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World Of Planets

In the mid-nineties, the planetary world was very small and consisted of only nine planets in the solar system. Pluto’s planetary status had not yet been challenged. Despite this small world, these planets had a diverse atmosphere. We couldn’t even imagine it. Cameras mounted on spacecraft fleets were exploring the solar system, exposing alien worlds… Read More »

What is Modern Day Technology?

Not so long ago, when we were unaware of the world and the mafia, and it seems like only yesterday when we sat far away to hear the voices of our loved ones and to see the ears and the shape, for the eyes were pitying. Man, with his intellect and thinking, found a way… Read More »

What Is Information Technology, And What Is Its Purpose?

Is information technology a field or a subject that many people seem to be confused about, what is an information technology and what is its ultimate goal? There are also many people who, despite being students of IT, are not aware of its true nature and purpose, and the result is that they are exposed… Read More »

Electric Motor Vehicles and the Winds of War

There have been two major developments in the last month, which are noteworthy. Tesla’s electric carmaker has made history by beating Ford, the largest US automotive company, at market value. When did the Electric Car Become Popular: Shares of Tesla were formed in 2003, and have been growing rapidly ever since. It has grown from… Read More »

New Technologies And Our Future

Technology and the human bra go hand in hand. Some people say that it is a technology that distinguishes us from animals. Although some animals use tools to a limited extent, humans are in a separate class in inventing tools and using different techniques. It begins with the making of stone tools by Homo erectus… Read More »