The best pomade for thick hair

the ultimate guide to finding the right pomade that works well for thick hair texture.

Having thick hair is such a great asset for men but when it comes to styling your hair, things can sometimes get troublesome considering its stubborn nature. However, it still allows you to choose a wide variety of popular hairstyles ranging from conservative to funky, although many people believe that they can only have a limited number of hairstyle options and there is nothing much to do with thick hair that they own.

If you’re one of those who keep dreaming a better hairstyle during the whole day and feel stuck with thick hair, then just keep reading as this may help you make a decision and find the best products that will work well with your specific hair texture.

As you might have experienced, It’s a daunting task to control thick hair and keep it in a perfect place and shape all day long. However, once you find the right product, you can start exploring the best stylish world inside yourself!

Have you ever wondered about pomade and what it does for your hair?

You may often get overwhelmed by the amount of hair care products out there in the market that claim to have outstanding results in hair styling. But it’s important to remember that many of them can actually be useless to you, depending on your hair type. Maintaining its consistency, pomade usually lasts longer than other styling products. Of course! there are different types of pomades in the market and each product has different levels of effectiveness, hold and shine. In regards to dealing with thick hair, men who have thicker hair have to make the right decision by choosing a powerful enough pomade for their hair in order to get the preferred hairstyle just right.

Here is a brief insight into what to expect from King Brown Pomade

King Brown Pomade offers you a series of amazing pomade solutions and all these pomades provide a very tight and strong hold for your hair.

They work well with all the hair textures and more importantly, perfectly well on thick hair and curly hair; the hair types that are always going to be hard to tame and style using some other pomades.

How does King Brown Pomade work with thick hair?

When it comes to styling, people with thick hair can grow their hair longer and still expect it to go up rather than falling down, achieving more volume at the same time. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to stick up your hair even at a volume between 5 – 7 inches without applying too much pomade or a heavy pomade.

Heavy pomades generally work well for thick hair. Especially, if you have thick hair that lays flat when it’s not styled, consider choosing a heavy, firm hold pomade as its heaviness will help you keep your hair up throughout the day. King brown paste pomade does offer a heavy hold for your thick hair as it has a fast-drying formula with a strong hold and neutral sheen.

If you have a more poofy type of thick hair that tends to stands up its own, a lighter pomade might be the best solution for you. These pomades don’t provide so much hold and grip but rather keep the volume in a neat and tidy manner. King brown cream pomade with its light to medium natural hold will do the trick allowing you to group everything together in a neat and tidy style, providing you with a lightweight natural look. King brown matte pomade also offers a light to medium hold with a matte sheen.

King brown original pomade

The pomade provides a medium hold that can keep your thick hair in place and a medium sheen for your hair with mild fresh tobacco and vanilla scent. It contains traditional petrolatum and beeswax inspired formula with added mineral oils for hair and scalp conditioning. This pomade is designed for all hair types, short to medium in lengths.

King brown premium pomade

This is a water-based pomade and it offers the same classic styling characteristics that king brown original pomade provides such as the medium hold and sheen. The product has an incredible slickness that remains present throughout the day and is suitable for all types of hair including hair that’s extremely thick as well.