Our Role In Science And Technology

By | June 9, 2020

With the passage of time, changes in human lifestyles have taken place and are taking place. Similarly, new inventions are increasing day by day. The use and role of these inventions in human life have been of great importance in every age. These inventions have provided innumerable conveniences to man. The journey of days is made in hours, and the journey of hours in minutes is the perfection of these inventions.

How Science and Technology helps in our life:

In the past, communication was so difficult that people used to send messengers to deliver their message, but still regretted not receiving the message on time. Now the same message arrives in seconds, not minutes. All this is due to the inventors of these inventions, who played their part in making the affairs of human life easier and easier. He used his mind and knowledge to meditate on the things in the universe.

What Does Science and Technology Means:

If we look at the meaning of science and technology, then the meaning of science is knowledge and wisdom. Considering the scientific research and observation of beings in the universe falls into the category of science. Mankind has reaped countless benefits in every age from the benefits of scientific research and the results obtained from it. In contrast, industry, crafts, and the sciences and arts that fall into the category of industry fall into the realm of technology. If we look at the world of science and technology today, we will find the originator of every discovery in the Western world. The character and name of the Muslim world will not be found anywhere, which is found in the chapters of the past history.

Benefits Of New Inventions:

Whether it is ancient or modern, different and completely new experiments have been done. Observations and experiments were carried out according to the availability of available resources in their respective eras. Earlier people did not get many benefits from these inventions, because people’s communication was not as fast as it is today. Lack of communication made it difficult to get from one place to another. Therefore, the research and scholarly work on these inventions was preserved in the form of writing, and the series continued with the teacher-student relationship. As the series progresses, it has reached the point today that everyone is benefiting from these inventions. In common parlance, these inventions are called science and technology.

How Does Science And Technology Work Together:

We were lost in ecstasy, remembering the golden age of our heyday, and benefiting from our non-knowledge. If we look, the name of any Muslim inventor in today’s science and technology will not be mentioned. Look where the West is flying the flag of its success in every field, and we have been giving others a chance instead of benefiting from our knowledge. The research and knowledge that was our heritage today are inherited by someone else. We consider ourselves lucky just by using their creations. This good fortune is also a harbinger of our misfortune because our new generation is happy to waste their time instead of learning something from this technology.


The need is that, we should play our part in every sphere of life because after every fall comes to the rise. The right use of your time and intellect to step on the heights of the height is the only way to reach the destination. If the West is at the forefront of science and technology, it has always used its intellect and time in a timely manner and understood the needs of the times.

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