Argan Oil as the Best Hair Fall Solution

Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Argan Oil for Hair Growth In today’s world, most of the people are grumbling over the hair-fall. Not only the women but also the men are crying over the fast-falling hair. Some of the people think as it happens due to malnutrition; some others are of the opinion that the water they use is heavy; it reaches the roots of the hair and damages it. According to some people, it is a hereditary issue. All of them can be true to some extent; however, hair fall is very stressful. They want to treat hair fall. Is there any oil to treat their hair-fall? Yes! It is there to treat their hair fall effectively.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Hair

Historical Perspective and Some Interesting facts about it

Before you hold the bottle of the Argan hair oil to treat your hair-fall, it sounds better to go into the historical perspective of Argan Oil. Southwest of Morocco is the origin of the Argan trees. The native Berber women have been using it for centuries and their hair is really worth watching. A very interesting fact about the extraction of the oil is this that machines are not used to ground Argan; instead, every woman grinds the nuts in between the two stones to extract oil sufficient enough for her personal use. In order to collect a sufficient amount of oil, a woman has to do this hard task for three days.

What is Special about it?

The hair experts all over the world have unanimously agreed upon this fact that Vitamin E treats the hair-fall very effectively. Fortunately, it is rich in vitamin E; in other words, it has all those properties that can treat hair-fall and let the hair grow beautifully. However, it is a bit difficult to find the original one in the market; Morocco does not produce a large amount of oil that can full fill the demand of the whole world. As a result, many of the fake brands are available in the market deceiving innocent people.

Nothing to worry about!

Despite the fact, the market is full of fake brands; there are some of the original brands (in the market) that have helped people and they happened to be result oriented. Following is the list of 5 best Argan Hair oil:

  • 5 Best Oil Brands
  • Virgin Organic Argan Oil For Hair & Face
  • One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment
  • Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil
  • Foxbrim Organic Argan Oil
  • InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil
  • How to use Argan Oil for hair?

Before applying it to your hair; your hair should not be wet. You should pour a sufficient amount of oil on your palm in order to apply the oil to the roots of the hair very gently. Once you have applied the sufficient amount of oil to your hair you should massage your head gently. Apply the oil at night and should be rinsed off with normal water in the morning.