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23 Beautiful Short Straight Hairstyles to Look Elegant In Minutes

Short Straight Hairstyles are considered a style statement these days. They are fashionable, edgy, rebellious and definitely elegant. In today’s age, they are no more just a hairstyle, they are a symbol of femininity and power.

Like Coco Chanel says’ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’, Well, let’s discuss some Short Straight Haircuts that may change your life.

23 Easy and Short Straight Haircuts to Look Stunning

I am sure you don’t like to look in the mirror and see a plain hairstyle which brings down your personality. Well, you are in luck. In this article, you’ll read a number of ways to jazz up Short Straight Hairstyles and give them the magic that they need.

  1. Side-parted Bob with Chopped off Layers:

Side-parted Bob with Chopped off Layers

If you carry a straight bob, you carry endless opportunities to style your hair. In a few easy steps, your hair goes from boring and plain to interesting and fashionable. What you have to do is, chop off layers from left to right at the top back of your hair, creating a wave. Leave the rest of the hair as they are.

If you feel like going one step ahead, you can color the chopped hair in blonde or brunette while keeping your roots in a darker color.

  1. Layered Short Straight Hairstyles:

Layered Short Straight Hairstyle

One way to spruce up Short Straight Hairstyles is to get them cut into full layers. This is the safest and the simplest way to put some volume and life to your otherwise plain hairstyle. The best part is that you can wear them as they are or add some twinkling accessory and wear them to an exclusive event.

  1. Short Bob with Wispy Bangs:

Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

Another way to give your short bob a twist is the wispy bangs. They not only give the illusion of thicker hair, but they also enhance your facial features, especially if you have a heart or rounded face shape. The best way to wear this Short Haircut for Straight Fine Hair is by adding a hair-band.


  1. Asymmetrical Bob:

Asymmetrical Bob

You can find many Short Straight Haircuts on the internet, but I bet you can’t find one as popular as the asymmetrical bob. It’s trendy, chic and elegant. You can rock this cut no matter what the shape of your face is.  You can make it look even better if you choose to dye your hair in a super trendy color like blue, green or purple.

  1. Inverted Bob:

Inverted Bob

If you wish to go for a very feminine look, inverted bob is among the best Short Straight Hairstyles. What you have to do is just layer the back of your hair in a hard angle increasing in length as you move to the front. It’s sassy and sweet, but fierce and feminine too.

It adds quality and volume to your hair and is a wonderful twist on Short Straight Hair with Layers. Even though you can add a dazzling accessory like a pin or headband to increase the glamour of your hairstyle, it looks best if left plain.

  1. Combed Hairstyle:

Combed Hairstyle

Less is more. Well, it certainly is, especially if we talk about the hair on our head. After being worn by men for so many years, combed hairstyles are in fashion for women these days. They are cute, chic and beautiful. The best part; you literally don’t have to worry about how to style them. They are simple and equally fun.

  1. Double Top Knots:

Double Top Knots

Since one top was not cool enough, someone decided to give double top knots a try. Well, obviously they are the coolest. It’s a very playful Short Straight Hairstyle which gives you an edge and rebellious look.

This style can be achieved by symmetrically parting your hair and taking huge chunks from each side and tying them up in knots. To go a step further, you can accessorize these knots to get a bunny look.

  1. Braided Crown:

Braided Crown

Braids are the evergreen hairstyle and work on all types and textures of hair. One of the best ways to combine braids and Short Straight Haircuts is a braided crown. It’s sophisticated, it’s pretty and it basically gives you a princess makeover using your own hair.

  1. Korean Bob:

Korean Bob

If you find bobs interesting, you are in luck. One of the newest trends these days in Short Straight Hairstyles for Black Hair is a Korean bob. With sharply trimmed edges, the bob hangs just below the ears. It gives you the style makeover that symbolizes femininity and power.

  1. Faux Up-do:

Faux Up-do

The best part about having short hair is that you can style your hair in an updo using a few pins. Similarly, you can create a faux up-do by brushing your front layers in a way that imitates a windswept look. Then curl up a few layers from the back and pin them on a side so that it gives the illusion of an up-do.

Like all other Short Straight Hairstyles, you can glam up the faux up-do if you have your roots dyed darker than the rest of your hair.

  1. Bowl Cut with Bangs:

Bowl Cut with Bangs

Even though you can choose from a number of Short Straight Haircuts, the easiest one to carry and flaunt would be the bowl cut. You can literally not go wrong with it and you have to spend zero seconds styling it up.

An addition to this cut is bangs. They not only give you a more girlish glow, but also increase the overall volume of your hair.

  1. Tousled Bob with Fringes:

Tousled Bob with Fringes

To give volume and life to your bob you can do a number of things. Firstly, pair it up with fringes. Next, give a tousled look to the bob using a curler. You don’t need to use any product to work up these curls as you want a very carefree young look.

This Short Hairstyle for Round Faces looks better and adds more personality to your face if you color it in dark, subtle shades like medium blonde, brunette or ombre.

  1. Blue Short Bob with Lots of  Layers:

Blue Short Bob with Lots of  Layers

Looks like blue is the new blonde these days. You’d see celebrities, actors and models flaunting blue all over the television screens. Luckily, you can adapt this trend to your short straight hair too.

Firstly, well, go blue. Then perk up your short straight bob by cutting lots of layers of various lengths. This will give a lot of volume to your hair and surely help you stand out in a crowd.

  1. Pixie Crop:

Pixie Crop

It’s short, it’s chic, it’s intimidating and is extremely graceful. There are so many Short Straight Hairstyles in fashion these days that are hard to keep up. However, one can safely say that pixie crop beats all others.

It makes your cheekbone pop and suits you, no matter what the color of your hair is. From Kety Perry to Jennifer Lawrence, everyone is going pixie. It’s like “go pixie or go home”.

  1. V-Cut Pixie:

V-Cut Pixie

Short hair don’t care. Well, you should not. The pixies are so much in fashion in today’s fashion world that I can guarantee you’ll find 50 different types of pixies. One of the hippest Short Straight Hairstyles is a v-cut outgrown pixie.

  1. Ash Blonde Anything:

Ash Blonde Anything

As the name suggests, ash blonde hair is proving to be very popular in Short Straight Hairstyles. Whether you have a bob or a pixie, chopped layers or shaggy wispy bangs, ash blonde is the answer to all your styling questions.

  1. Half Top-Knot Short Straight Hairstyles:

Half Top-Knot

Somewhere between an up-do and top knot, people realized they wanted something different and invented the half top knot. This particular hairstyle has the ability to give just about any Short Straight Haircuts the twist that they need.

All you need to do is take the middle sections of your hair and tie a knot on the top of your head and secure it with a band. It’s so chic and sexy that it could give any stylish hair a run for their money.

  1. The Retro Bob:

The Retro Bob

Old is gold and so is this retro bob that first came out in the 1920s. It’s so easy that you can manage to create this hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Well, first, deep part your hair.

Then, tie a red band around your crown area, preferably one which has a cute bow on one side. Next, give your hair an outward curl at the tips using a curler and Tada! You are ready to be the symbol of elegance and sophistication anywhere you go.

  1. Layered Bob with Beachy Waves:

Layered Bob with Beachy Waves

How to style short hair you ask? The answer is layers. The more the layers the better the hairstyle.  A regular bob with funky layers gives a lot of volume to your hair. Hanging just above the neck, it is the right length for an angular face.

Similar to other Short Straight Hairstyles, you can smarten up the cut by creating fresh Beachy waves using a flat iron or a curler. Once you are done, you may leave your hair as they are or pin them on the back with a center parting. You can wear this hairstyle at casual events like a friendly gathering or on special occasions like weddings.

  1. Sleek and Blunt Bob:

Sleek and Blunt Bob

One of the best Short Straight Hairstyles to flaunt just about everywhere is a sleek, blunt bob. The best part about this hairstyle is that it never goes out of fashion. Also, you can make changes to this hairstyle by dyeing them up in different colors according to the latest trends.

  1. Completely in Place:

Completely in Place

If you have a bunch of bobby pins and a haircut that hangs below your ear, you can master one of the most sophisticated Short Straight hairstyles easily. Like the name suggests, all you have to do is; pin all your hair in place.

The best way would be to part your hair from the center and pin them up behind your hair neatly. You may jazz it up a little by using stone studded pins or hair clips and you are good to go.

22. Pixie with Side Swept Fringe:

Pixie with Side Swept Fringe

You may rock your fringes in peace with this new hot haircut. Shave a small side of your head, while combing all your fringes on the other side to give a windswept look. This gives the illusion of thicker hair and makes you look edgy and feminine.

If you pair this hairstyle up with a very sharp color like pink or bright purple, you can also get a punk-inspired look. Shocking as it may be, it’s one of the most popular Short Straight Hairstyles for Women Over 50.

  1. Center Braided:

Center Braided

We all love braids and it’s honestly frustrating sometimes that we can’t rock a braid because of our Short Straight Hairstyles. Well, luckily now we can. Whether it be a pixie or a bob, you can easily braid your hair.

Comb back your hair and attempt a fishtail from the top center of your head and continue till the back, securing it with a pin. It’s a very simple and fun way to wear a braid on Short Hairstyles. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Short Straight Hairstyles

Gone are the times when long and simple hair was the symbol of femininity and elegance. We live in the modern world where you are encouraged to express your personality with your looks. Women are taking back power, and with that, the right to wear Short Straight Hairstyles while looking elegant, sophisticated, edgy and fun at the same time.

Currently, the A-list rocks these short hairstyles so flawlessly that we are compelled to make a visit to the salon. Always remember, however, whatever style you choose to wear, be confident and flash a smile. That makes all the difference in the world.

23 Cute and Super-Easy Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

If you are blessed with thick hair, then you make many other women envious.There are lots of options available while looking for Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair. However, the problem such ladies may face is quite an extra styling time and an excessive bulk of the hair to carry and manage. They often want to make their hair look more weightless.

Thick hair causes maintenance and styling difficulties. However, by opting a right kind of haircut, you can take control of your locks and get an amazing base for unique and versatile hairstyles.

That’s what I am going to present here below! There are 23 stunning hairstyles/haircuts that can make you look more glamorous and stylish.

23 Superb Short Haircuts for Thick Hair to Look Stylish

Have a look at these mind blowing Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair and decide which one goes best with your personality!

1.      Subtle Wavy Ombre along with Side Swept Bang:

Subtle Wavy Ombre along with Side Swept Bang

For an alluring and sultry appearance, one of the best ways to turn is to get a messy haircut. These flirty and messy hairstyles look totally enticing such as subtle wavy ombre along with side wept bang.

A beautiful ombre coloring, features a brown hue on the top of the crown while leading to some lighter blonde shades towards the end. Further, the addition of a subtle kind of waves adds a life to these colors wonderfully.

And finally, a side swept bang gives a touch of gorgeous and ever trendy everyday hairstyle. This is a perfect match if you are looking for Short Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair.

2.      Messy Voluminous Curls Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

Messy Voluminous Curls Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Do you love to carry your natural curls? Then get a look at this gorgeous messy voluminous curly hairstyle for thick hair. The natural loose curls are defined using a large barrel curling iron, which look absolutely gorgeous.

These downright and seductive curls take an alluring makeover when tousled up for a Bedhead finish. Add some blonde hue to get a perfect style for a beach tour in summer.

3.      Graduated Thick Bob with Waves:

Graduated Thick Bob with Waves

Graduated bob with the waves is one of the most adorable Short Haircuts for Thick Hair. Some extra waves give a burst of alluring and youthful life to perfectly graduated bob. The bangs surrounding your face look absolutely feminine and dainty.

To get an effortless amazing look, you can try this style for your next makeover.

4.      Multi Textured Bright Thick Ombre Haircut:

Multi Textured Bright Thick Ombre Haircut

Do you have a black skin and looking for some Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair to brighten your complexion? Then you will find a fruitful solution out there!

This haircut has a jet black color on the top while a blonde coloring in the lower half. This unique and bright color combination lightens the skin tone beautifully. Furthermore, extra large curls on one side look glamorous while on the other side crazy ringlets are incorporated to create a wild and messy look.

5.      Small, Thick Tousled Curls – Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

Small, Thick Tousled Curls - Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Are you searching for some calm, adorable, and cool Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair to rock this summer? Then, why don’t you try this small tousled curls style to get the desired image.

Small curls throughout the crown are enough to add a lot of dainty attitude. Brown highlights can be added in the lower half of the curls to brighten the complexion and give you a gorgeous and youthful makeover.

6.      Blue Tousled Thick and Short Bob:

Blue Tousled Thick and Short Bob

This artsy and edgy haircut will make sure you get attention from the whole audience. A short bob more like a pixie style with a number of layers of all sizes and shapes is able to create a complete funky image.

These layers give a free and a bouncy finish to your hair, whereas a shocking blue color creates a trendy and intense texture. This look goes well for the ladies who are working in the fashion industry or in some other creative environment.

As it provides an extra edge, so this goes very well if you are finding Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair and Oval Face.

7.      Messy, Thick Ringlet with Highlights:

Messy, Thick Ringlet with Highlights

A very soft image can be created with this messy and thick ringlet with highlight style. Instead of an over the top and rigid look, this haircut leaves a bouncy and comfortable feel. These adorable ringlets are so feminine and fashionable in a messy way.

This is such a perfect look for any kind of occasion. Hence, this is one of the most feminine and softest Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair.

8.      Silver Thick Bob with One Sided Fringe:

Silver Thick Bob with One Sided Fringe

This stunning silver bob with one sided fringe is absolutely chic and contemporary. This incredible hairstyle is relatively a long bob which touches the chin length. To create this amazing shape, ask your stylist to keep the layers shorter at the back side.

Then, add longer one sided fringe and a smooth tousle to the top layers. This is one of most graceful silver Short Haircuts for Thick Hair.

9.      Pixie Cut with an Undercut Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

Pixie Cut with an Undercut Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Trying out this hairstyle on your thick hair will give you a stunning, edgy and cool look which is perfect for this summer. Create a cute cropped bob by shaving the bottom side of hair close to the head and leave the upper side a little longer.

Ask your attendant at the salon to cut a wonderful fringe across the crown of your hair. To show off the style, keep the front hair straight and dye hair from the back side using some dark color.

10. Two Layered Purple Bob with Thick Curls:

Two Layered Purple Bob with Thick Curls

Purple is an amazing color which is summery and bright, just perfect for your next makeover. Create an amazing two layered bob style that never fades with time. Keep lots of gradually cut layers on the top of the head and shave the bottom side close to the forehead.

Also, keep the hair shorter at the back while longer towards the front. To further get a finished look, add a bright purple dye with lots of ringlets. This is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Thick hair to brighten up this summer.

11. Loosely Tousled Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

Loosely Tousled Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Bobs have always remained in fashion for the gorgeous and effortless look they impart. Get this loosely tousled bob hairstyle by chopping your thick hair till the jaw line. Swipe the hair to one side and keep the layers longer in length.

You can keep your natural color of hair at the root side and use a blonde color towards the bottom to create an ombre blend. Finish the style by incorporating loose waves and you are ready to rock on the floor.

12. Cropped and Curved Bob for Thick Hair:

Cropped and Curved Bob for Thick Hair

This short round bob gives a gorgeous and incredibly curved image. This look can be created by cutting the bob that comes around the ear length. To lessen the volume build up of your thick hair, shave the bottom of your head while keeping the top layers perfectly straight and sleek.

The end result will be this gorgeous rounded and curved bob.

13. Double Layered and Double Toned Brown Short Bob:

Double Layered and Double Toned Brown Short Bob

This haircut is one of the most fashionable Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair, which is a right choice to make a unique style statement for you. Two toned, small Bobs are currently a new fashionable style to take the scene by storm.

Get a classic pixie haircut and dye the lower side of the hair with a dark brown shade. Keep the top layer of head a little longer so that it falls like a fringe. To get a perfect contrast effect, keep these long layers in a light brown shade.

14. Asymmetrical White Thick Bob:

Asymmetrical White Thick Bob

Silver hair has taken the style scene by a storm these days. Asymmetrical style is one of the most stunning Short Haircuts for Thick Hair to opt this season, which is longer on one side than the other. To further pronounce the effect, add a sweeping, long fringe on one side.

By adding white metallic color, you can take this look to entirely a next level.

15. White Shaggy Bob for Super Thick Hair:

White Shaggy Bob for Super Thick Hair

Slightly longer bob cuts are equally stylish and gorgeous as the short length bobs. In this white shaggy bob cut, a little longer length is selected, going till the jaw line. The addition of an amazing white blonde color makes this thick bob a little bouncy and light in weight.

To further polish the look, add some loose waves and a tousled effect. For a day to a night event, this one of the most stylish Short Hairstyles for Thick hair is just perfect.

16. Naturally Kinky Short Haircut for Thick Hair:

Naturally Kinky Short Haircut for Thick Hair

If you have naturally thick and kinky hair, then try out this runway model look to make a strong style statement. To get this image, shave your hair along the sides around the head. Then, brush your hair towards the top from the roots. Higher the top length of the hair, higher will be the swag.

17. An Elegant Smooth Bob:

An Elegant Smooth Bob

An elegant, smooth bob is a conventional haircut that is still rocking the style charts. This short bob looks adorable on straight and sleek hair. Instead of choosing bang, try feathering layers on the front side. This haircut has lots of movement and texture to impart.

To keep the haircut sophisticated and classy, lower length is kept same in all directions.

18. Angled Short Bob for Thick Hair:

Angled Short Bob for Thick Hair

This style takes all the excessive volume of your hair and turns your style statement into a perfectly rounded cut with angled layers. It creates a gorgeous and modern look. Whereas, the short length keeps the styling easy and fun.

19. Neat Layered Short Bob:

Neat Layered Short Bob

This old style is again new in this era. 90’s inspired bob haircut is super easy to wear and style if you are blessed with thick hair naturally. Neatly layered and simple in attire, this one is of the easiest Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair that eliminates the need of styling stress in the morning.

Simple but this haircut is all set to give you a stylish hairdo.

20. Razored Pixie with Irregular Layers:

Razored Pixie with Irregular Layers

The layers become essential when you want structure and texture in the bob styled thick hair. In a razored pixie, irregular layers bring a flirty and chic look. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, this will further add movement.

21. Medium to Short Feminine Layered Cut for Thick Hair:

Medium to Short Feminine Layered Cut for Thick Hair

A medium to a short layered cut for thick hair gives a perfect feminine look to women of all ages from young to older. This style is easily adaptable to all types of face shapes. Even the whole wardrobe will go along with this hairdo perfectly.

22. Stacked Balayage Bob for Thick Hair:

Stacked Balayage Bob for Thick Hair

Copper balayage is able to bring lots of personality and charm to you. Whatever are the haircut details, pair it with copper coloring bob and there you bang!

This combination will not allow any attention to miss whenever you make an entrance. It requires a little more maintenance to keep the ends perfectly trimmed. But the final result is worth time taking.

23. Boyish Pixie Thick Haircut:

Boyish Pixie Thick Haircut

Boyish and masculine haircuts are seen constantly, but nowadays they have gained much importance due to increased interest to get unisex style statements. If you want one of the lower maintenance and lesser time taking Short Hairstyles for Thick hair, then take a keen look at this one.


Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

So, you have decided to make a big crop for luxurious and alluring long hair? Most women will not understand you, but luckily we do. Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair look much elegant and sharper than the long haircuts. They always give you a perfectly effortless look in no time.

From pixie to bob, there are a number of sassy and chic haircut options while styling thick short hair. Addition of artistic, fun and funky, elegant, and stylish color blend further polish the final look. Hairstyles for wavy, kinky, straight, and curly hair are mentioned above.

You can choose any cut from the above mentioned Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair and get a salon appointment for next can also find short hairstyles for girls here

25 Elegant Short Shag Haircuts to Enhance Your Looks

Jumping into the bandwagon of Short Shag Haircuts, numerous trendy looks are available to rock the day! Gone are the days when curlers could only be used for long hair.

Short and Shaggy has become the latest, most in demand trend, giving an edge to your personality. The bold look speaks for itself and draws instant attention.

The shag provides volume to your hair and you can look drop dead gorgeous with less time consuming on styling and even less accessories.

Who else is more inspiring than gorgeous Emma Watson? She has rocked the pixie hair and it was her most sassy look!

25 Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles to Try Instantly

The following short shag hairstyles are sure to promise the eye-catching look for one’s personality.

‘’ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’’

Remember these words of Coco Channel and go be bold, bombastic and fabulous!!!

1.      Sassy Short Hair:

Sassy Short Hair

‘’Old is gold!’’

This is an old trend that has been seen a comeback in the 21st century. Women with thin hair opt for this shag haircut. It provides an illusion of a thick mane, volumizing the hair.

It could be carried with your natural hair color or any dye ranging from black to burgundy. The hairstyle is sure to bring out the sassy chick look in you!

2.      Have Some Waves:

Short Shag wave

The Short Shag Haircuts is perfect for women who have a bit curl in their natural hair. Add some highlights to enhance the waves. The dual tone in your hair gives this look an exquisite touch.

The natural bend in hair gives this look perfection, adding bounce in the hair and giving a subtle look to your overall personality.

3.      Shaggy Bob:

Shaggy Bob

Women in all eras have loved Bob! It is the most time tested and in-demand, short haircut of all! It is known to be more easily managed haircut and one that clicks the most with a shag.

This Short Shag Haircuts blends well with natural, fine hair. For the natural hair that is thin, a Bob adds density to the hair. The round Bob is a perfect recommendation for women looking for a short shaggy haircut.

4.      Layered Wavy Bob:

Layered Wavy Bob

Speaking of Short Shag Haircuts, in particular, Bob could be a classic round Bob haircut or a layered wavy Bob! Silver is the most recommended dye, having been recognized and appreciated by the fashion world, this Short Shaggy Bob is a must have this summer!

5.      Blonde Shaggy Bob:

Blonde Shaggy Bob

If you are obsessed with Short Shaggy Bob, like us, then here is a treat for you. An angled, straight, simple, classy, textured blonde Bob haircut just for the ‘’boss babe’’ in you!

6.      Longer Waves

Longer Waves

Use the shag of the nineties with slight modification. Keeping your hair, a bit pointed and long on each side of the face, use a cascading look of waves to mesmerize.

Add texture to your hair by various serums available in the market to look drop dead gorgeous!

Cute clips, accessories, or a headband would make you look delicate and an emblem of beauty.

7.      Tinsel Twinkle:

Tinsel Twinkle

The beauty of Short Shag Haircuts is the way you could not only play with styling the hair, but also all the numerous ways of coloration.

‘’My hair color is super important to my look because I feel like it helps kind of define who I am. It’s like a characteristic of mine that makes me feel comfortable and different from the rest.’’ Justine Skye.

For the glittery, sparkle loving little girl in you, here is a tip to deal with your love for shag and sparkle!

If you want to make your shag different, use a mix of silver and black dye in your hair to get the desired tinsel. Sparkle your shag!

8.      Blunt Short Shag:

Blunt Short Shag

This is the pixie haircut. The dense nape and angled sides make this look too much unique. Ask your hairstylist to estimate accurate length for the shag, then angle the sideburns. Do not forget to look into the mirror and scream OLALA!!! Once you finally get this haircut.

9.      Rockstar Shag:

Rockstar Shag

If you ever had a dream of being a Rockstar but you are working in an office and that dream look still lingers somewhere in your subconscious, you can definitely manage a Rockstar look in your day to day life with this haircut.

The Rockstar Short Shag Haircuts is a cut in bangs with slightly longer layers. So easy to maintain and so fabulous to carry. Mix this cut with a burgundy hair dye and there you have your dream fulfilled!

10.  Angled Cut:

Angled Cut

Yes, we are jumping from trends to trends and each trend leads us back to a Bob haircut! It has variety, it has been demanded, and we couldn’t resist making suggestions!

Get a Bob cut with layers which are angled. It is well suited for women with the broad face looking for a face thinning haircut. The layers would create bounce and volume, the angled Bob would reaffirm your strength and beauty, to you and to others!

11.  Short Shaggy Bold Bob:

Short Shaggy Bold Bob

Burgundy hair color attracts the eyes. It never grows out of fashion. Even though the fashion industry would jump from shades to shades, but good old burgundy is never out of style!

For ladies who are bold to the core, we suggest them to get a haircut with shag having cropped and a trimmed back and sides, but longer front and put glistening burgundy dye in your hair to flaunt this vibrant short shaggy haircut!

12.  Girly Shag with Pink:

Girly Shag with Pink

Who doesn’t love pink? Especially for girls, it is the signature color for females. From being a little girl with pink literally ‘everything’ you can now have pink hair! The fashion industry has gone astray over pink Short Shag Hairstyle!

’I used to experiment all the time with my hair colour.’’ Olivia Wilde

This suggestion is for the ladies who can go on bleaching their hair, causing minimal damage. Make sure to keep healthy hair your priority and take care of your hair using dye protection shampoos and products.

13.  Beauty of Bangs:

Beauty of Bangs

Who needs long hair to have bangs? You can carry this look with the shag. Yes! You can.

The Short Hairstyles with Bangs would demand your attention to keep the messy look on point, however, this look gives the sassy, not to mess with kind of look you need!

Get the bangs, keeping the length on point to have the shaggy volume and just use pins to adorn the messy classy look!

14.  Go Bleached, Go Blonde!

Go Bleached, Go Blonde

This is for the cutie pies who love to rock blonde. Get the Bob haircut with shaggy sides ends. Easy to shampoo and easy to maintain.

When in the morning you may be running late, you won’t regret having the Shaggy Bob because this Bob for thick hair saves your time all the while giving you the classy look you need to get through the day!

Feel good, feel fresh, feel classy with this Bold Bob ambition!

15.  Layered Shaggy Haircut:

Layered Shaggy Haircut

For women having an eye for Short Shag Haircuts for Thick Hair, we have something in store. Your thick hair problems end here with this suggestion. Get thick hair layered. Add highlights to your hair.

A Bob haircut, with layers, is perfect for women with thick hair. The shag in the hair adds bounce in your hair with the already present volume. Avoid the frizz with this haircut.

16.  Smooth Bob:

Smooth Bob

For B and B lovers, if Bob and Blonde is the rule of your day then go for this haircut. For women with thin straight hair, this look is easy to carry and fashionable too.

Avoid bangs and get front trimmed into layer while keeping the back smooth, that is, the last layer should be kept in one length giving the smooth neat look this haircut demands.

This way there’d be a flow in your hair.

17.  Shaved Sides:

Shaved Sides

Are you a Rihanna fan? Well, you can follow your icon. Another bomb haircut for women looking for a trendy look and tired of the bulk!

Get the bulk removed from the sides, keeping the shag on top. Delineate the boundary by having the undercut to separate the shag from the shaved sides.

This look would free you from the heavy feeling of possessing thick and dense hair, giving you the pixie, sexy look.

18.  Pixie Cut:

Pixie Cut

If you do not want to be much edgy, but have a pixie cut, use the razoring methodology, keep the long shag smooth. Keeping the James Dean slicked back look alive into your hair, you can rock this look in blonde!

19.  Side Sweeps:

Side Sweeps

This look is very feminine. Get rid of the long hair trouble. Darker roots peek from the inside makes it trendy. If you have thinner ends, this Short Shaggy Haircut is for you.

Keep the roots darker and silver or white dye is perfect for this smooth sweep look.

20.  Wave and Free, Free and Wave:

Wave and Free, Free and Wave

The shaggy hair with waves, is another recommendation for women looking for Short Shaggy Haircut for Thick Hair.

The medium length enables you to tie the hair into a cute girlish ponytail. Put some highlight into the volume of your mane and enjoy this light feel, low maintenance trendy look.

21.  Punk Haircut:

Punk Haircut

The razor game is going to be strong in this look. Undercut in the nape brings out the bold you! Do not worry about losing some hair to the razor cuts, it will come back when you have already fallen in love with the look.

22.  Short Bob with Cropped Bangs:

Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

This look is so feminine and so sexy. The Bob gives you the Short Shag Hairstyle you need, and the front bangs add to your delicacy. The uneven bangs make you look subtle and in this look, you can play with the hair color too. A baby pink for the girly look or any shade of your liking!

23.  Out-of-the-Box Dye:

Out-of-the-Box Dye

Get funky with your Short Shag Haircut and enhance the hair while keeping the texture on point and length up to the mark. Why not a bold gray for this season?

24.  Messy Waves:

Messy Waves

Forget about short hairstyles, no care and go with messy hair, no care. This look is for the Beyoncé fans. Yes, you woke up like this and you can rock like this too!

This Short Shag Hairstyle is so bold, so for you! Play with cat-eye glasses or matching scarves to feel ‘’the world is my ramp’’ when you step outside with this look!

25.  Purple Short Shag Haircuts:

Purple Short Shag Haircuts

There are limitless opportunities to play with short hair. Gone are the days when it was considered that the Short Shag Haircuts would get too boring to keep.

With the multitudes of ways to style, dying your hair instantly changes your look. If you are not shy to go above the edge, here is a suggestion only for you.

The galaxy lovers and purple lovers are bound not to resist and totally fall for this look. For thicker hair with dense mane, get this short shag and have purple highlights. Make sure to rock this dark, reaffirming look of hair with a lot of hair care products by your side.


Short Shag Haircuts

Experimenting with your hair is always fun, but take hours to decide what you want and how you want to look and feel like. A dye could do the trick and a cut could provide the change and freshness to your personality!

There are numerous Short Shag Haircuts. These suggestions are some of the trendiest ones, however, there is more. The beauty of short and shag is exactly this.

So, this summer is all good, all beautiful and all bold for you ladies out there looking to have a makeover. From Bob to pixie, bangs and fringes, Short Shag Haircut, there is a lot you can do to your hair and look classic.

27 Chic and Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you ever told by someone that you have a baby round face and a short haircut will not suit you? Have you always been trying to keep long hair so that your face may appear slim and less round? Then it’s time to break the rule and get one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

The most alluring Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are the ones that go well with your hair texture and in the meanwhile gives you an appearance of having an oval faced shape. Whether it’s a bob or a pixie, any short length can fulfill the purpose.

The key is to find those elements in your style that elongate and slim your face while keeping the required maintenance at the lower level.

There are a number of Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, all will allow you to get a slimmer face appearance. Scroll down to get an idea of the most trendy and alluring hairstyles/haircuts that are suitable for round faces to grab this season.

27 Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces to Try This Season

Looking stylish and trendy is no more difficult now if you own a round face; because the below mentioned 27 chic hairstyles/haircuts will definitely upgrade your looks instantly. These hairstyle options would give you a unique way of looking catchy and elegant for every kind of occasion.

So, do not miss the chance to look catchy and pick a few of the below mentioned hairstyle ideas to rock the parties and other get togethers. Here we go!

1.      Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces:

Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces

As per the beauty rule-books, ultra short curls will not work well for the round faces. However, it’s time to break the rule because this style looks absolutely amazing on a round face with a little modification.

In this haircut, the face sides are cropped and forehead is bare. So, the curls on the top add volume to the face because of which it looks elegant and long. A long neck also helps out to pronounce the style. No doubt, sleek, ultra short curls haircut is really an elegant rule breaker.

2.      Short Bob with Some Highlights:

Short Bob with Some Highlights

This haircut goes well to distract the attention from the roundness of your face. Further, it adds a beautiful distraction of a glowing color throughout the volume of hair. Blue or pink gives a soothing sensation and is beautiful in any season round the clock.

So, think about trying this one of the coolest Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

3.      Asymmetrical Grunge Short Bob:

Asymmetrical Grunge Short Bob

Curly bobs always come off as girly and sweet. But have you considered giving a curly bob an inverted asymmetrical cut? To further enhance the stylish look add some platinum dye with slightly darker roots. Without sacrificing the softness, edgy look of this style is instantly enhanced.

4.      Cropped Haircut for Round Faces:

Cropped Haircut for Round Faces

Haircuts that are cropped and short can look fabulous for women with round faces. In fact, such cute, short and cropped haircuts are top picks for the stylists who are given the task of elongating the customer’s face.

5.      Dented Curls Bob:

Dented Curls Bob

A great blend of modern and chic look, this is how I would like to describe this haircut! A woman with a round face can get an oh-so-elegant look in this short bob styled haircut with dented curls touching her round face.

Add subtle brown color highlights at the bottom to get some enhanced dimension and movement.

6.      Simple Wavy Short Bob:

Simple Wavy Short Bob

This haircut is all set to bring old world charm back to the modern era. This simple, short bob cut is a reminiscent of 50’s woman’s style with sweeping deeply on the right side. Blow drying is necessary to create a perfect look.

Additionally, a jet black coloring will further add mysterious vibes to the image.

7.      Parisian Style Short Bob:

Parisian Style Short Bob

This Parisian inspired short bob gives an absolute angel-like look to a woman with a round face. To further flatter the face roundness, pin up one side and add slightly feathered edges to the style. This is one of the lowest maintenance requiring Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

So, if you are looking for Short Hair for Chubby Face styles, then have a keen look at this cut.

8.      Swished Out Short Bob for Round Faces:

Swished Out Short Bob for Round Faces

If you have a funky and fun sense of style, then this haircut goes perfectly with your choice and round face. This is a totally offbeat short and straight bob along with the swished out ends that create a full on funky look.

Further, caramel highlights and super sleek bangs make a woman stand out more.

9.      A-Line, Short Bob with Bangs:

 A-Line, Short Bob with Bangs

If you are looking for something to slim your round face, then short hair is a smart choice. The way the A-Line short bob frames your cheekbones and skims your jawline will surely accentuate your facial bone structure.

With this elegant and chic short bob, your plump and fleshy cheeks are no more to be ashamed of.

10. Delicate Feathered Cut for Round Faces:

Delicate Feathered Cut for Round Faces

If you have a combination of a round face and thin hair, then delicate feathered cut must be a smart and chic choice. The feathered layer cut is able to create flicks which will last a whole day. This hairstyle softens facial features and creates a feminine look.

Hence, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces with a great feminine look.

11. Steeply Razored and Angled Asymmetrical Bob:

Steeply Razored and Angled Asymmetrical Bob

Be edgy and be bold with this steeply razored and angled asymmetrical bob. Add jet black dye to create an alluring look. Black color not only makes a style statement but also it adds a slimming effect to face. If you are looking for a dramatic and a flattering look for your round face, then this hairstyle is a must try.

12. V-shaped Outgrown Short Pixie:

V-shaped Outgrown Short Pixie

It’s a fun to go extremely short with your hair length. The classic and traditional boycut is made cute and sweet with sprinkled wispy layers. Addition of bangs brings the balance to the haircut and also keeps the style ladylike.

Be sure to tousle and tease the hair to build more volume. Hence, to have a voluminous look, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair.

13. Chopped Bob with Sleek Bangs:

Chopped Bob with Sleek Bangs

Such Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are responsible to give an edgy and sharp look to the personality. The sleek and straight fringes across the face create alluring angles to produce a contrast effect with the face roundness.

And choppiness further adds necessary movement and shape.

14. Mermaid Chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Mermaid Chic Short Hairstyle for Round Faces

Girls with the curly hair can show off this haircut really well. Whereas, girls with straight and sleek hair can also have a fun and funky look with the ocean inspired color dye.

This style creates a perfect party look that never goes unnoticed.

15. Choppy Pixie for Thin Hair:

Choppy Pixie for Thin Hair

This haircut has quite a short length to be easily maintained, but long enough to impart a trendy and feminine look to your personality. This is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and thinner hair as the bang frames the face giving a slimmer look.

16. Messy Spiky, Short Pixie with Some Asymmetrical Bangs:

Messy Spiky, Short Pixie with Some Asymmetrical Bangs

By styling in the right way, certain Short Hairstyles for Round Faces really elongate the facial features. For example messy spiky, pixie haircut is best at this. A diagonal line created by side swept fringe makes your face appear a little longer.

Some slight teasing at the crown will further incorporate height to the look.

17. Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs:

Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs

The trend of having a bob cut never goes out of fashion. Addition of layers incorporates a fine texture to the timeless short bob. The feathered layers combed backwards let your face shine through beautifully.

Blonde highlights further enhance the look and give a perfect retro feel to carry on this season. With the black dye, this is one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

18. Jaw Length Choppy Short Bob:

Jaw Length Choppy Short Bob

This short bob is super cute with slightly bend ends. This jaw length choppy short bob frames a round face quite well, emphasizing the cuteness of the round face. Faint highlights and wispy bangs accentuate the allure of the haircut.

To get a feminine look, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to try this season.

19. Long Pixie Style with Sharp Layer:

Long Pixie Style with Sharp Layer

To channel inner tomboy, a long pixie is a cute way. Wispy highlights and layers bring an adorable touch to the style. The addition of short length layers gives an edgy texture to the look. If you have sleek and straight hair, then this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to turn to.

Only minimal maintenance is required to keep the style intact.

20. Long and Voluminous Pixie for Short Hair:

Long and Voluminous Pixie for Short Hair

This pixie is longer than the conventional pixies. However, it still has a fairy look to impart. It communicates a very delicate look and sophisticated energy. Its spirit is very timeless and youthful at every age.

21. Asymmetrical Side Swept Haircut:

Asymmetrical Side Swept Haircut

One can fall in love with this cute haircut for many reasons. It is quite edgy style that imparts a soft look to the personality at the same time. The side swept bangs lengthen and highlight the face with extreme delicacy.

Dye a beautiful sun-kissed color to enhance the look.

22. Sleek and Blunt Brunette Short Bob:

Sleek and Blunt Brunette Short Bob

If you choose a sleek and blunt brunette short bob then your chubby plump cheeks become more flattering. This hairstyle trims the cheeks giving a slimmer look. A jet black shade emphasizes the personality further more.

Hence, to get an elegant look with low maintenance, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to choose.

23. Short Flipped Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Short Flipped Hairstyle for Round Faces

This short flipped haircut for round faces is full of fun and life. This style is free with its feminine and lively nature. It gives a refreshing and youthful overall style to the model. The flipped ends lie on the cheekbones, giving an elongated effect.

The addition of some cute cranberry hues imparts an adorable look.

24. Side Parted, Simple Jaw-Length Short Bob:

Side Parted, Simple Jaw-Length Short Bob

Are you looking for something simple? Then this is one of the simplest yet elegant Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to rock on this season. Despite your chubby cheeks, this style makes your face look slimmer and longer.

The inverted bob follows your bone structure angle to give an adorable look.

25. Razored Shaggy, Short Bob with Bang Highlights:

Razored Shaggy, Short Bob with Bang Highlights

This haircut is a perfect blend of old retro look and modern style which recreates a 70’s image. Your short, shaggy bob is all set to steal the show with full texture. The short length of the bob gives you enough room to experiment and play with your style.

To achieve an elongated look, this razored shaggy, short bob with bangs highlights is an adorable option to consider.

26. Short Pixie with Sideburns:

Short Pixie with Sideburns

Sideburns frame your round face in an absolutely stunning way. To create an elongated look, keep your hair roots a little darker. This short pixie with sideburns hairstyle gives an elegant and stylish model like look which creates a perfect style statement.

27. Short and Elongated Locks for Round Faces:

Short and Elongated Locks for Round Faces

One of a simpler kind of Short Hairstyles for Round Faces is short and elongated locks. Not every girl dares to keep a short haircut because not everyone knows how to keep it stylish. By styling a textured pixie upwards, you can get great volume and amazing texture.

It is hard to get another short haircut option more inspiring than this one.


Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Chubby faces are nothing to be ashamed of anymore. A number of classy, elegant, and sassy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are mentioned above. By consulting with your friends and stylists you can choose a styling option for yourself.

Do not despair rather rejoice that you have a round face as you can convert yourself into a perfect combination of hotness and cuteness that a slim face woman can’t pull off easily.

To take attention of the audience away from the roundness of your face, you just need some extra caution while selecting haircut. So to grab one of the sassiest Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, book your salon appointment right now!

23 Classy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 to Look Elegant

There are lots of options available while looking for Short Hairstyles for Women over 50. As you grow older, it becomes necessary to change the hairstyle since to look same for years is rather unstylish, outdated, and boring.

If you are tired of searching for your lost pins and hair ties and need a style that does not require much effort and time? Then chop your hair and get one of the below mentioned stylish attire.

Experimenting with style and changing looks, is in women’s nature. However, as time passes women strive for more comfy styles which require less maintenance. And short hairstyles are such lesser time taking options available when you turn 50.

23 Best Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 to Look Stunning

If you are planning a makeover, then many gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 are mentioned below which will motivate you to get a salon appointment in no time.

1.      Blonde Pixie Haircut for Women over 50:

Blonde Pixie Haircut for Women over 50

It becomes hard sometimes to get a unique and versatile look with short hair. However, the new trend of playing with colors can create a different look with much ease.

Without overpowering the cut, in blonde pixie hairstyle ,an image is generated by applying blonde color. To add dimension and texture to the style, choppy layers are provided all along the scalp. To maintain the hair texture is key to get a youthful look in this style.

Hence, if you want a simple yet youthful haircut, then this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 to consider in this regard.

2.      Bouncy Bob Haircut for Aged Woman:

Bouncy Bob Haircut for Aged Woman

An expertly provided layered cut can create an impactful shape in short hair. The layers with the texture of blonde color are incorporated in this bouncy bob haircut.

Further to bring the bouncy effect, the ends are flipped out with a curling iron having a large barrel. This haircut is one of the most charming Short Hairstyles for Women over 50. And if you love to keep your hair in free flowing condition then hairstyle just goes perfectly with your choice.

3.      Modern Layered Short Bob for Aged Ladies:

Modern Layered Short Bob for Aged Ladies

If at this age, you still have managed to maintain the brightness of your hair, then take a look at this modern layered short bob. This haircut is a beautiful blend of modern layered cutting and conventional bob style.

Layers are provided in a gradual manner, increasing the length from front to back and swept to one side as per choice. Blow drying the hair with a round brush creates a perfect image to carry in kitty parties and social events.

Hence, this short haircut for women over 50 is an interesting choice for those ladies who are eager to follow the current twenty first century trends while styling them.

4.      Gray Wavy Bob for Women over 50:

Gray Wavy Bob for Women over 50

If you have fine thin hair and looking for a hairstyle that imparts volume to hair, then this gray wavy bob is one of the voluminous Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 you can try this season. Large waves are incorporated in a chin length bob with a vibrant gray color hue.

This haircut is all set to give you a decent yet youthful look which has the power to create a style statement for you.

5.      Voluminous Pixie Short Cut with Gray Hue:

Voluminous Pixie Short Cut with Gray Hue

In a woman’s senior age, when the hair starts getting vanished from the scalp. This pixie hairstyle is one of the voluminous Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 that has power to cover the dry scalp and can build the necessary volume.

Gray color creates a beautiful silvery look. To add more drama, get some cute feathered layers.

6.      Angled Ash Short Blonde Cut for Aged Ladies:

Angled Ash Short Blonde Cut for Aged Ladies

As a woman starts aging, her face features experience softness. In this situation, this angled ash short blonde cut provides sharpness to your curved edges. It draws audience attention to the narrowed pointed chin.

Hence, this is one of the sharpest looking Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

7.      Rounded Bob for Older Women:

Rounded Bob for Older Women

Rounded bob is a classy choice for women over 50 who want to create a stylish image as they are full of sophistication and elegance. While styling, don’t forget to build the height around the crown by blow drying with a rounded brush.

Hence, this is one of the Youthful Hairstyles over 50.

8.      Angled Undercut – Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

Angled Undercut - Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

A woman can rock the masculine undercut with the same bang as a man can. You can create a feminine look by adding blonde highlights and a long top. To add the volume and to create a heavy look, add some subtle layers to pronounce the effect.

Hence, if you are planning to look different from the background, then this angled undercut is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

9.      Curly Salt & Pepper Pixie Haircut:

Curly Salt & Pepper Pixie Haircut

If you have short curly hair, then you can get this traditional salt and pepper look very easily. In this hairstyle, curls appear more fluffy and bouncy. You can have the face framing strands on the front side in order to create a youthful essence.

For better styling, use either water based wax or mouse. So, this is one of the most chic short hairstyles you can opt for to enhance your looks.

10. Messy Lilac Hairstyle for Short Hair:

Messy Lilac Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you have just crossed 50, then you can still carry a youthful stylish look. Because fashionable and fun hair is not meant to be just for the youth. You can experiment a lot with your short  hair and can go wild as much as you want.

Messy lilac hairstyle is one of the most stylish Short Hairstyles for Women over 50. A complete fun look is created by applying pastel highlights. If your calendar is full of parties, then this is a perfect look to grab instantly.

11. Single Length Bob with Balayage Highlight:

Single Length Bob with Balayage Highlight

One length bob is a choice that can never go wrong. Very slight layers generate an adorable and lovely shape to your hair. Although it’s a short haircut but still it can be styled in different ways, including curly, straight, and wavy.

To give a trendy look, balayage highlights can be incorporated. Hence, to keep the tradition in modern attire, this is one of the most adorable Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

12. A Short Bob with V-shaped Layers:

A Short Bob with V-shaped Layers

If you are looking for a sophisticated and fashionable elegant look, then you can choose a simple bob. You can ask your salon person to incorporate V-shaped layers. This will produce a movement and texture in the conventional Bob.

If you have thick hair, then this haircut will reduce the weight out of it. So take a keen look at this haircut if you are looking for some simple Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

13. Feathered Back Swept Short Haircut:

Feathered Back Swept Short Haircut

Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 were never this much modern and elegant before. Today, gray is so popular which means you can carry your real color proudly. For fairly thick hair, this feathered back swept short haircut is a totally amazing style.

Put feathered haircut in your short hair and get it styled with a root lift to give the desired air and volume. This cut has so much grace to take you to the salon right now.

14. Blonde Curls for Short Hair:

Blonde Curls for Short Hair

If you have loose waves or tight curls, or a mixture of both, then allow them to find their own direction by getting this blonde curly haircut. Curly short hair of women over 50 requires a little working to get a defined shape.

Don’t forget to purchase a hair spray or serum to attain a perfect sassy attitude. With very low maintenance, this one of the simplest Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 can create an adorable look.

15. Short Ruffled Haircut with Blonde Colored Highlights:

Short Ruffled Haircut with Blonde Colored Highlights

This haircut gives your face features a soft look. Those women over 50 who are looking for a style that covers their wrinkles and fine lines, then this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 to consider.

This soft haircut makes you appear younger and softens your features.

16. Blonde Bob with a Short Back for Older Women:

Blonde Bob with a Short Back for Older Women

Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 are usually full of layers. By manipulating length, one can create texture and build volume. To look extra sassy, you can add shine sprays and texturizing sprays. Back side is kept a little shorter to create a unique yet elegant look.

17. Ruffled Pixie for Women over 50:

Ruffled Pixie for Women over 50

A short pixie along with highlighted hair ends is smooth and effortless in getting it styled. It also looks marvelous in day to day wear. With this one of the most elegant Short Hairstyles for Women over 50, you are going to appear much brighter, fresher, and younger.

18. Burnt Bob with Orange Highlights:

Burnt Bob with Orange Highlights

If you are a professional working lady and worried to get a modern hairstyle that allows you to have pace with the current trend. Then have a look at this burnt Bob with orange highlights hairstyle for women over 50.

A conventional bob haircut is above time. To create a modern look, add some thin bangs and some illusive highlights to pronounce the effect. Hence, this is one of the modernized bob containing Short Haircuts for Older Women.

19. Buzz Cut for Older Women:

Buzz Cut for Older Women

If you are struggling with hair fall issue and lost much of your hair as you crossed 50. Then you can create a complete bold look out of this problem. All you need is some extra scoop of confidence to carry it.

Just shave your remaining hair and grab this buzz cut look to stand out from the background.

20. Wispy Style for Short Hair:

Wispy Style for Short Hair

Fine tresses appear thicker when chopped short. By applying brown blonde color and with suitable back combing, you can get some more movement, texture, and body to your hair at the age over 50.

For a more elegant look, style your chopped hair backwards. Hence, to create an elegant image, this is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

21. Colored Bob for Aged Women:

Colored Bob for Aged Women

Bob is one of the hairstyles that has managed to remain on the top of this list for older women. You can create a versatile look by playing with color and layers. In this colored bob style, a color of one’s favorite choice is applied.

To get a feminine soft look, this is one of the easiest Short Hairstyles for Women over 50.

22. Classy Slanted Short Bob:

Classy Slanted Short Bob

If you are searching for lesser time taking yet stylish Short Hairstyles for Women over 50, then take a look at this one. A simple old Hollywood style haircut with slanted cutting is just perfect for a working woman who loves to party as well.

23. Bob with Short Feathered Layers:

Bob with Short Feathered Layers

To update a woman’s short hair, feathering is another important one of the easiest tools. By asking your stylist to use razor cutting tools, you can create a more interesting look. Also, with this haircut use soft color shades that make your facial features appear soft.

This haircut is one of the best Short Hairstyles for Over 50 Fine Hair.


Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

To get Short Hairstyles for Women over 50 has become trendy these days as they require very low maintenance and lesser time to get styled. You don’t have to find the lost hair pins and hair ties anymore. And they are equally modern, classy, sassy, and stylish despite the age.

From bob to the pixie, and edgy to the natural styles, there are so many elegant short haircuts for women over 50 that can flatter any woman. Moreover, these are for sure not boring, rather they are classy, modern, and as per today’s trend.

With time, the hair becomes thin and less lively. You can create an interesting attire by chopping them to get one of the amazing Long Hairstyles for Women over 50 mentioned above.

21 Outstanding Short Hairstyles with Bangs to Look Modish

Short Hairstyles with Bangs are so fashionable these days that we all want them. Not only do they give a very unique and refreshing makeover to our personalities, but also they are a style statement these days.

However, there are so many different Short Haircuts with Bangs that it gets hard to settle with everyone.

In my opinion, you don’t need to. Luckily the changing hair trends these days allow us to play with a few hairstyles and hair dyes before committing to any one of them.

In this article, you’ll find out some jaw-dropping ways to style your hair without having to make a lot of changes to them.

21 Pretty Short Haircuts with Bangs – Easy to Style and Most Catchy

You must be very careful while making a hairstyle choice, after all, the right hairstyle can make a boring look beautiful and a beautiful look unforgettable. In order to help you make the right choice, I have listed down the most exquisite Short Hairstyle with Bangs.

1.      Classic Pixie with Long Bangs:

Classic Pixie with Long Bangs

A classic pixie cut with long bangs is just what you need if you want to make major changes to your hair and redefine yourself. With those long bangs hanging swiftly on top of your cropped pixie, you’ll look just the right amount of sexy and cute.

The best part about this Short Hairstyle with Bangs is that it makes your cheekbone pop, and suits you irrespective of the color and texture of your hair.

2.      Messy Bob with Bangs:

Messy Bob with Bangs

In order to add volume to Short Haircuts with Bangs, mess it up a little. Use a curler to create some messy waves in your hair and comb your locks using your fingers to give a very carefree look. You can pair this hairstyle up with a cute hair band or a dazzling hairpin.

3.      Boyish Cut with Side Bangs:

Boyish Cut with Side Bangs

Women are taking power and cool haircuts back from men. However, one thing we can wear gracefully, but they can’t, is bangs. A cute boyish cut with side bangs is all you need to express feminity, power, and beauty. These bangs look better if they are combed sleekly to the side.

4.      Short Hairstyles with Bangs and Layers:

Short Hairstyles with Bangs and Layers

The best way to style your Short Hairstyles with Bangs is by cutting them into lots of sexy layers. The shaggy texture of your hair perks up your style while giving you a very easy going look. You can go a step further and get it dyed the cool blue or green color that is in fashion these days. After all, life is too short to have boring hair.

5.      Blunt Bob and Sharp Bangs:

Blunt Bob and Sharp Bangs

Hanging just below the ears, the finely cut bob is the best choice for anyone who has straight thick hair. It’s so graceful and sophisticated that you wouldn’t even have to think once before making your way to a meeting or just any formal event.

6.      Bowl Cut:

Bowl Cut

All bangs everything. It can be safely said that it has been around forever and has no intention of disappearing anywhere in the foreseen future. The bowl cut is the king of all Short Hairstyles with Bangs based on its eternal cuteness.

It’s perky, it’s cute and it’s round. I have no shame in confessing that I rocked this hairstyle from the time I had hair on my head to middle school. I’d say if you have any intention of looking really cute, you should definitely opt for it.

7.      Curly Side Bangs:

Curly Side Bangs

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours taming your curls or straightening them with a flat iron. The curls are in now. You need to show your curls around to the world and be proud of them. And what better way to show-off those curls than getting Short Haircuts with Bangs.

Tussle your pixie cut a bit after a shower to get natural soft curls and comb your bangs on the side to get a super sexy, cool look that you could wear for a luncheon or on your night out.

8.      Long Sweeping Side Bangs:

Long Sweeping Side Bangs

Short Hair with Side Bangs is quite trendy nowadays. Provided that, let’s look at this especially cool hairstyle with lots of chopped off layers and wispy bangs styled to the side. The best part is that if you have a long forehead, you can cover it up easily with those bangs and look angelic at the same time.

9.      Layered Pixie:

Layered Pixie

If you want to go for an edgy but sweet look, the layered pixie is the most suitable for other Short Hairstyles with Bangs. The pink shady layers underneath the silver body give it an overall appeal of a very girlish look that outshines your personality.

In my opinion, it is a unique take on Hairstyles for Short Hair with Layers and Bangs. To style it up for special occasions you can pair this hairstyle up with a cute hair band that dazzles your personality.

10. Imitated Up-do with Bangs:

Imitated Up-do with Bangs

Short Haircuts with Bangs are often styled to imitate Up-DOs. One way is to curl your locks using a curling iron and then secure them at the back of your hair with the help of some pins to make them look like a formal up-do.

Remember to leave the front bangs hanging on the forehead. This will add glory and grace to an otherwise very simple hairstyle.

11. The Rainbow Crop:

The Rainbow Crop

Hair trends these days are changing so rapidly that we need to look into the future to stay on top of today. One of the most advanced forms of Short Hairstyles with Bangs is the rainbow crop.

In order to achieve this look, add some bright and beautiful colors to your chopped up pixie while allowing a huge chunk of your hair to be in subtle colors like ocean blue and silver.

12.  A-line Pixie with Extra Long Bangs:

A-line Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

A-line pixie with extra long bangs is the most suitable Short Hairstyle with Bangs for Fine Hair. This style mixes different textures in a very unique and sassy way. While keeping a short haircut, you can experience the fun of long layers that gives you a very soft and girlish look.

Apart from that, it also provides an illusion of thicker, healthier hair. For best results, go darker with the rest of the cut while choosing a lighter shade for your bangs.

13. Undercut Pixie and Short Bangs:

Undercut Pixie and Short Bangs

Undercut pixie has topped the style charts for Short Hairstyles with Bangs for men and women both. Whether you chose to get a design on your scalp, or simply keep your head neatly shaved from the edges, you can easily achieve this look.

You can, however, win the style game by adding short and sharp bangs neatly cut at the front. It enhances your beauty and grace, especially if you have big eyes and an oval or heart-shaped face.

14. Asymmetrical Bob and Braided Bangs:

Asymmetrical Bob and Braided Bangs

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. To achieve a fairy-tale romantic look and wear a beautiful crown on your hair, you need to start by cutting your hair into an asymmetrical bob with long bangs.

Next, you need to tie up those bangs in a beautiful braid that you could either pin it at the sides and back of your head; or tie it around your crown area. Last but not the least, you show this off with confidence and end up looking really beautiful.

15. Elegant Asymmetrical Bob:

Elegant Asymmetrical Bob

If you have Short Haircuts with Bangs, and you want to swiftly shift from edgy to graceful in no time, the elegant asymmetrical bob must be your jam. Apart from being a pure beauty, it is also pretty easy to create.

First, tousle your bob using a flat iron and massage the hair gel evenly on your hair to give it a neat finish. Next, center part your hair and curl the bangs up in a very relaxed wave.

Lastly, tuck it behind your hair using a simple hairpin. Don’t dazzle this hairstyle much, remember, less is more.

16. Blow-dried Pixie:

Blow-dried Pixie

Dressing up for a formal affair can be especially tricky for women with shaggy Short Hairstyles with Bangs. In order to look appropriately dressed without completely letting go out of your style; blow-dry your choppy haircut.

Use a big round brush and a hair-dryer to comb all your hair neatly towards the back while allowing your bangs to settle on your forehead.

Secure this look with some Hairspray. Not only does this give a lot of volume to your hair, but also gives you a pretty stylish look which you can rock at special occasions.

17. All That Glitters is Gold:

All That Glitters is Gold

If you have thick straight hair, you can sparkle up your personality with this hairstyle. Highlight your cut by getting dark brown downlights under your goldenish blonde shaggy locks. Keep your bangs dark brown too to keep a subtle contrast with your otherwise shiny hair.

18. Short Hair with Diagonal Bangs:

Short Hair with Diagonal Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs are so trendy these days that you cannot go wrong no matter which hairstyle you choose. One of the easiest and safest hairstyle to carry is a classic pixie with diagonal bangs.

The pros of this style include; no hair hanging in your eyes, very little time spent to tame the bangs and looking extremely chic and cute.

19. Original Pixie with Bangs:

Original Pixie with Bangs

There really isn’t much that you have to do in order to imitate the adorable pixie hairstyle. Firstly, get a pixie cut. Once you are done, you need to dye your hair silver with cool pink and blue highlights. Lastly, finish up your look with baby bangs, perfectly combed on your forehead.

20. Metallic Rose Curls:

Metallic Rose Curls

What’s better than a short bob with soft, loose curl? A short bob with soft, loose curls dyed metallic red. If you want to make use of your voluminous hairstyle, cut them short into a bob with straight bangs hanging above your eyes.

To give it more texture and style, curl up your hair using a curling iron and go metallic red. The red curls give a very rosy appearance to your hair.

If you are thinking of reinventing yourself, don’t go searching for other Short Hairstyles with Bangs, as these metallic rose curls are perfect for you.

21. Short Warm Pink Balayage with Side-Swept Curls:

Short Warm Pink Balayage with Side-Swept Curls

To add life to a plain bob, cut a ton of shaggy layers and bangs. Once you are done, dye your hair the warmest pink you get your hands on. Next, tame those wispy bangs by combing them on one side and apply some hair product to give a very polished yet fresh look to your hair.

22. Sky Blue Bob with Uneven Bangs: (Bonus)

Sky Blue Bob with Uneven Bangs

Blue is the new blonde. Therefore, if you are in search of trendy Short Hairstyles with Bangs, go blue first. Get a messy bob to pair up with your hip sky blue hair and get ready to stand out in the crowd.

If you wish to really master the messy sky blue bob, get uneven bangs combed neatly on your forehead. Add a headband to add more life to your already sexy hairstyle, or tie a half top-knot to get an even perkier look.


Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Bangs are definitely the top choice these days, especially for the hot summer season that has started in full bloom in many parts of the world. They are very easy to style and manage and not to mention, extremely comfortable.

Whether you have a really trendy haircut or a simple plain hairstyle, you can always dazzle it up using some hair products and cute funky accessories. In any case, remember your hair is the crown you wear and be confident in however you choose to style it up.

21 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Style Up

You might be shocked to see just how many different Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair are. We all are guilty of cursing our short and thin hair and shouting hair goals in our hearts whenever we see long and thick hair bouncing away in the sunshine.

Well, luckily, you are in for a treat here. You are going to see mesmerizing Short Haircuts for Thin hair which make long hair look dull and boring.

21 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Trendy

Some people believe that prettily styled hair is the key to a polished look. Well, it is true. However, we all sometimes need quick fixes to our hair to help them look brighter, bouncier and more adorable. Here you’ll find a combination of Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair ranging from playful to extremely exquisite.

1.      Side-parted Curly Bob:

Side-parted Curly Bob

If you have short, thin hair and you are tired of your plain hair you can get yourself a fancy side-parted bob. It is not just one of the most stylish Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair but quite trendy too. No matter what your face shape is, it will definitely give an added glow to your appearance.

Throw in shaded roots and razor chopped ends and bingo, you have got a perfect hairstyle to show off at formal events, school functions and really just everywhere.

2.      Short Shagged Cut with Textured Ends:

Short Shagged Cut with Textured Ends

Give your bob a twist and chop them off at a few places to mix up a pixie and a bob. The layers give a bouncy and fluffy effect to your hair and save them from looking flat.

You can even jazz it up by adding in a stylish headband which will make it look beautiful and get the best out of the Short Haircuts for Thin Hair.

3.      Layers And Bouncy Bangs:

Layers And Bouncy Bangs

Layers with bangs always give a very bouncy and full effect to your hair. Moreover, it’s easier to style and manage by just pinning it up or using some hair product and a very little heat.

What you can do is; pin up the front layers with a fancy sparkly clip and straighten up your bangs for a polished look, put them up in a messy side bun for a fresh look or just leave it combed to look casual and still stylish.

4.      Swept Back Pixie:

Swept Back Pixie

Want to look edgy yet sophisticated, stylish yet rebellious? Well cut your hair into a swept back pixie and style it with rainbow die to look unique and always stand out in a crowd. It gives a lot of volume to your hair and is voted as one of the best Haircuts for Thin Hair to Look Thick.

5.      Blunt Bob and Wispy Bangs:

Blunt Bob and Wispy Bangs

If you have finely textured hair and you want to put them to good use, blunt bob and wispy bangs are the hairstyle designed just for you. It gives a very shiny and sophisticated look and easy to manage style as compared to other Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair.

You literally just have to put in a pin or two or give them a blow dry and you are ready to carry them just anywhere.

6.      Super Sleek Ponytail:

Super Sleek Ponytail

Since we are talking about Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair, let’s not forget to mention the super sleek ponytail. Yes, the answer to all your problems; well at least all hair problems. Apart from leaving your hair as they are, a sleek ponytail is probably the only hairstyle that looks good on just all types of hair.

Even if you have curly hair, you can give yourself a sleek look by straightening them and tying them up in a ponytail. It gives style to your hair even if you have a simple straight cut.

7.      Beachy Waves:

Beachy Waves

Talking about simple Short Haircuts for Thin Hair, let’s discuss the Beachy waves that give you a completely fresh and sexy makeover. Just use a simple curling iron on your short bob and you are good to go. Hey, Pairing it with an accessory like a crown headband or side pins is always a plus.

8.      Low Bun:

Low Bun

One of the best Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair is a low bun. It’s a go-to hairstyle for everyone as it gives a very reformed look no matter what the texture of your hair is. This classic bun needs nothing more than a few pins and probably some gel.

All you have to do is comb all your hair to the back and swirl it into a low bun in the middle or on either side. You really cannot go wrong with this.

9.      Pixie with a flip in the front:

Pixie with a flip in the front

It’s a perfect Short Haircut for Thin hair. Why you’d think. Well, it takes the attributes of your length and texture and uses them as your greatest strength. Style up your pixie with some bangs in the front.

Now grease your crown area with gel or wax and push it back till it starts hanging in the front and gives your hair a flip to the back. Voila! You are ready to head out to party.

10. Half Up-do for Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

Half Up-do for Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

It is trendy and completely chic. Nothing else could suit more on  Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair than a half up-do. Running late for a meeting, messy hair, bad oily situation? No matter what your problem is, you can still give a very chic look to your hair in the matter of a minute.

All you got to do is to take a chunk of your hair from the topmost layers and tying them up in a knot while letting your leftover hair to relax and set back.

11. Wavy Bob with a Side Twist:

Wavy Bob with a Side Twist

The options of Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair are limitless. If you flawlessly flaunt a bob and want to spice up your hairstyle. What you do is deep side part your hair and curl the heavy side into beach waves.

As for the other side, braid them and pin them on the back. If you wish to carry this look for a formal event, you can use a shiny or decorative pin to give a more refined look. Last but not the least, use any Hairspray and you are done.

12. Braided Bob:

Braided Bob

Another very different way of styling your bob is to braid away some layers from both sides while letting the other locks of your hair take their natural course. To achieve an elegant look, straighten the leftover hair and pair this hairstyle up with just any kind of dress.

13. Bowl Cut:

Bowl Cut

The world is evolving and so are the hairstyles. Something which was unimaginable a few years ago is retro and cute now. Take this tampered bowl cut. We may not have even considered it a few years ago, while it is one of the most popular Haircuts for Thin Straight Hair these days.

This incredibly sexy boyish cut with loose layers hanging above the ears is the dream these days. It’s not just in fashion, it is the fashion, especially if you have blonde or brunette hair.

14. Silver Bob with Loose Layers:

Silver Bob with Loose Layers

Although it’s best recommended as a Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair for Women above 50, it would suit just about anyone. The full layers flowing away, give a very round and heavy look to your hair while the silver die enhances a unique personality and sharpness in your hair.

15. Short and Messy Hairstyle with a Side Twist:

Short and Messy Hairstyle with a Side Twist

If you already wear a short, somewhat wavy bob with layers that cover your eyes or bangs that simply just annoy your forehead, this Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair is just for you.

What you do is make good use of those bangs and layers and style them up by making two parallel locks of your hair and sliding them around each other like a braid. When you have secured them with a hair pin.

16. Short Haircut with Side Part:

Short Haircut with Side Part

One may think that for short and thin hair, you have limited options when you consider haircuts. Well, not true. There is a variety of Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair which is both retro and edgy. With a deep side part and chopped off ends, you can easily achieve this look.

You can also apply hair gel at one side to give an even fiercer look.This is a perfect Hairstyle for Fine and Thin Hair.

17. Choppy Hairdo with Streaks:

Choppy Hairdo with Streaks

If you want to give some volume to your thin hair, all you have to do is chop off your hair into teased layers and wispy bangs. To further transform them use an edgy die like blue or green and color your roots or simply get highlights.

18. Elegant Braided Bob:

Elegant Braided Bob

Giving a modern twist to the vintage side up-do this braided bob changes you into a fairytale princess in no time. It is especially preferable as a Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair because it gives you the look of an up-do without actually requiring lots of hair.

All you got to do is part your hair from the middle and make a fishtail from either of the sides. Lastly, pin this up on the side and add a flower or a clip to give a very mesmerizing look.

19. Messy Updo:

Messy Updo

If you want to style your hair in a messy updo, but you literally have limited resources, don’t worry. You can easily create a messy updo with short fine hair. What you need to do is comb back your hair with the help of your fingers and create several portions.

Then give a twirl to each chunk of locks using a curling iron and pin them on the back of your head in a way that imitates a bun. To add more glamour, you can wear a princess headband at the top or just a fancy pin at the back.

20. The Center Dutch:

The Center Dutch

Sugar and Spice and everything nice. That is exactly how I would describe this Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair. It’s pretty, it’s sophisticated, it’s edgy and it’s definitely chic. Giving a simple twist to the half up-do, this hairstyle enhances the beauty of your hair.

It can be created in two simple steps. First, comb your back and hold a huge chunk of hair from the center down. Next, braid it up in a fishtail and secure it with a band.

21. Metallic Shaggy Haircut:

Metallic Shaggy Haircut

This Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair gives a whole new beginning. If you want to get a makeover and feel different, this is just the hairstyle for you. After dyeing your hair metallic gray, get them chopped into a shaggy bob. Now rock this chic hairstyle with dark colored lips and smoky eyes.

22. Retro Bob: (Bonus)

Retro Bob

If we talk about short hair and forget Marilyn Monroe, it will be such a shame. It is an evergreen hairstyle which has never gone out of fashion since it was introduced in the 1920s. The best part about this? It makes you look like you know fashion, even if you don’t.

Last but definitely not the least, it’s very easy to create. All you need is a curling iron and your fingers to give your hair those perfect twirly curls that enhance your look with elegance and beauty. Pair it up with red lipstick and you can stand out at any event.


Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

No matter what the size or texture of your hair is, you can always stand out in the crowd and make everyone sway if you style them properly. There are Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair that you can make easily in the matter of minutes and wear them just anywhere.

Just select the Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair which suits your face shape and the occasion you want them for. Remember your hair and everything else will always fall perfectly in place if you are confident enough to carry it with a  bright smile.

21 Flattering Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50 to Try Instantly

Looking for Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50? Stay tuned! Old age does not mean giving up looking beautiful and chic. Women over 50 remain even more conscious about their looks as they want to look younger and more gorgeous.

When you cross a certain age, you become more conscious whether a haircut you should choose or not.

At age over 50, a woman wants a hairstyle that makes her look fairly youthful, decent, not outdated, and respectable. Women who age gracefully and look modern are always admired by everyone around. A hairstyle is a key factor that creates your image.

Hence, a woman over 50 should choose her hairstyle quite carefully which pronounce her personality in the best way. We have collected some eye catching Long Hairstyles for Women over 50 which are decent yet modern.

21 Stunning Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50 to Look Chic

So, just take a look below and check the variety of the long hairstyles that are just suitable for the women over 50. These are easy to set, manage and carry. Here we go!

1.      Brown Blonde Layered Long Hairstyle:

Brown Blonde Layered Long Hairstyle

If at the age above 50, you have still managed to keep long hair, then this brown, blonde layered long hairstyle for women over 50 is one of the cutest and glamorous styles you can wear. In this haircut, feathered layers are provided all along the hair volume. You can also find the much more collection of

While blow drying, use a round brush and start flicking the ends of hair towards the back side. Further addition of a hair serum or hair spray can be used to give a perfect shiny look. Hence, this is one of the cutest Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

2.      Long Hairdo with Bangs for Women Over 50:

Long Hairdo with Bangs for Women Over 50

If you have managed to maintain thick hair even in your above 50 years age, then this long hairdo with bangs for women over 50 is a must try option. This is something really appealing for your fine hair. You can have layers either on the right or left side.

And if you love to wear your hair in a freely open way then this is one of the most appealing Long Haircuts for Women over 50.

3.      Long Curly Hairstyle with a Bang:

Long Curly Hairstyle with a Bang

If you have natural curly hair, then this long curly hairstyle with a bang for women over 50 is what you are looking for to wear this season. Long hair gives you the freedom to let the natural curls fall freely. Further, add some layers to pronounce the dimension and movement of your hair.

An extra pinch of blond or gray color can further enhance the personality image created by this haircut. Hence, this one is the most interesting Long Hairstyle for Women over 50 for your curly hair.

4.      Long Hairstyle with Overlapping Layers:

Long Hairstyle with Overlapping Layers

While choosing a perfect hairstyle for yourself, it is important to consider whether a haircut is providing you enough movement and shape or not. This long hairstyle with overlapping layers cut for women over 50 provides both movement and shape to your fine hair.

Overlapping layers provide a very nice wave like effect. And also this is one of the easiest Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50. Hence, you will not be consuming much of your precious time in front of your room mirror.

5.      Long to Medium Hairstyle with Layers:

Long to Medium Hairstyle with Layers

A haircut, which provides an in between look is an easy one to carry. And also it provides a unique look. In this hairdo named long to medium hairstyle with layers for women over 50, layers are added at medium length and long length. Then they are perfectly blended to create a unique look for you.

If you have thin hair, then this is one of the voluminous Long Hairstyles for Women over 50. So, stop coping with your thin hair and get some volume by trying this hairdo.

6.      Long Bombshell Locks with Red Highlights:

Long Bombshell Locks with Red Highlights

Even at the age above 50, you can still manage to get a stylish hairdo. In this long bombshell locks with red highlights, at the end feathered cut is provided to create some bounce and shape. The addition of red color highlights is just enough to warm up your personality in this summer.

So, if you are looking for something stylish to wear then this is one of the glam filled Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

7.      Long Hairstyle with Body Building Layers:

Long Hairstyle with Body Building Layers

If you are struggling with your thin hair and looking for  a haircut that can add some life in your hair as well as in personality, then try a long hairstyle with body building layers for women over 50. This hairdo builds necessary volume in your hair.

Use them with bangs, and after that while styling all you have to do is adding a few drops of hair serum or hair spray, tousling the hair lengths, and teasing the hair roots. This is one of the effortless looking Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

8.      Long Layered Auburn Hairdo:

Long Layered Auburn Hair

If you love to have bangs and layers, then this long layered auburn hairdo for women over 50 will go perfect with your personality. This feminine with full of volume look is easy to achieve in an effortless manner. Also, these rich, deep layers can create a contrast difference look according to one’s skin tone.

So, grab this one of the easiest and effortless Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

9.      Long Haircut with Flicked Roots:

Long Haircut with Flicked Roots

If you are looking for something simple which is not complicated to wear then try this long haircut with flicked roots for women over 50. The ends of the hair are turned outward in this haircut, which seems lovely and adorable.

For formal occasions, this hairdo is one of the prettiest Long Haircuts for Women Over 50 to carry.

10. Long Hairdo with Bangs:

Long Hairdo with Bangs

This is one of the hairstyles that shout romantic and feminine. This hairdo goes perfect with your long healthy hair. In this long hairdo for women over 50, bangs add a feeling of youth and movement.

If you want to carry long hair for as much time as possible, then this is one of the elegant Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

11. Long Layered Hairstyle with Feathered Bangs:

Long Layered Hairstyle with Feathered Bangs

If you are bored of your regular hairstyle then try this interesting haircut with bangs. This haircut is a manipulation of feathered bangs with layers. Here, the feathered bangs are swept above the forehead.

And the style will look complete and polished. So, get your salon appointment now to grab this one of the most chic Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

12. Elegant Off Centered Down Do:

Elegant Off Centered Down Do

A combination of thick and long hair allows you with a great room to play with the hairstyle. You can try a number of face framing haircuts. In this elegant off centered down do for women over 50 haircut, layers on the front are swept at one side.

Further, the light illusive highlight of color creates a warming sun kissed effect on your personality. No doubt, this is one of the most elegant looking Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

13. Long Gray Hair with Slight Layers Hairdo:

Long Gray Hair with Slight Layers Hairdo

Gray hair still looks decent and youthful for aging women. If you have managed to maintain long hair, then try this long gray hair with slight layers hairstyle for women over 50. With sleek hair, layers are incorporated just at the end of the length.

This cut looks super cute on mature women and is a nice alternative to short hair.

14. Elegant Chignon Hairdo:

Elegant Chignon Hairdo

If you are still a party freak at this age and your calendar is filled with social events and parties. Then this elegant chignon hairdo for women over 50 is the hairstyle you must be looking for. It creates one of a classy and elegant look.

Chignon bun creates a delighted attire. Hence, this is considered as an elegant addition in Long Haircuts for Women Over 50.

15. Sleek Gray Layered Haircut:

Sleek Gray Layered Haircut

This is another decent Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50. If you are blessed with long thick hair, then this sleek gray layered haircut is one of the best choice to consider. This creates a simple yet elegant look. Use a straightener to get a perfect sleek hair attire.

Furthermore, make sure that your hair is perfectly silver in color. Otherwise, add some toning in your salon.

16. Long Layered Gray, Brown Hair:

Long Layered Gray Brown Hair

This is a modern look of salt and pepper hair which is a traditional mid aged woman’s style. Rather than having a light and dark gray color combination, gray and brown shade blend gives an interesting look to your personality.

Near the hairline keep the lighter tone shades while in the rest of the hair volume ask your stylist to give brown shade. With your long hair, manage to have regular trims to keep your gray hair healthy.

Hence, this is one of the most elegant and modern Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50.

17. Gray Balayage Haircut for Thick Hair:

Gray Balayage Haircut for Thick Hair

This hairdo gives a mature and elegant look to your aging personality. If you have thick wavy hair, then this gray balayage haircut for thick hair for women over 50 is a nice choice to consider. It is one of a light and sweet hairdo with slight layers towards the long end.

A great balayage that suits your personality, age, and style is added to create an elegant look.

18. Gray Fliptastic Haircut:

Gray Fliptastic Haircut

In order to create a glamorous look that also appears decent and mature, this haircut named gray fliptastic hairstyle for women over 50 is a nice option. Cutely layered and then flipped towards the end, this haircut will be a reminiscence of childhood even in middle age.

To add some fun, add some black color at the tips. It will create a brightly contrasted image. Hence, this is one of the fun added Long Hairstyles for Women over 50.

19. Gray Colored Curls:

Gray Colored Curls

This haircut consists of charming layers and curls which add a charming life to your hair as well as your personality. With this color choice, curls look more pronounced and formed.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this one of the most stylish and defined Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50 right now.

20. Gray Sleek with a Pop of Rebellion Spice:

Gray Sleek with a Pop of Rebellion Spice

Do you love to have the colored streaks even at the age above 50? Then this hairstyle is the one you are looking for. Try a streak of any color such as pink, purple, royal blue or any other of your choice to create this rebellion look.

If you don’t want to get a permanent color, then try out a colored extension streak. Use a straightener or flat iron to get a perfect sleeked look. Hence, this is one of the Youthful Hairstyles Over 50.

21. Gray Layered Fringe Hairstyle:

Gray Layered Fringe Hairstyle

If you are looking for Hairstyles for 50 year old women with Long Hair, then check this out. A contemporary looking older woman is twice as beautiful. With such kind of layered haircut, you get the trendiest look that matches the current pace.

The added fringe at the ends and layers at the top looks glamorous. Hence, aging gracefully is a natural gift and this hairdo adds a perfect spice to it. So, go and get this trendiest Long Hairstyle for Women Over 50 right now.


Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Hence, Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50 are keenly looked by aging ladies who want a decent but trendy look. A wise selection of haircut at the age above 50 is necessary to showcase your personality in the best possible way.

So, you can choose a hairstyle of your choice from all of the Long Hairstyles for Women over 50 mentioned above.your beautiful long hair were aimed to provide by desired shape, transition, dimension, texture, and movement. for