are love and we couldn’t resist but share this haircut. The bangs that fall over your face maintain a mystery, a perfect change for the aura you intend to create.

22.                Short Rounded Bob with Root Lift:

Short Rounded Bob with Root Lift

The root-lift in this very Short Layered Hairstyles round Bob, provides the volume to your hair that might appear to be lost due to the loss in length. An alternate for extra volume would be the volumizing hair products! This is indeed one of the sexiest of the Short Layered Hairstyles!

23.                Ash Blonde Bob with Black Roots:

Ash Blonde Bob with Black Roots

The chopped cute haircut looks fabulous with the contrast of two different colors. It is one of the hairstyles, that works for all types of hair texture. The dark and exposed roots create the edge in the haircut, which is all you’re looking for!

24.                Rounded Pixie with Temple Undercut:

Rounded Pixie with Temple Undercut

The temple undercut is adding the detail and creating the expression of ‘chic’ you want to have. The stacked layered pixie haircut is cute on its own, with the undercut it gets hot!

25.                Silver Fox:

Silver Fox

This haircut is for women looking for Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair. It is short, it is sassy, it is fabulous! The natural bend in your thick hair is going to complement with this haircut.

26.                Dual Tone Rounded Pixie Bob:

Dual Tone Rounded Pixie Bob

The pixie haircut is alluring and a universal constant for cuteness. Playing with the mixture of colors and texture with your pixie is the more modern approach.

Add a set of bangs to this haircut to create an enhanced chic look. For people with neck tattoos, this is perfect to flaunt and show off your neck engraving.

27.                Chocolate Bob with the Caramel Balayage:

Chocolate Bob with the Caramel Balayage

The duo of chocolate and caramel is universally tested ladies! If you are not much into short hairstyles, then cut the layers of your Bob slight long. This provides the volume. The subtle caramel Balayage will do the job of making you look deep and breathtaking.

28.                Aerial Gray Layered Pixie: (Bonus)

Aerial Gray Layered Pixie

The haircut becomes ten times more exciting with a blend of nice hair colors. The mixture of gray and blue would just do that to your haircut. The pixie hair with this delicate mix of hair color is going to give a very delicate look.


 Short Layered Hairstyles

This is the age of woman empowerment. Our look, our attire, our getup, all speaks of what we feel about ourselves and what we want to world to feel about us. The Short Layered Hairstyles are all about fun and all about the bold look! Long gone are the days where long hair styling was the fashion statement.

The variety of Short Layered Haircuts speaks itself on how much the fashion industry has appreciated the bold look of these haircuts and have adopted them for the modern look everyone is searching for.

There is a lot you can do with your Short layered Hairstyle and this article is meant to emphasize just that. From playing with the angles and length of your hair, to adding tones with various shades available, from creating highlights and low lights or a simple Balayage, the list is long and satisfying.

Life is too short to have boring hair after all.