Tattoos for Women with Short Hairstyle

Tattoos for Women with Short Hairstyle

Compared to men, women generally choose tamed variations of tattoos. They are generally a lot smaller and discreet. Interestingly, women with short hair or short layered hairstyles have a preference to place their tattoos on the upper back or shoulder area or even the neck so they are more visible. 

Women with longer hairstyles generally prefer their tattoos on the lower back or on their arms. Thus, the hairstyle influences the type of tattoo and especially the placement of the tattoo on the body.

In terms of designs, women have less preferred designs than men as generally animal tattoos or tattoos that symbolize luck are not in vogue. Tribal designs are well-liked by both men and women because of their very artistic feature. The design has sparked the interest of many people as they are eye-catching and exudes strength.

Having this tattoo design inked on your skin creates a cool impression that boosts attraction. It serves as a permanent decoration in your body that complements beautifully your overall look. You will see this design in some models and celebrities. 

Probably the most popular tattoo design for both short-haired and long-haired women are butterflies that are usually seen in the lower back of females and on the upper back of most men. 

Surprisingly, flower tattoo designs rank high for both men and women. To most men, a flower design usually symbolizes the woman they love deeply. Beside it is the name of that significant person who is their object of affection. On the contrary, to women, a flower is a symbol of their femininity or simply their fondness for flowers.

Aside from this, cartoon characters are also one of the favourite designs for women. Arguably, the most popular character is a tweety bird. This type of design is perceived as cute by most women, especially teenage girls who are still fond of watching cartoons. Usually, this design is located at the back near the upper shoulders while others would like to place it in their ankles to show-off their tattoos. you can check also Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

On the contrary, men tend to have tattoo design ideas that project a manly image or a symbol of something that keeps them inspired. A snake or perhaps a scorpion tattoo showcases deadly animals are some of the designs men are more interested in. Similarly, skull tattoos symbolize danger and they are often combined with roses to show an affectionate side as well. These animals show strength or power that most men would like to achieve or to possess. If a man is a musician, he is most likely to be interested in having a guitar tattoo on his shoulders.

Others tend to tattoo the respective names of their partners on their body especially near the heart to signify their undying love to each other. To most lovers, this is a pact of their devotion or a mere symbol of their love that doesn’t fade through the years like the tattoo that is permanent on their skin while others tend to put it in on the upper part on their back or in the ankles.