21 Mesmerizing Hairstyles for Short Hair to Follow Instantly

Short Hair can be boring if you don’t know any cool Hairstyles for Short Hair. Moreover, girls know it is a problem because there is not enough length to create a hairstyle.

However, this is what they think.

Thinking of following the trend to keep your hair short and comfortable?

Girls, it’s time to chop off your hair because nothing can be better than these cute and easily manageable Hairstyles for Short Hair that are really hot in both: the fashion and the beauty industry.

‘Less hair, more face! Love your cropped locks!’ –Tresemme

The moment you try out these outstanding Hairstyles for Short Hair, you will thank God for reading this article. It contains all the secrets and advice you need for a perfect look!

21 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair to Try this Season

Women with short hair are really sexy. There’s something liberating about freeing yourself from the norms.

Moreover, Hairstyles for Short Hair are as cute and comfortable as the hair itself. They’re super easy and look classy anywhere.

Running late? Try this braided bun.

Want to glam like a dive? Give the DIY spiral curls a little time. In this article, you’ll find all that you’re searching for. So ladies, don’t run away, read further for some amazing styling tips.

1-      Double Twists – Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Double Twists - Hairstyles for Short Hair

Starting with the easiest one, this Hairstyles for Short Hair could be your savior on any big or casual day! “Double Twists” is a simply gorgeous Hairstyles for Short Hair every girl would look elegant in.

However, the point that will impress you the most is how easy it is. Ladies, follow the steps below to look stunning:

  • Firstly, curl your hair and part it either middle or side.
  • Now, using two thick strands from the forehead, twist and pin at the back.
  • Do the same using thick strands right below the first strands.
  • Next, curl the leftover hair and use minimal spray.
  • Finally, loosen the twists and there you go!

2-      Kindergarten Two Ponies Recreated:

Kindergarten Two Ponies Recreated

How adorable are those cute little girls from the kindergarten wearing this Hairstyles for Short Hair? Well, if you want to look as cute while still managing your age style, this re-created version is just right for you!

Simply part your hair from the middle and grab half of your hair. Tie two ponytails and curl the rest of your hair. Run fingers around your curls to loosen, and there you have it!

3-      Braided Ponytail:

Braided Ponytail

Most of the girls who love ponytails would regret cutting off their long hair, which is perfect for ponytails. However, they are unaware of this cute Hairstyles for Short Hair which is both trendy and ready to fulfil your wishes.

The only step is to tie a thick braid from your side strand and secure it inside a pony. Loosen the braid for some fun!

4-      Cropped Cut Long Layered Waves:

Cropped Cut Long Layered Waves

Oh wow! Who would not want to try this lovely Hairstyles for Short Hair! This look is specially made for all the women out there to attain a beautiful hair texture. Therefore, it transforms any type of look, whether it’s formal or casual, looks hot everywhere!

5-      Katy Perry’s Straight Pixie Cut:

Katy Perry’s Straight Pixie Cut

Didn’t we just simply loved Katy Perry as she appeared so many times with that cute Hairstyles for Short Hair? Well, it’s no big deal to re-create it. The pixie cut is loved by so many women, but little do they know it brings along many hairstyles.

For this one, you simply need to bring all your hair towards the front using gel. Finally, let it dry and you’re good to go in no time!

6-      Afro Curls for Bold Women:

Afro Curls for Bold Women

A lot of women do not prefer going out with their Afro Curls at all! It’s hectic wearing heavy wigs and straightening your hair all day, but still, they wouldn’t wear their natural hair out.

However, this simple Hairstyles for Short Hair is here to change their mind. Simply follow these tips to be comfortable in your natural hair:

  • Wash and condition your hair only once a week. This helps it stay in place.
  • Use a leave-in moisturizer. Make sure it contains all of the essential oils.
  • Blow dry your hair with a comb attached.
  • Use gel to keep them in place.
  • Do not comb often.

7-      Headband Look:

Headband Look

This Hairstyles for Short Hair is the cutest look of all. As simple as it looks, it also earns the highest styling points! Without even working too hard!

It simply requires you to curl all your hair without tons of hair gel or spray. Then, either tie around a scarf or wear a cute headband. And you’re done! The look is perfect for picnics or even fun casual days.

8-      Perfect Bob for Every day:

Perfect Bob for Every day

A perfect bob is one of the trendiest Hairstyles for Short Hair anyone could easily follow. This hairstyle simply requires a perfectly chopped bob with sleek straightened hair. The tip is that you use a hair serum right after a bath to avoid having frizzy hair. Many girls pull off this look casually, however, stars like Kylie Jenner have also managed to slay this look fantastically!

9-      Top Knot to Slay it All:

Top Knot to Slay it All

Late for a party? Can’t manage your hair due to lack of time? Try out this chic Hairstyles for Short Hair to cut out the crap!

This business at the bottom, party on top kind of look amazes everyone. You can pull this hairstyle anywhere. The tip is that you curl the hair you let down and place a few flowers if running late for a wedding.

10-  Brushed Kinky Hair:

Brushed Kinky Hair

If you have short Afro hair, then this Hairstyles for Short Hair might become your favorite. Kinky Afro Hair is very hard to pull off.

So girls try straightening or wearing wigs instead of them. However, life can be easier if you have short pixie hair! Follow these steps to look kicky:

  • First, shampoo and condition your
  • Next, apply some leave in oil.
  • Now, blow dry your hair until slightly wet and apply the gel.
  • Using a brush, comb your hair upwards.
  • Use a blow dryer to make the hair stable.

11-  Sailor Moon Hair Buns:

Sailor Moon Hair Buns

Some people love anime and their unusual hairstyles. Many people go for wigs or re-create looks with their long hair. However, your short hair is not a problem anymore! This Hairstyles for Short Hair is definitely worth a try:

  • Brush out all the tangles and tie two ponytails.
  • Divide the ponytails into two halves.
  • Twist around the rubber band and pin up to secure. You’re good to go!

12-  Retro Pixie:

Retro Pixie

This classic retro look is super golden to try on days you want to glam like a diva. It looks like retro waves cannot be done on short pixie hair.

But, oh well darlings, this Hairstyles for Short Hair is here to steal the show. Follow the guides to look gorgeous like a dive:

  • Firstly, part your hair towards your favored side while your hair is damp.
  • Secondly, apply gel with the help of wet hands and leave the hair still wet.
  • Now, starting from the top, use small and thin rollers to roll sections of your hair.
  • After an hour, pull out all the rollers and curl the strands with fingers. You’re ready to slay!

13-  Scarlett Johansson’s Pixie Cut:

Scarlett Johansson’s Pixie Cut

Scarlett Johansson pulls off every look with her gorgeous pixie cut. She sometimes manages a Quiff or sometimes simply slick it backwards. However, this Hairstyle for Short Hair is what any girl could pull off easily and the proof that pixie cuts too can be very kicky.

Some of her famous looks are the rolled up Quiff and sometimes she just lets it remain messy. Her tip is to have dark roots with light ends.

14-  Bouffant for Short Hair:

Bouffant for Short Hair

This classic look never goes out of style. This Hairstyles for Short Hair manages to look cool everywhere. Simply make a small bouffant on top of your hair by backcombing it and secure with fancy Bobby pins or a small clip.

If feeling hot, tie a pony at the lower end. However, when leaving it open, curl it and loosen for a fancier look on occasions.

15-  Spiral Curls Updo:

Spiral Curls Updo

If you’re looking for an easy and quick DIY look to try, without the need of heat, then this Hairstyles for Short Hair is perfect for you. However, this look is perfect for functions, so try this on your prom night or someone’s wedding, you’ll be stealing hearts, ladies. Follow this:

  • First, shampoo and condition your hair at night.
  • Now, use tons of pencils and swirl your hair around each one.
  • Leave overnight and carefully pull out the pencils.
  • Use spray over the spirals and pin them upwards or tie an updo.

16-  Braid Crown:

Braid Crown

Oh wow, what a beautiful Hairstyles for Short Hair for the queens. This look is absolutely stunning if you wear it daily or even on a function. Doesn’t even require tons of hard work.

However, might need a bit of practice which you can easily master from YouTube. The tip is that you keep the braid loose and use tons of Bobby pins to keep all your hair intact. But, since it’s cute to have a few strands out, curl them!

17-  Lace Braids with Layered Waves:

Lace Braids with Layered Waves

Most girls look for cute Hairstyle for Short Hair for their big nights. However, they come across some that might not be fit for their facial features.

Moreover, this look right here is presented for everyone to conquer people’s hearts.

18-  Braided Bun:

Braided Bun

When running late for school or work, the only solution to fix your dull hair is a bun! Because buns rule the world girls. But, are you tired of your basic bun? Then this Hairstyle for Short Hair is your quickest solution!

Simply tie a tight braid and secure with a rubber band. Now, loosen the section of braids to almost 1 inch and twist to form a bun! This two-minute look will take you to heaven girl!

19-  Marilyn Monroe’s Sexy Hair:

Marilyn Monroe’s Sexy Hair

Who made short hair feminine and sexy was, of course, our very favorite Marilyn Monroe. Her Hairstyle for Short Hair is still searched for today and every other girl can pull off easily.

However, to be as flirty and bold as this woman, you need to boost yourself with a lot of confidence when you walk with this hairstyle on.

20-  Tousled Hair with Feathery Bangs:

Tousled Hair with Feathery Bangs

If you have bangs, you already have a rocking life. Whether it’s a pixie cut or shoulderlength hair, this Hairstyle for Short Hair suits everyone. However, it’s a classic casual look and the tousled hair texture makes it more fun to go with.

For this look, you simply need to barrel curl your hair and brush it as soon as all of your hair is done. Spray a bit of hairspray and voila! Therefore, everything is perfect!

21-  Short Mermaid Hair:

Short Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair Dye is what a lot of girls die for. This cool toned Hairstyle for Short Hair is absolutely killer! From the vivid hues to the dashing trend of colors, this hair dye is hell important for fashion and beauty industry.

It gains the highest fashion points in no time. However, the colors that are prominent are Purple, light blue, green and lilac.

22-  Even Bob with Blunt Bangs: (Bonus)

Even Bob with Blunt Bangs

Finely chopped off bob is something that works everywhere and with every look. First, Taylor Swift introduced us with the amendments and then Cardy B chose to pair them with blunt bangs.

However,  the complete final look was something all of us wanted. So girls, what are you waiting for! Try this one out to look splendid.


Hairstyles for Short Hair

‘I’m more of a short hair girl; short hair is a lot more low-maintenance than long hair. And when you’re in front of camera every day and your hair is being flat ironed and blow dried it’s easier to have a weave so you don’t damage your own hair.’ – Nia Long

With this satisfactory quote, it’s time that you make up your final mind to chop off the unnecessary hair. Moreover, you’ll slay the world and get some real new fashion by trying these fantastic Hairstyles for Short Hair.