Electric Motor Vehicles and the Winds of War

By | June 7, 2020

There have been two major developments in the last month, which are noteworthy. Tesla’s electric carmaker has made history by beating Ford, the largest US automotive company, at market value.

When did the Electric Car Become Popular:

Shares of Tesla were formed in 2003, and have been growing rapidly ever since. It has grown from 42% at the beginning to more than 300% per share. The company’s current value is 53 53 billion. According to Stanford University economist Tony Shaba, only 18 parts of Tesla’s “S” model move, which is about a hundred times less than normal fuel-powered vehicles, which typically move at 2000 parts and fuel. Tesla is offering an unlimited distance guarantee, meaning you can travel up to the moon, and if something goes wrong, the company will pay for it under an unlimited guarantee.

The time has come for the vast majority of the world’s population to use these self-propelled electric vehicles, which will be ten times cheaper than fuel-efficient vehicles and will be computer-powered, with no driver to drive them. These motor vehicles will also cost very little to repair and have a range of estimated distances of 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers). Any new petrol or diesel motor vehicles, buses, or cars anywhere in the world in eight years stops will not be sold. The entire transport system of the region will be shifted to electric vehicles.

Improved the Efficiency of a Small Electric Motor:

As a result, a sharp fall in oil prices will lead to the collapse of the petroleum industry. At the same time, the automobile and bus manufacturing industries that delayed the adoption of this modern industrial revolution will be destroyed. The price of crude oil will fall below 25 25 a barrel. Petrol stations will be harder to find, and people will prefer to travel in rental cars rather than in their own cars. Automobiles will basically become “running computers.” Such rapid changes are threatening the survival of automobile companies, as they now have to focus on building electric vehicles rather than the company. Professor Shaba’s report has caused great unrest in international automotive companies and oil-producing countries.

How do Battery Electric Cars Work:

In this way, the oil-producing Arab countries will again sink into the darkness of poverty, as they were surrounded by the 1950s. Unfortunately, they have completely failed to learn from history. Instead of building strong knowledge-based economies like Korea, Finland, and other countries, they have invested all their wealth in luxury or in buying weapons from the West. The most important development of this race is the new type of battery technology that allows vehicles to cover long distances, and the battery does not have to be charged repeatedly.

How to Make Cheaper and More Powerful Battery:

An important development last week was that batteries can now be charged in two minutes. This is done by instantly replacing the electrolyte inside the battery. This means that battery stations will be set up in place of the next petrol station, where you will change the battery water instead of pouring petrol. They have been dubbed ‘Flow Batteries,’ and this method has been invented by a professor at the University of Perdue. About 40% of the cost of electric motor vehicles consists of batteries. Therefore, there is an emphasis on making cheaper and more powerful batteries.

The Cost Of Producing Electricity:

According to international reports, the cost of producing electricity from these batteries has dropped from 542 per kilowatt-hour in 2012 to just 139, and by 2020 it is expected to reach $100 per kilowatt-hour. Electric cars are superior to petrol-powered cars, which can cover hundreds of kilometers in minutes, and batteries can cover about 350 kilometers on a single charge. Prices of electric motor vehicles are falling sharply. According to Professor Shaba, the ‘point of departure’ will be reached within two to three years. When the EV battery reaches more than 200 miles, the cost of electric motor vehicles will drop to 30,000.

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