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By | June 9, 2020

Mention of amazing new inventions from around the world that are making human life better and better.

Driverless Car:

In the 1970s, a drama series “Knight Rider” was broadcast on American television. An amazing car played a major role in the immense popularity of this series. Called the “Kit”, the car had many amazing features. She worked on a computer. The kit was equipped with artificial intelligence technology to keep it running on the roads without a driver. The car would reach its destination on its own without being involved in an accident. The kit was used to show the driver without a driver on the television screen because there was no such thing as a driverless car. However, scientists at Oxford University have now turned the “cut” into a reality.

Scientists in the field of mobile robotics at the university have converted a car into a self-driving vehicle. However, it can also be driven by a driver. Experts say that if the driver wants, he can complete his sleep by handing over the car to the driver himself. The car will continue its journey in the same way. The vehicle, which the research team dubbed the Wild Cat, is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art techniques.

Wild Cat:

The “Wild Cat” is a fully computer-powered vehicle. The vehicle uses the same technical skills used in drones to monitor the road and the sides. There are also powerful cameras installed. The “Wild Cat” consists of extremely powerful computers, which process information or data from cameras, lasers and the most sensitive lenses and then make quick decisions based on this data, whether to increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle. Turn right or left, etc. Equipped with artificial intelligence technology through sensitive lenses and cameras, the computer monitors the environment around the vehicle and then drives accordingly.

Types of Wild Cat:

There are two types of wild cat eyes and lenses. With the help of data obtained from a moving triangular laser scanner mounted on the roof, a computer creates a triangular map of the vicinity of the vehicle. The laser scanner on the car’s bumper looks at the road and its surroundings. In addition to the laser scanner, there is a stereo camera mounted on the roof of the vehicle, which captures very clear and vivid images on a second basis. With the help of these images, the computer installed in the vehicle measures the distance and the rate of growth of the vehicle just like a human being.

Working Speed:

A Wild Cat computer is in the next section. The working speed of this computer is two thousand times faster than a normal desktop computer. The other computer in the car is on the floor. This is the main computer that maps the vehicle’s surroundings and road using information from lasers, scanners and cameras and then monitors the movement of the vehicle in the light of that information.

When Michael Knight, the hero of the drama series in “Knight Rider”, instructed his car to get somewhere, she would get there automatically. This feature is also available in “Wildcat”. The car cost  3 million to build. Oxford experts say that all the experiments of “Wildcat” are working. However, the general availability of this vehicle will take many years.

A Radar System That Monitors Humans:

Attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan, especially roadside bombings, have increased dramatically. Coalition and US forces have large numbers of experts and bomb disposal vehicles to thwart such attacks, but the United States is struggling to find a way to thwart such attacks. In this regard, the United States is preparing to use a modern system, which is apparently a radar. This will make it possible to find people on Earth who want to install lethal explosives (I.Eds).

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