Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor Oil for Hair Growth is the one of best oil for the major hair, issues are the issues of hair fall, dryness of hair and dandruff. Women take these issues very seriously because they want to grow long hair. Dandruff in the long hair causes more irritation than in short hair; the men generally carry. Hair issues come into existence due to many reasons; the reasons differ from place to place and climate to climate. However, the hair issues cannot be overlooked the reason may be any. If you are suffering from any hair issue you are suggested to use castor oil for hair growth. You can use castor oil for hair thickness too.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Where it comes from?

Ricinus Communis plant’s seeds are ground to extract the castor oil. The plant is generally found in the tropical areas of Africa and Asia. Toxic enzyme ricin exists in the seeds is deactivated by the heating process. The oil becomes harmless after the heating process.

  • Pros of castor oil for hair growth
  • Removes dandruff
  • Soften the scalp to let the hair grow quickly
  • Restores the shine of the hair
  • Removes dryness of the hair
  • Grows the hair long
  • Restores the original color of the hair
  • Cons of the Castor Oil
  • Itching
  • Toxic
  • Rashes occur sometime
  • How to use

The castor oil for hair growth

The castor oil for hair growth does not suit the people in rare cases. The skin patch test is highly recommended to avoid rashes or allergy. It is worth mentioning here that you have to discard using other hair oils while treating your hair fall with the castor hair oil. While you feel your hair is falling in large number; you are suggested to cut your hair to a normal length. This is how; it would be more convenient to massage your hair with the oil above-mentioned. Washing the hair with standard shampoo is the essential process before applying the oil of any kind to your hair. Having washed your hair, drop some of the oil at your head to massage gently, also, you apply the oil from the bottom to the tips. If you have some excessive dandruff, you will feel itching while applying the oil.

Don’t worry but don’t apply the oil in excess. Use only a limited measure of oil to stay calm. While you are in trouble and you want to get rid of dandruff, hair fall or dryness of hair; you are suggested to repeat the process of oiling your hair twice a week for better results. In the beginning, you may feel itching but later your skill will feel less itching than it had been feeling in the start.


Not only you use the castor oil for hair growth but also you use castor oil for hair thickness. Sometimes, it so happens that the people have no dandruff; nor have they dryness of hair but they lack the thickness of hair. The oil is also suitable for those people. With the regular use of the oil, thickness of hair returns.