Some Scientific Technology Progress Heralds A Happy Future.

By | June 11, 2020

Just a cursory glance around you will give you an idea. Science, especially in the field of engineering, is advancing day by day, and new inventions are rapidly affecting all walks of life, and introducing new ways in them, the market and the consumer do not adapt themselves to it. Are picked up. On the contrary, with the advent of innovation and automation in everything, less work can be done, and more time can be spent on creativity.


The software will become an integral part of every traditional industry in the next five to ten years, and the industries themselves will be transformed into the software. We have a bigger taxi company than Uber. Cream, which is a similar company, is becoming very popular in Pakistan nowadays. Similarly, Airbnb, the world’s largest hotel company, owns nothing. On the contrary, it also acts as a facilitator, and its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it will have no office and will not spend any extra resources.

Artificial intelligence:

The breakthrough in the field of AI has enabled our machines to understand our surroundings and make decisions ahead of time. This year alone, a computer beat the world’s best GoPlayer, which was not expected for the next ten years. In the future, there may be apps that can detect truth and lies. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. At the same time, IBM Watson has created a competitive environment for lawyers in the United States. Now any kind of legal advice can be obtained with 90% more accuracy. Similarly, IBM Healthcare can detect cancer, and Facebook, the largest social networking site, has face recognition software that can detect faces many times more accurately than humans. In the near future, these things will become common among us in their evolutionary form.

Automated vehicles:

Next year in 2018, fully automated vehicles will be unveiled, and by 2020, the automotive industry will change, no one will want to buy a car. You will touch the screen of your smartphone, and the car will appear at the door of your house, take you to the desired location and return to your designated parking area, as well as you will be able to do office work while traveling. What is shocking is that it will completely change the cities. Parking spaces can be used for recreational purposes, the accident rate will fall from 60000/1 to 6 million / 1, and almost a million lives will be saved from accidents each year, and perhaps our future generations will never drive automatically. At the same time, it will hurt insurance and real estate. Because when you can work while traveling, people will prefer to live in the open air and quiet places rather than in densely populated areas for work. The trend in the car manufacturing industry will also change, as evolutionary companies will gradually outperform the competition, and with revolutionary changes, companies like Tesla will create not just cars, but wheeled robots. Not just a career but a traveling companion.


By 2020, electric vehicles will be commonplace. Vehicle noise and smoke will disappear, and at the same time, the cost of electricity will go down drastically. The trend of generating solar power has been growing rapidly in the last 30 years, but now this dream has become a clear and concrete reality. The use of solar energy last year was much higher than that of fossils, and power generating companies are working hard to reduce access to the grid, but the stakes are unlikely to work in the long run. Technology and the user will be uprooted.

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