23 Bold Yet Elegant Short Hairstyles for Girls to Look Chic

Short Hairstyles for Girls have always remained in fashion from every now and then. Deciding to have a short haircut is a choice that is considered as a bold step in this typical stereotype society.

Short haircuts for girls can be feminine, edgy, bold, cute or masculine, it all depends on how you style yourself.

Many girls go for short haircuts because they create a cute look in an effortless manner. There are a lot of choices when deciding a short haircut including edgy, fun bobs, the cutest boyish cuts, and the bold pixies.

All these cuts are able to give you an entirely different attire with very low maintenance.

So, get stylish, elegant, cute Short Hairstyles for Girls from below mentioned haircuts. And get ready to chop your hair with elegance this season.

23 Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Girls to Try Right Now

So, are you ready to style up like the celebrities do? Just take a look below and pick a suitable option to style your hair with no effort!

  1. Multicolored Pixie Short Haircut for Girls:

Multi Colored Pixie Short Haircut for Girls

While dealing with short haircuts, it can be harder sometimes to create versatility with this shorter length. Then by playing with texture and color, a unique look can be created as in the multicolored short haircut for girls.

In this pixie cut, add some complementary color such as orange, burgundy, purple, or golden brown throughout the front side of your hair. An interesting look can be generated without overpowering the cropped cut.

Hence, this is one of the coolest Short Hairstyles for Girls to wear this season.

Choppy Bob for Short Hair for Girls:

Choppy Bob for Short Hair for Girls

Spicy addition of choppy layers can be added gracefully in chin length short hair. To polish the look, try dry shampoo which will give this haircut a messy look. This will create some extra volume to make your hair look heavy.

Hence, if you are struggling with short and thin hair, then this choppy bob for short hair is an interesting option to consider.


Blonde Layered Bob – Short Hairstyles for Girls:

Blonde Layered Bob – Short Hairstyles for Girls

If you have a Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, then this blonde layered bob haircut is your perfect match for this season. Add layers all around the volume of the hair. And to further brighten up the look, incorporate blonde shade in the brown shaded base of your short hair.

This haircut will create an elegant edge, which makes it one of the most elegant Short Hairstyles for Girls.

Highlighted Faux Hawk:

Highlighted Faux Hawk

This haircut is a perfect choice for the young girls who want to do some bold experiments with the edgy look of their short hair. This is a complete fun and funky style for the weekend parties.

Color highlights create an immense edgy look with this shorter length. So, go get a salon appointment to get this one of the funkiest Short Hairstyles for Girls.

Curly Bob Haircut for Girls:

Curly Bob Haircut for Girls

If you have beautiful curly hair, then try out this curly bob haircut. Such kind of messy curly short hairstyle is perfect for everyday attire. Further addition of color highlight can add some spice to this cute haircut.

So, if you want to get some super cute haircut, then try this one of the most adorable Short Hairstyles for Girls.

Edgy Bob Along with Shaved one Side:

Edgy Bob Along with Shaved one Side

If you are bold enough to get a shaved haircut, then take a look at this edgy bob along with shaved one side. You can play with the color scheme to further create a funky look.

Purple is one such option that produces a vibrant wave in your personality in spite of being a member of the dark color family. Hence, if you are bold enough to try something interesting then grab this shaved hairstyle.

The best way to wear this Short Straight Hairstyles is by adding a hair-band.

Ultra Short Boyish Haircut for Girls:

Ultra Short Boyish Haircut for Girls

Many girls get this ultra short haircut to start over their damaged hair from roots again or to show a sign of independence. Whatsoever is the reason behind, this short length can still be styled.

You can choose a color to dye your hair. Furthermore, add a spice of bright lipsticks along with bold earrings to get a fine polished look. This cut is one of the boldest Short Hairstyles for Girls that requires confidence to carry.

Curly Short Haircut with Etched Sides for Girls:

Curly Short Haircut with Etched Sides for Girls

If you are a kind of girl who is not meant to be part of the background, then this hairstyle is a right option for you. From every angle, this haircut makes a bold statement for the audience. The wild curls in the top section along with zig-zag shaved sides create a perfect style statement.

Especially for girls, who are working in very creative fields such as graphic designing or fashion industry, this haircut is just perfect to go.

Asymmetrical Pixie for Short Hair for Girls:

Asymmetrical Pixie for Short Hair for Girls

These days, the trend is to mix different cutting techniques and styles to create a different interesting look. In the latest short haircuts, the asymmetric pixie is one of the hottest attire.

A difference in hair length is provided to exaggerate the pixie look, which makes this hairstyle even trendier. Hence, this one is of the boldest Short Hairstyles for Girls.

Bold Short Hair Undercut for Girls with Fine Hair:

Bold Short Hair Undercut for Girls with Fine Hair

If you are coping with thin hair, and unable to find a suitable haircut. Then, have a break and look at this bold short hair undercut for girls with fine hair. Ladies having thin hair can try using undercut and dye to get the luscious locks appearance.

Apply a darker color underneath. This way a denser and voluminous look will be created. Hence, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Girls for thin hair.

Two Toned Short Haircut:

Two Toned Short Haircut

For black girls having curly short hair, this is an ideal pick for them. The stunning blonde look just above the forehead and slight brown hue along the face create a warm golden brightness in your complexion. Also, try to manage the color contrast in a harmonious way to create a perfect attire.

This one of the glamorous Short Hairstyles for Girls is all set to give your black skin a new life.

Side Swept Black Pixie Haircut for Girls:

Side Swept Black Pixie Haircut for Girls

One of the best things about short hair is that they can be styled in no time and with great ease. Side swept black pixie for girls is a perfect daytime look. This short pixie haircut can be swept right or left as per choice. So, go get this super easy modern look.

Messy Layered Short Hair Style for Girls:

Messy Layered Short Hair Style for Girls

Ruffled layers can create a model look within no time and minimal styling. In order to create a dramatic effect, pull your hair to the front side. This will also show off the back side short hair. You can also tuck your hair just behind the ears in order to get a messy look which is perfect for work.

Hence, this is one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Girls.

Short Hair Messy Bob:

Short Hair Messy Bob

One may think that short hair can create only a bold look. Well, this is not true. Short hair messy bob is able to generate a feminine soft look in an effortless manner. Chopped layers and the addition of a delicate hue, not even will frame the face but will also pronounce the face features.

Further, subtle highlights can be added to complete the attire.

Vintage Cropped Short Curls for Girls:

Vintage Cropped Short Curls for Girls

Short hairstyles don’t have to be boyish always. By adding curls in this particular manner you can create a vintage look which is so stylish yet feminine. To create some volume around the corners of cut, use some mouse or hair spray.

This is one of the trendiest Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls these days.

Super Short Sides and Fringe for Girls:

Super Short Sides and Fringe for GirlsSuper short haircuts for ladies with oval shaped faces appear too good with bangs. The cropped sides and front with a styled boasting will pronounce and highlight your strong features.

On the other hand, the slight length on the top will allow you to play with some funky spikes or layers.

If you are a party freak then this haircut goes perfectly with your personality.

Stacked Platinum Short Hair Wedge for Girls:

Stacked Platinum Short Hair Wedge for Girls

You can modernize the traditional wedge haircut with platinum color. In order to create a little less severe look, add some textured layers steeping from back to front. Straight off the locks in to exaggerate the sharp shape.

Grab this modernized conventional wedge look in your next makeover.

The feather cut, is one of the best Short Layered Hairstyle

Asymmetric Rainbow Short Pixie Cut for Girls:

Asymmetric Rainbow Short Pixie Cut for Girls

There is nothing cooler than an asymmetric short pixie haircut with rainbow colors. This hairstyle gives your personality a lot of charm without being bizarre. The only constraint is it requires a lot of care of both the color and the cut in order to look great.

Buzz Cut for Girls:

Buzz Cut for Girls

The female buzz cut is the most dramatic one in this Short Hairstyles for Girls List. It is easy to get this look, just shave your head. However, a light fade can make an edgy look without much effort. And what else, no styling is required. All you need is tons of confidence to get this attire.How long does a perm last ….?

This haircut allows you to be different in the crowd with a strong impacting style statement.

Silver Short Pixie Quiff for Girls:

Silver Short Pixie Quiff for Girls

The girls out there, who want short hair, but with the height they can have a look at this style. The short sides and back create an amazing contrast with the locks on the top. You will need some back combing and a lot of mouse or hair spray and there you are ready to go!

Graduated Pixie for Girls:

Graduated Pixie for Girls

One of the most stylish Short Hairstyles for Girls is graduated pixie. The most interesting thing about this haircut is the use of different angles and lengths. If you are looking for a hairstyle that can show off the artistic side of your personality, then this is the perfect one to grab.

So, if you are planning to attend a fashion event, then this haircut goes just perfect with that creative environment.

Hence, this is one of the sharpest looking Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

Pastel Pin Colored Bob:

Pastel Pin Colored Bob

Bob is one of those hairstyles that never go out of fashion. They were and still are on the top of the trend list. All you have to do is to mix this haircut with your favorite pastel pink color and get a glamorous look.

Get a feathered fringe on one side in order to get a feminine image of the personality. Hence, this one is one of the always trendy Short Hairstyles for Women.

Textured Bob along with Highlights:

Textured Bob along with Highlights

If you have Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair then this haircut can be your style statement. You can have an undercut beneath the hair to create a less heavy look. Lowlights and highlights will allow you to draw more attention. To further exaggerate the textures, use a good quality hair serum or hair spray.

Hence, this haircut completes your office going look with a strong Short Haircuts with Bangs.

Smooth Buttery Short Bob for Girls:

Smooth Buttery Short Bob for Girls

If you are looking for some soft Short Hairstyles for Girls, then this smooth, buttery short bob hairstyle is one of them. With this bob cut, you will get genuine clean lines and soft texture. And it is too simple and easy to get this gorgeous look.

In this style, one side softly hits the chin while the other side is elongated sharply. With so much ease, you can get this elegant look in no time. And it goes well with both formal and informal events.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women are considered as an adorable canvas for playing with hair dye


Short Hairstyles for Girls

Although it is considered that short hair cannot provide you versatility in terms of styling. However, the credit goes to modern cutting and blending techniques that this is the scenario no more.A Number of different and unique Short Hairstyles for Girls are mentioned above.

A lady with enough confidence to take a bold step of chopping her hair can choose a hairstyle of her own choice. These Short Hair Girl Styles are vibrant enough to rock your fun, cute, stylish, bold, funky attire this season.you can watch more short hairstyle click here