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25 Top-Trending Hairstyles for Black Women to Try Right Away

Hairstyles for Black Women. are considered as the best choices to age gracefully!

In today’s day, the most on-trend look is of Hairstyles for Black Women. This is for sure. These hairstyles are greatly loved by a vast population.

The reason could probably be because black women usually opt for short hairstyles rather than long locks.

As much pretty as the black beauty is, the harder it is to handle their hair. So do you too have a problem to fight your hair? Relax now! Because now, I shall propose to you some great trendy Hairstyles for Black Women.

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.” –Tracee Ellis Ross

So, love your hair and go for a change in your life.

25 Haircuts for Black Women that will Play Wonders on Your Hair!

Many of the black women have thick curly hair, which for them is a torture to handle. If you are one of them, prefer giving a nice cut to your hair.

Whether it is thick and curly hair or thin and fine hair, I have some extremely awesome Haircuts for Black Women. Just the thing you’re looking for!

Now, buckle up! Because you’re about to have a whole new experience! Furthermore, I assure you that you’ll leave with some great ideas for your new look. So, have a look at these sleek and trendy hair looks.

1-Short Hairstyles for Black Women:

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

“The shorter the hair, the easier to handle.” Surely, no one can debate this concept. Short hair not only requires less maintenance but also gives a super-confident look in your personality.

There are many creative as well as fashionable Short Hairstyle for Black Women. Most importantly, if you are looking for short hairstyles, then there are so many you can choose from according to your hair texture.

It can be a cute bob or an amazing pixie cut, in case you want to go too short.

2-Messy Blue Pixie Cut in Layers:

Messy Blue Pixie Cut in Layers

The Haircuts for Black Women usually look sexy in bright colors. This messy haircut is cropped in layers. Moreover, the addition of a bright blue color would be a good bonus point!

3-Long Bronde Hair for Black women:

Long Bronde Hair for Black women

If you are looking for the best hue to match your complexion, then this blend of amber, caramel, and chocolate color would be the best for your black tone.

For long Hairstyle for Black Women, this Bronde color is a perfect choice. Your long wavy locks would flow like a mermaid. Just like the majestic black beauty Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter.

4-Simple Pixie Cut:

Simple Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are one of the best Haircuts for Black Women. This is an extremely short pixie cut, so not many women prefer trying it.

But, if you are wondering to go super-short, then it is perfect for you. Moreover, a blonde hue with dark roots would further add to your beauty.

5-Medium Hairstyles for Black Women:

Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

Some Hairstyles for Black Women are difficult to deal with. If you have thick and curly black hair, then you have many options of Medium Hairstyle for Black Women.

For example, this medium layered cut. Thin out the shaggy ends of your hair. This will help to give your hair a breezy look.

Start by cutting the layers from the shoulder and end in a V-shaped manner. Furthermore, blonde highlights would add up to enhance your look. Get some inspiration from the gorgeous Gabrielle Union.

6-Straight Gray Bob:

Straight Gray Bob

This cool bob is one of the most amazing Hairstyles for Black Women. Crop your hair till the ear-length.  Straighten them neatly. The focus part here is the metallic gray color which gives you the classy and sleek look.

“By common consent, gray hair is a crown of glory; the only object of respect that can never excite envy.” –George Bancroft.

7-Short Box-Braided Bob:

Short Box-Braided Bob

Looking for something sexy and attractive for your black hair? Then this is it! One of the trendiest Hairstyles for Black Women. Tie your hair in mini braids giving the look of a short bob and your amazing new look is ready!

8-Highlighted Natural Curls:

Highlighted Natural Curls

Nothing is better than your natural hair. Love your natural hair the way it is! So keeping this hairstyle simple, just give a soft highlighted look to your natural curls. Caramel or ombre highlights would work best with your dark complexion.

9-Long Hairstyles for Black Women:

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Long hair is always sexy! And what could be better than having a classy look effortlessly?  Long Hairstyles for Black Women are full of fun. It could be either curled up giving it a heavy look or set in slight waves.

The most elegant look is to let your long wavy locks flow down. Just for a bit of work, slightly curl the ends. Warm honey blonde highlights work wonders on your natural wavy hair. This natural look is similar to the beautiful black beauty, Kate Graham.

10-Mohawk Cut for Black Women:

Mohawk Cut for Black Women

Are you willing to prove how bold you are? Some Haircuts for Black Women would definitely help you then! This Mohawk cut gives “super-sexy yet super-classy” vibes.

In this haircut, shave the sides of your hair, and raise the top part in a thick and super-voluminous look. Furthermore, ash blonde color would go best with this Mohawk cut!

11-Cute Distorted Bangs:

Cute Distorted Bangs

This is one of the easiest Hairstyles for Black Women with Thin Hair. This hairstyle is totally governed by bangs!

The back is slightly shaved and remaining most of the head is covered with bangs. So, it is the probably the wildest and the roughest look among all Hairstyles for Black Women.

12-Short Spiky Pixie:

Short Spiky Pixie

Looking for some up-to-date Black Hairstyles for Short Hair? Then you should definitely try this spiky pixie look. This hairstyle works best for women with round faces.

The spiked edgy look at the top helps make your face look slimmer and smarter. It is an extremely low maintenance hairstyle as you won’t have to waste hours straightening or curling your hair.

13-Long Lustrous Locks:

Long Lustrous Locks

Nature’s beauty is absolutely divine. Hairstyles for Black Women with Natural Hair is best when left on its own.

This hairstyle is not only low in maintenance, but also gives you a sleek look. Straighten the hair neatly. Furthermore, the sleek bangs are efficient in giving you a sheepish cute look. This hairstyle is greatly inspired by the beautiful Naomi Campbell.

14-Blond Curly Bob for Black Women:

Blond Curly Bob for Black Women

Looking for a way to settle down your curly hair? So here you are! Some Hairstyles for Black Women are absolutely phenomenal the way they are.

If you have naturally curly hair, go with a blond hue for your short jaw-length bob. Moreover, this hair color would make your complexion look brighter.

15-Brightly Colored Bob:

Brightly Colored Bob

Bobs are getting boring being the same. Why not try something more playful? This hairstyle goes with cropping a bob with neat edges. Furthermore, this haircut is best suitable for oval faces.

The key to this hairstyle is the colorful look you give it. Go for a mermaid green shade or maybe shocking pink. Whatever best suits your personality! Try to redo the color once in a month.

16-Cornrows and Ringlets:

Cornrows and Ringlets

In Hairstyles for Black Women, the cornrows seem like a symbol of black beauty. It is most loved by black women than anyone else.

This hairstyle goes with cornrows on the head and the lower back hair is transformed into heavy ringlets. Furthermore, if the cornrows are given a blonde hue and let the ringlets be its natural color, this will be an amazing “Two-tone in one look” for you.

17-Crochet Hair for Black Women:

Crochet Hair for Black Women

Crochet braids have been an old-time trend in black women and the status it gains, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to come slow in the years to come.

No wonder, crochet braids are one of the best Hairstyles for Black Women. Furthermore, they can be styled in a plenty of different ways, giving you a sassy look.

Crochet braids themselves have their own beauty. But it also goes for giving big nice curls. One more way is to run a hot straighter rod on the braids and then untie the braids. The results will be absolutely astonishing for you!

18-Messy Long Bobs for Black Women:

Messy Long Bobs for Black Women

It is a long version of a bob. It goes with giving a crop that starts from the shoulder length and into a v-shape. The best-looking part is when the long bob is given a feathery cut at the ends.

In addition to this, a bright red color would help maintain the playful girl within you! Like the beautiful Robyn Rihanna Fenty, get yourself these “jolly chic” vibes with this red hue on your wavy locks.

19-Box Braids with Copper and Blonde Color:

Box Braids with Copper and Blonde Color

Box-braided Hairstyles for Black Women can be represented in many different ways. With thick braids or thin, with triple-stranded braids or double-stranded braids; it looks marvelous in every way!

Furthermore, blond color best suits on black women. But adding another color to it further enhances its glamour. Add a copper color to the blond hue. This can be held in a bun and gives a ravishing look at everyone.

20-Purple Crochet:

Purple Crochet

Some Hairstyles for Black Women take time and tools for their maintenance. Tie your hair in crochet braids and cover them up with a scarf before going to bed.

The magic reveals when you untie your hair in the morning. For providing it with moisture a conditioning product is necessary. This big and bold hairstyle would give a funky look with a purple dye.

21-Caramel Highlighted Waves:

Caramel Highlighted Waves

Wavy Hairstyles for Black Women comes in lots of astonishing looks. This wavy look is highlighted with a caramel hue. This is similar to the wavy hair look of the bold and beautiful boxer Laila Ali. So take no time to prove yourself with this hairstyle, as your hair proves a lot about you.

A hair divides what is false and true.” –Omar Khayyam.

22-Twisted Burgundy Hair:

Twisted Burgundy Hair

This ravishing red color is an extremely sexy Hairstyle for Black Women. With puffier and textured hair, you can carry this beautiful twisted hair look.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with bright red, then remain in your comfort zone and choose a lighter shade. Just like a brick copper hue. Whatsoever, the hot red would definitely set eyes on you!

Redheads. We’re a Limited Edition of Fascination. A Unique and Rare Blend of Awesomeness.” –Stephanie Lahart.

23-Short Black Bob:

Short Black Bob

This hairstyle is extremely short yet extremely hot. This works best for black hair. The subtle curly look in this hairstyle helps maintain the feminine look.

Furthermore, a cat-liner with a shiny gloss would add a sexy touch to you! So, make sure to try this look and rock the day!

 24-Hot Colored Bob:

Hot Colored Bob

Same boring look? Let’s get you on a roller coaster! Here I have for you the most incredible hair colors you can ever imagine.

If you are still a child by heart and looking for something playful, then this is it! Get yourself a neat bob cut and give it a hot bright color. The color choice is optional. Well, you can go with the black beauty Nickie Minaj’s green wig color or maybe hot pink or blue.

25-Undercut with Asymmetric Bob:

Undercut with Asymmetric Bob

Hairstyles for Black Women with undercuts are the sexiest. Different shapes and looks could be designed with the undercuts. The length of the bob is optional, but a jaw-line bob would be perfect.


Hairstyles for Black Women

These Hairstyles for Black Women would make you feel the blossoming change inside you. Hairstyling is an art that absolutely affects the soul.

“Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; its vanity’s proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.” –Shana Alexander.

Hairstyles for Black Women are extremely gorgeous. They not only add a charm to your look but also maximize your black beauty.

Every single hair casts its shadow.” –Publilius Syrus.

So, make sure to try one of these Hairstyles for Black Women and you will definitely be glad!

27 Sassy Short Hairstyles for Black Women – Look Perfectly Gorgeous

When you are looking for Short Hairstyles for Black Women, you will see they are extremely fashionable.

As per style specialists, short hairdos for black women are up to date and preferable as they match the pace of current fashion trends.

And also, they make a great pair with the beautiful dark skin of these ladies. Current trends and styles make it possible to explore limitless styling choices with very short hair.

By varying the angle and length of your strands, you can achieve different African hairstyles.

So do not wait anymore as the below given 28 mind blowing hairstyles are ready to change your look readily!

27 Short Haircuts for Black Women – Try Immediately to Look Stunning

Hair of black women has a typical texture. All styles and lengths will not suit them. To lessen the hassle, 27 of the trendiest Short Haircuts for Black Women are mentioned below which are perfect for the black skin complexion.

1.      Faded Glory Hairstyle:

Faded Glory Hairstyle

Nothing is more stylish and edgy than arched eyebrows and short hairdos. So, jazz up the faded glory hairstyle by grabbing it to make your own.

Furthermore, undercuts are able to flatter black women immensely. In fact, adding a suitable color dye will compliment your skin tone.

To further add some spice, treat yourself with an ear piercing that goes well with this one of the amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women.

2.      Curly Pixie Short Hairstyles for Black Women:

Curly Pixie Short Hairstyle for Black Women

For a black woman, a short haircut is a sassy way to showcase a personal style. If you are looking for an edgy but feminine Black Short Curly Hairstyles, then this Mohawk is a nice pick.

The luscious curls add lots of attitude to the style. For an amazing retro vibe, comb your hair downwards in elegant finger waves.

3.      Scarlet Short Pixie with a Layered Top:

Scarlet Short Pixie with a Layered Top

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are considered as an adorable canvas for playing with hair dye. Simply, go bold this season with this red hue color. Keep your hair roots a bit darker to create a contrast effect, which makes your style pop even more.

Undoubtedly, a pixie haircut is itself quite edgy and seductive, but this colorful addition amplifies the visual effect. Hence, this one of a Black Natural Hairstyle is ready to take your style statement to the next level.

4.      Long Pixie Cut with some Springy Curls:

Long Pixie Cut with some Springy Curls

If you have naturally super curly hair and looking for some stunning Short Hairstyles for Black Women to show off them, then this long pixie with springy curls is a great option to try.

No doubt, styling your natural hair is a bit tricky. However, this haircut complements your natural curly hair very well.

And this look can be achieved without any external heat if you have natural curls. So, time to save your super curly locks from damage with this chic hairdo.

5.      Curly Haircut with Copper Dye for Black Girls:

Curly Haircut with Copper Dye for Black Girls

Short Curly Hairstyles radiate an ultimate confidence. So, pair it with copper highlights to create movement and bring intense depth to this tapered haircut.

Keep the curls even bigger to deliver more dimension, converting your image into a big glam.

6.      Fiery Pixie Cut with Angled Top:

Fiery Pixie Cut with Angled Top

If you are looking for Short Natural Haircuts for Black Females, this hairdo is a real fun and a volume building style.

In fact, a bright blend of orange and red hue is all set to create a bold style statement. You can pick any striking color combination you want, to transform your personality in a funky way.

Moreover, a tip is to choose from rainbow colors as they are more expressive and show off your style and personality in a glamorous way.

7.      Platinum Haircut with Feathered Layers on the Top:

Platinum Haircut with Feathered Layers on the Top

You can create an instant alluring look with this haircut named as platinum hairstyle with feathered layers on the top.

Amazingly, the blonde platinum hair creates a softer image that never goes unnoticed. Fortunately, such Short Hairstyles for Black Women are very easy to maintain.

However, be careful as such hairstyles bring a drastic change in your personality. So, swallow an extra pill of confidence.

8.      Short Maroon Strands:

Short Maroon Strands

This spunky hairdo gets you apart in an alluring way from other black ladies out there. Short Hairstyles for Black Women involving tapered silhouette are rocking the style charts of black beauties having thick hair.

So, if you are already having this pixie haircut, then visit your salon to get some maroon highlights to refresh your personality.

9.      Rosewood Ombre Short Hairstyle for Black Women:

Rosewood Ombre Short Hairstyle for Black Women

The time of subtle highlight is now gone. It’s time to pick a rosewood color job to show off your skin tone. Furthermore, a side sweeping bang creates a model like look which can take the style scene by storm.

Hence, if you are looking for some trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women then this one is for sure a smart pick.

10. Black Soft Curls:

Black Soft Curls

Short Hairstyles for Black Women vary in type and texture. In this haircut, very soft and controlled curls are achieved through a curling iron with large barrels or by a hot roller. Thus, this is a simple yet an elegant haircut, which keeps the style very feminine.

11. Uneven Layers Short Hairstyle for Black Women:

Uneven Layers Short Hairstyle for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are too classy at times. So, for your next makeover choose something modern and sophisticated such as this uneven short layers haircut.

Hence, the curly hairdo brings a softness factor in the personality without the hassle of high maintenance and long


12. Front and Forward Short Haircut for Black Women:

Front and Forward Short Haircut for Black Women

Pull off your assertive personality side with this edgy haircut, which trumps many other Short Hairstyles for Black Women.

So, ask your salon attendant to add short waves which are soft and not too curly. Such sassy haircut gives you confidence and attitude to show off every day.

13. Short Pixie with Swoopy Layers:

Short Pixie with Swoopy Layers

The pixie cut is already hitting the style charts of black beauties these days. In this, one of the simplest Short Haircutss for Black Women, hair is kept a bit straight using an iron rod. The cut imparts volume and hair looks much healthier and fuller.

Don’t forget to put as minimum heat as possible to reduce the hair damage.

14. Tapered Pixie with a Curly Top:

Tapered Pixie with a Curly Top

This hairdo is full of texture and movement with curls all around. The beautiful spiral shaped curls give Short Hairstyles for Black Women so much volume and body.

However, despite the voluminous nature, this hairdo has maintained itself to the sleekness and sheen.

So, there is absolutely no mess and frizz!

15. Side Swept Short Pixie Bob:

Side Swept Short Pixie Bob

For Short Hairstyles for Black Women, keeping the haircut simple is as cool as playing with color and texture. With layers on the back side and subtle highlights, you can easily show off a super stylish as well as sophisticated image.

16. Coifed Short Hair for Black Ladies:

Coifed Short Hair for Black Ladies

This a modern version of 50’s haircut, is a nice example of the most sophisticated Short Haircuts for Black Women which are available today. In fact, the hair is cut in a way so that it can be easily tucked behind the ears.

So, a swoop of bangs compliments the eye color. Hence, this haircut creates a perfect office going look.

17. Chopped Layered Short Hairstyle for Black Women:

Chopped Layered Short Hairstyle for Black Women

This is one of the chicest and most convenient Short Hairstyles for Black Women. It is too easy to style in the morning, just simply brush back and that’s it. In fact, a quick boyish trim is just enough to serve the purpose instead of paying too much for fancy layers or waves.

18. Curls and Spikes for Black Women with Short Hair:

Curls and Spikes for Black Women with Short Hair

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are versatile in nature. This hairdo is inclined towards the wild side. So, it is a great blend of curls and spikes. While styling, use some good quality hair products to achieve the right look.

19. Short Flicks for Black Hair:

Short Flicks for Black Hair

This is a very basic hairdo of black women with curly hair. As, it allows your hair to bounce freely for a while. However, to create an alluring, bold look don’t over wash your hair.

Moreover, the shaved sides add plenty of movement and body to refresh your personality.

Wash your hair just twice or thrice a week. And the natural oil on your hair will do the magic with this most basic yet alluring Short Hairstyles for Black Women.

20. TWA Short Hairstyle for Black Women:

TWA Short Hairstyle for Black Women

If you are looking for a simple, summery Short Haircuts for Black Women, then TWA cut is for sure going to give a cool look.

Such short hair needs very little styling efforts and maintenance on the regular basis, giving you ample time to spend on the rest of the makeup and eyebrows.

21. Super Short Haircut for Black Women with Blonde Highlights:

Super Short Haircut for Black Women with Blonde Highlights

Do you have the courage to go beyond the set style levels? This boyish cut needs no styling, all you require is tons of confidence to pick this style statement.

Literally, it complements the dark complexion of black beauties. For ladies going for unisex Short Hairstyles for Black Women, this is a bold pick.

22. Long Pixie with Back Layers:Long Pixie with Back Layers

Layers can break or make short hair.

The uneven lengths bring volume, depth, and dimension to an otherwise boring cut. In this haircut, layers are swept backwards and deliver a stunning effect. If you are searching for Short Haircuts for Black Women, this cut portrays an adorable image of yours.

23. Flicked Layers with a Stacked Bob:

Flicked Layers with a Stacked Bob

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are mainly comprised of one or other form of layers. In this haircut, layers flicked backwards create a beautiful movement. A stacked back also dials up the dimension of the style.

Thus, this cut gives a sassy tapered effect to the hair.

24. Short Black Stacked Choppy Lob:

Short Black Stacked Choppy Lob

Even though Short Hairstyles for Black Women don’t have much length to play with. However, they still can be made bold for an effective style statement. To boost visual interest, a blend of black and blonde dye is applied in this style.

Moreover, the angled lines further make the cut edgier.

25. Straight Haircut with Highlighted Crown:

 Straight Haircut with Highlighted Crown

For Short Hairstyles for Black Women, sometimes less is more. A super straight and sleek haircut with caramel and blonde highlights is an elegant choice to rock all informal events.

Sleek texture will give a sophisticated touch, whereas, a selection of fun colors will add the funky factor.

26. Doves Fly Short Haircut for Black Women:

Doves Fly Short Haircut for Black Women

It’s time to show off your style with this modern day short curly pixie haircut.

The off blonde dye upgrades the status of this classy and elite cut. This is one of a daring Short Haircuts for Black Women, having so much elegance to showcase.

27. Raven Short Hairstyles for Black Women:

Raven Short Haircut for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are more versatile than longer hairdos. You cannot opt much of the braiding styles with this much longer length. But still, you can add texture by imparting waves, curls, feathers, or spikes.

As in this hairstyle, a combination of spikes and jet black color is used to create the perfect image.

28. Back Swept Feathers with Highlights: (Bonus)

Back Swept Feathers with Highlights

Short Haircuts for Black Women are usually very impressive in movement and texture. This haircut is also no exception. Feathers swept backward along with a colorful highlight create a completely glamorous look.

Furthermore, spice it up with some sparkly studs. Always use a good quality hair serum or spray to make the hair stay for a longer time.


Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Black beauties are always conscious about selecting a suitable hairstyle for themselves. A haircut is required that brightens their dark skin. A short length serves the purpose without being overweight. Also, very less styling time is required to ensure a good hair day.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are no doubt very versatile. You can try a bold pixie, a cute bob, a glamorous fringe, or any other style mentioned above. These haircuts are capable enough to impart a sophisticated, edgy, funky, sassy, or a chic look to all black beauties out there.

It’s time to rush to your favorite salon to refresh your personality by choosing a right kind of Short Haircuts for Black Women which matches your style sense as well as personality. you can watch more hairstyles for black women

17 Latest Long Hairstyles for Black Women to Look Stunning

Here I gathered some Long Hairstyles for Black Women of today just to show her way towards a style transformation.Long tresses communicate some adorable vibes. This is the reason long hair is a dream of many women. However, this length is sometimes hard to maintain, especially if one has many other chores to do daily. Luckily, the 21st century has given us some stunning Long Hairstyles for Black Women which are not too heavy and require less maintenance.

“If a woman has long hair, it’s a glory to her”

Long hair along with black skin makes a perfect combination to transform yourself into a style icon in your community. Black skin was accepted in the society quite late. Fortunately, it’s no more a taboo to be a black beauty.

Curly styles were once considered as the only hairdos a black beauty can rock. This is no more the case!

Depending upon the length and specific hair texture, waves as well as sleek cuts can be worn in an absolutely glamorous way. Braids, fishtail, and layered styles provide versatile options to both the old school community and teenagers.

17 of the Most Adorable Long Haircuts for Black Women – Style in a Unique Way

Most of the African American women are blessed enough to have long tresses. If you are one of them, then it is necessary to know how to present this treasure in a magical way. In 90’s, short hairdos were hitting the style charts. However, Rapunzel has again taken the long hair glory to the level it deserves. Thus, long hair is back to the styling game with a Bang!

Thanks to the modern cutting tools and the dye techniques. Add layers, try shag, bring braids, opt fishtails, and a final touch of favorite color dye… There are tremendous opportunities to manipulate.

As per today’s trend, we have collected some of the must try Long Haircuts for Black Women. So have a look at these super classy hairdos to bring a delighted expression of your personality!

1.      Long Super Curly Hairdo:

Long Super Curly Hairdo

As black women naturally have curls in their hair texture mostly. So, to keep the things simple, one can opt to go for further defining these curls to make a style statement which is traditional as well as unique. Such springy curls can be added with the help of a good quality roller set. To further enhance the look you can choose a jet black dye.

Don’t forget to completely dry the hair before applying roller. A good quality serum is also necessary to reduce the damage posed to tresses. Thus, such Long Hairstyles for Black Women playing with natural texture appear more sassy and less time taking.

2.      Loose Long Waves:

Loose Long Waves

In summer every girl wants a casual look which is easy breezy. In this regard, loose waves come under the Long Hairstyles for Black Women category to welcome the summer this year. Such simple hairdo does not scream “salon” very much. By using a medium barrel hot curling iron one can easily achieve this alluring look at home.

Lastly, don’t forget to apply a hair spray to keep the style for a longer period of time.

3.      Super Sleek Long Hairstyles for Black Women:

Super Sleek Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Super sleek hairstyles have been in fashion for many years. Each year from MatGala to award ceremonies, we see a number of celebrities to adopt this look to rock their red carpet appearances.

This absolutely glamorous style has the potential to transform the personality of black beauty as well. A super straight hairdo, minimal makeup, and beautiful black skin make a stunning combination in the styling game.

Hence, for all the Long Hairstyles for Black Women seekers, this look is a great pick.

4.      Blue-Black Cornrows for Black Beauties:

Blue-Black Cornrows for Black Beauties

Cornrow is although an old style. However, it is again trending these days, especially among the black ladies. Addition of blue color streaks adds a modern touch to the overall look.

A combination of thick and thin braids appears too charming and glamorous. Among the teenagers and college students, this look is more popular because of the funky vibes it imparts.

This modern version of typical braided Long Hairstyles for Black Women is no doubt a must try option this season!

5.    Middle Parted Haircut with Cool Waves:

Middle Parted Haircut with Cool Waves

Almost every woman wants to be complimented and a center of attention. By choosing a right kind of hairdo, a dull and boring look can be instantly transformed. If you are blessed to have a black skin, then it’s time to make the most of it by selecting a style which goes well with such skin color.

Try a middle parted cut, done in perfect symmetry which is the highlight of this Long Haircut for Black Women. Further, add glamorous waves on both sides to get few extra ounces of volume. The end result will be an absolutely stunning look which can never go unnoticed.

6.      Funky Wavy Long Hairstyles for Black Women:

Funky Wavy Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Are you tired of typical hair colors such as black, brown, etc.?

Then try playing with cool hair colors which are so much into the fashion game. Though, such colors are uncommon and somehow extravagant, but for sure they will make every head turn towards you. A totally asymmetrical style with different colored tresses helps you to get a funky and free spirit look in no time.

Such funky Long Hairstyles for Black Women are trending as they go well with this color tone.

7.      Luscious Long Twists and Brown Tips:

Luscious Long Twists and Brown Tips

Long Hairstyles for Black Women with twists have always remained popular for ages. If you still want to opt this traditional look, then, give it a modern touch by adding straight twists which bring eccentricity to the whole appearance.

Moreover, selection of two color tones in long locks can complete the image nicely. In this regard, black and brown streaks combination goes marvelously with extra-long tresses.

8.      Loose Waves for Thin Hair:

Loose Waves for Thin Hair

Are you looking for Long Hairstyles for Black Women which have the capability to impart a voluminous look?

Then, such loose waves are the solution to your problem.

This style is simple yet extremely fascinating and elegant. All you have to do is to add few large, but loose curls. Divide the locks in an asymmetrical manner using a round brush.

And that’s it..! You are all set to rock your appearance despite the thin hair texture.

9.      Long Haircuts for Black Women with Tight Curl:

Long Haircuts for Black Women with Tight Curl

“I was shy, but it came out in a big personality. My turning point was when I let my hair go naturally.”

Curls being the natural hair texture of black beauties appear so flattering over the skin tone.

Further gray color addition takes these typical curly Long Hairstyles for Black Women to a whole next level. Platinum blonde or light gray goes well in this context. While adding curls keep the essence, lighter. Don’t go for too tight ones.

And the end result is an image which is adorable and gorgeous at the same time.

10.  Long Burgundy Hairdo full of Waves:

Long Burgundy Hairdo full of Waves:

This Long Hairstyle for Black Women is a classic example of experimenting with hair, without fearing to do much damage. An African American woman can rock this hairdo as the burgundy color looks glamorous on black skin. Long waves further allow getting a quick Go Glam look in super busy routines.

Hence, this one is an easy to maintain Long Haircut for Black Women.

11.  Marley Twists for Long Hair:

Marley Twists for Long Hair

Once braid was the symbolic representation of Long Hairstyles for Black Women. However, this is not the case anymore!

Marley twists have come forward to give a tough competition to traditional braids.

It’s also a protective kind of style which goes well with the lazy girls not willing to spend too much time on styling. As compared to braided style, this hairdo is a bit lighter and looks more natural. And yes, this style can last even for several weeks.

12.  Minnie Mouse Bun for Black Women:

Minnie Mouse Bun for Black Women

It’s a cool and cute Long Haircut for Black Women for the weekend parties. Instead of a single bun create two buns on the top of your head. It takes no time to get a perfect shape even for the beginners as well.

An edge control hair gel is necessary to keep the shape and size of both buns to the same level. Wear some funky clothes from the wardrobe and opt a red lipstick with very less makeup. You are all set to rock!

13.  Simple yet Stylish Updo:

Simple yet Stylish Updo

This simple hairdo would come in few top picks among the Long Hairstyles for Women over 50. Ladies with long hair sometimes don’t want their hair down.

Fortunately, there are many hairdos styled as updos. They look gorgeous keeping the whole essence decent and would not demand very much of precious time.

As in this style, from the middle top to back a French tail is made with a bun at the end. It is a must try for the black ladies busy with professional work.

14.  Flower Child Wavy Haircut:

Flower Child Wavy Haircut

This cut is a cool yet sophisticated example of Long Hairstyles for Women who want a unique appearance. It is based on the super curly texture of African American women hair.

The way tracks are defined and the hair is braided, this hairdo remains set for more than a month. Minimal makeup, a light lipstick, and green color lenses, this is all you need to look different in all upcoming events.

15.  Unicorn Dye with Light Waves:

Unicorn Dye with Light Waves

The waves come in various textures and blend easily with almost all types of hair. This hairdo consists of light curly waves and is a stunning Long Hairstyle for Women having natural spiral in their tresses.

It imparts an extra volume to frizzy or thin hair. Plus, by opting different hair colors one can transform herself to generate fun loving vibes. And the best part is they can be easily taken out when you get tired of this style.

16.  Messy and Half Updo:

Messy and Half Updo

Another simply chic and easy breezy Long Hairstyles for Black Women!

Women looking for relaxed haircuts for casual routine should try it this season. It takes part of the relatively sleek hair in a messy bun on the top of the crown.

The rest of the hair falls freely all over around. Further, an addition of a color dye such as balayage pronounces the style statement made by this messy half updo.

Such messy Long Black Hairstyles are a great solution to deal with thin and fine hair type.

17.  Glamorous Knockout Haircut by Laila Ali:

Glamorous Knockout Haircut by Laila Ali

The haircut of American female boxer Laila Ali is glamorous enough to knockout anybody in the styling game. To get a super sassy spontaneous look, she has chosen mocha light brown highlights to blend with natural black hair.

Then scattered in a messy way over the shoulders, her hair makes her win again, but in the beauty ring this time!

18.  Long Waves:

Long Waves

Keke Pamer’s recent look is so fresh and relaxing. The beach waves of jet black color impart an adorable and radiant vibe. Because of the face framing effect, it turns out to be one of the ideal Long Weave Hairstyles for Round Faces.

And the most interesting part is you don’t have to be a styling nerd to recreate this stunning look. All one needs is a blow dryer along with a diffuser and a good mouse.


Long Hairstyles for Black Women

“Having black hair is unique with black skin. You can walk down one street block in New York City and see 10 different hairstyles that black women are wearing: straight, curls, short cuts, braids – we really run the styling game.”

Black women can rock every hair style with so much elegance because of their natural hair texture. No doubt, curly Long Hairstyles for Black Women are most commonly opted in this regard. However, celebrities like Eva Marcille, Gabrielle Union, Kat Graham have shown us how to rock straight and sleek haircuts.

Being a black beauty you know which haircut suits you. However, styling tendencies are changing drastically with time. And it’s vital to maintain a pace with them. Above mentioned are some of the most stunning Long Haircuts for Black Women which are worth imitating.

Still, you don’t have to copy them as it is. Take inspiration from here and further manipulate them as per your choice to create a style statement which is purely yours.

21 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Black Women to Look Classy

If you are stuck with a natural hair situation and trying to figure out the most modern Medium Hairstyles for Black women, then search no more!

Well, Beyoncé has rocked long hair, and there is no doubt that the long hair is hard to give up.

Surely agreed that some of us do look at the LILY’s (aka iiSuperwomen) long silky hair with awe, but sometimes women desire to have a haircut that is both sassy and easy to maintain.

The long hair might just be too much for the busy life that you have. Or may be that it is a time for a change. After all, the most noticeable change always begins with the haircut.

With the heap of long hair, women intend to shift to something intermediary to flaunt. That is, have a haircut ,which is a fashion statement, easy to style, less time consuming and a hairstyle which keeps you on fleek in your casual and formal whereabouts.

If neither too short nor too long, just something in between the both, would do for you, then something out of the playful list of Medium Haircuts for Black Women is your summer statement for the year!

21 Super Easy Medium Haircuts for Black Women – Be Up to Date in No Time

Opera’s speech and her overall look of 7th Jan 2018 Academy Awards was daunting, a perfect bold and straight forward statement to the world.

If she is your inspiration for Medium Haircuts for Black Women, or, if the leading former First Lady Michelle Obama has struck you as the ultimate style icon, then below are some of the trendiest suggestions for you to choose from!

1-   Curly  Medium Hairstyles for Black Women:

Curly  Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

For the shoulder length hair this hairstyle is the best. As the most black women have natural curl in their hair. Thank the Lord for it, it’s a blessing! This versatile Medium Length Haircut for Black Women is an evergreen hairstyle.

So, sweep it all from the front, pinning it at the back, gives an entirely different look. Thus, the bundled bouncy curls at the back look absolutely eye catching, while the front look is neat and subtle.

2-   Layered Hair – Look Classy:

Layered Hair – Look Classy

Layers add volume to the hair. It can be styled in numerous ways. It gives the advantage of style without compromising the hair length. This Medium Haircut for Black Women is so summer!

Henceforth, if you have thin, dark hair, go for layers in medium length. Simmer it up with highlights to create a dual tone.

3-   Playful Middle Part:

Playful Middle Part

Well, if you require an easy, light top with the entire volume of your curls on either side then this hairstyle is just for you!

Undoubtedly, this is super easy to style up and carry through the whole day long. Moreover, it provides an instant style to your personality. So, do not forget to try this look this year!

4-   Foxy Lioness – The Messy Curls:

Foxy Lioness - The Messy Curls

For the naturally super curly hair, it is often difficult to pick a hairstyle. Especially, if you are a Black woman afflicted with a heap of tight curls and braiding is your last resort, then picking such a haircut from a list of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women could be a tremendous task.

In order to keep the natural bouncy curls unaltered, this haircut is too perfect and too stylish. The plus point of this Medium Haircut for Black Women is that it works for Black women of all face shapes.

Additionally, use texturing products to keep the curls soft and well-conditioned.

5-   Copper Medium Haircuts for Black Women:

Copper Medium Haircuts for Black Women

One can make a simple Medium Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair more eye catching, by playing with the hair color. Although copper curls go perfect with the tanned skin tone, you can use hair color of your choice. Use Volumizer to spice up this tremendous look.

Henceforth, it is the easiest of the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women. For the party nights use a head scarf to tie your curls, and rock it with a bright pout.

6-   Feathered V Layered Hairstyles:

Feathered V Layered Hairstyles

For the women looking for a straight silky hair look for a light as a butterfly feeling, this hairstyle might just be the right one. It resembles a horse’s mane that flies, unrestrictedly in the fresh breeze.

This is the dream Medium Haircuts for Black Women as it is easily manageable. The variations in layers create a different look at the front and the back.

While the short layers create a sexy look in the front, complementing your personality and features, the long layers at the back makes the eyes get glued to you!

Create a dual tone, or just play with the various hues of hair dye to customize your haircut, as per your taste.

7-   Wavy Lob with Layers:

Wavy Lob with Layers

Bobs have been the favorite hairstyle of the fashion industry. Their variation is available for all the lengths and face type to adequately address the cravings of women for Bob.

This is a Bob with some length, pushing it out of the category of Short Length Hairstyles. It’s a LOB for you!

Long Bobs are indeed flattering and very modern. For the particular Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, highlights or low lights create a more intense look.

Create loose waves using a curler to emphasize the duo-tone of your hair.

8-   Messy Lob:

Messy Lob

For the ‘I woke up like this’ look, this Long Bob is trendier because it allows you to have a feminine length while having a Medium Length Haircut. The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women fully and perfectly achieve the messy hair, no care look.

9-   Wispy Layers -A Wavy Haircut:

Wispy Layers -A Wavy Haircut

A major plus point, if your hair has a natural wave, then give wispy layers a try. This hairstyle is just right for the medium length hair.

Just about the right length to do away with the guilt of cutting your hair too short and to undo the hefty task of maintenance of long hair. This is a must have, among all the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

10-A Layered Bottom with Medium Length Hair:

A Layered Bottom with Medium Length Hair

If you have straight hair, then there is a lot you can do with it. From feather haircut to the bottom centric hair, there is so much you can do with your hair.

Notably, the best part about Medium Hairstyles for Black Women is that these hairstyles have numerous ways of styling befitting your demands and taste, while enhancing the beauty of dark skin tone.

For a customized personality statement, cut your hair in layers at the bottom. The straightened top with layers at the end deals with the thick hair management problem you have been sick and tired of!

11-Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair:

Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair

Another solution for the naturally thick hair is that have a medium length feathered haircut. With the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, the hair won’t be as dense, and you’d be able to shed the weight of the thick hair you feel on your skull.

In fact, the layers provide the freshness in your look while allowing your hair to flow freely.

12-Two Tiers Bob for Medium Hair:

Two Tiers Bob for Medium Hair

Although there is a huge variety in Bob, this is one of those Medium Hairstyles for Black Women that provides added dimension to your thin hair.

If you are seeking refuge from the choppy layered haircut, this is a perfect hairstyle to go with! It gives you a very elegant and polished appearance.

13-Bob with Caramel Balayage:

Bob with Caramel Balayage

The French hair dying technique of Balayage is the most in demand trending hair dying technique. A Bob haircut with a caramel Balayage softens up your former blunt and boring hairstyle.

Caramel Balayage is the light colored style that is so voguish and so fresh. For his reason, go for it girl!

14-Weave Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair:

Weave Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Women love the weave hairstyle. Especially the women with dark skin tones and a natural hair curl, simply adore it. It is not necessary to have long hair to try the weaves.

Making this hairstyle with curly hair is possible. So, choose any from a set of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

15-The Wavy Red Hair

The Wavy Red Hair

Play with your hair. A haircut with a combination of a precisely selected hair dye does a lot to your look and impression. Since we all know the first impression counts the most, if you are looking for a bold, bright, confident impression, dye your hair in the tone of RED.

The red hair dye is perfect for the naturally dark hair colors. The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women are complemented with hair dyes ranging from burgundies to reds and maroons.

16-Red Ends:

Red Ends

If you have straight hair then just leave the top of your hair in natural color, and only dye the lower tips of your hair to have a blazing, Firefox look.

17-Curls with Layered Bangs:

Curls with Layered Bangs

The tousled curls with layered bangs give a very neat and professional look. A signature working lady look is attained by styling the hair into parts. Use a serum to glisten the hair texture.

Curls in the Medium Haircuts for Black Women provides the perfect look. To be sure, heels and medium length curls with cat eyes, is your evening look of the day.

18-Flipped and Layered – Ready to Flaunt:

Flipped and Layered – Ready to Flaunt

This is an ideal look for medium length that looks dense and voluminous. If you have had long hair and looking for a leap of faith required to have it cut to short, opt for this medium length hairstyle.

The layers start at the mid length and are stacked in bundles at the back, giving a cascading look, distinguishing it from all the other layered haircut suggestions in the category of Medium Hairstyles for Black Women.

The cascading layers give bounce, with the necessary volume to your hair. This is a very dynamic and flowy hairstyle. Blow drying, this haircut would create the dreamy feisty look for your events and celebrations.

19-Tousled Side Sweeps:

Tousled Side Sweeps

The tousled curled swept on to the side is a classic look that stays alive to this date. One of the most daring haircut of the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women to choose indeed.

20-Symmetric Swooped Layers in a Bob:

Symmetric Swooped Layers in a Bob

The Medium Hairstyles for Black Women have one of the most fashionable Bob haircut suggestions for the Bob lovers out there.

If you are looking for something less dramatic and more elegant and polished, then this Bob is all about it. The symmetric layers provide the neat and polished impact while the medium length keeps the hair flowy and dynamic.

21-A Medium Shag:

A Medium Shag

These days the trendiest chic look is the one that requires minimum effort to style, yet they provide the ultimate modern look. The shag can be given to the Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, to achieve the dynamic, volumized, modern hair.

The bouncy hair would flow with the shag. Layers would provide the fashionable, babe, look while the shag would create the illusion of all the volume that you need.

Always the best to mess with hair dyes.

22-Vibrant Orchid Hair:(Bonus)

Vibrant Orchid Hair

Well, for the funky girl looks, go a little darker and off the bandwagon to pick a wild hair color. It would look completely breath taking with the medium length.

If you got a chocolate, brown or hazel pupil, pick a contrast with the eyeball and create the masterpiece custom hairstyle in medium length.

Purple, or even burgundies would do. Match the eye makeup for the evening functions to create an intense impression.


Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

There are a number of hairstyles, which are trending. The fashion industry has not failed to address the demands of mod look required by the women and they have set the most fashionable Medium Hairstyles for Black Women, appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of tanned tones.

To choose one hairstyle out of the huge variety of Medium Haircut for Black Women is indeed a difficult task, with each haircut having its own appeal and sizzling look.

List out the impression you want to lay on others this summer and make the jaws drop. Medium Length Hair lets you step outside the boring hair do issues and be playful, classy and utterly beautiful you!