Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair Treats Hair Fall

Your falling hair surely causes mental stress. If you are a woman, the matter is more serious. Hair-fall generally occurs due to malnutrition, heavy water or it may be hereditary. Whatever the cause may be of your falling hair, you need treatment to look beautiful and attract. Also, the hair fall causes the inferiority complex. Instead of waiting for a miracle, you are advised to take some solid measures to avert hair-fall; you can use extra virgin olive oil for hair. It is highly effective to stop hair fall. Though it is a bit difficult to find the best extra virgin olive oil in original form; nevertheless, you will succeed if you really make some effort in finding it in its original form in the market.

Olive Oil For Hair Growth

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Softer and Smoother Hair

What is its historical perspective?

Extra virgin olive oil for hair has been used in Greece since the prehistoric time. The olive tree and fruit have been associated with the kings and emperors. Also, they are given special importance in some places as a holy tree, fruit, and oil. No one can deny its importance as the best extra virgin olive oil.

What are the Pros and Cons of the extra virgin olive oil for hair?

People have been using it for centuries to treat hair-fall. The oil contains antioxidants in excess that happens to be beneficial for the nourishment of the hair. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E which is considered to be highly beneficial for the healthy growth of the hair. The oil has its side effects too; for example, it causes acne on the skin. Also, it causes rashes.  The excessive use of hair can cause a headache. While you have applied hair on your hair and you go in sunlight without covering your head you may suffer from mental sickness.

How to apply it on the hair?

Before using extra virgin olive oil for hair, you are required to rinse off your hair in order to remove dust, dirt or oil you may have applied previously. Still, you have to wait until your hair gets dried completely. By pouring a little amount of oil on your palm you can take a start from the right side of your head; repeat the process till the roots of your hair absorb a sufficient measure of oil. Massage your head very gently. You will surely start feeling peace of mind. The oil really soothes the nerves and sometimes you start dozing. It is a positive sign; you are getting relaxed. The best time of applying oil on the head is night time.

Having done the process above-mentioned you should cover your pillow with an extra cover to avert oil stains on your costly pillow cover. In the morning, you can rinse off the oil with standard shampoo. You can do this process once a week. The hair-fall will surely stop; also, your hair will be healthy and shiny in a few days.


The best extra virgin olive oil treats your hair nicely.