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19 Splendid and Edgy Updos for Long Hair You Can Never Ignore

Updos for Long Hair are the latest trending ideas these days

Looking for Updos for Long Hair? Are you tired of having your long hair down, which makes you feel mainstream and uncomfortable?  Are you out of ideas to make it look more glamorous?

Then do not go elsewhere because I have the exact ideas you have been digging for!

Having long hair can both be a hectic and a charm. If you are unaware of how to make it look more exciting, then don’t be afraid as here I am to assist you!

Have a look at these amazingly brilliant go-to updos from the popular Meghan Markel’s wedding hair to a simple top knot for your waist length hair.

These manageable and attractive looks are the trendiest you would like to wear on both: an occasional event and as your daily updo.

I assure you that you would die to try this out and have no regrets. You will not go by unnoticed, this is guaranteed!

Here we go!

19 Most Charming Updos for Long Hair to Try This Season

Marge Piercy says, ‘…I keep it long because I love the way it feels, part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket.’

After all, we all know long hair is fashionably in and who would not like to style it with an edge! Whether it is a school girl or a famous celebrity, anyone would want to keep their hair up to avoid feeling hot and uncomfortable but would love to keep it trendy.

Tie up a top knot or a loose bun in just a few minutes and you’re good to go! Anywhere, anytime!

Moreover, these Updos for Long Hair would not please you any less since you all know how easy it is to carry it.

Additionally, to gather more ideas for an amazing look, keep on reading! Here are mentioned – trends of 19 Astonishing Updos for Long Hair to amaze you.

1-      Low Bun for Busy Days:

Low Bun for Busy Days

Not having enough time to do an Updos for Long Hair? Yet you still want to look fabulous? I have the perfect solution with the ‘less is more’ trend.

Indeed, this classy, sophisticated and of course the easiest low bun is what you’re looking for. Simply grab your hair towards the back, twist and fold into a bun. Then, use good quality rubber bands to secure and here you have it!

2-      High Updos for Curly Hair

High Updos for Curly Hair

Having curly hair is the best part when it comes to styling. Someone has quoted, ‘Curls run the world.’

On your regular basis, you can look just as beautiful if you try on these high buns to frame your face structure.

Moreover, the tip is to loosen it a bit and pull out a few strands of curly hair. In no time, you will look glamorous and ready to go anywhere.

3-      Make your Braid into a Bun:

Make your Braid into a Bun

Another easy and classy look for your daily routine Updos for Long Hair is this trendy braid bun. As this is extremely easy and comfortable.

Finally, the little strands of your hair won’t annoy you at work or at school or anywhere anytime! The steps simply follow as to tighten your hair into a sleek braid. Then twist and turn it into a bun.

Lastly, keep it tight and you can rush anywhere.

4-      Side Braids and Buns:

Side Braids and Buns

Undoubtedly, this latest trend has been so voguish that even famous celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez have tried these Updos for Long Hair.

Moreover, you will be amazed to see how graceful and elegant it turns out to be. Thus the tip is to loosen your side braid and to keep the bun low.

5-      Queen Style Donut Bun:

Queen Style Donut Bun

If you have thick hair, then you must know this Updos for Long Hair would turn you into a queen. Because, this sleek and bold hairstyle is easy yet so beautiful and classy.

You’d require a hair donut bun shaper, a rubber band and a hairspray (optional) to keep all hair intact.

6-      The Messiest Bun of All:

The Messiest Bun of All

There is a famous phrase as, ‘Messy bun and getting stuff done.’

In all ages, this Updos for Long Hair has been the best one to pull with any look. Whether it be your casual outfit or a beautiful short dress.

Also, you can make it in no time by just grabbing your tangled hair and twisting it into a bun in any position. For occasions, try out placing a few white flowers inside the bun to look stunning.

7-      Trendy Updo with a Hairband:

Trendy Updo with a Hairband

The beautiful Julianne Hough slew the 2015 Emmys with this simply gorgeous hairband Prom Updos for Long Hair.

I assure you girls, this one is the best! Tightly pull your front hair towards the back with the help of a hairband. Then use all of the hair on the back to create a bun wherever you want.

Plus, most favorite part is that you can use beautiful headbands and even ribbons as desired!

8-      Nicki Minaj’s Famous Top Knot:

Nicki Minaj’s Famous Top Knot

You would not wait to try this one out! Have you not seen how Nicki Minaj took the top knotted styled Updo for Long Hair to a whole next new level?

I promise you that you would look as stunning as Nicki looked if you follow these simple steps:

  • First, tighten your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Then, twist and turn the ponytail into a big and tight bun.
  • Now, use a thin comb to arrange all your hair.
  • Finally, spray your hair with a shine hairspray for the dupe of Nicki’s look.

9-      Top Knot with Front Bangs:

Top Knot with Front Bangs

Also known as the ninja bun, this Updo for Long Hair was worn by our all-time favorite Kendall Jenner.

The front straightened bangs are an addition to make the look hotter! Just pair this look with long earrings as that of Kendall’s to cast charm spells everyone around you.

Thus, you got the show girl, you got it! Ready to slay everyone with the Ninja look!

10-  Ombre Hair Updos:

Ombre Hair Updos

Going to a wedding? Having a prom night? I have the perfect look for your ombre hair! This look is created perfectly for your darker to lighter hair tone. Indeed, your hair will look on point with the curled up low bun.

Girl, want to show your hair color theme for this Updo for Long Hair? Then just make sure you keep your bun loose and low. And you’re ready for the show!

11-  Twisted Updo for Your Twisted Days:

Twisted Updo for Your Twisted Days

Having a bad hair day? I got you!

Don’t worry about this, as the easy twisted look is here to rescue you in a wedding or wherever you want to slay the game!

It works on every kind of hair type and is just a 60-second Updo for Long Hair if you want to spend more time on your makeup.

Plus, I would suggest you to use accessories for the look, a tiny crown for the queen would just look perfect!

12-  Ariana Grande’s Space Buns for You All:

Ariana Grande’s Space Buns for You All

Ariana’s grande’s cutest space buns with various styles have stolen the hearts…

Oh Ari, how can you manage to look so cute in this? Well, there is no hard and tough rule for this Updos for Long Hair for you to follow.

If you want to look as cute, just follow the steps below and recreate Ariana’s look with a signature winged liner!

  • Use a conditioner to make sure your hair is sleek and perfect.
  • Brush out all the tangles.
  • Separate your hair into two sections from the middle. Use a tail comb for perfection.
  • Create pigtails on both sides of your hair.
  • Turn and twist into buns.
  • Secure with rubber bands and Bobby pins and you’re ready to go!

13-  Bold Updo for Long Hair to Boost Your Confidence:

Bold Updo for Long Hair to Boost Your Confidence

Do you have a meeting to attend? Do you want to look bold and smart? Try out this vintage beehive Updo for the day.

And I assure you it won’t ask for much of your time but is perfect for your formal look!

It just requires backcombing and a bit of hairspray, but is totally worth it for the complete look. Thus, be the boss that you are with this Updo hairstyles for Long Hair!

14-  Twist it in a French Way:

Twist it in a French Way

Perfect for every occasion, this French twist is there to help anywhere! Even at your own weddings! You can easily pull this look in a formal or an informal look!

Moreover, the tip is to use fancy hair clips on occasions and curl out a few strands if desired. And you’d look stunning, it’s my promise!

15-  Simple is Graceful:

Simple is Graceful

Girl it’s highly recommended to try out this gorgeous, easy side bun. Even Taylor Swift has worn the hairstyle to look radiant.

Having side bangs can be a plus point for this look. Just keep the side bun low and neat.  Plus, accessorize your hair with flowers to look like a princess! Furthermore, I recommend you to keep the look subtle with light makeup.

16-  Meghan Markel’s Wedding Bun:

Meghan Markel’s Wedding Bun

Are you still not over how beautiful Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex looked on her big day? Are you curious to recreate her Updo for Long Hair?

The low messy chignon has stolen the hearts. Here I am for the help, my girls! Follow these steps to look as stunning as Meghan.

  • Using a tail comb, separate your hair from the middle.
  • Back-comb the crown of your hair gently.
  • Secure your hair in a low ponytail.
  • Then twist and turn your ponytail into a loose messy bun.
  • Loosen the crown of your hair for a natural look.
  • Finally, pull out a few strands and spray hairspray over your hair for the final look

17-  Tumblr Style Updos for Long Hair:

Tumblr Style Updo for Long Hair

I cannot tell you how many girls are dying to copy this backside French braid Updo for Long Hair since it gained fame from Tumblr. Do this one with a friend and take as many Tumblr photos as you want to.

Pull out the look with a cute little skirt and a bow on top of your hair to make it look fun! And there you go, ready for a fun day with your best friend forever!

18-  The ‘Hurry Up and Save Me’ Updo for Long Hair:

The ‘Hurry Up and Save Me’ Updo for Long Hair

This perfect low braided bun is there to save you on a big day when you’re feeling lazy. Turns out to be that it will look as glamorous and rich on you as the other Updos for Long Hair would.

Try out these easy steps if you’re running late for your day:

  • First of all, gather all your hair into a loose low ponytail.
  • Then, loosen up the area right over your elastic band and pull your hair through it.
  • Next, tighten the pulled hair and braid it.
  • Now, pull the braid upwards and inwards through the gap.
  • Finally, secure with Bobby pins and you’re good to go.

19-  High Buns with Fun:

Twisted Updo for Your Twisted Days

This is the best look if you want to go for a different, yet edgy one for your big days. Plus, this might even help you win the crown on a prom night!

Because, the easy double side braid bun is a very rocking Updos for Long Hair for your big occasions. Thus the tip is to pull out curled strands of your hair to make it look stunning. Loose braids always look the best!

20-  Grandma’s Dutch Braid Bun:

Grandma’s Dutch Braid Bun

Is your grandma over and is insisting you let her tie your hair into a Dutch braid? Well, you think it’s not so trendy? Don’t break your grandma’s heart and try out this beautiful bun for your evening look.

Let your grandma make your hair into a Dutch braid. Next, turn the lower part of the braid into a bun. Simply secure with Bobby pins and there you go! The ‘Old is Gold’ turned into a trendy new Updo for Long Hair!


Updos for Long Hair

I bet you must have imagined yourself in all of these Updos for Long Hair by now.  Someone has very well said, ‘Life cannot be perfect, but your hair can be.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few Bobby pins, a comb and whatever necessary and get started to look outstanding. After a while, you wouldn’t thank me any less.

25 Most Dazzling Prom Updos for Long Hair You Must not Miss

Prom Updos for Long Hair are considered as the best choices to age gracefully!

If you have long hair and you do not work on your Prom Updos for Long Hair

It may ruin your overall look!


Fewer chances of getting the crown!

Indeed, prom is a once in a lifetime experience. Because, every queen glams up to make this beautiful night even more memorable. Everything goes on point, but don’t forget hairstyles!

Are you worried that your long hair’s not co-operating with you, and you want it to be at its best? Plus, are you unable to choose a hairstyle which gives the lushest, and coolest look with your dress?

Well, do not worry at all as it will give you wrinkles at a very young age! I got you…

As, I understand and this is why I have got you the 25 Most Dazzling Prom Updos for Long Hair. Give it a read and thank me later!

 25 Most Wanted Prom Updos for Long Hair to Try Right Now

As you don’t have a plenty of time, therefore, you should try and choose the best hairstyle for yourself.

 “It is one of those strange and magical nights where you are never quite sure what is going to happen.”

-Angie Combs

1.      Prom Updos for Long Hair with Braids:

Prom Updos for Long Hair with Braids

Undoubtedly, braids are always classy, easier and less time consuming. Because, you can pull your hair together into a messy bun with a side braid easily.

Oh, that’s going to look so on point girl! Indeed, it goes with any kind of facial structure, and looks even more beautiful if you are wearing a gown. So, try this one of the best Prom Updos for Long Hair right now.

2.      Messy Braids with Flowers Looks Beautiful:

Messy Braids with Flowers Looks Beautiful

As you know, having long hair is a good thing because you can create something magical out of it! You can make messy braids and put some cute flowers on your own. And then pin up the braids into a beautiful updo. Simple, no?

3.      Trendy Prom Updos for Curly Hair:

Trendy Prom Updos for Curly Hair

The most wanted and trendiest of all Prom Updos for Long Hair is a messy bun made with curly hair. Amazingly, it looks enchanting with any dress you wear.

Do not panic if you don’t have curly hair. Just take out some time and curl it, next you either go with a side braid and create a neat loose bun or leave out some curls and make a messy bun.

4.      Cornrow Updo is a Fresh Updo:

Cornrow Updo is a Fresh Updo

It is totally okay to try something new when talking about the Prom Updos for Long Hair! The African Cornrow Updo is the one unique and sassy. All you have to do is put a little effort and make cornrow braids.

You will need someone to help you out, but the effort pays off after all. This hairdo can go on with messy buns, high buns or side bun.

Short dress + Cornrow Updo = Hot Chic

5.      French Twisted Updo to Look Decent:

French Twisted Updo to Look Decent

Searching for a decent, and neat updo? Well, it’s French Twisted Updo! This is the easiest, quickest and the most elegant hairdo. All you have to do is:

  • Sweep all your hair to one side.
  • Next, grab a pin and put it on the other side (to make it in one flow and grip).
  • Now, apply some hair spray, and brush gently.
  • Then twist and roll your hair up.
  • Finally, apply pins to hold them up and a smooth finishing with a brush.

6.      Crown Braid with a High Bun:

Crown Braid with a High Bun

Hey, don’t forget you are already a queen so why not wear a crown already?

Girls, this is the most classy, and magnificent of all Prom Updos for Long Hair. As it goes with long and short dresses. Plus, it looks stunning with Smokey eye makeup, so what are you waiting for?

7.      Ballerina Bun is just a 6 Minutes Task:

Ballerina Bun is just a 6 Minutes Task

Um, it isn’t that difficult after all! You want to look simple because you got a heavy gown to show off?

Well, the ballerina bun is the super-duper idea then! As it looks jaw dropping on slim faces. Girls, do not miss the opportunity to show off the fancy gown with light makeup looks.

Hence, you just have to tie your hair in a way that looks both sassy and simple without wasting your time. Therefore, Ballerina Bun is best of all Prom Updos for Long Hair.

8.      Loose Updos are More Romantic:

Loose Updos are More Romantic

Want to add some spice by looking drop-dead gorgeous? Well, it’s all natural and the most beautiful updo ever. As it looks fantastic with a fancy clip or a brooch.

“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” ― Hillary Rodham Clinton

So what are you waiting for? Try this updo today!

9.      In Vogue Fishtail Updo:

In Vogue Fishtail Updo

Indeed a lush hairdo for a night out! All you have to do is make a side fishtail following with a normal braid, and setting pins with hairspray. Hence, you are done, you’ll just have to make a bun. All set to go! So, enjoy this one of the most gorgeous Prom Updos for Long Hair.

10.  Dutch and Side Braid Updo:

Dutch and Side Braid Updo

No doubts, a fancy hairdo with an elegant dress and dark lipstick is a perfect combo! Prom night is one of those glorious nights of your life, so don’t miss this chance and go for the best!

So, you can simply work on the braids and pull off a high bun. Or loose bun too, maybe.

11.  Simple Hairdo Saves the Time:

Simple Hairdo Saves the Time

If you are running out of time and you have no idea what to do with your long hair, then it is time to show some creativity! Simple hairdo is just a 5 minutes task and can make you look trendy and is one of the most common Prom Updos for Long Hair!

All you have to do is:

  • Firstly, create a messy bun.
  • Secondly, leave some hair strands out and curl them.
  • Plus, you can also cut side bangs, as it will look fabulous!

12.  Black Hair Updo:

Black Hair Updo

Well, no need to worry if you don’t have blonde hair. Every hairdo suits the black hair! Though the hottest ones are the simplest:


Make a messy side bun with a French braid.


Messy bun with a French braid dyed in any other color? Ah! That’ll be perfect among the Prom Updos for Long Hair.

13.  Blonde Hair Updo:

Blonde Hair Updo

Just like every hair updo suits the black hair, it goes for blonde hair too. So don’t worry at all. The most Beautiful Updo is the one with fringes and a high bun!

BUT don’t mess up with your hair before knowing what face structure you have! Give a quick search on what kind of fringes will suit you.

14.  Loose Strands Bun in 60 Seconds:

Loose Strands Bun in 60 Seconds

It’s just a 60 second task! All you have to do is:

  • Use pins to grab hair and make a loose bun.
  • Some spray.
  • Leave some strands out.

It will definitely make you look gorgeous with some dramatic makeup!

15.  Donut Bun Updos Looks Like a Donut on the Top:

Donut Bun Updos Looks Like a Donut on the Top

All you have to do is grab a bun maker band from the nearest shop and make a bun using it. As it is the simplest one and gives you the vintage look! Plus, it gets super classy if you take on a vintage look with some fancy jewelry on!

Hence, you can make it look fancier by making a bigger bun. After all, it’s your night!

16.  Graceful, Stylish Bun to Grab the Attention:

Graceful, Stylish Bun to Grab the Attention

The lower the bun, the more graceful it’ll look! Try and make it a little messy. Pin some fancy clips to make it look stylish.

17.  Hottest Upside-down Braid Updo:

Hottest Upside-down Braid Updo

Try something new this year! When everyone’s pulling on with front French braids bun and common Prom Updos for Long Hair while you can pull an upside down braid bun!

One of my favorites and unique of all. A little practice would make an outstanding out-look.

You don’t have to worry at all, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Flip your hair upside-down and start making a normal braid.
  • Next pin the braid once it’s made to avoid messing it up and to keep it neat.
  • After this you will have to tie a pony tail and then create a bun out of it!
  • All done. Simple. Sassy. Creative.

18.  Wispy Braid Updo to Make Everyone Go Gaga:

Wispy Braid Updo to Make Everyone Go Gaga

Another unique hairdo among the Prom Updos for Long Hair, which will make you stand out of the crowd!

Make a simple side French or fishtail, and pull the edges until the braid is all flat. After that, you just have to make a lower messy bun and you are ready to go! Don’t forget to pin up the braid edges, else it’ll give a messy look.

19.  Indian Updo:

Indian Updo

Well, if you want to try out something really out of your normal series of hairstyles, then why don’t you try some cultural updos?

Indian Updos are graceful and attractive and can be included in the list of Prom Updos for Long Hair!  The most attractive is a little bit of hard work but not impossible!

Ask your helper to practice upon you, so that you know how to manage. Just follow these steps:

  • You first have to leave some hair strands out and tie a pony tail.
  • Next, you just have to make a kind of the donut bun and make it neatly, so that it will be easier to pin up the rest.
  • Finally, you will take the left out hair strands and roll them into a flower shape and pin up onto the bun.
  • You are all done, just put some hair spray to protect the beautiful hairdo. Also, you can use fancy clip to pin up those strands. Will make you shine!

20.  Curly Side Twist Bun:

Curly Side Twist Bun

Well, just as some celebrities leave on some trends; they are followed and updates. So, one of the popular trends was a side shaved off, but now there are several updates too.

Make your look delightful by twisting your one side of the hair. Pin it up and curl the rest. Now just make side bun opposite to the twisted hair. In the end, grab that twisted hair into the bun.

Additionally, make sure you pin it up accurately and use a lot of hair spray so that it’s not undone.

21.  Retro-style Updo to Give 90s Look:

Retro-style Updo to Give 90s Look

Tired of all new trending updos? Well, there is an idea! Let’s just use some of the ancient looks among the Prom Updos for Long Hair. Much retro, huh?

1960s Big bouffant is one of the most famous and the poshest hairdo. As, it is simple and looks extremely graceful with dark colored dresses.

22.  1940s Gibson Roll:

1940s Gibson Roll

You might want to give a touch of some royal and 60’ touch, so here’s this hairstyle from 60s’ but not so old fashion.

Indeed, it is simple and elegant. Quite glorious in Prom Updos for Long Hair. Moreover, it works out with every dress you wear and any kind of makeover.

23.  Waterfall Braids with Loose Bun – Absolutely Amazing:

Waterfall Braids with Loose Bun - Absolutely Amazing

Here’s another astonishing look of the year! Yep, it looks fantastic once it’s done.

So, you may have to ask your stylist to practice on you before as it requires neat work. It looks beautiful with boat-neck gowns and light makeup.

Moreover, you can put some beads to make it look even fancier.

24.  Messy Top Knot:

Messy Top Knot

Sometimes it gets boring to make the same hairstyle on thin, long hair. But trust me, this updo is one of the gems. Among all Prom Updos for Long Hair it’s kind of the most delightful.

Once you learn and make it, you’ll grab the attention!

  • Just grab some pins.
  • Then make a high bun.
  • Left out strands? Well, use Bobby pins and put all the strands together into the bun.
  • Looks like a little nest? Ah, no, it’s super cute!
  • Hey, don’t forget to use the hair spray while creating this awesome look!

25.  Floral Updo

Floral Updo

Love the Disney Princesses’ looks. They are the simplest and the cutest ever! Looks like one belongs to a fairyland.

Oh, there’s a look you might love! Not only you, but your partner as well.

You have to pick out your favorite flower, with some amazing scent and fresh. But not just one, rather many to fill up your whole bun!

Sounds crazy? Oh no, it is super cute, especially the little flowers give the fairy-like look.

You just have to tie a loose bun and with the help of your stylist put in the flowers onto the bun.

Moreover, you’ll have to be extra careful while doing this, so it will be preferable if you do it on that minute before leaving!

26.  Flower Crown Updo: (Bonus)

Flower Crown Updo

Here is another floral look which will make you look like an angel on the earth! Oh, if you are wearing light pastel color or white gown/dress, then this is the best option for you!

This hairstyle will not only make you look different but also artistic and refined. As it is one of the most fetching

Prom Updo for Long Hair.

You just have to make a rolled bun and leave some curled strands out. Once you are done with fixing and spraying you will need a flower crown. (It is available everywhere and if not, then there are several DIY videos to create your own!)

Just place the crown on your head and pin it, next the strands you left should be pinned up in a way that they merge with the crown!

And you are all set to go, Princess!


Prom Updos for Long Hair

As it is quoted by Aishia Good Hair Mag,

Treat your hair like a Science lab… EXPERIMENT”.

Of course, one should never give up on a random hairdo when you have the most dazzling updos available!

So, these are the best and most wanted Prom Updos for Long Hair, so don’t miss your chance and try as many as you can because you won’t get another night to show your loveliness!

25 Sassy And Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

The Medium Length Hair have been making everyone astonished since they were invented.

In this modern world of hair-styling, there is a great lot of variety for Medium Length Hair. Whether it be bob cuts or layers, bangs or shaggy haircuts, it can be greatly styled in no time.

Many of you might face problems to handle long hair. If you have not tried some great Medium Length Hairstyles, it’s probably because you are unaware of the great influence behind it.

As much as it gives an eye-opening look to your external beauty, it has a much greater effect in grooming your inner persona. The confidence and charm you’ll feel inside you will absolutely astonish you.

Medium hair could be boring sometimes, but all it takes is some appropriate styling tricks and a generous dose of hair dye. For further encouragement have a look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s shaggy cut or Georgia May Jagger’s textured layers haircut.

25 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair To Lighten Up Your Personality!

If you’re looking forward to giving your Medium Length Hair a new marvelous style, you’re at the right place!

“Don’t try to dress like me or wear your hair like mine. Find your own style.”-Salma Hayek.

I promise to provide you with the best possible styling looks, so buckle up and get ready to find YOUR OWN STYLE!

1-     Blonde Ambition:

Blonde Ambition

If you are a conservative woman but want to stay all trendy, this is the perfect haircut for you! This is the perfect description of “ simple and stylish”.

This  Medium Length Hairstyle best suits on women praising simplicity. For bringing a greater purity a light blonde color always works the best on this hairstyle. So add a modern whirl in this simple, lovely haircut.

 A blonde shade like Saoirse Ronan’s would go just perfectly with this style.

2-Wrapped In Ruby:

Wrapped In Ruby

When choosing a style in bright colors “wrapped in ruby”, should be at the top of your list. This haircut is basically a shoulder-length haircut with bangs. The long bangs in the front are till your jaw-line.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to a bright colored style, nothing could be better than this. This works best on the bright complexion. For further enhancing, try to match your lip-color with your hair tone and you’ll surely rock the day!

3-Bubbly Layered Bob:

Bubbly Layered Bob

When talking about the most wanted trend in Medium Length Hair, there is no doubt that Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs is greatly desired.

In addition to this, this hairstyle is much easier to style than most of the short layered hairstyles. Giving it a nice choppy end would scream cuteness and would give a better glow to your bubbly nature.

Furthermore, choppy bangs work best on round faces. So if you’re looking forward to this hairstyle, make sure to have a word from your stylist!

4-Waves With Fire:

Waves With Fire

Need something which needs low maintenance and is messy? Then this is the best hairstyle for you! This is one of the top trending hottest hairstyles. The orange, fiery blond dye gives you the hottest look and to further spice up your look shoulder-length bangs would look great!

No other messy hairstyle could give you such a rough look. Moreover, messy rough hair is not only just a toss-and-go but also trendy.

“I’ve always had really messy hair.”– Ed Sheeran

So if you want all trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle, this is the perfect one for you!

5-Feather Brunette Lob Cut:

Feather Brunette Lob Cut

Feather brunette lob cut is a great choice for Medium Length Hairstyles With Long Layers. This is quite demanding nowadays; in addition to that, layers are a pretty good choice for Medium Length Hair.

If you have thin hair, then these long layered hairstyles are the best option for you. They add extra volume and texture to your hair. With a bit of blonde streaking, this could look good to the level of perfection!

6- Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers:

Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers

One of the best ways to get a jazzy simple look is to go for the side layers crop. It is not necessary to have layers crop, instead, a side-layer with mid-length would give your face a great exalting look.

Furthermore, if you have a long neck and an oval face, then this haircut for Medium Layered Haircut is “just made for you”

7-Medium Length Bangs:

Medium Length Bangs

If you have fine hair, then you might occasionally face the problem of losing temper while dealing with curls or waves for your fine hair.

With the shoulder-length bangs, you can still get a sophisticated and gorgeous look of a conservative “chic”

8-Short Blond Style:

Short Blond Style

You can wear this classy hair to any formal or informal function. As it can carry every look with a new look every time! In fact, if you need a bit of enhancing, use an iron rod or some spray or other hair-setting product to give these Medium Length Hair some light curls.

9-Braided Beauty:

Braided Beauty

Bothered by your fine hair falling on your face all the time? Not anymore!

The perfect remedy for setting your very fine hair is to braid them from the front. This not only avoids the inconvenience, but also gives you a sheepish and lovely look.

10-Shoulder Lenth Ringlets:

Shoulder Lenth Ringlets

As much as thin hair is hard to maintain, it looks as adorable when curled. Tiny ringlets could be so much fun for a party or a special occasion.

Moreover, for a blend of a funky look pink hue would do great with these shoulder-length ringlets. So go for this and get a little inspiration from Julianne Hough.

11-Easy waves:

Easy waves

Looking for something too simple? Or want to have some lazy stuff to wear? Do try the beach-inspired easy waves hairstyle. This is just a “flip-and-toss” hairstyles.

These easy waves for Medium Length Hair could go very soothing for the eyes if you go for an ombre. Try having a look at Elizabeth Olsen’s caramel ombre hair.

12-Flowy And Voluminous Curls:

Flowy And Voluminous Curls

Small curls could easily fall apart, especially in the thin hair. That is why it is important to have large bouncy curls, in addition to that, it provides great extra volume to your hair.

Either blond or a lighter shade of dye would make your voluminous huge curls more prominent and an eye-catching look!

13-Smooth A-Line Bob:

Smooth A-Line Bob

As much as we ignore it, this is a fact that shoulder-length hair is great when they are simple. And to be honest, who don’t like to show-off their hair cut?

This simple A-line bob haircut gives you an extravagant beautiful look. This looks best on straight hair, especially when the layers are wisely handled by the stylist to give it a smooth, attenuated look.

14-Cool Punky Side Braids:

Cool Punky Side Braids

If you don’t have extremely-long or extremely-short hair, then this hairdo would totally rock with you!

This is a funky side braided hairdo which not only fascinates your looks but also keeps in mind to give your hair cut a prominent look. So do make sure to try this Medium Length Hairstyle on a special occasion!

15-Adorable Poofy Pony:

Adorable Poofy Pony

No wonder simple ponytails can get really boring sometimes. Why not trick something new? For thin,  medium-layered hair, back-combing to create an extra volume is the best solution.

Puffy hairstyles are always gorgeous to wear. A cute ponytail at the back, and a poofy puff at the top and you’re ready in your new charming look!

16-Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs:

Medium Hairstyle With Feathery Ends And Bangs

The feathering approach is the most effortless way to beautify your hairstyle. Full-head bangs on the forehead add an extra sprinkle of charm.

The funky look is given because instead of shears, razors are used for cutting. This also greatly enhances the texture of your hair. So if you are looking for something delightful and trendy at the same time, you definitely need to try this!

17- U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends:

U-Shaped Cut With Curled Ends

If you are looking for a good sexy and classy look, the U-shaped haircut is your best option. This classic look was inspired by the 70’s old waves.

Furthermore, this hairstyle is great for thin hair, as the fine curls at the bottom add extra volume. The bouncy look at the end adds a unique intriguing look to your personality.

18-Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding:

Naughty Ponytail With Bouffant And Braiding

A bouffant greatly suits Medium Length Hair. If you have thin and fine hair, then you should go for the bouffant as it would add extra volume to your hair.

Go for some highlighted streaks, braided from one side. Add an intermediate ponytail which should not be a way too high or way too low.

19-Disconnected Messy Bun:

Disconnected Messy Bun

This is the best example of “rise and go” haircut for Medium Length Hair. This bob haircut is best for thin fine hair and gives a sleeking messy look.

This would go best for a round, squared face. This effortless hairstyle gives you the right messy and trendy style you’re looking for!

20-Super Sharp Medium Style:

Super Sharp Medium Style

Surely, you all might be greatly impressed with Ashley Olsen’s simple but gorgeous look. She keeps it edgy at the end, a side parting or center-parting highlighted blonde hair.

This long from the top, short from the bottom look give your hair a great classy look. So get this marvelous look without a second thought!

21-Medium Length Curls:

Medium Length Curls

Medium Length Curly Hair not only gives you an astonishing look out but also is on the top of the list of “the most trendy”. These large big curls give your thin, fine hair extra volume. Simple Rollers or a hot iron rod could do just the right thing for your Medium Length Hair. After all, curling is the master option for thin hair.

22-Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off:

Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Blow Off

In the past shoulder length, blow-off was a great trend. But now it’s time for the revival of this classic look! This classy look would go best with bright platinum ombre.

The flowy look of the great gold layers would rather add a charming look to you. So get your new stunning look!

23-Sleek And Straight Thin Hair:

Sleek And Straight Thin Hair

Your thin hair can effortlessly be given an outstanding look with this haircut. This is a perfect classy look with long chin-length hair in front and a short crop at the back.

24-Curly Up-do:

Curly Up-do

Looking for an up-do for Medium Length Hair? This curly up-do would go perfect for you then! This can be easily transformed into a messy bun and many more varieties of styles.

Short medium hair is usually difficult to manage in an up-do. Give your hair some strong curls with the help of a hot iron curler. Arrange the curls with a fine spray or another product to set them in the style of an up-do.

Make sure to try this on a prom night or a very special occasion. This will make you look like a beauty queen. Go and easily glam around!

25-Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle:

Tousled Blond Bob Hairstyle

The lesser the hair length, the greater attraction it has! Make it a simple tousled bob hairstyle for Medium Length Haircuts, with an ashier hair color.


Medium Length Hair

So here are some perfect guidelines for Medium Length Hair. Just pick a style and slay the day! Long hair gets hard to manage at some stage of your life. It keeps growing until you’re tired of handling them.

“My hair grows and grows; you cannot stop it-that fellow grows, it grows wild”- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Transforming your hair is a big change, not only in your beauty but also in grooming your personality. A single hairstyle and the same usual look get boring, so go for a big change and prove yourself!

“Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.”- Carolyn Aronson

19 Best Short Pixie Haircuts To Give You A Ravishing Look

Short Pixie Haircuts are the latest trending ideas these days

Looking for a hairstyle that gives you a funky tomboy look? What are you waiting for! Get yourself a Short Pixie Haircut without a second thought!

Many of you might face difficulty in handling different kind of hair like sometimes it’s tough to deal with thick hair or curly hair could exhaust you a lot, sometimes; but it’s easy to combat with such issues with an ease!

How? Just keep on reading!

The new trending pixie crop not only gives a tingly bewitching look, but also screams of an independent carefree woman.

Moreover, the new pixie hairstyles are one of the greatest trends nowadays and are seen by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Ruby Rose and many more.

No wonder that getting your hair to just a few inches needs guts, but trust me it’s totally worth it!

Apart from that, a new change in life never bothers. On her new short haircut, Pamela Anderson says: “ I just thought my hair had had a life and I kind of wanted to put that behind me and start fresh.”

Additionally, there are many different pixie crops to match your face shape as well. So do not miss this precious information given below in the form of 20 Best Short Pixie Haircuts.

19 Short Pixie Hairstyles – Get the Change in Your Typical Look Right Now

If you think short haircuts cannot be much styled, you have the wrong idea. These Short Pixie Hairstyles come with endless possibilities.

They could be spiked up, side-tapered, swooped aside or slicked back. With some proper knowledge and a great stylist hand, you can transform into any kind of new trendy pixie haircut of your choice.

So a little change never hurts. Once you’ve had these Short Pixie Haircuts, you’ll surely love your mouth-drooling new look.

1-Chic Choppy Pixie Cut For Round Face:

Chic Choppy Pixie Cut For Round Face

If you have a round face and you are looking forward to a Short Pixie Haircut, then this chic choppy pixie cut should be your major priority.

As a matter of fact, many pixie cuts do not suit much for a round face, but if you have a round shaped face you surely need to opt for this!

2-Rich Brunette Pixie Cut:

Rich Brunette Pixie Cut

Many of you might face a lot of difficulties to handle long wavy hair. The rich brunette Short Pixie Hairstyle works best if you have naturally wavy hair.

Moreover, for a sprinkle of a classy look, make sure to have a dark color of your hair. Jet black wavy locks with a pixie brunette cut, just give it a finger-toss and you’re ready to go!

3-Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut:

Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut

This type of pixie cut is a blend of both long and short hair. It is long from the front and short from the back. Much of the volume at the back maintains the look, giving it a great jazzy look.

For greater enhancing you could pick a lighter shade of hair color. Some kind of a light brown or blonde would make you look in vogue.

4-Short Pixie Haircuts For Thick Hair:

Pixie Haircuts For Thick Hair

Although having thick hair is a natural blessing, however, many women might face difficulty in handling them. Having a Pixie Haircut For Thick Hair is the best possible remedy.

In addition to providing a natural volume to your hair, thick hair when barbed into a Short Pixie Haircuts helps you give a great classy look.

Some of the best pixie crops for thick hair, which are trending include The boyish pixie haircut, side-shaved pixie haircut, layered pixie haircut and a much greater variety to go on with!

5-Short Pixie Haircuts For Curly Hair:

Short Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair

As much as curly hair is fine-looking, they are as torturous when it comes to handling them. The best remedy for such a problem is to have Short Pixie Haircuts For Curly Hair.

The greatest advantage of a pixie cut is that it is easy to handle, then whether it be dreamy colored ringlets or messy curls, they all add up a modish charm to your beauty!

For curly hair undercut styles are very popular for both women and men. Then again, no competition with the layered pixie cut which gives your curly hair a mouth-dropping look!

6-Spiky Short Pixie Haircut:

Spiky Short Pixie Haircut

The women of modern era walk side by side with men notwithstanding the fact of being a woman. Such woman, tend to get a Short Pixie Haircut that makes giving them a boyish look.

Either it is a classy look for the office or a night out for the club this spiky cut would be great. Furthermore, to boost your beauty points get a light blonde shade on this spiky short haircut and you’re good to go!

7-Short Bob Pixie Haircut:

Short Bob Pixie Haircut

The Short Bob Pixie Haircut is the perfect choice for a nice sassy look. Among the most likable of bob haircuts are the layered bobbed haircuts and the shaggy bobbed haircuts.

Short bob haircuts on curly hair can also be maintained with a proper hand, in spite of the disobedient, curls. In fact, messy ringlets could add a greater charm to your hair with a proper pixie crop.

The blunt bob with a pixie twist highlight your facial feature as well as giving you an awe-inspiring look.

The heavy bangs pixie bob gives you a variety of choices like swing pixie bob with bangs or textured pixie bob with fringes.  Go for these and shine around!

8-Pretty Punk Short Pixie Haircuts:

Pretty Punk Pixie Haircut

Rugged Short Pixie Hairstyles definitely give you a funky rough look. This punk style leaves a bit long locks of hair on some part of the face with absolute short hair at the back.

Whenever looking for an easy-to-care or a sexy haircut the purple punk pixie cut is at the top of the list. So if you want to go for an intimidating new short haircut, go for this cool punk pixie haircut. This will surely give you an extraordinarily funky look.

9-Classy Side-Parted Tapered Pixie Haircut:

Classy Side-Parted Tapered Pixie Haircut

Many of you look forward to a decent, but trending look. The side-parted tapered pixie haircut is redeemed this wish of yours, in the same token, it is also functional for women loving the baby-fine hair.

This Short Pixie Haircuts also helps you maintain your conservative look. It is styled in an angular manner and is side-parted giving you the best professional look, so go ahead and rock the day!

10- Short Pixie Hairstyles With Bangs:

Short Pixie Hairstyles With Bangs

Short Pixie Haircuts With Bangs collect the paramount style points among all the Short Pixie Hairstyles.

The pixie haircut with bangs is tapered in a way that is long hair lingering from the top while short hair covers the neck.

Moreover, this haircut works with normally any shade or color, but for a fresher look, prefer going with a blonde hue with dark roots.

11-Hawk-Like Short Pixie Haircut:

Hawk-Like Short Pixie Haircut

This is one of the most popular of the Sort Pixie Hairstyles. Not only popular, but also is one of the highly sophisticated pixie haircuts.

It gives the look of a Mohawk and looks best with a silver shade. It is with high spikes at the top and tapered at the sides.

Use a product with great hold to keep those long atop spikes in place and you’re all good!

12-Buzzed Pixie Haircut:

Buzzed Pixie Haircut

Looking for a super short hair transformation? Tell your stylist for a buzz cut.

Your stylist would give you a super Short Pixie Haircut buzzed with an electric razor. Yes, it sounds scary, but your first glance would peter out all your fear!

13-Ash Blonde Pixie With Nape Undercut:

Ash Blonde Pixie With Nape Undercut

Women with blonde hair often find their hair boring. The perfect remedy for this is the ash blond pixie haircut with nape undercut.

Smoky hair tones are at the top trend list nowadays. In spite of this fact, consulting your stylist would always be better to get a softer look which also works with your complexion.

Ash blonde color on an edgy pixie crop would give you a new glossy look. Even though the nape undercut is optional, but for a great finishing look you better go for it!

14-Blond Pixie With Short Angled Layers:

Blond Pixie With Short Angled Layers

This Short Pixie Haircut is cut down in a gradual reduction all the way down the neck.

Its V-shaped layers give you the dynamic style you’re looking for. Above all, the light shade on these angled layers works as an eye-opener!

15-Choppy Pixie Fade:

Choppy Pixie Fade

This Short Pixie Haircuts has a shaved bottom-line with edgy layers.

As a matter of fact, this idea is the most refreshing and unique to pull out in hot summers. After all, who won’t like hair off the neck in summers! So without further awaiting get this stylish yet magnificent look.

16-Rockstar Red Pixie:

Rockstar Red Pixie

You feel like a Rockstar, but at the same time, your hair won’t cope with you to achieve your dreams. Get this cool funky Rockstar red pixie haircut.

It has the tapered sides with bangs till your ears or it’s optional to keep them a bit longer till the jaw-line. You’ll not only feel like a Rockstar but also have a great mouth-dropping effect on others.

To polish your looks try the trendy hot red color right now!

17- Short Pixie With Side Undercuts:

Short Pixie With Side Undercuts

This Short Pixie Haircut goes up for a jolly playful look. Creative and bold women should definitely opt for this.

In addition to a great fade of undercuts which could be enhanced with different designs, there is a Mohawk spike at the top.

Above all this, to give your pixie haircut a colorful look, the lilac color would suit best.

18-Short Pixie Haircut For Fine Hair:

Short Pixie Haircut For Fine Hair

Occasionally, thin, fine hair is assumed hard to handle, but as a matter of fact, this could give the most elegant looks if properly handled.

Short Pixie Haircuts For Fine Hair can amazingly transform your looks in a variety of ways like:

  • Tapered bowl cut which incredibly attained by many celebrities.
  • Short red cut with wispy layers which gives an edgy new look.

19-Edgy Blond Cut For Oval Face:

Edgy Blond Cut For Oval Face

This Short Pixie Haircut is perfect for women with an oval-shaped face. It looks best with a matte shade of blonde to go with.

In spite of giving you a decent, charming look, this haircut could raise a bubbly girl’s inner bad girl.

20-Silver And Shaggy Pixie Haircut: (Bonus)

Silver And Shaggy Pixie Haircut

This Short Pixie Haircut is the best way to prove the wise woman inside you. With a shade of smoky ash-like hair, you can show off your youthful and playful self.

In addition to this, the long wavy locks at the tops give a soft impression. The luxurious waves make you look like a funky chic who is “just out of bed!”So go on with this cool funky short pixie haircuts and rock the day!


Short Pixie Haircuts

These Short Pixie Haircuts, not only add a different and magnificent charm in your beauty but also make you look like a fashion diva. They have a great hand in grooming a woman’s personality as well.

The best part of having this pixie haircut is that they are easy to maintain and are just a toss of fingertips. Unlike long hair these short haircuts do not need much power and time. Just a simple flip back and you effortlessly look marvelous! What could be better?

These Short Pixie Haircuts give you the confidence of a free-living independent woman. As Emma Watson quoted:

“ I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair-I felt really good in my own skin”

As much as we ignore this fact, we need to accept it one day that to crop your hair to a few inches is great, big deal. All of us make this decision for different reasons.

Someone wants to prove herself, or fly like an independent bird or to bring a change in herself but whatsoever this change is necessary.

Coco Channel once said:

“ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

And sooner or later a bit of change is always needed in everyone’s life. So go for this new change and show the world what you’re made of, and how capable you are!

17 Ways to Style up Long Bob with Bangs Instantly

A Long Bob with Bangs is an easy solution to bring life to the lifeless and boring locks in a quick way. Because of the impure hair care products, thin or super thick texture of hair, manes start lacking the necessary movement and fun they should possess.

In such a situation, the haircut that helps to showcase the hair in more fun looking way is required to bring back the charm in the personality. Bangs not only make the hair more appealing but also add lift in fine hair.

By incorporating layers with bangs, one can also remove heaviness from the thick locks. Hence, all hair textures are transformed easily as per one’s choice and demand. Some of them are easy to style, while others are super glam.

So, have a look at some of the striking styling options we have exclusively collected for you. There are endless opportunities to try and get a refreshing look to get an impactful and unique style statement for you!

Long Bob with Bangs – 17 Styles for More Funky Looks

1.      Bob with Long Side Bangs:

Bob with Long Side Bangs

No doubt, bangs are responsible for adding tons of movement in flat manes.

The highlight of this airy and light Long Bob with Bangs is the cool and sophisticated color. There was a time when young girls resisted choosing the whitish gray color. As it was meant to be only for aged ladies.

However, the styling world has changed its standards in this modern era.

Wearing a bob with long side bangs having whitish gray highlights is definitely a great way to get attention. Keep it side-parted to get a flowy one-sided view.

2.      Tousled Messy Bob:

Tousled Messy Bob

A bold hair dye along with a super edgy cut… these are the highlights of this messy Long Bob with Bangs Hairstyle.

It suits well for the ladies with naturally wavy or curly hair. The cool hair dye such as of red or maroon color makes it eye-catching and flattering. The stylist will incorporate the layers with tousled styled bangs, making this cut funky and stylish.

Use a curling rod to pronounce the natural wavy texture of your hair. Furthermore, a salt serum will reduce the heating damage. Wear it with a dark lipstick and you are all set to steal the show!

3.      Collarbone Angled Bob:

Collarbone Angled Bob

Super sleek styles are so much in trend these days, and one good example of it is this collarbone angled Long Bob with Bangs.

It creates a sophisticated look which is adorable. The best part of this cut is that it is edgy and sharp, but not too proactive. The front manes cut till the eyebrows help you to get an angelic baby look, which balances the sharpness of the angled bottom.

Go for a dark hue like jet black or dark brown as it complements the style well. Hence, it is a super stylish yet sophisticated look for all professional ladies out there!

4.      Voluminous Mid-Length Bob for Thin Hair:

Voluminous Mid-Length Bob for Thin Hair

A bob is a nice way of getting voluminous and thickness illusion in thin and fine hair. A blend of bangs and choppy layers go ahead to generate a dynamic and a full-bodied look which is quite adorable. Keep the hair hue lighter to soften the overall image.

Furthermore, keep it a bit tousled while styling to make it edgier. Therefore, this combo of movement and softness makes this one of the cutest Long Bob with Bangs hairdo for fine hair.

5.      Messy Long Bob with Bangs:

Messy Long Bob with Bangs

This one is a fine inspiration if you are looking for some latest Long Bob with Bangs cuts.

Many of the girls having wavy texture hair, search for ways to get it either sleek or curly. However, the wavy texture has its own worth, and it looks stunning when styled properly.

This messy bob shows us how to get an adorable appearance without changing the natural texture of hair.

Light blonde color dye further adds a cuteness factor to the perfectly cut bob. Only a mascara along with this cut is enough to let the heads turn towards you!

6.      Blonde Bob with Red Streaks:

Blonde Bob with Red Streaks

This Long Bob with Bangs instantly adds movement and dimension in too limp and flat looking thin hair. Most of the featured haircuts for fine hair contain bangs in one form or another. As they provide texture and dimension to manes in an effortless way.

Here, the layers are not introduced, instead, the style is kept simple by picking a single length cutting. Only the bangs and dye selection will do the rest of the job of bringing a fun factor to the whole look.

Go for a blonde base hue and add red streaks randomly to get a more alluring look, which is heart winning.

7.      Straight A-shaped Bangs:

Straight A-shaped Bangs

This bob creates a pretty and bouncy look with full of dimension and movement in no time!

A Long Bob with Bangs is a way versatile than its other competitor hairstyles. As bangs are responsible for interesting movement and dimension which is the highlight of such hairdos. Some may think of that the bangs are a burden as the manes have to be on the face all the time.

However, the dynamic factor they introduce to dull looking manes makes them worth it. Moreover, they are easier to style than any other cut. Without using many accessories such as Bobby pins, clips, etc. one can get a voluminous and alluring look!

8.      Blonde Side Parted Bob:

Blonde Side Parted Bob

One of the highlights of Long Bob with Bangs is that they are edgy as well as chic and adorable at the same time.

Keep the locks till the shoulders. Add layers of different lengths to get an edgy appearance. Choose a cool hair dye such as blonde. To get it more dramatic, keep the roots a bit darker to get a dual-toned look, which makes you look more alluring.

Don’t use so much hairspray, instead, wear the manes in messy form to communicate carefree vibes. Get a good quality to get a shine, which is compulsory to wear the locks free.

9.      Platinum Long Bob with Bangs:

Platinum Long Bob with Bangs

Platinum is a current sensation of the era. However, this dye is quite hard to pull off, mainly because this light tone highlights even small cutting or styling imperfections.

The choppy Long Bob with Bangs is an effortless trick to wear the platinum color in an elegant way. Add lots of bangs on both the sides of the crown to make it catchy. The side-parted layered style complements platinum, one of the boldest colors of the styling town.

The end result is an easy breezy look with so much fun! Pair it with a nose pin to get it more glorified.

10. Bob with Twists:

Bob with Twists

This is an interesting and funky voluminous hairdo for ladies coping with the thin hair problem.

The eye-catching part of this Long Bob with Bangs is the cool color it has. Such high contrast dye with faded roots generate an absolutely stunning image, which will make sure you grab the attention of the audience.

Side-parted bangs soften the sharpness of the cut, making it a pure feminine choice!

11. Sleek Bob with Side-Parted Bangs:

Sleek Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

Bangs instantly transform the traditional bob into a fashionable and edgy cut!

The hair is kept super sleek in this one of the cutest yet glamorous Long Bob with Bangs. The side-parted bangs create a beautiful face-framing effect. Get your hands on a pure solid color such as jet black, blue, brown, etc. As the dark hues make such cuts more expressive than ever before.

It creates an incredibly polished look, which let you be the center of attention in all events around!

12. Bob with Bangs for Black Women:

Bob with Bangs for Black Women

This one is a genuinely stand out Long Bob with Bangs, creating a dramatic and feminine image!

It features an asymmetrical cutting style along with side-swept bangs having two different tones. A striking color combination of black and brown is selected to rock this super glam style. Blow drying technique is used to get an extra ounce of uplift to the top bangs.

Hence, a lot of height on the top creates an elongating effect for ladies with round faces. The rest of the manes are rolled in a single go with a heating rod. Although women of all ages and skin tones can wear it.

However, the black beauties rock this style in the best way possible as the style complements the skin tone very well!

13. Bob with Balayage Highlights:

Bob with Balayage Highlights

Many of the Long Bob with Bangs haircuts play with the color dye to get a unique look every time.

Here, Balayage color is used, which is considered as one of the brightest hues in the hairstyling industry. Dip your strands in an ombre Balayage to get a striking look, which is heart-winning. The blend of top bangs and bottom layers form a beautiful combination.

Get few blonde streaks randomly to add a fun factor. Also, pronounce the natural waves of your manes to get a finishing touch in your style.

14. Angelic Long Bob with Side-Parted Bangs:

Angelic Long Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

This Long Bob with Bangs has created a pretty angelic look, isn’t it?

A layered bob is a traditional yet classy and timeless choice when it comes to dealing with thin and fine hair. Here, the side bangs further add a youthful and fresh element to the overall style. Light blonde highlights with a bit darker roots go well with the cut.

And the last but not the least plus point of this Long Layered Bob with Bangs is, it requires very little styling efforts and still allow you to earn maximum points on the styling chart!

15. Choppy Hairdo with Bangs:

Choppy Hairdo with Bangs

This elegant Long Bob with Bangs is a chic pick for ladies who want to remove heaviness from their long and super thick locks.

When properly handled, a graduated long bob makes a crown appearance on the top of the head. The manes touching the shoulders create a fun loving and sophisticated look. One can feather the ends to get a messy and carefree vibe.

Go for a solid color dye, matching your natural hair color. The front layers frame the face beautifully and make you convey soft vibes rather than edgy ones. The end result is absolutely alluring and appealing look!

16. Textured Bob with Caramel Highlights:

Textured Bob with Caramel Highlights

This simple yet glamorous style is a hot trend these days!

Use of babylights and highlights create a feminine image, which is really alluring. The side bangs add texture to the naturally wavy hair of yours. With this cut, strands appear fresher and healthier than ever before!

Choose a caramel hue to brighten your complexion and get a stylish and trendy look in no time!

17. Adorable Side parted Bob with Jet Black Bangs:

Adorable Side parted Bob with Jet Black Bangs

This side parted bob with jet black bangs will make everyone scream “Cool”.

Such Long Bob with Side Bangs cut is easy to style, maintain and are really adorable and seductive. Thanks go to the soft, loose waves and elegant fringes. Keep it a little messy while styling. As in the messy state, still, it creates a sophisticated and polished look which will never go unnoticed!


Long Bob with Bangs

To convert the flat and boring locks into the manes full of movement and dimension is the dream of every girl. The hairstyle is the most important factor that shapes a girl’s personality. So, think again before getting your next chop whether you are getting a right cut or not!

Long Bob with Bangs is a great way to add tons of drama, fun, movement, dimension, and flow to the manes without overdoing it. Such styles look alluring to women of almost all face shapes, skin tones, and hair textures.

In simple words, bob with bangs is a classy and universal choice while dealing with medium length locks. Find the style that attracts you from the above-mentioned gallery and rock it in the best way possible! you can watch more long bob hairstyles with bangs

19 Best Long to Medium Hairstyles – Get a Unique Appearance Now

Long to Medium Hairstyles are the latest trending ideas these days!

Want to keep your long tresses, but tired of their longer styling time? This is what women who have long hair sometimes feel.

“Long hair is an unpardonable offence which should be punishable by death.” — Morrissey.

Long hair is no doubt a symbol of feminism since ages. However, this beauty comes with more responsibility. As long locks need more attention in terms of maintenance and of course more amount of hair care products.

No worries, because the length in between long and medium is the best solution in this regard. This length has a feel of long locks while provides styling versatility of medium strands. Moreover, every morning you will have to spend less time in front of the mirror.

No matter what your hair texture is, these ideas will make your stye look more alluring and captivating! Moreover, all hair types including curly, wavy, sleek can be transformed into an elegant and flattering manner.

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

Hence, have a look at below mentioned 19 amazing Long to Medium Hairstyles and choose the one you love the most!

19 Enchanting Long to Medium Hairstyles – Show Off Your Style with More Confidence


“Her hair was longer than it used to be, and it veiled her shoulders like a shawl. She used it for protection.” — Sarah Addison Allen.

So, the long hair is a classic way to wear the style in every era. Moreover, you can opt for the long to medium hairstyles for more comfort and ease. Because, the medium length hair is not too long nor too short and that medium way of expressing your beauty wins the hearts, indeed!

1.      Feathered V-shaped Layered Hairdo:

Feathered V-shaped Layered Hairdo

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is adorable as it provides a manageable length. Moreover, it gives you enough room to play with hair ends. It reminds of horse’s tresses flying freely in the cool breeze!

The hair dresser will chop the tresses at two different lengths shorter from the front and longer from the back. Front layers frame the face, whereas longer layers draw attention towards the bottom. A good blow dry job is necessary to recreate this look in its true sense.

This one is a nice option if you love to keep your hair open all the time.

2.      Hairstyle with Flicked Strand Ends:

Hairstyle with Flicked Strand Ends

If you are looking for some simple Long to Medium Hairstyles. Then this hairdo is a must try.

Thick layers, especially hold this hairdo the best. A curling rod is used to flip the ends with a rough blow dry styling. Light layers at the bottom add movement and interest to the overall look. Hence, this spicy addition of choppy and flicked ends is simple yet super stylish.

3.      Layered Lob for Wavy Hair:

Layered Lob for Wavy Hair

The long lob with blonde highlights is flattering, isn’t it?

Lob based Long to Medium Hairstyles are hitting the style charts as they look gorgeous on everyone. Furthermore, they are modern as well as versatile. This hairdo particularly looks good on women with naturally wavy hair.

All it requires is a single go of a large barrel curling iron to pronounce the wavy texture. And you are all set to jazz up the events!

4.      Layered and Bottom Flicked Haircut:

Layered and Bottom Flicked Haircut

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who want to remove weight from their heavy locks. One can add layers at different lengths which reduces the weight but, still make the strands look heavy.

The first layers are incorporated at the middle point and then move downwards in steps. A curling rod and a rounded brush are used to flip the ends. The end result is an adorable and bouncy look with full of movement and volume.

Don’t forget to add caramel highlights to make it more flattering.

5.      Long to Medium Hairstyles with Curled Ends:

Long to Medium Hairstyles with Curled Ends

“Life is too short to have boring hair”

Straight hair may sometimes appear dull and flat. A little spice of curl can add a lot of movement and dimension. Such Long to Medium Hairstyles feature curled layered ends, which give life to otherwise lifeless roots.

For a more textured appearance use a curling rod to define the curls and flick the bottoms.

6.      Haircut with Bangs:

Haircut with Bangs

“I like my hair long, and I love my bangs. I love them because I can pin them back or keep the fringe with attitude” —Cassie Steele

Long hair and bangs make a great combination to upgrade the style statement. The colored highlights which complement the skin tone make the bangs more flattering. Keep the front layers shorter to get a face framing effect.

Plus, use polished brown shades with undone waves to get an effortless and chic look which will never disappoint you!

7.      Middle Parted Sleek Hairdo:

Middle Parted Sleek Hairdo

From the red carpet to club parties, the super sleek hairstyle is so much in trend!

Such Long to Medium Hairstyles go well with girls with naturally straight hair. In this way, there will be less use of straightener or flat iron. To add a little twist in overall straight hairdo, ends are razored to make it fall in a more stunning way.

Therefore, say goodbye to bad hair days with this gorgeous hairdo requiring less styling time!

8.      Long to Medium Shag:

Long to Medium Shag

These days trending haircuts are those which require less effort.

This is the reason layered Long to Medium Hairstyles are hitting the style world by the storm as they look pretty even if messy.

A blend of layered cut with a shag is appealing for girls who want to keep their hair open. The front locks are chopped till eyebrows to give a youthful vibe. To add a fun element keep the strand a bit messy. The end result is a somewhat retro look which is too adorable to handle.

9.      Blonde Bombshell Layered Haircut:

Blonde Bombshell Layered Haircut

There are so many chic layered Long to Medium Hairstyles. However, this one will definitely come under the top 3!

This cut features smooth and relatively long layers with feathered ends going towards the back. A right color selection can make it more flattering. As you can choose a blend of golden brown and red which creates a head turning look in no time!

From wedding functions to party events all gatherings can be rocked with this attire.

10. 70’s Layered Haircut:

70’s Layered Haircut

To style fine hair is a bit tricky. However, a right haircut can make fine locks look gorgeous than ever before.

This stylish Long to Medium Hairstyle contains face framing front layers and feathered bangs all over the crown. From the roots, locks are kept sleek to make it more appealing. The end result is a flashback 70’s look of disco clubs.

So, grab the bell bottom pants to get a unique style statement!

11. Wavy Layered Hairdo with Chopped Ends:

Wavy Layered Hairdo with Chopped Ends

“Layered cuts are a great fit for any hair type, even for locks lacking body”

The cutting technique is important in this regard. Here in this Long to Medium Hairstyle, heavy layers are imparted in wavy locks. A brown or platinum color dye really complements this cut. Finish the style with a good quality volumizing salt spray to prevent hair from falling flat.

Hence, this cut is one of the great options if you are looking for long to Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair.

12. Caramel Highlights with Subtle Layers:

Caramel Highlights with Subtle Layers

A right color dye is necessary to add more dimension in a regular haircut.

Two tier layers and gently placed highlights are enough to drastically transform your personality. Layers at different length impart a great dimension and movement. Whereas, the caramel highlights prevent the plain or boring look.

So indeed, a sleek hairdo is instantly softened by flicking the ends inwards.

13. Chocolate Dyed Long to Medium Hairstyles:

Chocolate Dyed Long to Medium Hairstyles

The soft look along with the chocolate dye of this Long to Medium Hairstyle is exceptionally mesmerizing. Don’t go for very heavy layers if you have fine hair. Keep the layers longer, softer, and less. Gently tie you fine strands up to make them look fabulous without much effort.

14. Layered Haircut with Bangs:

Layered Haircut with Bangs

The recent eyebrow grazed look of Taylor Swift is too eye catching, isn’t it?

Layered hairdo is perfect for fine hair. As it imparts style and texture to otherwise flat hair. Bangs with layers further enhance the movement factor in this one of the trendiest Long to Medium Hairstyles. Front layers chopped till the eyebrows soften the whole look gorgeously.

Finally, the blonde highlights and colored lenses completes your look for any friends gathering!

15. Brown Ginger Shaggy Layered Cut:

Brown Ginger Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy layers along with heavy bangs are essential components of this adorable Long to Medium Hairstyle.

The side bangs create a flirty and flattering look. Whereas, the layers add dimension to the entire look. For ladies with fair complexion and blue eyes, the brown ginger color dye is quite stunning. From school going teenagers to party loving girls, all can rock this simple style within no maintenance time.

A good quality hair serum is necessary to pose minimal damage to the hair while straightening.

16. Wispy hairdo for Women:

Wispy hairdo for Women

One of the major purposes of Long to Medium Hairstyles is to have a manageable length with as much movement as possible.

This wispy hairdo serves this purpose beautifully. The eye catching part of this cut is its high crown which is further pronounced by using heavy bangs. Furthermore, teasing on the top gives height which complements the blonde highlights.

If you are looking for long to Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs for round faces then, this cut is a must try this season.

17. Mermaid Eyebrow Gazed Haircut:

Mermaid Eyebrow Gazed Haircut

For ladies who are not willing to spend plenty of time and money on their tresses can try this mermaid Long to Medium Hairstyle.

Ombre hair dye is the one complementing this simple yet chic hairdo. One will have to trim the front bangs on a monthly basis. Whereas you can allow your rest of hair to grow as long as you want. However, keep the length as long as it appears trendy.

To add a twist, keep the root color a jet black to make it appear classier than ever before.

18. Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair:

Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair

Hollywood celebrity such as Zooey Deschanel is giving us some major styling goals!

A blend of point razored fringe with a long shag is voluminous as well as sassy. Long side bangs is a modern way of getting the face framing effect in a traditional shaggy Long to Medium Hairstyle.

Front short layers further soften the entire image in an absolutely stunning way. This haircut goes well for the girls with round face because of the face elongating effect of side bangs.

Plus, a color dye such as dark brown or light black further enhances the flattering factor while keeping the look simple.

19. Adorable Hairdo with Layers and Peekaboo Bangs:

Adorable Hairdo with Layers and Peekaboo Bangs

This Long to Medium Hairstyle is creating an OLALA look instantly!

For women with thick hair, the peekaboo bangs are made for you! Keep the locks side parted to get an extra pound of flattering appeal. Ask your stylist to keep the bangs length a bit longer to imitate this style exactly.

Bobby pins will help you to keep the strands in the right position. Hence, this one is a nice pick for ladies looking for long to Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair.

20. Ginger Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair: (Bonus)

Ginger Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair does not have to be boring anymore.

The addition of fringe and a soft color dye adds a lot of movement and dimension. A ginger brown or strawberry blonde shade works well in this regard. Add light layers along with the soft curls at the bottom to make it more appealing.

The end result is a messy Long to Medium Hairstyle which even can work well for finer hair. However, in that case, don’t go for heavy layers. And blow dry hair roots to add an extra lift.


Long to Medium Hairstyles

“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”

The ladies blessed with long hair and looking for the styling diversity… let’s manipulate the hair length. The length in between very long and medium falls right in this regard. It gives the pleasure of long hair while imparts diversity of medium length tresses.

There are so many enviable styling options featuring modern cutting tools. These haircuts accommodate all face types such as oval, diamond, and square gorgeously. Such hairdos are less maintenance requiring as compared to Long Haircuts.

Hence, it’s time to get inspiration from the above mentioned ever trending and adorable Long to Medium Hairstyles. Check it out and choose the one as per choice, skin tone and personality!

21 Super Easy Medium to Short Hairstyles to Save Time

Medium to Short Hairstyles are a new sensation of the era!

Low maintenance, yet eye catching haircut options are what women of all ages and schools are looking for. The modern lifestyle of twenty first century makes it tougher to spend quality time on styling every morning.

Furthermore, going for short hair is also a tough decision as long hair is still considered as a symbol of feminism. In this regard, a length in between short and the medium is a perfect solution.

Such tresses are manageable yet long enough to manipulate as per choice and trend.

Irrespective of the hair texture, there are so many variables to play with to create a dynamic and different look every time. Bob, lob, shag, layered, wavy, curly almost all styles can be opted in very less styling time.

Remember, a haircut is one of the vital factors that shape your personality.

Hence, spend some time to get an inspiration from this rabbit hole of the trendiest Medium to Short Hairstyles presented below!

21 Best Medium to Short Hairstyles – Look More Stylish and Elegant Now

1.      Straight and Messy Hairdo:

Straight and Messy Hairdo

If one has thin and naturally sleek hair and looking for very low maintenance Short to Medium Hairstyles for Fine Hair then, have a keen look at this one.

Hair is chopped at a length in between very short and medium. The ends are perfectly trimmed to communicate fine and polished vibes. Specifically for ladies with thin hair, this messy style imparts extra ounces of volume.  

Further, a blow-dry with a round brush makes it easy to imitate this extremely sassy look.

2.      Medium Bob for Thick Hair:

Medium Bob for Thick Hair

For ladies with thick and naturally sleek hair, this bob looks gorgeous. Instead of going for bangs, ask salon attendant to add layers which are brushed towards the back. It will give a lot of movement and flow to the style.

To make this Medium to Short Hairstyle sophisticated and classy, keep the bottom hair all at one length. Without much effort, this hairdo will help you to maintain a trendy as well as a chic look.

3.      Bob along with Razored Layers:

Bob along with Razored Layers

It’s time to make tresses look more luscious by opting a razored cut!

Curly Medium to Short Hairstyles offer extra visual intrigue and movement if babylights and layers are incorporated at a right ratio. Either you have naturally curly hair or heat assisted ones, this haircut will look good on both.

To add a fun element, keep the face framing layers a bit looser and longer.

4.      Short to Medium Layered Cut:

Short to Medium Layered Cut

Such kind of Medium to Short Hairstyles are timeless and appear good on ladies of all ages. Furthermore, this sassy hairdo is adaptable to almost all kinds of hair textures. Overall, a unique and stylish look is put together within no styling time.

A simple dress with minimal makeup and accessories will look super chic with this hairdo.

5.      Wavy Bob:

Wavy Bob

It is hard to get an effortless and light look with very less styling time. However, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a perfect solution if one needs to attain a sassy appearance with her super thick manes. It features few wispy layers to create an adorable bob style.

Furthermore, a very soft wavy texture is added to pronounce the look even more. You can add an extra movement by asking your stylist to keep the layers a bit shorter in the back with the choppy ends. The end result is no doubt worth keeping.

6.      Textured and Angled Medium Bob:

Textured and Angled Medium Bob

Younger girls and even women, can manipulate a traditional bob in a more appealing way by adding artificial textures. In such Short to Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair, the tresses are kept at different lengths with jagged ends.

The techniques used here include point cutting, pointing, and slicing.

Because of the advanced cutting techniques, its usage is not recommended for very thin hair. However, the girls with super thick locks can do wonders with this hairdo. Furthermore, the use of a good quality spray is necessary to keep the hair damage as minimal as possible.

7.      Shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles:

Shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles

A shaggy cut with the length in between very short and medium along with a warm chestnut hair dye creates an unparalleled adorable look!

A light brown shade will help to add movement in this Medium to Short Hairstyle and prevent it from being too dull or boring. Whereas the layers all over the bottom will offer unpredictable styling versatility and movement.

Such soft look will never disappoint you in any event round the clock!

8.      Layered and Loose Locks:

Layered and Loose Locks

Looking for ways to lighten up those thick and full locks of yours?

Feathered haircut like this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a nice way to go for this season. The layers will help to reduce the weight from all sides of the crown. On the other hand, it provides the necessary movement and shape.

So say goodbye to your overweight, bad hair days with this super gorgeous hairdo!

9.      Collarbone Blonde Hairdo:

Collarbone Blonde Hairdo

Tired of carrying these lifeless blonde locks?

Then upgrade your style statement by opting this cool, collarbone shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyle. This blonde shag imparts a retro look and also a nice way of mixing things up. Try to go for haphazard, messy styling to create a more impactful image of yours.

The less maintenance time makes the running out of the door in busy mornings a bit easier!

10. Lob with Jagged Layers:

Lob with Jagged Layers

Such kind of Medium to Short Hairstyles having jagged layers create an edgy look in otherwise lifeless and boring tresses. Also, use of a statement hair color enhances the overall image created with this cut. The end result is an absolutely edgy and iconic appearance.

Additionally, this lob hairdo will not consume much of your time in the morning. Just apply your favorite texturizing product and you are ready to rock!

11. Ash Blonde Feathered Hairdo:

Ash Blonde Feathered Hairdo

The key element in a feathered haircut is the addition of tons of angled layers. Such shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles don’t need to have those traditional choppy ends. One can go for feathered wisps bending towards the face to walk against the waves.

While styling, use a round brush to softly tease tresses at the roots to add an extra fun lift. From parties to official events, this look will help you to create a unique style statement every time!

12. Gray Razored Bob along with Bangs:

Gray Razored Bob along with Bangs

Just crossed 50 and looking for some sophisticated yet stylish Medium Short Hairstyles with Bangs?

Try out this combination of bob and bangs. Gray is no more a fear in the hair styling industry. In fact, this color both natural and dyed is so much in trend these days than ever before. This hairdo complements almost every hair texture and skin tone.

To add visual interest and to soften the angular face shape, add some bangs around the crown. The end result is a sophisticated yet edgy look for women over 50.

13. Funky Blonde Haircut:

Funky Blonde Haircut

For all the college girls looking for an easy to maintain funky hairstyle, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a great choice.

Razored layers incorporated throughout the collarbone length tresses produce a noticeable amount of movement and flow. Blonde highlights add a pinch of softness which creates a pretty element in the overall look. It looks good on almost all face shapes including oblong, oval, diamond, and square faces.

14. Longer Hairdo with Blunt Bangs and Wispy Layers:

Longer Hairdo with Blunt Bangs and Wispy Layers

Bangs, no doubt, provide a nice way to accentuate the best facial features of oval and heart shaped faces. Blunt and thin bangs can surely take away the impact of a few years from the face in an elegant way. It not only covers the frown lines, but also exudes some youthful vibes.

Furthermore, add wispy layers to balance the blunt bangs lines scattered throughout the crown. For women who have just crossed the middle age, this Medium to Short Hairstyle is a gorgeous way to age gracefully.

15. Two Tone Layered Medium to Short Hairstyle:

Two Tone Layered Medium to Short Hairstyle

“In the world of beauty, messy doesn’t mean a bad thing”

A messy look has been so popular in the past few years. It works so well for the ladies with thin hair as it creates a voluminous visual effect. These Short Medium Layered Haircuts consist of two-tone color dying, which make it unique and flawless.

For a unique and truly deconstructed effect, keep the hair product-free.

16. Collarbone Choppy Bob:

Collarbone Choppy Bob

To add some edgy vibes to the beach tresses, try out a choppy and shaggy layered haircut like this. Keep the front layers a bit longer and add shorter layers in the back to create an extremely cool look. Loose waves make it a nice summer Medium to Short Hairstyle.

Use a curling iron to add an extra lift while styling. A good quality serum is a must to pose less heat damage to the hair.

17. Choppy Wavy Pink Bob:

Choppy Wavy Pink Bob

To add some extra oomph to your Medium to Short Hairstyle, introduce choppy and wavy layers. Moreover, a cool color dye is vital to create a fun filled look.

The strawberry blonde and pastel pink is a beautiful and warm dye combination which makes this haircut more flattering and modern. Instead of going for a solid version of these colors, choose a combo of your choice.

Hence, it helps to impart dimension and movement in the tresses which will fall flat otherwise.

18. A shaped Haircut with Waves:

A shaped Haircut with Waves

These days haircuts, having different lengths are hitting the style charts. Really drastic A-shaped Medium to Short Hairstyle looks so dramatic and fun filled. One can pronounce the style statement by opting for a unique dye color which is full of drama.

Keep the long manes in the front for an edgy effect. For ladies working in a fashion industry, this look complements the competitive environment.

19. Dark Collarbone Haircut with Highlights:

Dark Collarbone Haircut with Highlights

The best part of the shaggy Medium to Short Hairstyles is that they don’t need too much of precious time. If hair naturally has movement and body, one just needs an air dry and haphazardly added waves with a curling iron to look flawless.

For sleek and flat hair, instead of air dry go for a blow dry to replicate this look. Like other haircuts, use of hair products including texturizing spray and mousses is necessary to maintain the right style. Moreover, a bright color highlight such as of violet dye is another main factor of this sassy hairdo.

In summers, choose a bright color, whereas in winter go for a nice, soft and warm shade.

20. Adorable Medium Short Shag:

Adorable Medium Short Shag

This Medium to Short Hairstyle makes tresses look so good, isn’t it?

This combination of brown, blonde, and caramel highlights inspired by tiger’s eye is enviable, no doubt. To style it properly, wrap small sections around a clipless curling iron. Then spray any texturizing product. And finally, run the fingers throughout the loose wavy manes.

To keep the strands in position, use of Bobby pins will do the right trick.

21. Black Curls:

Black Curls

Mixing blonde streaks and dark hair is for sure bold. For ladies with cool toned skin, this super chic look is perfect. Blend this bold and unique hair color dye with a curly Medium to Short Hairstyle. The end result is a glamorous and effortless style which will turn the heads in any event you attend.

Loose beach waves are the main highlight of this hairdo which has the power to transform you into a style diva.


 Medium to Short Hairstyles

“I am very easy going and low maintenance when it comes to my hair”

These days this is the case for many women and young girls. Because of the busy modern life, every female wants a hairstyle that is flattering as well as less time taking when it comes to styling. Short haircuts are often considered as a solution in this regard.

However, many of us don’t want to go for a big chop. Hence, Medium to Short Hairstyles featuring an enviable yet easily manageable length are a great solution to keep the look feminine as well.

So, grab a look at these mesmerizing medium to short haircut options we have exclusively collected for you. Get an inspiration and grab your salon appointment right now! for more medium to short haircut