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Some Well-Known Inventions That Were Born By Accident

Sometimes scientists start research on a scientific topic. But in the meantime, new discoveries come to them, or sometimes it happens, that the scientist expects special results during the experiment. But the result is different. In English, this thing is called serendipity. A small example of this is that when you wear a coat when… Read More »

Some Inventions That Were Not Intended To Be What They Are Today

Penicillin: Pennsylvania was accidentally invented by Alexander Fleming in September 1928. Fleming was a bacteriologist by profession, a person who studies germs. He often performed his experiments at St Mary’s Hospital in London. One day he placed an experimental plate containing staphylococci bacteria by the window. When he returned a few hours later, he found… Read More »

What Will The World Be Like In 2030?

Every year at the World Economic Forum in Davis, leading experts from around the world, make plans for our future. I tried to find out from some of the participants this year, what they think could happen by 2030, which most people don’t think about. Artificial Intelligence Will Greatly Increase Production. Machine learning has grown… Read More »

What Technologies Have Led To Discoveries

Tower of Pisa: Located in the Piazza Dei Miracoli, Pisa, Italy, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Minaret is a world-famous and tourist destination as it is tilted 17 feet (5 degrees). There are 296 steps inside. It is made of white marble, 184 feet, and 5 inches high. The construction of… Read More »

What Is Information Technology, And What Is Its Purpose?

Information technology is a field or a subject that many people take for granted. What Is Information Technology? There are also many people who, despite being IT students, are not aware of its true nature and its purpose, and the result is that they are exposed to the three basic fields of computer software engineering,… Read More »

The Importance Of Biotechnology and the Latest Technology

What is Biotechnology? Biotechnology is the field of biology, in which various microscopic living organisms are used for human welfare in health, agriculture, environment and other related fields. In this regard, the use of biotechnology in the field of bioengineering has been very successful in obtaining products of commercial importance. Today, about 3% of the… Read More »

Technology Obsession! The Most Connected’ Person In The World

Chris Dennis, a 45-year-old American software developer, is so obsessed with using technology that he has attached numerous sensors and devices to his body. Through which he keeps getting real time data about his every physical and mental activity and surroundings. Technology Affect Human Relationship: In addition to sensors and devices, it uses a variety… Read More »

Our Role In Science And Technology

With the passage of time, changes in human lifestyles have taken place and are taking place. Similarly, new inventions are increasing day by day. The use and role of these inventions in human life have been of great importance in every age. These inventions have provided innumerable conveniences to man. The journey of days is… Read More »

World Of Science And Technology

Mention of amazing new inventions from around the world that are making human life better and better. Driverless Car: In the 1970s, a drama series “Knight Rider” was broadcast on American television. An amazing car played a major role in the immense popularity of this series. Called the “Kit”, the car had many amazing features.… Read More »