Technology Obsession! The Most Connected’ Person In The World

By | June 9, 2020

Chris Dennis, a 45-year-old American software developer, is so obsessed with using technology that he has attached numerous sensors and devices to his body. Through which he keeps getting real time data about his every physical and mental activity and surroundings.

Technology Affect Human Relationship:

In addition to sensors and devices, it uses a variety of Internet services and apps. A total of 700 systems monitor its activities and provide Dennis with as much information as possible. This strange obsession has made Dennis the most ‘connected’ person in the world. It took Dennis four years to attach all these devices to his body.

Dennis has also benefited from the information he receives from these devices. For example, by constantly monitoring his movements and eating habits, he has lost up to 100 pounds. “Now I know what to eat, what to drink, when to sleep and when to wake up,” says Dennis. You could call it body and mind hacking. Just as we can hack computers and any kind of data, so can the mind and body, which is the greatest information system. Understanding this system is actually hacking it. ”

Technology Make us more Connected:

Denise’s idea of ​​staying connected to his body came after he realized the fact that he himself was making information available online, and if none of these services worked, the relevant information would be lost. Dennis says that after realizing this fact, he came up with the idea of ​​digitally storing what he was creating.

Dennis always has two smartphones. In addition, he is wearing a variety of equipment. A smart watch on the wrist keeps him informed of updates from mobile phones. Wears the Fit bit Flex on the other wrist. This watch-like device constantly monitors its physical movements and the manner and timing of sleep and wakefulness. Dennis has a Blue HR device attached to his chest to monitor his heart rate. He has a fitness tracker wrapped around his arm and a posture sensor wrapped around his waist. He also uses Google Glass and many other related tools.

Why is Technology Addicting;

Denise monitors sound, air quality, and temperature through a device called Netatmo, while a device called Wemo monitors various emotions. Denise has also installed home temperature controls and carbon monoxide and smoke warning devices. An application called Estimotes keeps track of things around him, such as car keys, so he doesn’t forget. In addition to his existence and home, Dennis did not allow his two pet dogs to stay away from technology. He monitors their day-to-day activities through a GPS system called Tagg.

“My home now understands my attitudes,” says Dennis. If I don’t sleep well when I wake up, I see a certain colored light in the room, the temperature of the room also changes, and certain music resounds in the room. According to Dennis, this whole system has revolutionized his life. He wants other people to follow suit.

Addiction to Modern Technology:

In terms of technology, I would like to say that every year a lot of new inventions and sciences are discovered due to research. But most of them do not come out of the laboratory. I have done a lot of research on it. It is the fault of some politicians and some already existing trillions of rupees worth of corporations that they are afraid to popularize new technology, that it will affect their business. For example, we know that if we work on electric vehicles and renewable energy, we can save a lot of environmental waste. But the automotive industry is not in a position to generalize to electric vehicles.

The use of technology in a positive and humane way seems very difficult, as every new technology is used to make more profit. At the top level, of course, it feels like it’s for the public good.

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