What is Modern Day Technology?

By | June 8, 2020

Not so long ago, when we were unaware of the world and the mafia, and it seems like only yesterday when we sat far away to hear the voices of our loved ones and to see the ears and the shape, for the eyes were pitying. Man, with his intellect and thinking, found a way out of these problems and made such inventions, to the astonishment of the intellect, which was given the name of technology, which turned our world into a village.

Efficiency and Speed of Modern Technology:

Thanks to this modern technology, the journey of days have been reduced to a few hours. The desire to see and hear your loved ones is now just a button away from video and audio calls. Unaware of the world and the mafia, news and information from all over the world can now be accessed at any time thanks to the Internet, which is just a click away.

Even now, instead of going abroad to quench the thirst for knowledge, there is an arrangement of teaching in the name of online education. The small world of the Internet has become a necessity, and in today’s world, it would not be wrong to call it information technology.

Importance of Modern Technology:

Technology plays an important role in every aspect of life, and it is fair to say that technology has become not only a convenience but also a necessity in today’s world. Because of the lack of time, our daily routine has changed. At the same time, in a short period of time, many benefits have come to man through technology, which has forced the world to come to a point, and the time is not far away when technology is about to rule over us.

Technology in Our Life Today:

Today, the age of modern technology has made man comfortable, and the man also needs machinery and robots for his walking and eating. The time is not far away when factories will have robots and machinery instead of humans, which can affect human employment. Although it will have almost no effect in developed countries, for developing countries where there is already a cycle of hunger, poverty and unemployment, there, the trend could be dangerous.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantages and disadvantages of anything depend on our own thinking. If you are taking advantage of the world of the Internet, you need to make a decision based on both the pros and cons. And we must choose for ourselves what benefits us, not what causes us to waste time. This requires creating awareness in the younger generation, and that awareness can only come through education. Therefore, it is important to give importance to modern technology and science in the field of education, because modern technology is of great importance in the construction and development of any country.

There is no rejecting that technology has brought us invaluable benefits, and it can help in the development of the country and the nation, but its disadvantages cannot be denied. Thanks to modern technology, if there is a mobile phone facility to increase the interaction between them, and an attempt has been made to reduce the distance between one’s relatives who are out of sight, then on the other hand, by increasing the route incorrectly. There are also strives to take advantage of it, which leads to a somewhat misguided attitude.

Face-To-Face Communication Technologies:

Thanks to modern technology, although we have modern nuclear weapons to protect our borders, which are very effective for the survival and security of the country, on the other hand, its misuse is proving to be the enemy of humanity, and the country and society. Human beings are being persecuted with the same nuclear weapons by creating riots in India.

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